Classificate nell'ordine alfabetica: D

#Estensione del fileNome completo del file
1 Estensione D D Source Code Format
2 Estensione D$$ Gargoyle Interactive Fiction Story Format
3 Estensione D00 VirtualDrive Disc Image Part Format
4 Estensione D01 VirtualDrive Disc Image Part 2 Format
5 Estensione D02 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data
6 Estensione D03 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data
7 Estensione D05 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data
8 Estensione D07 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data
9 Estensione D08 DeductionPro 2008
10 Estensione D1 Progress Database
11 Estensione D10 IRIG 106 Recording Directory
12 Estensione D11 Macro Mania Data
13 Estensione D14 HERE Maps For Android Map Data Format
14 Estensione D15 HERE Maps For Android Map Data Format
15 Estensione D2 Progress Database
16 Estensione D2A Avisynth MPAsource Plugin Scan
17 Estensione D2CT Disinfectant For Mac
18 Estensione D2H Diablo II Hack It Module
19 Estensione D2I ATMA Diablo II
20 Estensione D2P Diablo 2 Packet
21 Estensione D2S Diablo 2 Save Format
22 Estensione D2V DVD2AVI Format
23 Estensione D2X Diablo 2 Stash
24 Estensione D32 Lotus Visualisation
25 Estensione D3C Descent
26 Estensione D3D Corel Dream 3D Drawing Format
27 Estensione D3DBSP Call Of Duty Map Format
28 Estensione D3M Descent Game
29 Estensione D3S Nikon Image Format
30 Estensione D3V Datel Video Format
31 Estensione D3X Nikon Image Format
32 Estensione D4 Dataphor Source
33 Estensione D43 IAR Debug
34 Estensione D5C Dragon UnPACKer Plugin Format
35 Estensione D5D Dragon UnPACKer Driver Format
36 Estensione D5P Dragon UnPACKer Language Pack
37 Estensione D64 Commodore 64 Disk Image
38 Estensione D67 VICE Disk Image
39 Estensione D71 Commodore Emulator
40 Estensione D80 Commodore CBM-8050 Diskette Emulator Image
41 Estensione D81 Commodore VC-1581 Diskette Emulator Image
42 Estensione D82 Commodore Emulator
43 Estensione D88 Toshiba Pasopia 7 Disk Format
44 Estensione DA DAwin Project
45 Estensione DA$ Microsoft Compressed DAT
46 Estensione DA0 Windows Registry Backup Format
47 Estensione DA1 Windows Registry Backup
48 Estensione DA2 DeepAnalysis Save Format
49 Estensione DA3 Star Trek Generations Saved Game
50 Estensione DA4 SeeYou Waypoint
51 Estensione DA5 Star Trek Generations Saved Game
52 Estensione DA6 Star Trek Generations Saved Game
53 Estensione DA7 Star Trek Generations Saved Game
54 Estensione DA8 Star Trek: Generations Saved Game
55 Estensione DA9 Star Trek Generations Autosave Game
56 Estensione DAA PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive
57 Estensione DAAP Apple DAAP Playlist
58 Estensione DAB OrangeCD Catalog Database
59 Estensione DABRIEFCASE RemObjects Data Abstract Format Briefcase
60 Estensione DAC Dynacom Accounting Data
61 Estensione DACONFIG RemObjects Data Abstract Configuration Format
62 Estensione DACONNECTIONS RemObjects Data Abstract Connections Format
63 Estensione DACPAC SQL Server Data Tier Application Package
64 Estensione DAD RemObjects Data Abstract Driver Format
65 Estensione DAD2 Canvas For Mac
66 Estensione DADIAGRAMS RemObjects Data Abstract Data Diagrams Format
67 Estensione DADX Eclipse Document Access Definition Extension
68 Estensione DAE Digital Asset Exchange Format
69 Estensione DAEMONSCRIPT Daemon Tools Script
70 Estensione DAF Digital Anchor Format
71 Estensione DAG Dagra Document
72 Estensione DAH AutoPlay Media Studio Splash Image
73 Estensione DAI Dream Aquarium Patch
74 Estensione DAL DVD-lab Project Format
75 Estensione DAM DeltaMaster Analysis Model
76 Estensione DAN D-MAS Analysis System Patient
77 Estensione DAO Disk At Once CD/DVD Image
78 Estensione DAP Download Accelerator Partial Download Format
79 Estensione DAPF DinkeyAdd Parameter
80 Estensione DAPROJ DivX Author Project
81 Estensione DAQ Data Acquisition Toolbox
82 Estensione DAR DAR Disk Archive
83 Estensione DART Apple Mac OS X DiskImageMounter DART Image
84 Estensione DARTCLIP Dartfish Metadata
85 Estensione DAS DeltaMaster Analysis Session
86 Estensione DASCHEMA Data Abstract Database Schema Format
87 Estensione DASH Dashlane Profile
88 Estensione DAT Data Format
89 Estensione DAT-SHM EmClient Data
90 Estensione DAT-WAL EM Client WAL Data Format
91 Estensione DAT2 XYplorer Thumbnail Cache
92 Estensione DATA Analysis Studio Offline Data Format
93 Estensione DATABASE Serato DJ Database Format
94 Estensione DATACONTRACT Web Service Software Factory Installer
95 Estensione DATASOURCE Microsoft Visual Studio Data Source
96 Estensione DATBAK0 Miranda Data Format Backup
97 Estensione DAT_MCR Minecraft Level.dat Backup Format
98 Estensione DAT_NEW Minecraft World Level Format
99 Estensione DAT_OLD Minecraft Level.dat Backup Format
100 Estensione DAT_TUREG_OLD Windows Registry
101 Estensione DAU Express Dictate Dictate Record
102 Estensione DAV DVR365 Video Format
103 Estensione DAWG Eliot Dictionary
104 Estensione DAX PSP Compressed ISO Disc Image
105 Estensione DAY Day Of The Zombie Map Format
106 Estensione DAYZPROFILE DAYZ Profile
107 Estensione DAZ DAZ Studio 3D Scene
108 Estensione DAZIP Dragon Age: Origins Game Format
109 Estensione DA_ GKSetup Support
110 Estensione DB Database Format
111 Estensione DB$ DBASE Temporary
112 Estensione DB- Norton Nprotect Database Format
113 Estensione DB-JOURNAL SQLite Database Journal
