Sortert i alfabetisk rekkefølge: A
by: Administrator
# Filformat Filens fulle navn
1 A-filformat Static Library
2 A$V-filformat QuarkXpress Automatically Saved Project
3 A00-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ compressed file archive (part 2)
4 A01-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ compressed file archive (part 3)
5 A02-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ compressed file archive (part 4)
6 A03-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 5)
7 A04-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 6)
8 A05-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 7)
9 A06-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 8)
10 A07-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 9)
11 A08-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 10)
12 A09-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 11)
13 A10-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 12)
14 A11-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 13)
15 A12-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 14)
16 A13-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 15)
17 A15-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 17)
18 A16-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 18)
19 A17-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 19)
20 A18-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 20)
21 A19-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 21)
22 A1WISH-filformat Audials Wishlist File
23 A20-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 22)
24 A21-filformat Soundweb Firmware
25 A26-filformat Atari 2600 ROM image file
26 A2A-filformat IBM Voice Type Languages Vocabels
27 A2B-filformat Adlib Tracker II Instrument Bank
28 A2C-filformat Alice Scene file
29 A2DESKTOP-filformat Aston Desktop Desktop Skin
30 A2I-filformat Adlib Tracker II Instrument File
31 A2L-filformat ASAP2 ECU Description File
32 A2M-filformat Adlib Tracker II File
33 A2MENU-filformat Aston Desktop Start Menu Skin
34 A2P-filformat Adlib Tracker II Pattern File
35 A2PANEL-filformat Aston Desktop Panel Skin
36 A2R-filformat KittyXplorer Encrypted Archive
37 A2T-filformat Adlib Tracker II Tiny Module File
38 A2THEME-filformat Aston 2 Theme File
39 A2W-filformat Alice World
40 A31-filformat Adobe Authorware Library
41 A32-filformat Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 34)
42 A3D-filformat Amapi 3D Modeling
43 A3K-filformat Yamaha A3000 Sampler
44 A3L-filformat Authorware 3 Library
45 A3M-filformat Authorware 3 Macintosh File
46 A3P-filformat Alice 3 Project
47 A3S-filformat Yamaha A3000 Sample
48 A3W-filformat Authorware 3 Windows File
49 A3X-filformat AccuLoad Settings
50 A41-filformat Adobe Authorware Library
51 A4L-filformat Authorware 4 Library
52 A4M-filformat Authorware 4 Macintosh File
53 A4P-filformat A4Desk Pro Project File
54 A4R-filformat Adobe Authorware Package Course
55 A4W-filformat Authorware 4 Windows File
56 A51-filformat Adobe Authorware Library
57 A52-filformat Atari 5200 ROM
58 A5L-filformat Authorware 5 Library
59 A5M-filformat Adobe Authorware Unpackaged
60 A5P-filformat Adobe Authorware Package Without Runtime
61 A5R-filformat Adobe Authorware Packaged File Without Runtime
62 A5RPT-filformat Alpha Five Project Report
63 A5W-filformat Alpha Five Webpage File
64 A5WCMP-filformat Alpha Five Web Publishing
65 A64-filformat Artist 64
66 A65-filformat Authorware 6.5 File
67 A66-filformat µVision Assembler Source
68 A6D-filformat Adobe Authorware Model
69 A6L-filformat Adobe Authorware Library
70 A6M-filformat Adobe Authorware Unpackaged
71 A6P-filformat Authorware 6 Program
72 A6W-filformat Adobe Authorware Unpackaged
73 A78-filformat Atari 7800 Image
74 A7D-filformat Adobe Authorware Model
75 A7E-filformat Adobe Authorware Packaged Library
76 A7M-filformat Adobe Authorware Unpackaged
77 A7R-filformat Adobe Authorware Packaged File Without Runtime
78 A7W-filformat Adobe Authorware Unpackaged
79 A86-filformat A86 Assembly Language Source Code
80 A8S-filformat Anim8or Script
81 AA-filformat Audible Audio Book File
82 AA3-filformat Sony ATRAC audio file
83 AAA-filformat Sybase SQLAnywhere Temporary
84 AAB-filformat Adobe Authorware Binary
85 AAC-filformat Advanced Audio Coding File
86 AAD-filformat FreeBSD
87 AAF-filformat Advanced Authoring Format multimedia file
