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Portable Network Graphic

File with PNG extension contains raster graphics compressed using lossless compression method called ‘deflate’ that supports ‘alfa’ channel and 48-bit color. PNG files can store transparent pixels and 16-bit color per each channel. Each PNG file contains a single image.

Generic Picture File

Files with PIC extension store raster images. PIC is a platform-independent image format originally developed for DOS systems. PIC file were sometimes referred to as “Pictors” from the tool that used this format (Pictor Paint). PIC files are in now way related to PICT files.

How to convert APK to PUB?

After converting the file to the new format, you will be able to use other programs to support it. Keep in mind, however, that the PNG file after converting to PIC may differ slightly from the original. The most important information should be kept, but if you want the file after conversion from PNG to PIC to be the same, you have to do this carefully and choose the proper application from the list below.

There is no guarantee, of course, that the conversion will come up to all your expectations, but it will certainly help you. If, after all, the effect of converting PNG to PIC does not meet your expectations, you can simply try to find on the Internet a different version of your file in PNG format, properly converted to a PIC file by someone else. If this fails, use the information provided in the further part of the website.

Other possible PNG file conversions

If after converting the file PNG the desired result was not achieved, you can try to change the format of PNG file to other than PIC. On our website you will find more information on the following conversion options

File Conversions from PNG extension to a different format

What can I also do?

Unfortunately, if after performing the two previously described steps (trying to find your PNG file converted by someone else, and the attempt to convert it to PIC on your own) you still have a problem with your file, then there are only a few solutions left. You can once again try to find and install an application that can open the PNG file in its original format (without conversion to PIC file). Such a solution will be difficult to implement, but it certainly will give the best result.

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