114 Estensione DB-SHM SQLite Database Shared Memory Format
115 Estensione DB-WAL SQLite Database Write-Ahead Log Format
116 Estensione DBCRYPT7 WhatsApp Messenger Encrypted Message Database Backup Format
117 Estensione DB0 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
118 Estensione DB1 Tekla Structures Model Format
119 Estensione DB2 DBASE II Database
120 Estensione DB2IND Microsoft Visual Studio DB2 Index
121 Estensione DB2MOV DeepDVD Movie Authoring Project
122 Estensione DB2P IBM Database Project
123 Estensione DB2SP Microsoft Visual Studio DB2 Create Procedure Statement
124 Estensione DB2TBL Microsoft Visual Studio DB2 Table Script
125 Estensione DB2TR Microsoft Visual Studio DB2 Trigger Script
126 Estensione DB2UDF Microsoft Visual Studio DB2 User Defined Function
127 Estensione DB2VW Microsoft Visual Studio DB2 View Script
128 Estensione DB3 SQLite Database Format
129 Estensione DB3-JOURNAL SQLite Temporary Database Journal
130 Estensione DB4 Paychex Payroll Database
131 Estensione DB5 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
132 Estensione DB6 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
133 Estensione DB7 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
134 Estensione DB8 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
135 Estensione DB9 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
136 Estensione DBA Palm Datebook Backup Format
137 Estensione DBAG WinSQL DataBag
138 Estensione DBAT Quicken For Mac Data
139 Estensione DBB Skype User Information Format
140 Estensione DBC OrCAD Capture CIS Database Configuration Format
141 Estensione DBD DemoShield Project
142 Estensione DBE ActiveSync Backup Format Format Format
143 Estensione DBF Database Format
144 Estensione DBG FoxPro Debugger Configuration
145 Estensione DBGSYM Debug Symbols Format
146 Estensione DBH CodeWarrior Debug Preferences
147 Estensione DBHEADER Download Boost Header
148 Estensione DBI FIFA World Cup Game Data Comin Fe
149 Estensione DBITS XYplorer Hash Data Format
150 Estensione DBK OrCAD Schematic Capture Backup Format
151 Estensione DBL DAZ Brick Light Format
152 Estensione DBLIB Altium Designer Database Library
153 Estensione DBLINK Altium Designer Database Link
154 Estensione DBM ColdFusion Server Format
155 Estensione DBMANIFEST Database Manifest
156 Estensione DBMC Netscape Cache Log
157 Estensione DBMDL Microsoft Visual Studio Database Project
158 Estensione DBMG Netscale Navigator History
159 Estensione DBML Visual Studio OR Design Format
160 Estensione DBNW Netscape News
161 Estensione DBNX Netscape For Mac Host
162 Estensione DBO DarkBASIC Object
163 Estensione DBP Microsoft Visual Studio Visual C++ Database Project
164 Estensione DBPF Maxis Database Packed Format
165 Estensione DBPRO DarkBASIC Professional Project Format
166 Estensione DBPROJ Visual Studio Database Project Format
167 Estensione DBQ Paradox Memo Format
168 Estensione DBR DeepBurner Disc Project
169 Estensione DBS SQLBase Database Format
170 Estensione DBSCHEMA Database Schema
171 Estensione DBT Database Text Format
172 Estensione DBV Database Variable Field
173 Estensione DBW Microsoft Windows Database
174 Estensione DBX Outlook Express E-mail Folder
175 Estensione DBZ DB Zipper Compressed Database
176 Estensione DC DesignCAD Design Format
177 Estensione DC0 OpenBSD
178 Estensione DC1 DevCad Document
179 Estensione DC2 Kodak DC25 Digital Camera Format
180 Estensione DC3 Medicine Image Format Format
181 Estensione DC4 ViaThinkSoft (De)Coder 4 Format
182 Estensione DC42 Apple Disk Copy 4.2 Disk Image
183 Estensione DC5 DataCAD Drawing Format
184 Estensione DC6 Diablo 2 Static Image
185 Estensione DCA DisplayWrite Document
186 Estensione DCB Concordance Database Format
187 Estensione DCC Diablo 2 Animation
188 Estensione DCD DesignCAD Drawing
189 Estensione DCDC Astound Presentation
190 Estensione DCE DriveCam Video Format
191 Estensione DCF DRM Content Format Format
192 Estensione DCG HSFX Map
193 Estensione DCIM Digital Imaging And Communications In Medicine Image Format
194 Estensione DCK Resolume Deck Format
195 Estensione DCL AutoCAD Dialog Definition Format
196 Estensione DCLS CATIA V4 Settings
197 Estensione DCM DICOM Image
198 Estensione DCM30 DICOM 3.0 Picture Image Format
199 Estensione DCMD DiskCatalogMaker Thumbnail-Enabled Catalog
200 Estensione DCMF DiskCatalogMaker Catalog
201 Estensione DCN Autodesk Depth Slope Definition
202 Estensione DCO DisCryptor Encrypted Archive
203 Estensione DCOVER Disc Cover Format
204 Estensione DCP Adobe DNG Camera Profile
205 Estensione DCPF Disc Copier Project Format
206 Estensione DCPIL Delphi Compiler Symbolic Information
207 Estensione DCPR Adobe DNG Camera Profile Recipe Format
208 Estensione DCPROJ Dashcode Project
209 Estensione DCPY Disk Copy
210 Estensione DCR Kodak RAW Image Format
211 Estensione DCS Desktop Color Separation Format
212 Estensione DCST Adobe InDesign Document Presets Format
213 Estensione DCT Dictionary Format
214 Estensione DCT5 Microsoft Word 5 For Mac Dictionary
215 Estensione DCTMP DC++ Partially Downloaded Format
216 Estensione DCTX Microsoft Office IME Open Extended Dictionary
217 Estensione DCTXC Microsoft Office IME Open Extended Dictionary
218 Estensione DCU Delphi Compiled Unit
219 Estensione DCUIL Delphi .NET Compiled Unit Format
220 Estensione DCV DriveCrypt Encrypted Volume
221 Estensione DCX FoxPro Database Index