88 AAM-filformat Authorware Map File
89 AAO-filformat Agenda At Once File
90 AAP-filformat Apollo Advanced Playlist
91 AAPKG-filformat ArchestrA IDE Package
92 AAR-filformat Apache Axis2 Archive
93 AAS-filformat Adobe Authorware Shocked Packet
94 AAT-filformat ArcInfo Line Data
95 AATREND-filformat ActiveFactory Trend
96 AAUI-filformat Acrobat User Interface File
97 AAWDEF-filformat Ad-Aware Definitions File
98 AAX-filformat Audible Enhanced Audiobook File
99 AB-filformat Google Android Debug Bridge backup file
100 AB$-filformat Autodesk AutoCAD Plot Spooling
101 AB1-filformat DNA Electropherogram File
102 AB2-filformat Print Shop Address Book File
103 AB3-filformat PhotoImpact 3 Album File
104 AB4-filformat AB4 Accounting & Business Data
105 AB6-filformat ABStat Data
106 AB65-filformat Adobe PageMaker Document
107 AB8-filformat ABStat Data
108 ABA-filformat Palm Address Book Archive
109 ABBU-filformat Address Book Backup
110 ABC-filformat ABC Music Notation
111 ABCD-filformat AudioVisual Book Data File
112 ABCDG-filformat Apple AddessBook
113 ABCDMR-filformat Apple Address Book Mail Recent
114 ABCDP-filformat Address Book Card Data
115 ABD-filformat The Bat! Mail Processing System
116 ABDATA-filformat Adobe Bridge Data File
117 ABE-filformat Application Boundaries Enforcer
118 ABF-filformat Analysis Services Backup File
119 ABG-filformat FIFA World Cup Game Data Beart
120 ABI-filformat DNA Chromatogram File
121 ABICOLLAB-filformat AbiWord Collaborative File Descriptor
122 ABK-filformat Automatic Backup File
123 ABKPRJ-filformat Ashampoo Backup Project
124 ABL-filformat ABEL Hardware Description Language
125 ABM-filformat Photo Album
126 ABN-filformat Alpha Five
127 ABP-filformat AVS Barcode Profile
128 ABR-filformat Adobe Photoshop Brushes File
129 ABS-filformat Absolute Database File
130 ABT-filformat The Arbiter Game Schedule
131 ABU-filformat ACT! E-mail Address Book
132 ABW-filformat AbiWord Document
133 ABX-filformat Corel WordPerfect Mail Address Book
134 ABY-filformat AOL Address Book File
135 ABZ-filformat Alpha Black Zero Game
136 AC-filformat AC3D geometry file
137 AC$-filformat AutoCAD Temporary File
138 AC0-filformat SPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
139 AC1-filformat SPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
140 AC2-filformat SPICE AC/frequency Domain Output
141 AC3-filformat Audio Codec 3 File
142 AC3D-filformat 3d Format Data
143 AC4-filformat SPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
144 AC5-filformat ArtCut 5 Document
145 AC6-filformat ArtCut 6 Document
146 AC7-filformat SPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
147 AC8-filformat SPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
148 AC9-filformat SPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
149 ACA-filformat Agent Character Animation File
150 ACA2-filformat Fontographer
151 ACAD-filformat AutoCAD Database
152 ACB-filformat Adobe Photoshop Color Book File
153 ACBL-filformat Adobe Color Book Legacy File
154 ACC-filformat Quicken 2002 internet common file
155 ACCDA-filformat Access Add-in File
156 ACCDB-filformat Access 2007 Database File
157 ACCDC-filformat Microsoft Access Signed Package
158 ACCDE-filformat Access Execute Only Database
159 ACCDP-filformat Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Project
160 ACCDR-filformat Access Runtime Application
161 ACCDT-filformat Microsoft Access Database Template
162 ACCDU-filformat Access Add-in File
163 ACCDW-filformat Microsoft Access Database Link File
164 ACCESS-filformat Java Access Control
165 ACCESSOR-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Accessor
166 ACCFL-filformat Microsoft Access Field Template
167 ACCFT-filformat Microsoft Access Data Type Template
168 ACCOUNTPICTURE-MS-filformat Windows 8 Account Picture File
169 ACCT-filformat IBM AIX System
170 ACD-filformat ACID Project File
171 ACD-BAK-filformat Sony ACID Project Backup File
172 ACD-ZIP-filformat Sony ACID Project With Embedded Media File
173 ACE-filformat WinAce Compressed File
174 ACF-filformat Steam Application Cache File
175 ACFM-filformat Adobe Composite Font Metrics File
176 ACG-filformat Audio Comparer Group File
177 ACGD-filformat ACG System Predictive Model
178 ACH-filformat Medlin Payroll Software Automated Clearing House
179 ACI-filformat ACI Development Appraisal
