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What is file extension?
A file extension, also called sometimes as a file type or a file format, is nothing but a sequence of several symbols at the end of each file name. On its basis, we obtain the information about the data encoded in the file.
For example, the file file.avi has the file extension .avi. On the basis of the extension, we learn that this is a video (and not a text file or spreadsheet).
How can we help you?
If you arrive at this page, you probably have an issue with opening an unknown file type. If we have the file extension the information on you are looking for in our database, you will find here a list of programs that will help you to open or convert your file.
What the whole file conversion is about?
If for some reason you cannot use the programs to support your file there is a chance that you can change the format of your file. On our database you will find a list of your file conversion options and programs that will help you perform the conversion. After converting you will have more opportunities for startup or edition of the file.
Can I download the programs to handle or convert my file on this page?
We do not collect installation files for all applications on our servers. We will help you, however, as carefully as possible, to find the right application - providing a link to the developer's program or helping to find them on the Web.
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