222 Estensione DCZ IDance Character Model Format
223 Estensione DD Doodle C64 Image Format
224 Estensione DD2 Dungeon Designer 2 Map Design
225 Estensione DD3 Blood Bowl Game
226 Estensione DDA TNTmips Import
227 Estensione DDAP DiskDoubler Compressed
228 Estensione DDAT DivX Temporary Video Format
229 Estensione DDB Digidesign Database
230 Estensione DDC DivX Descriptor Format
231 Estensione DDCX DivX Descriptor 2 Format
232 Estensione DDD Adobe Distiller Format
233 Estensione DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
234 Estensione DDF Diamond Directive Format
235 Estensione DDG DucatiDiag Data Format
236 Estensione DDJ Silkroad Alchemy Page
237 Estensione DDK IBM OS/2 Saved SKF
238 Estensione DDL Data Definition Language Format
239 Estensione DDM Alpha Five Table Objects
240 Estensione DDOC DigiDoc Client Container
241 Estensione DDP Delphi Diagram Portfolio Format
242 Estensione DDPOKERSAVE DD Poker Save Game
243 Estensione DDR DDRemote Parameter
244 Estensione DDRW ClarisDraw Drawing
245 Estensione DDS DirectDraw Surface
246 Estensione DDSX Stronghold Kingdoms Data
247 Estensione DDT Football Manager Keep Player Data Format
248 Estensione DDWSCAN Disk Drill Data Format
249 Estensione DDX Alpha Five Data Dictionary Index
250 Estensione DDZ Adaptec Unix Driver
251 Estensione DE German Language Translation
252 Estensione DEA Drug Enforcement Administration Record Data Format
253 Estensione DEB Debian Software Package
254 Estensione DEBIAN Debian Related
255 Estensione DEC Declaration Format
256 Estensione DECK Microsoft Office For Mac Query
257 Estensione DECRYPT Decrypted Microsoft ESD Format
258 Estensione DECRYPT2017 Globe 3 Ransomware Affected Format
259 Estensione DED Dr. Engrave Document
260 Estensione DEE Creator Simulator Description
261 Estensione DEF Module-Definition Format
262 Estensione DEFINITION Apple Mac OS X Automator Data Type Definition
263 Estensione DEFORM FontTwister Deform Guide Line
264 Estensione DEK Magic: The Gathering Deck Format
265 Estensione DEL Apple Safari
266 Estensione DELF Malicious Or Virus
267 Estensione DEM Video Game Demo Format
268 Estensione DEMO VirtuaGirl HD Model Demo
269 Estensione DEMO4 UT2004 Demo
270 Estensione DEMOCRACY VLC Media Player Data Format
271 Estensione DENY Linux Access
272 Estensione DEP Windows Dependency Format
273 Estensione DEPEND Code::Blocks Dependencies Format
274 Estensione DEPGRAPHBIN Tom Clancys The Division Game Data Format
275 Estensione DEPLOYMENTOPTIONS SQL Server Deployment Options
276 Estensione DEPLOYMENTTARGETS SQL Server Deployment Target
277 Estensione DEPLOYPROJ Microsoft Visual Studio Deployment Project Format
278 Estensione DEPROJ Disketch Project Format
279 Estensione DER DER Certificate Format
280 Estensione DES Corel Designer Format
281 Estensione DES-SE Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10
282 Estensione DESC Battlefield 2 Map Description Format
283 Estensione DESCRIPTION Multilizer PDF Translator Description
284 Estensione DESIGN Microsoft Expression Design Drawing
285 Estensione DESKLINK Desktop Shortcut
286 Estensione DESKTHEMEPACK Windows 8 Desktop Theme Pack Format
287 Estensione DESKTOP Desktop Entry Format
288 Estensione DESS Microsoft Device Emulator Saved State
289 Estensione DET Sage ACT! 5 Email Message
290 Estensione DEU Adobe Reader German Language
291 Estensione DEV Windows Device Driver Format
292 Estensione DEVELOPERPROFILE Xcode Developer Profile
293 Estensione DEVELVE Develve Data Format
294 Estensione DEVICEIDS Device Identification FIle
295 Estensione DEVICEINFO Device Record
296 Estensione DEVICEMANIFEST-MS Microsoft Windows Device Metadata
297 Estensione DEVICEMETADATA-MS Microsoft Windows 7 Device Metadata Package
298 Estensione DEVICESALT NOOK Device Salt Format
299 Estensione DEVPAK Dev-C++ Developer Package
300 Estensione DEVX E-sword Devotional
301 Estensione DEWF SoundEdit Recorded Instrument
302 Estensione DEX Dalvik Executable Format
303 Estensione DEXE Microsoft Virtual PC For Mac Executable
304 Estensione DEZ DeZign For Databases Project
305 Estensione DF Corel Paradox Table Filter
306 Estensione DF1 Omnis Native Datafile
307 Estensione DF10 IRIG 106 Recording Directory
308 Estensione DF2 Defractor 2 Instrument
309 Estensione DF3 Omnis7 And Omnis Studio Database
310 Estensione DF4 Omnis7 And Omnis Studio Database
311 Estensione DF6 Omnis7 And Omnis Studio Database
312 Estensione DF7 Omnis Studio Database
313 Estensione DFB Data Flask Formula
314 Estensione DFC Defractor Instrument
315 Estensione DFD ABC Programming Language Dyadic Functions Data Format
316 Estensione DFE RISC OS Comma Separated Value
317 Estensione DFF RenderWare Model Format
318 Estensione DFG Data Flask Grid Format
319 Estensione DFH SONAR Kit
320 Estensione DFK Dark Flow Project Format
321 Estensione DFL OLE2 Doc
322 Estensione DFM Delphi Form
323 Estensione DFN Delphi Definition
324 Estensione DFONT Mac OS X Data Fork Font
325 Estensione DFP Fusion Plugin Format
326 Estensione DFPROJ DVD Flick Project
327 Estensione DFQ SmartWare Query Definition
328 Estensione DFR SmartWare Report Definition
329 Estensione DFS AutoCAD Utility Defaults Format Format
330 Estensione DFT Solid Edge Draft Document
331 Estensione DFU IOS DFU Format
332 Estensione DFV MS Office Word Print Format Template
333 Estensione DFW SmartWare Cross-tab Definition
334 Estensione DFX Drafix CAD Format