180 ACK-filformat Swifty
181 ACL-filformat AutoCorrect List File
182 ACM-filformat Interplay Audio File
183 ACMD-filformat Apache Commander Project
184 ACO-filformat Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch File
185 ACORN-filformat Acorn Image
186 ACP-filformat Alfresco Content Package
187 ACR-filformat Bitmap graphics
188 ACROBATSECURITYSETTINGS-filformat Adobe Acrobat Security Settings File
189 ACRODATA-filformat Acrobat Data File
190 ACROPLUGIN-filformat Adobe Acrobat Plug-in
191 ACRS-filformat Adobe Authorware
192 ACS-filformat Agent Character File
193 ACS2-filformat AIMP Media Player Skin
194 ACS3-filformat AIMP Skin Package
195 ACSM-filformat Adobe Content Server Message File
196 ACT-filformat ADPCM Compressed Audio File
197 ACT!-filformat ACT!
198 ACTION-filformat Automator Action
199 ACTIONS-filformat Photoline 4 Defaults
200 ACTIONSCRIPTPROPERTIES-filformat Adobe Flex Settings
201 ACTIVITYDIAGRAM-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Activity Diagram
202 ACTM-filformat AutoCAD Action Macro File
203 ACTPROJ-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Visual SourceSafe ACT Project
204 ACTX-filformat DS Game Maker Action Description File
205 ACU-filformat Machine Independent COBOL Object
206 ACV-filformat Photoshop Curves File
207 ACW-filformat Windows Accessibility Wizard File
208 ACX-filformat Atari ST Program
209 AD-filformat After Dark Screensaver
210 AD1-filformat Forensic Toolkit FTK Imager Image
211 AD3E-filformat Adobe Dimensions Mac
212 ADA-filformat Ada Source Code
213 ADADOWNLOAD-filformat Adobe Download Assistant Partially Completed Download
214 ADB-filformat Alpha Five Database File
215 ADBA-filformat AIMSS Author Project Configuration
216 ADBLOCK-filformat Alpha Five Temporary
217 ADC-filformat Scanstudio 16 Color Image
218 ADCP-filformat Adobe Device Central Project File
219 ADD-filformat Dynamics AX Developer Documentation File
220 ADDIN-filformat Visual Studio Add-in Definition File
221 ADDON-filformat CFS Console Add-on File
222 ADDR-filformat Metin2 Data
223 ADE-filformat Access Project Extension
224 ADF-filformat ArcView ARC/INFO coverage data file
225 ADG-filformat Ableton Device Group
226 ADH-filformat Audible Manager
227 ADI-filformat Active@ Disk Image Backup File
228 ADIUMEMOTICON-filformat Adium Dock Icon
229 ADIUMHTMLLOG-filformat Adium HTML Log
230 ADIUMICON-filformat Adium Icon
231 ADIUMLIBPURPLEPLUGIN-filformat Adium Lib Purple Plugin
232 ADIUMLISTLAYOUT-filformat Adium List Layout
233 ADIUMLISTTHEME-filformat Adium List Theme
234 ADIUMLOG-filformat Adium Log
235 ADIUMMENUBARICONS-filformat Adium Menu Bar Icon
236 ADIUMMESSAGESTYLE-filformat Adium Message Style
237 ADIUMPLUGIN-filformat Adium Plugin
238 ADIUMSCRIPTS-filformat Adium AppleScripts
239 ADIUMSOUNDSET-filformat Adium Sound Set
240 ADIUMSTATUSICONS-filformat Adium Status Icon
241 ADJ-filformat LISCAD Adjustment
242 ADJUSTMENTPRESETS-filformat Apple Aperture Preset
243 ADK-filformat OS/2 Saved SKF Format
244 ADL-filformat ADONIS Models And Model Groups Export
245 ADLS-filformat ADL Workbench
246 ADM-filformat Administrative Template File
247 ADML-filformat Microsoft administrative language-specific XML template file
248 ADMX-filformat Group Policy Administrative Template File
249 ADN-filformat Access Blank Project Template
250 ADO-filformat Adobe Photoshop Duotone Options File
251 ADOBEBRIDGE-filformat Adobe Bridge
252 ADOBENET-filformat Adobe Production Studio
253 ADOS-filformat Compound Document
254 ADOX-filformat ActivDox Document
255 ADP-filformat Access Project
256 ADPP-filformat Adobe Device Profile Package
257 ADR-filformat Opera Bookmarks File
258 ADRG-filformat ARC Digitized Raster Graphics
259 ADS-filformat Ada Specification File
260 ADSK-filformat Autodesk Exchange
261 ADSM-filformat Advanced Split Machine Split
262 ADT-filformat ACT! Document Template
263 ADTG-filformat Advanced Data TableGram
264 ADTS-filformat Audio Data Transport Stream File
265 ADU-filformat Addict User Dictionary File
266 ADV-filformat Nortek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter File
267 ADVS-filformat Adobe Device Central Device Set
268 ADW-filformat Tamil Transliterater/font Converter
269 ADX-filformat Approach Index File
270 ADZ-filformat Compressed Amiga Disk File
271 AD_ASM-filformat Alibre Design CAD
272 AD_PRT-filformat Alibre Design CAD