335 Estensione DFXP Timed Text Markup Language
336 Estensione DG Source Code For A Dialog Box
337 Estensione DG-KEY DigiGuide Key
338 Estensione DG3 DeltaGraph
339 Estensione DGADDIN DigiGuide Add-in Format
340 Estensione DGB FlashCAD Drawing Database
341 Estensione DGC DGCA Format Archive
342 Estensione DGDAT DoubleGIS Database
343 Estensione DGE Micro Focus Enterprise Developer Declaration Data Format
344 Estensione DGF GPS Pathfinder Office Geoid Grid
345 Estensione DGI HDConvertToX Input
346 Estensione DGK Delcam 3D Model Format
347 Estensione DGL DigiGuide Language
348 Estensione DGM Lotus Freelance Diagram
349 Estensione DGMAKER DigiGuide Marker
350 Estensione DGMARKER DigiGuide Description Format
351 Estensione DGML Visual Studio Directed Graph Document
352 Estensione DGN MicroStation Design Format
353 Estensione DGNLIB MicroStation Design Library
354 Estensione DGPD DeltaGraph Document
355 Estensione DGPRINT DigiGuide Print Template
356 Estensione DGR DeltaGraph Document
357 Estensione DGRH DeltaGraph For Mac
358 Estensione DGS Dagesh Pro Document
359 Estensione DGSCRIPT DigiGuide Script Format
360 Estensione DGSL Visual Shader Graph Format
361 Estensione DGT DST Thumbnail Format
362 Estensione DGX IBM Rational XDE
363 Estensione DGZ Dega Saved State
364 Estensione DHCD DHCD Computing Application Data Format
365 Estensione DHE Microsoft Help Workshop Dialog Box Help Editor Document
366 Estensione DHF AMIGA Emulator Disk Image ROM
367 Estensione DHM Shadowgrounds Mission Data Format
368 Estensione DHS HyperSnap Drawing
369 Estensione DHT GAUSS Data Set Header Format
370 Estensione DHTML Dynamic HTML Format
371 Estensione DHW ACECAD Digimemo Memo
372 Estensione DHY Adobe Bridge
373 Estensione DI D Programming Language Source Code
374 Estensione DIA Dia Diagram Format
375 Estensione DIAG Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting Pack Designer Data Format
376 Estensione DIAGCAB Troubleshooting Pack Cabinet Format
377 Estensione DIAGCFG Troubleshooting Pack Configuration Format
378 Estensione DIAGPKG Troubleshooting Pack Format
379 Estensione DIALOG UltraEdit Data Format
380 Estensione DIB Device Independent Bitmap Format
381 Estensione DIC Dictionary Format
382 Estensione DICM Medicine Image
383 Estensione DICOM DICOM Image Format
384 Estensione DICPROOF Microsoft Dictionary Proofing Format
385 Estensione DICT Sunnysoft InterWrite
386 Estensione DID Adobe Distiller/Bridge
387 Estensione DIE Diablo Item
388 Estensione DIF Data Interchange Format
389 Estensione DIFF Diff Source
390 Estensione DIG Digilink Audio Format
391 Estensione DII Summation Batch Load Format
392 Estensione DIL Delphi
393 Estensione DIM DIME Format
394 Estensione DIMAX DiMAX Firmware Image Format
395 Estensione DIME Direct Internet Message Encapsulation Format
396 Estensione DIMG Mac Disk Image
397 Estensione DIN DataEase Installation Script
398 Estensione DINERDASH2SAVEDGAME Diner Dash 2 Saved Game
399 Estensione DINERDASHSAVEDGAME Diner Dash Saved Game
400 Estensione DINFO DivX Temporary Video Info Format
401 Estensione DIP Windows Bitmap Format
402 Estensione DIR Adobe Director Movie
403 Estensione DIR00 Disk Defrag Error Or Dump
404 Estensione DIRECTORY KDE Folder View Properties Format
405 Estensione DIS Oracle Discoverer Workbook
406 Estensione DISABLED Spybot - Search & Destroy Disabled Format
407 Estensione DISC Toast Document
408 Estensione DISCO DISCO Discovery Document
409 Estensione DISCOMAP DISCO Discovery Output Format
410 Estensione DISK Linux Virtual Hard Disk
411 Estensione DISKCOPY42 Apple Disk Copy 4.2 Disk Image
412 Estensione DISKDEFINES Linux LiveCD Information Format
413 Estensione DISPOSITION-NOTIFICATION Message Disposition Notification Format
414 Estensione DIST Mac OS X Distribution Script
415 Estensione DIST-RDB SAM Scoring
416 Estensione DISTZ Apple Mac OS X Installer Distribution
417 Estensione DIT Active Directory Information Tree Format
418 Estensione DITA DITA Document
419 Estensione DITAMAP DITA Topic Map Format
420 Estensione DITAVAL DITA Conditions Format
421 Estensione DIV DivX Movie
422 Estensione DIVA Project DIVA Song Format
423 Estensione DIVX DivX-Encoded Movie Format
424 Estensione DIX DIVA-GIS Export Format
425 Estensione DIY My Drivers Backup Setup Format
426 Estensione DIZ Description In Zip Format
427 Estensione DJ DJGPP Docs
428 Estensione DJA DunDjinni
429 Estensione DJAE Digital Juice For Adobe After Effects Data Format
430 Estensione DJANIMATIONS Digital Juice Animation
431 Estensione DJF NTI Drive Backup
432 Estensione DJG DJGPP Compiler Makefile
433 Estensione DJM Dynojet Map Format
434 Estensione DJMUSIC Digital Juice Music Data Format
435 Estensione DJPLUGIN Digital Juice Plug-in Format
436 Estensione DJPROJECTS Digital Juice Compressed
437 Estensione DJR Ringtone Media Studio DJ Ringtone Project
438 Estensione DJREVEALERS Digital Juice Data Format
439 Estensione DJS NASCAR Thunder 2004 Game Music
440 Estensione DJV DjVu Image
441 Estensione DJVU DjVu Image
442 Estensione DJX Dundjinni Art
443 Estensione DK@P DocMaker Standalone Document
444 Estensione DKB DKBTrace Raytraced Graphics
445 Estensione DKD Submarine Titans Battle Map
446 Estensione DKE DriveLock FDE Disk Key Format
447 Estensione DKLANG DKLang Translation Editor Translation
448 Estensione DKN ONETEP Density Kernel Data Format
449 Estensione DKT DiGiTIAL THUNDER Drum Kit Format
450 Estensione DKZ ZIP Description Text
451 Estensione DL Zoo Tycoon 2 Data Format
452 Estensione DL0 Abbyy Finereader 4.0 Sprint
453 Estensione DLB Troj/Dloadr-AHT
454 Estensione DLC Download Link Container Format
455 Estensione DLCT AppleScript Dialect
456 Estensione DLD EdLog Compiled Program
457 Estensione DLE 3D Studio Max Plugin
458 Estensione DLF DataCAD Double Precision Layer
459 Estensione DLG Digital Line Graph
460 Estensione DLI Win32.Sober.AD@mm
461 Estensione DLK Xprotect License Code List
462 Estensione DLL Dynamic Link Library
463 Estensione DLL1 ASUS ExpressGate (Splashtop)
464 Estensione DLLS UFO: Alien Invasion Plugin
465 Estensione DLLX Backdoor.Bot
466 Estensione DLL_NON_OPT Adobe
467 Estensione DLL_RESP Microsoft Windows Live Messenger Contact Related
468 Estensione DLM Akamai Download Manager Format
469 Estensione DLO 3ds Max Plug-in
470 Estensione DLOG Pro Tools Log Format
471 Estensione DLP DirectMusic Producer DLS
472 Estensione DLPF DinkeyLook Diagnostic Information
473 Estensione DLS Downloadable Sounds Format
474 Estensione DLU 3ds Max Utility Plug-in Format
475 Estensione DLV CATIA 4 Export Format
476 Estensione DLV3 CATIA Exported Data Format
477 Estensione DLV4 Catia
478 Estensione DLX Sony VDU Format Format Importer
479 Estensione DLZ Crossword Power Tools Crossword Library
480 Estensione DL_ Compressed DLL Format
481 Estensione DM Paradox Data Model Format
482 Estensione DM1 ER/Studio Data Model Format
483 Estensione DM2 Toad Data Modeler 2 Format
484 Estensione DM3 DigitalMicrograph Image
485 Estensione DMB BYOND Game Executable
486 Estensione DMC Datamartist Data Canvas Format
487 Estensione DMD SQL Developer Data Modeler Format
488 Estensione DMDZ SQL Developer Data Modeler Design Format
489 Estensione DMF Delusion Digital Music Format
490 Estensione DMFR Download Master Incomplete Download
491 Estensione DMG Mac OS X Disk Image
492 Estensione DMGPART Mac OS X Disk Image Part
493 Estensione DMI BYOND Dream Maker Icon Format
494 Estensione DMIT Autodesk Simulation Data Format
495 Estensione DMKIT Drumaxx
496 Estensione DML DynaScript Format
497 Estensione DMM DropMind Mind Map Format
498 Estensione DMMS DropMind Map Style
499 Estensione DMMX DropMind XML Map Bundle
500 Estensione DMN SAS Metadata
501 Estensione DMO Duke Nukem 3D Demo Format
502 Estensione DMOD Dink Smallwood Add-on Format
503 Estensione DMP Windows Memory Dump
504 Estensione DMPATCH Fruity Loops Studio
505 Estensione DMPR Direct Mail Project Format
506 Estensione DMPTRN Fruity Loops Studio Pattern
507 Estensione DMR BrainVoyager Diffusion Weighted Project Format
508 Estensione DMS Disk Masher Image
509 Estensione DMSA Music Disc Creator Project Format
510 Estensione DMSD Roxio MyDVD Project
511 Estensione DMSD3D Roxio MyDVD 3D Project
512 Estensione DMSE Sound Editor Project Format
513 Estensione DMSK DivX Temporary Video Data Format
514 Estensione DMSKM GOM Media Player Media Format
515 Estensione DMSM VideoWave Movie Project Format
516 Estensione DMSM3D VideoWave 3D Movie Project Format
517 Estensione DMSP PhotoSuite Project Format
518 Estensione DMSS VideoWave SlideShow Project Format
519 Estensione DMT Delphi Menu Template Format
520 Estensione DMTEMPLATE Direct Mail Template
521 Estensione DMU DigitalMugician Audio
522 Estensione DMV Adobe Acrobat Catalog
523 Estensione DMX Source Filmmaker Project Format
524 Estensione DMX-INFO DriverMax Driver Information Format
525 Estensione DMY SEMIA LTST DB Time Series Data
526 Estensione DM_1 Call Of Duty Demo
527 Estensione DM_57 Return To Castle Wolfenstein Demo
528 Estensione DM_68 Quake 3 Demo Format
529 Estensione DM_82 Wolfenstein 1.00 Demo Movie Format
530 Estensione DM_83 Wolfenstein 1.02 Demo Movie Format
531 Estensione DM_84 Wolfenstein 2.06 Demo Movie Format
532 Estensione DN1 Duke Nukem 1 Game Data Format
533 Estensione DN2 Duke Nukem Episode 2 Game Format
534 Estensione DN3 Duke Nukem Episode 3 Game Format
535 Estensione DNA CA Backup And Migration Backup Format
536 Estensione DNB Microsoft Windows Dns Database Format
537 Estensione DNC Windows Dancer Format
538 Estensione DND ClustalW2 Tree
539 Estensione DNE Netica Text Format
540 Estensione DNF Duke Nukem Forever Map Format
541 Estensione DNG Digital Negative Image Format
542 Estensione DNH Danmakufu Script
543 Estensione DNI RealMyst 3D Game Archive
544 Estensione DNL DNAML EBook Format
545 Estensione DNN DotNetNuke Manifest
546 Estensione DNO DriveExecutive Configuration Format
547 Estensione DNP DRM Digital Rights Management
548 Estensione DNS DynSite Plug-in Format
549 Estensione DNT RSNetWorx Project
550 Estensione DNX IBM Rational Software
551 Estensione DO Java Servlet
552 Estensione DO2 Resident Evil 2 Door
553 Estensione DO7 DOS 7
554 Estensione DOB Visual Basic UserDocument
555 Estensione DOC Microsoft Word Document
556 Estensione DOC# Microsoft Word Document
557 Estensione DOCBOOK OXygen XML Editor Data Format
558 Estensione DOCC DragThing Color Settings
559 Estensione DOCE Document Manager Encrypted Microsoft Word Document Format
560 Estensione DOCENX Egis Encrypted Word DOC
561 Estensione DOCHTML Microsoft Word HTML Document
562 Estensione DOCK DragThing Dock
563 Estensione DOCKLET ObjectDock Docklet
564 Estensione DOCKTHEME Stardock ObjectDock Theme Format
565 Estensione DOCKZIP ObjectDock Format