273 AE0-filformat NetBSD Ethernet Configuration
274 AE1-filformat FileMaker Pro Runtime Database
275 AEA-filformat AdWords Editor Archive
276 AEB-filformat Alphacam Wire EDM VB Macro
277 AEC-filformat Cinema 4D After Effects Composition
278 AED-filformat Alphacam Wire EDM Drawing
279 AEE-filformat ASUS Data Security Manager Encoded
280 AEF-filformat ELECTRICAL Designer Related
281 AEM-filformat Alphacam Wire EDM Parameter Macro
282 AEP-filformat After Effects Project
283 AEPKEY-filformat Advanced Encryption Package Key File
284 AEPX-filformat After Effects XML Project
285 AER-filformat Adobe Atmosphere
286 AES-filformat AES Crypt Encrypted File
287 AET-filformat After Effects Project Template
288 AETX-filformat After Effects XML Project Template
289 AEU-filformat Microsoft AutoRoute Express Europe Route
290 AEX-filformat Alpha Five Compiled Global Functions File
291 AEXPK-filformat PGP Armored Extracted Public Key
292 AF2-filformat Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 2 File
293 AF3-filformat Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 3/4 File
294 AFA-filformat Astrotite Compressed Data
295 AFC-filformat Compressed audio interchange file format
296 AFD-filformat Alphacam Flame Drawing
297 AFE-filformat Avid File Exchange File
298 AFF-filformat AFF Disk Image
299 AFG-filformat Tablet Assembly
300 AFL-filformat XMap Related
301 AFM-filformat Adobe Font Metrics File
302 AFO-filformat Advanced File Organizer Catalog
303 AFO-XVID-filformat Compressed Video
304 AFP-filformat FileProtector Encrypted File
305 AFPLOC-filformat Apple Filing Protocol Location
306 AFPP-filformat Mac Apple Share
307 AFR-filformat FreeBSD
308 AFS-filformat Project File
309 AFS3-filformat AFS 3 Basic Encrypted
310 AFT-filformat Family Tree Database
311 AFW-filformat Micrografx FlowCharter Work Area
312 AFX-filformat Auto F/X Image format
313 AFZ-filformat Family Tree Backup
314 AG-filformat Applix Graphics
315 AG4-filformat Microsoft Access G4
316 AGA-filformat ArcGIS ArcGlobe
317 AGB-filformat Game Boy Advance ROM
318 AGC-filformat Compiled Script
319 AGD-filformat AgileGraph Data File
320 AGD1-filformat Adobe FreeHand For Mac Drawing
321 AGDB-filformat ANSYS DesignSpace
322 AGE3REC-filformat Age Of Empires III Recorded Game
323 AGE3SAV-filformat Age Of Empires III Save Game
324 AGE3SCN-filformat Age of Empires 3 Scenario File
325 AGE3XREC-filformat Age Of Empires III: The WarChiefs Recorded
326 AGE3XSAV-filformat Age Of Empires III: The WarChiefs Save Game
327 AGE3XSCN-filformat Age Of Empires III: The WarChiefs Scenario
328 AGE3YREC-filformat Age Of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Recorded Game
329 AGE3YSAV-filformat Age Of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Save Game
330 AGE3YSCN-filformat Age Of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Scenario
331 AGENT-filformat Forte Agent And FreeAgent Data
332 AGEO-filformat Dream Aquarium Fish Model
333 AGF-filformat Atlas GIS Native Binary Geodataset
334 AGG-filformat AggFlow Plant Flow Analysis
335 AGGR-filformat Adobe Captivate Aggregate File
336 AGI-filformat Asterisk Gateway Interface File
337 AGIF-filformat Active GIF Creator Project
338 AGILEKEYCHAIN-filformat 1Password Data
339 AGL-filformat ArgusLab Molecular Graphics Modelling
340 AGLDEI-filformat Adobe GoLive Template
341 AGLS-filformat Adobe GoLive Snippet
342 AGLSL-filformat Adobe GoLive Site
343 AGM-filformat DTS Multi-channel Pro Packer File
344 AGO-filformat Autolog Script
345 AGP-filformat ArtGem Project File
346 AGPREFS-filformat Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Preferences
347 AGR-filformat Ableton Groove File
348 AGS-filformat AfterGRASP Script
349 AGTEMPLATE-filformat Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Preset
350 AGTOOLKIT-filformat Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
351 AGV-filformat ArcGlobe Video Metadata
352 AGW-filformat Aspen Graphics
353 AGWL-filformat Abstract Grid Workflow Language
354 AGX-filformat Rational XDE
355 AGX1-filformat Adobe FreeHand For Mac Extension
356 AGZ-filformat AggFlow Aggregate Plant Flow Diagram
357 AH-filformat FreeBSD
358 AHB-filformat AIM High Briefcase Report
359 AHC-filformat Resident Evil 4
360 AHD-filformat Microsoft Dynamics AX On-line help data file
361 AHF-filformat Aces High Film