566 Estensione DOCM Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document
567 Estensione DOCMETA Bukkit Information Format
568 Estensione DOCMHTML Microsoft Word MIME HTML Document
569 Estensione DOCSET Doxygen Document Set Format
570 Estensione DOCSTATES Microsoft Visual Studio Document Tab Well
571 Estensione DOCSTORE Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Cache Format
572 Estensione DOCT OnlyOffice Online Office Converted Docx Format
573 Estensione DOCX Microsoft Word Open XML Document
574 Estensione DOCXENX Egis Encrypted Word DOCX
575 Estensione DOCXL Document Manager Locked Word Open XML Document Format
576 Estensione DOCXML Microsoft Word XML Document
577 Estensione DOCZ ThinkFree Online Note Document
578 Estensione DOE Rockwell Arena Model
579 Estensione DOF DOSBox Capture Movie
580 Estensione DOH Geoworks GEOS Dependency Information
581 Estensione DOI BiRT Data Object Instance
582 Estensione DOK ASCII Text
583 Estensione DOL GameCube Executable Format
584 Estensione DOLPHINVIEW Dolphin Folder View Settings Format
585 Estensione DON Log
586 Estensione DONE Cygwin Post-install
587 Estensione DONOTPRESENT Apple Mac OS X Time Machine Resource Fork
588 Estensione DOO Atari Doodle Image
589 Estensione DOP Digital Orchestrator Pro
590 Estensione DOR Digita Organiser
591 Estensione DOS WIN95/ DOS 7 System
592 Estensione DOST DoStudio Subtitle Format
593 Estensione DOT Word Document Template
594 Estensione DOTFUPROJ Microsoft Visual Studio Project Format
595 Estensione DOTHTML Microsoft Word HTML Document Template
596 Estensione DOTM Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template
597 Estensione DOTMENX Egis Encrypted Word DOTM
598 Estensione DOTSETTINGS Microsoft Visual Studio C# Settings Format
599 Estensione DOTX Word Open XML Document Template
600 Estensione DOTXENX Egis Encrypted Word DOTX
601 Estensione DOV Temp Format
602 Estensione DOWNLOAD Partially Downloaded Format
603 Estensione DOWNLOADED ICQ 6 Hash
604 Estensione DOWNLOADHOST MSN Download Settings Format
605 Estensione DOWNLOADING Pando Incomplete Download Format
606 Estensione DOX Visual Basic Binary UserDocument
607 Estensione DOXY Doxygen
608 Estensione DP Text
609 Estensione DP1 DataPower Database Format
610 Estensione DPA DrawPlus Animation Format
611 Estensione DPB DataPilot Backup Format
612 Estensione DPC Microsoft Office Resource
613 Estensione DPCACHE Apple IPhoto Cache
614 Estensione DPD Ovation Pro Format
615 Estensione DPE DPwinEHE Project
616 Estensione DPF F-Secure Default Policy Format
617 Estensione DPG Nintendo DS Movie Format
618 Estensione DPI Adlib Express Document Processing Information Settings
619 Estensione DPJ Borland Delphi Project
620 Estensione DPK Delphi Package
621 Estensione DPKW Delphi Package
622 Estensione DPL Delphi Package Library
623 Estensione DPLT AppleScript Droplet
624 Estensione DPM Pro Tools Plugin Format
625 Estensione DPN Depiction Data Format
626 Estensione DPO DECAdry Express Business Cards Business Card
627 Estensione DPP DrawPlus Drawing Format
628 Estensione DPQ Clarion
629 Estensione DPR Delphi Project
630 Estensione DPREC Drawpile Record Format
631 Estensione DPRECZGZ Drawpile Compressed Record Format
632 Estensione DPRJ VideoReDo TVSuite DVD Project
633 Estensione DPRO MacDraw Pro
634 Estensione DPROJ Delphi Project
635 Estensione DPS DivX Player Skin
636 Estensione DPSML Portal Structure Markup Language Dynamic Page Format
637 Estensione DPSO WPS Presentation Outward Document Format
638 Estensione DPT Kingsoft Presentation Template
639 Estensione DPV Siemens NX Drafting Standard Format
640 Estensione DPX Digital Picture Exchange Format
641 Estensione DQA Daqarta Extended WAV Data
642 Estensione DQC CP/M Disk Information Data Format
643 Estensione DQL DataEase Database
644 Estensione DQY Excel Query Format
645 Estensione DR DRM Rights Object
646 Estensione DR3 V-Control Import Driver
647 Estensione DR3D CorelDream 3D Graphics
648 Estensione DR4 AllyCAD Drawing
649 Estensione DR8 DR-008 Drumkit
650 Estensione DRA OrCAD Drawing Format
651 Estensione DRAW Acorn Vector Draw
652 Estensione DRAWING Artboard Drawing
653 Estensione DRAWIT DrawIt Drawing
654 Estensione DRB Dr. Beam
655 Estensione DRC DRM Rights Object
656 Estensione DRD Allen & Heath PL Designer Document
657 Estensione DRE DReport Exported Report
658 Estensione DREAM Dream Animated Wallpaper Format
659 Estensione DREAMCHRONICLES2SAVEDGAME Dream Chronicles Saved Game Format
660 Estensione DREAMCHRONICLESSAVEDGAME Dream Chronicles Saved Game
661 Estensione DRES Delphi Compiled Resource Format
662 Estensione DRF VIZ Render Format
663 Estensione DRG I-Doser Audio Drug Format
664 Estensione DRI Microsoft SQL Server Replication
665 Estensione DRL Gerber Drill Rack Format
666 Estensione DRM Cubase Drum Map Format
667 Estensione DRMMETA Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming DRM Additional Header
668 Estensione DRMX Drumlin Fully Secure PDF Format
669 Estensione DRMZ Drumlin Fully Secure Mobile PDF Format
670 Estensione DRO DOSBox Raw OPL Format
671 Estensione DROPBOX Dropbox
672 Estensione DRPF DinkeyRemote Parameter
673 Estensione DRPM Delta RPM Format
674 Estensione DRR Altium Designer Drill Report
675 Estensione DRS Corel WordPerfect Driver Resource
676 Estensione DRSCAN Data Rescue Scans Format
677 Estensione DRT PSpice Or PCB Designer Custom Derating
678 Estensione DRU EAGLE Design Rules