362 AHI-filformat Microsoft Dynamics AX online help index file
363 AHK-filformat AutoHotkey Script
364 AHL-filformat eMule Metadata File
365 AHOD-filformat Homeworld
366 AHS-filformat Adobe Halftone Screen File
367 AHTM-filformat HTML
368 AHTML-filformat HTML
369 AHU-filformat Adobe Photoshop HSL File
370 AHX-filformat WinAHX Tracker Module
371 AI-filformat Adobe Illustrator graphics file
372 AI3-filformat Generic Encapsulated PostScript Graphic Format
373 AI5-filformat Generic Encapsulated PostScript Graphic
374 AI65-filformat Adobe PageMaker For Mac Extension
375 AI8-filformat Generic Encapsulated PostScript Graphic Format
376 AIA-filformat Adobe Illustrator Action File
377 AIC-filformat Advanced Image Coding File
378 AID-filformat Star Trek Armada Arficicial Intelligence Parameters
379 AIDL-filformat AIDL Interface
380 AIF-filformat Audio Interchange File Format sound file
381 AIFB-filformat AIF Builder Project File
382 AIFC-filformat Compressed Audio Interchange File
383 AIFF-filformat Audio Interchange File Format
384 AIFR-filformat Audio Interchange File Format
385 AIG-filformat Architecture Drawing
386 AIH-filformat Attribute Index
387 AIJ-filformat Oracle After-Image Journal
388 AIL-filformat AutoImager
389 AIM-filformat AIMMS ASCII Model File
390 AIMPPL-filformat AIMP Playlist File
391 AIN-filformat Source Engine Compiled AI Nodegraph File
392 AIO-filformat Bitmap
393 AIP-filformat Illustrator Plug-in
394 AIR-filformat Adobe AIR Installation Package
395 AIRAPPLICATION-filformat Adobe AIR Application
396 AIRI-filformat Adobe AIR Intermediate
397 AIRPORT-filformat RealFlight Simulator
398 AIRPORTS-filformat RealFlight Airports Data
399 AIS-filformat ACDSee Image Sequence File
400 AIT-filformat Adobe Illustrator Template
401 AIU-filformat Advanced Installer Updates Configuration File
402 AIV-filformat AIVault Data File
403 AIX-filformat IBM AIX
404 AJA-filformat Backup Revision Control Archive
405 AJB-filformat Alphacam Water Jet VB Macro
406 AJD-filformat Alphacam Water Jet Drawing
407 AJG-filformat AJC Grep Project
408 AJL-filformat CA ARCserve Backup Journal
409 AJP-filformat AJP Player video file
410 AKAI-filformat Akai S-series Floppy Disk Image
411 AKF-filformat Adobe Acrobat Key
412 AKM-filformat Aksharamala Keymap Binary
413 AKP-filformat Akai S5000, S6000 program file
414 AKS-filformat Aksharamala Keymap Binary
415 AKT-filformat Aksharamala Keymap Source
416 AKW-filformat Adobe RoboHelp Help Project Index Designer
417 AL-filformat A-Law Compressed Sound Format
418 AL8-filformat AAA Logo Project
419 ALA-filformat Alan Interactive Fiction Language
420 ALAC-filformat Apple Lossless Audio Codec audio file
421 ALARMZ-filformat Alarmz Alarm
422 ALAW-filformat A-Law Compressed Sound Format
423 ALB-filformat Alpha Five Library
424 ALB3-filformat Adobe PageMaker Document
425 ALB4-filformat Adobe PageMaker For Mac Document
426 ALB5-filformat Adobe PageMaker 5 Document
427 ALB6-filformat Adobe PageMaker For Mac
428 ALBM-filformat Photo album file
429 ALC-filformat Ableton Live Clip File
430 ALC4-filformat Adobe PageMaker For Mac Dictionary
431 ALCO-filformat URL Manager Pro
432 ALD-filformat Dynamics AX Application Label Data File
433 ALD2-filformat Adobe PageMaker For Mac
434 ALD3-filformat Adobe PageMaker 3 For Mac
435 ALD4-filformat Adobe Pagemaker 4 For Mac
436 ALD5-filformat Adobe PageMaker 6 For Mac
437 ALD6-filformat Adobe PageMaker 6 For Mac
438 ALDF-filformat Aldefaer Data
439 ALE-filformat Avid Log Exchange File
440 ALF-filformat ACT! Lookup File
441 ALF6-filformat PageMaker Default
442 ALG-filformat ER Mapper Algorithm
443 ALH5-filformat Adobe PageMaker Add-in
444 ALI-filformat Dynamics AX Label Index File
445 ALIAS-filformat Alias Image
446 ALIASES-filformat LabVIEW IP Adresses Map
447 ALL-filformat Cubasis Project File
448 ALLOW-filformat Linux Access
449 ALM-filformat Alpha Five Database Information
450 ALMB-filformat Mac OS 8.1 Action Module Data
451 ALMN-filformat Location Manager Module
452 ALN-filformat LexNavigator Database Update
453 ALO-filformat Star Wars: Empire At War Game
454 ALP-filformat Ableton Live Pack File
455 ALR-filformat ADRIFT Language Resource File
456 ALS-filformat Ableton Live Set File
457 ALT-filformat Dynamics AX Temporary File
458 ALT3-filformat Adobe PageMaker Template
459 ALT4-filformat Adobe PageMaker For Mac
460 ALTH-filformat QuickHelp For Mac
461 ALTP-filformat QuickHelp
462 ALTQ-filformat QuickView Settings
463 ALTV-filformat QuickView Help
464 ALV-filformat Adobe Photoshop Levels File
465 ALX-filformat ActiveX Layout Control File
466 ALY-filformat Sage ACT!
467 ALZ-filformat ALZip Archive
468 AM-filformat Automake Makefile Template
469 AM1-filformat Adventure Maker
470 AM2-filformat AutoPlay Menu Studio Ver.2 Data
471 AM4-filformat AutoPlay Media Studio 4 Project File
472 AM5-filformat AutoPlay Media Studio 5 Project File
473 AM6-filformat AutoPlay Media Studio 6 Project
474 AM7-filformat AutoPlay Media Studio 7 Project
475 AMA-filformat ArcGIS ArcMap
476 AMAYA-filformat Amaya
477 AMB-filformat All My Books Database File
478 AMC-filformat AMC Video File
479 AME-filformat ACT! E-mail System Library
480 AMF-filformat Advanced Module File
481 AMFM-filformat Adobe Multiple Font Metrics File
482 AMI-filformat Amica Paint
483 AMIPRO-filformat Ami Pro Table Structure
484 AMJ-filformat AceMoney
485 AMK-filformat AceMoney Backup
486 AML-filformat Microsoft Assistance Markup Language
487 AMM-filformat Abbyy file
488 AMO-filformat AIM AOL Instant Messenger UI Extension
489 AMODEL-filformat ActiveModeler Project
490 AMOS-filformat AMOS Basic Code
491 AMP-filformat Adobe Photoshop Curves Map File
492 AMR-filformat Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
493 AMS-filformat Adobe Monitor Setup file
494 AMSM-filformat Atomic Mail Sender Project
495 AMSORM-filformat OnLine Ringman file
496 AMST-filformat Atomic Mail Sender Template
497 AMT-filformat ABBYY Finereader 5.0 Pro
498 AMT50-filformat BERNINA V5.0 Embroidery Software Template
499 AMT60-filformat BERNINA V6.0 Embroidery Software Template
500 AMU-filformat Sony PictureGear Studio photo album file
501 AMV-filformat AMV video file format
502 AMW-filformat Alcorn McBride Show Controller
503 AMX-filformat Adobe Motion Exchange File
504 AMXD-filformat Ableton Max Patch File
505 AMXX-filformat AMX Mod X plug-in file
506 AMZ-filformat Amazon MP3 Downloader file
507 AN-filformat Adobe Edge Animate Project File
508 AN1-filformat DeLorme Street Atlas drawing file
509 AN2-filformat Croc animation file
510 AN8-filformat Anim8or 3D animation file
511 ANA-filformat Analysis For Windows
512 ANAT-filformat XNBC Network Anatomy
513 ANDROID-filformat Readme
514 ANE-filformat Adobe AIR Native Extension
515 ANF-filformat ANSYS DesignModeler
516 ANH-filformat ActivTrak Net View History
517 ANI-filformat Animated cursor
518 ANIM-filformat Amiga animation file
519 ANIMSET-filformat FaceFX Animation Set File
520 ANIMSET_INGAME-filformat FaceFX In-Game Animation Set File
521 ANISO-filformat Chemical Crystallography
522 ANJUTA-filformat Anjuta IDE Project File
523 ANL-filformat Project Analyzer Saved Analysis
524 ANM-filformat 3D Animation File
525 ANME-filformat Anime Studio project file
526 ANN-filformat Help Annotations
527 ANNOT-filformat Adobe Digital Editions Annotations File
528 ANR-filformat DeLorme Street Atlas Route
529 ANS-filformat ANSI Text File
530 ANSR-filformat AnswerTool Answer Document
531 ANSYM-filformat Adobe Edge Animate Library File
532 ANT-filformat CalcAnt Saved Calculation
533 ANTIFRAG-filformat DC++ Incomplete Download
534 ANTISPAM5-filformat Personal AntiSpam Settings File
535 ANTMPL-filformat Adobe Edge Animate Template
536 ANV-filformat AirNav Image
537 ANX-filformat HotDocs answer file
538 ANY-filformat AnyRail Layout Plan
539 ANYDVDHD-filformat AnyDVD Registration Key
540 AO-filformat ActionOutline Data
541 AOB-filformat DVD-Audio Audio Object File
542 AOD-filformat Microsoft Dynamics AX object data file
543 AOF-filformat Artlantis object file
544 AOI-filformat Art of Illusion 3D Scene
545 AOIS-filformat CFS Console Add-on Installer Settings File
546 AOL-filformat America On-line related file
547 AOM-filformat Adobe After Effects output settings file
548 AOP-filformat JBoss AS JAR Archive
549 AOS-filformat ARCHOS PCtablet Firmware File
550 AOT-filformat ZenWorks SnAppShot Application Binary Object Template
551 AP-filformat Active Page
552 AP0-filformat Microsoft Windows APW_data
553 AP2-filformat ActivInspire Resource Pack
554 AP3-filformat Asprova Project
555 AP?-filformat LoseThos C+ Source
556 APA-filformat RSView Application Manager Archive
557 APALBUM-filformat Apple Aperture album file
558 APB-filformat Alphacam Punch VB Macro