679 Estensione DRV Device Driver
680 Estensione DRW Drawing Format
681 Estensione DRW2 Canvas 3.5 Drawing
682 Estensione DRW5 Canvas 5 Drawing
683 Estensione DRWDOT SolidWorks Drawing Template
684 Estensione DRWPRP SolidWorks Drawing Custom Properties Tab Template
685 Estensione DRWR Drop Drawers Drawer
686 Estensione DRX Adobe Photoshop Tutorial
687 Estensione DRZ DReport Compressed Report Format
688 Estensione DS DAZ Studio 1/2 Script
689 Estensione DS1 Diablo 2 Map
690 Estensione DS10 WinDS PRO Data Format
691 Estensione DS2 Olympus DSS Pro Audio Format
692 Estensione DS2RES Dungeon Siege 2 Data
693 Estensione DS4 Micrografx Designer Graphic
694 Estensione DS5 WinDS PRO Data Format
695 Estensione DS6 WinDS PRO Data Format
696 Estensione DS7 WinDS PRO Data Format
697 Estensione DSA DAZ Studio 3+ Script
698 Estensione DSB Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Project
699 Estensione DSC Nikon Disk Identification Format
700 Estensione DSD AutoCAD Drawing Set Description Format
701 Estensione DSDB ANSYS CFX Simulation Database
702 Estensione DSE DAZ Studio Encrypted Script
703 Estensione DSF DAZ Studio Asset Format
704 Estensione DSFT Microsoft Application Virtualization Differential SFT
705 Estensione DSG Control Studio Document
706 Estensione DSGM DS Game Maker Project
707 Estensione DSH Dashboard PDA Wallpaper
708 Estensione DSI DAZ Studio Layered Image Set
709 Estensione DSIM Digital Simulator
710 Estensione DSJT= Adobe Director For Resources
711 Estensione DSK Disk Image
712 Estensione DSKIN DockX Skin
713 Estensione DSL Damaged Sector List
714 Estensione DSLSETUP Domain Specific Language Setup
715 Estensione DSM Digital Sound Module
716 Estensione DSML Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) Identity Feed
717 Estensione DSN Database Source Name Format
718 Estensione DSO Microsoft Visual Studio Workspace Format
719 Estensione DSP Visual C++ 6 Project
720 Estensione DSPROTOTYPE Microsoft Visual Studio Prototype
721 Estensione DSQ Corel Query Language
722 Estensione DSR Micrografx Designer Graphic
723 Estensione DSS Digital Speech Standard Format
724 Estensione DSSLIDESHOW Desktop Sidebar Slideshow Panel
725 Estensione DST Tajima Embroidery Format
726 Estensione DSTL Acrobat Distiller
727 Estensione DSTUDIO DownloadStudio Incomplete Download
728 Estensione DSU ProWORX Nxt Data Setup
729 Estensione DSV DeSmuME Save Format
730 Estensione DSW Visual C++ 6 Workspace Format
731 Estensione DSX Diet Studio XML Format
732 Estensione DSY Directory Synchronizer Project Format
733 Estensione DSYM ArchiCAD For MAC Geometric Description Language Format
734 Estensione DSZ Orchida (OES) Embroidery Format
735 Estensione DS_STORE Mac OS X Folder Settings Format
736 Estensione DT Macintosh Format Data Fork
737 Estensione DT0 DTED Level 0 Format
738 Estensione DT1 DTED Level 1 Format
739 Estensione DT2 Windows Live Messenger Emoticon Image Format
740 Estensione DT4 BioSonics Data
741 Estensione DT? LoseThos Data
742 Estensione DTA Data Format
743 Estensione DTAPART DownThemAll! Partially Downloaded Format
744 Estensione DTB DataCAD Custom Toolbar
745 Estensione DTB2 Timbuku Pro DropIn
746 Estensione DTC Microsoft Windows Application Log
747 Estensione DTCP-IP Microsoft Windows Movie Maker Video Format
748 Estensione DTD Document Type Definition Format
749 Estensione DTE DoroTree Family Tree Data Format
750 Estensione DTERMLICENCE DTerm Licence
751 Estensione DTF ACDSee Thumbnail Database Format
752 Estensione DTG Desktop Guitar Score
753 Estensione DTH Microsoft Windows Application Log
754 Estensione DTI Fifa 2001 Data
755 Estensione DTJ Microsoft Windows Application Log
756 Estensione DTK XWE Data Format
757 Estensione DTL The Sims
758 Estensione DTM Audio Module
759 Estensione DTML Zope Document Template Markup Language
760 Estensione DTN TunnelCAD Import Or Export
761 Estensione DTO Directory Toolkit Output
762 Estensione DTP Publish-iT Document
763 Estensione DTPROJ SQL Integration Services Project
764 Estensione DTQ Microsoft Visual Studio .NET SQL Query Format
765 Estensione DTR DATroniC Data Recording
766 Estensione DTS DTS Encoded Audio Format
767 Estensione DTSCONFIG Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Configuration
768 Estensione DTSHD DTS-HD Master Audio Format
769 Estensione DTSX DTS Settings Format
770 Estensione DTT IBM AS/400 Data Transfer
771 Estensione DTV DVD2AVI Mpeg2
772 Estensione DTW Desktop Wallpaper
773 Estensione DTX Documented LaTeX Format
774 Estensione DT_ Macintosh Data Fork
775 Estensione DUA FIFA 2001 Data Feart Legalscr
776 Estensione DUB Tuningwrench Audio Utility Compressed
777 Estensione DUBASKIN Kingsoft Internet Security Data Format
778 Estensione DUC Action Replay Max DS Save Format
779 Estensione DUCF DinkeyChange Update Code
780 Estensione DUCK Cyberduck Bookmark
781 Estensione DUD DirectUpdate Data Format
782 Estensione DUH Storm And Sanitary Analysis DUH Data Format
783 Estensione DUMODULE Apple Mac OS X Disk Utility Plugin Module
784 Estensione DUMP Google BreakPad Crash Log Format
785 Estensione DUN Dungeon Defenders Saved Game Format
786 Estensione DUO Microsoft Access
787 Estensione DUP Windows DUA Polling Reconfiguration
788 Estensione DUP0 Samsung Kies Duplicate Media
789 Estensione DUP1 Samsung Kies Duplicate Media
790 Estensione DUP2 Samsung Kies Duplicate Media
791 Estensione DUS Readiris Font Dictionary
792 Estensione DU_ CAB Archive Format
793 Estensione DV Digital Video Format
794 Estensione DV-AVI Microsoft DV-AVI Video Format
795 Estensione DV2 Divinity 2 Data Format
796 Estensione DV4 Bosch Security Systems CCTV Video Format
797 Estensione DVAM DVDAuthor Data Format
798 Estensione DVB DVBLine Document
799 Estensione DVC Dragon Voice Command Format
800 Estensione DVD CloneCD DVD Information Format
801 Estensione DVDDATA TMPGEnc DVD Author Video
802 Estensione DVDFAB6 DVDFab Key
803 Estensione DVDFABBLURAY2BLURAY DVDFab Data Format
804 Estensione DVDFABBLURAY2DVD DVDFab Data Format
806 Estensione DVDFABFILEMOVER DVDFab Data Format
807 Estensione DVDFABHDDECRYPTER DVDFab HD Decrypter
808 Estensione DVDFABMOBILE DVDFab Data Format
809 Estensione DVDFABPLATINUM5 DVDFab Platinum Data Format
810 Estensione DVDMEDIA RipIt DVD Package
811 Estensione DVDPROJ IDVD Project Format
812 Estensione DVDR DVD/CD-R Master Image
813 Estensione DVDRIP-INFO Dvd::rip Technical Information
814 Estensione DVDS DVDStyler Project Format
815 Estensione DVF Sony Digital Voice Format
816 Estensione DVG Graphic Works Vector Graphic
817 Estensione DVI Device Independent Format Format
818 Estensione DVL Virtual Library Format
819 Estensione DVP AutoCAD Device Parameter
820 Estensione DVR Microsoft Recorded TV Show
821 Estensione DVR-MS Microsoft Digital Video Recording
822 Estensione DVS Enterprise Vault DVS
823 Estensione DVSD DVMaster Pro Video
824 Estensione DVT DepoView Digital Video Transcript
825 Estensione DVTPLUGIN Apple Xcode DVT Extension
826 Estensione DVV NiceLabel Pro Default Values Data Format
827 Estensione DVX DivX Video Format
828 Estensione DVZ Documents To Go Data
829 Estensione DW David Whittaker Audio Format
830 Estensione DW1 DeathWatch WebCrawler
831 Estensione DW2 DesignCAD Drawing Format
832 Estensione DW3 DeathWatch WebCrawler
833 Estensione DWA Digital Waveform Archiver Audio Format
834 Estensione DWB VariCAD Drawing
835 Estensione DWC Emulex DWC Firmware Update Format
836 Estensione DWD DiamondWare Digital Audio Format
837 Estensione DWDOC DrawWell Document
838 Estensione DWE Creator Simulator Pattern
839 Estensione DWF Design Web Format Format
840 Estensione DWFB Dragon UnPACKer 5 Archive Format
841 Estensione DWFX Design Web Format XPS Format
842 Estensione DWG AutoCAD Drawing Database Format
843 Estensione DWH WaterGems Drawing
844 Estensione DWI Dance With Intensity Song Format
845 Estensione DWK DADiSP Worksheet
846 Estensione DWL TurboCAD Drawing Lock Format
847 Estensione DWL2 AutoCAD Drawing Lock
848 Estensione DWLIBRARY Paperless Document Library
849 Estensione DWM Digital Works Circuit Project
850 Estensione DWN FrameWork Database Format
851 Estensione DWO Red Hat Linux DWARF Debugging Information
852 Estensione DWP DarkWave Studio Project Format
853 Estensione DWPROJ DataWindow Designer Project
854 Estensione DWS AutoCAD Drawing Standards Format
855 Estensione DWT Dreamweaver Web Page Template
856 Estensione DWX DesignWorks Viewer Tools
857 Estensione DWZ Compressed AutoCAD Drawing Format
858 Estensione DX DEC WPS Plus Format
859 Estensione DX2 Oracle Siebel
860 Estensione DX7 Yamaha DX-series Raw Audio Data
861 Estensione DXA DXA Video Format Format
862 Estensione DXB Drawing Exchange Binary
863 Estensione DXE AutoCAD Data Extraction Template
864 Estensione DXF Drawing Exchange Format Format
865 Estensione DXG Duxbury Braille Translator
866 Estensione DXI PayWindow Database
867 Estensione DXL Domino XML Language Format
868 Estensione DXLS DashXL Skin Set Format
869 Estensione DXML V++ Graphics Image
870 Estensione DXP CDBurnerXP Data Compilation Format
871 Estensione DXPACK DesktopX Object
872 Estensione DXR Protected Macromedia Director Movie
873 Estensione DXS Deus Ex Saved Game
874 Estensione DXSTREAM DX Studio Stream
875 Estensione DXSTUDIO DX Studio Document
876 Estensione DXT LucasArts The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition Texture
877 Estensione DXT1 S2TC Compressed Surface
878 Estensione DXT5 S2TC Compressed Surface Format (texture)
879 Estensione DXTHEME DesktopX Windows Desktop Theme
880 Estensione DXTORYLIC Dxtory Licence
881 Estensione DXU DivX Player Playlist Format
882 Estensione DXV DocXchanger
883 Estensione DXW DimensioneX World Data Format
884 Estensione DXX AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Attribute Format
885 Estensione DXZ Trojan Backdoor Virus
886 Estensione DYC Xerox Printer Driver Configuration Format
887 Estensione DYLIB Mach-O Dynamic Library
888 Estensione DYN Lotus 1-2-3
889 Estensione DYV WORM_AUTORUN.DYV Worm
890 Estensione DYZ Backdoor.Win32.ProRat.dyz Trojan
891 Estensione DZ Dzip Format
892 Estensione DZ2 Dungeons 2 Saved Game Format
893 Estensione DZBL Cyberlink PowerDirector Effect Extractor Data Format
894 Estensione DZF IBM SPSS Compressed Data Format
895 Estensione DZI PhotoSynth Deep Zoom Image
896 Estensione DZIP The Witcher 2 Game Archive
897 Estensione DZL DazzlerMAX
898 Estensione DZM DirectorZone Menu Template
899 Estensione DZP DirectorZone Particle Effect Format
900 Estensione DZS Download Accelerator Skin
901 Estensione DZT DirectorZone Title Format
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Android Opaque Binary Blob Format

Il file OBB contiene risorse per l'app Android salvata come oggetto binario non trasparente - BLOB . I file OBB sono crittografati e comunement...