559 APC-filformat AiroPeek Wireless Trace Capture
560 APCDOC-filformat Ashampoo Photo Commander
561 APD-filformat ACDSee Photo Document
562 APDETECTED-filformat Apple IPhoto
563 APE-filformat AVS Plugin Effects File
564 APERTUREEDIT-filformat Apple Aperture
565 APERTUREEXPORT-filformat Apple Aperture
566 APEX-filformat AVM Sample Studio Bank
567 APF-filformat Adobe Profile File
568 APFACENAME-filformat Apple IPhoto Face Data
569 APG-filformat APGen Script
570 APH-filformat Ability Photoalbum album database file
571 API-filformat Acrobat Plug-in
572 APJ-filformat AutoCAD Project
573 APK-filformat Google Android package file
574 APL-filformat ArcPad Layer File
575 APLG-filformat Audials One add-on file
576 APLIBRARY-filformat Aperture pictures library database file
577 APLMODEL-filformat Apple ICal
578 APLP-filformat Audials One add-on installation package file
579 APLT-filformat Mac OS X AppleScript Applet
580 APM-filformat Aldus Placeable metafile
581 APNG-filformat Animated portable network graphics file
582 APNX-filformat Amazon Page Number Index File
583 APO-filformat Abacre Paperless Office
584 APP-filformat Mac OS X Application
585 APP-SE-filformat Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10
586 APPCACHE-filformat HTML5 Cache Manifest
587 APPDOWNLOAD-filformat Mac App Store Partially Downloaded App
588 APPICON-filformat VMWare Cache
589 APPLE-filformat Apple AppleSingle Data
590 APPLEDOUBLE-filformat Apple AppleDouble Resource
591 APPLESCRIPT-filformat AppleScript File
592 APPLET-filformat Eclipse Java Applet Policy File
593 APPLETVIEWER-filformat Java Appletviewer
594 APPLICATION-filformat ClickOnce Deployment Manifest File
595 APPREF-MS-filformat Application Reference file
596 APPUP-filformat Erlang Application Upgrade File
597 APPV-filformat App-V Archive
598 APPX-filformat Windows 8 App Package
599 APPXMANIFEST-filformat Windows Store App Source Manifest
600 APPXSYM-filformat Windows 8 App Package Symbols File
601 APPXUPLOAD-filformat Windows 8 App Upload Package
602 APR-filformat ArcView Project File
603 APREF-MS-filformat Application Reference
604 APRJ-filformat ApacheConf Project
605 APS-filformat Visual C++ Resource File
606 APSMARTALBUM-filformat Apple Aperture
607 APT-filformat Almost Plain Text File
608 APV-filformat Acerose Password
609 APW-filformat Password
610 APX-filformat Borland C++ appexpert database file
611 APXL-filformat Keynote Presentation Data File
612 APXT-filformat DataLink Setting
613 APZ-filformat AMS shared project file
614 AP_-filformat ADT Android Developer Package
615 AQ-filformat Ancestral Quest Genealogy
616 AQ1-filformat AptiQuiz Test
617 AQC-filformat AquaChem Database
618 AQL-filformat AOL DLL
619 AQM-filformat AlpineQuest Map File
620 AQP-filformat Quizmaker 08 And Older Quiz
621 AQT-filformat AQTitle Subtitles File
622 AQZ-filformat Amateur Radio Questionary Data
623 AR-filformat Unix Static Library
624 AR-WMP-filformat BrainVoyager QX Anatomical-resolution Volume Map
625 ARA-filformat Archivaldo Resource Archive
626 ARBVP1-filformat Google Earth Shader
627 ARC-filformat ARC lossless data compression and archive format
628 ARCH00-filformat F.E.A.R. Game Archive
629 ARCH01-filformat F.E.A.R. 2 Game
630 ARCHCFG-filformat F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin Configuration
631 ARCHITECT-filformat Soundweb London Design
632 ARCHIVER-filformat Incredible Bee Archiver Archive
633 ARCUT-filformat Adobe Prelude rough cut file
634 ARD-filformat ArtiosCAD Workspace File
635 ARE-filformat BioWare Aurora Engine Area
636 ARENA-filformat Quake 3 Engine Arena File
637 ARF-filformat WebEx Advanced Recording File
638 ARFF-filformat Weka attribute-relation file
639 ARG-filformat AutoCAD Profile
640 ARGO-filformat ArgoUML Project
641 ARH-filformat El Airplane game archive file
642 ARI-filformat ARRI raw image file
643 ARIA-filformat Chipsounds audio file
644 ARIAX-filformat Chipsounds XML Sound File
645 ARJ-filformat ARJ Compressed File Archive
646 ARK-filformat PowerDesk Pro Archive
647 ARL-filformat AOL Organizer File
648 ARLC-filformat Commandos 2 Men Of Courage Game
649 ARM-filformat MySQL Archive Storage Engine Metadata
650 ARMA2OAPROFILE-filformat ArmA 2 Settings
651 ARMY-filformat Impossible Creatures Collection Of Created Creatures
652 ARO-filformat SteelArrow Web Application File
653 ARP-filformat Audition Replay File
654 ARPACK-filformat ArtRage Package
655 ARPI-filformat Adobe Extension
656 ARR-filformat Advanced RAR Password Recovery Project
657 ARS-filformat After Effects Render Settings File
658 ARSC-filformat Google Android resource file
659 ARSCRIPT-filformat ArtRage Script
660 ART-filformat Bernina Artista embroidery file
661 ART42-filformat V1.x Explorations Projects
662 ART50-filformat BERNINA V5.0 Embroidery Software Designs
663 ART6-filformat Articulate Presenter Compressed
664 ART60-filformat BERNINA V6.0 Embroidery Software Designs
665 ARTB-filformat Artboard Document
666 ARTF-filformat Adobe FreeHand Xtra
667 ARTPROJ-filformat Artifacts Project
668 ARTWORK-filformat ArtStudio Image
669 ARV-filformat Microsoft Autoroute User Information
670 ARW-filformat Sony Digital Camera Image
671 ARX-filformat AutoCAD Runtime Extension File
672 ARXML-filformat AUTOSAR XML
673 ARY-filformat SmartStart Scripting Toolkit
674 ARZ-filformat MySQL Archive Storage Engine Data
675 AS-filformat ActionScript File
676 AS$-filformat Microsoft Word Temporary
677 AS2-filformat ACTIVstudio Resource
678 AS2PROJ-filformat FlashDevelop project file
679 AS3A-filformat ActivInspire Resource
680 AS3PROJ-filformat FlashDevelop ActionScript 3 Project File
681 AS4-filformat askSam Backup File
682 ASA-filformat ASP Configuration File
683 ASAT-filformat Assemble SAT 3D Model File
684 ASAX-filformat ASP.NET application optional source file
685 ASB-filformat Alphacam Stone VB Macro File
686 ASBX-filformat Microsoft ASP.Net BridgeHandler
687 ASC-filformat ASCII text file
688 ASCII-filformat ASCII Text File
689 ASCM-filformat Adobe Content Server Message
690 ASCS-filformat ActionScript Communication Server File
691 ASCX-filformat ASP.NET User Control File
692 ASD-filformat Word AutoSave File
693 ASDB-filformat Asphyre Sphinx Archive File
694 ASDVDCRTPROJ-filformat Aimersoft DVD Creator Project
695 ASE-filformat Adobe Swatch Exchange File
696 ASEC-filformat Android Secure Application File
697 ASEF-filformat Adobe Swatch Exchange
698 ASEP-filformat Separator For Mac
699 ASF-filformat Advanced Systems (streaming) format
700 ASH-filformat Audiosurf Audio Metadata File
701 ASHBAK-filformat Ashampoo Backup Archive
702 ASHDISC-filformat Ashampoo Burning Studio Image
703 ASHDISK-filformat Ashampoo Disk Image
704 ASHLANG-filformat Ashampoo Media Player+
705 ASHPRJ-filformat Ashampoo Burning Studio Project
706 ASHX-filformat ASP.NET Web Handler file
707 ASI-filformat Alpha Five Variable File
708 ASIC-filformat ASIC Source
709 ASIS-filformat Apache As Is
710 ASK-filformat askSam Database
711 ASL-filformat Photoshop Style
712 ASM-filformat Assembler source code file
713 ASMDOT-filformat SolidWorks Assembly Template
714 ASMX-filformat ASP.NET Web Service File
715 ASN-filformat GameSpy Arcade Skin
716 ASND-filformat Adobe Sound Document
717 ASO-filformat Sage Accpac Simply ASO Import
718 ASP-filformat Active Server Page
719 ASP+-filformat ASP.NET ASP+
720 ASPR-filformat ASProtect Related
721 ASPROJ-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Analysis Services Project
722 ASPX-filformat Active Server Page Extended File
723 ASR-filformat ActionScript Remote Document
724 ASRP-filformat Arc Standard Raster Product
725 ASS-filformat Aegisub Advanced Substation Alpha File
726 ASSET-filformat Unity Asset File
727 ASSISTANT-filformat HP Printer Utility For Mac Assistant Plugin
728 ASSOC-filformat Associate This Association Database
729 ASSTRM-filformat Splinter Cell Blacklist Game Data
730 AST-filformat Adobe Color Separations Table
731 ASTX-filformat Adobe Story Exported Script
732 ASU-filformat ToolBook Package Definition
733 ASV-filformat Adobe Photoshop Selective Color File
734 ASVF-filformat Asphyre Sphinx Archive File
735 ASW-filformat ACDSee Slideshow Wizard File
736 ASWCS-filformat Avast! Compressed Skin File
737 ASWS-filformat Avast! Skin File
738 ASX-filformat Microsoft Advanced Streaming Redirector file
739 ASXML-filformat XML Music Playlist
740 ASY-filformat Asymptote Module
741 ASZ-filformat LoseThos Assembly Source
742 AS_-filformat Winhelp Compressed
743 AT3-filformat ATRAC3 Audio File
744 AT5-filformat Lowrance Map File
745 AT65-filformat Adobe PageMaker For Mac
746 ATA-filformat Antenna Project
747 ATAHD-filformat ATA Hard Drive Flag File
748 ATAK-filformat Soundscape Audio-Take
749 ATB-filformat AnetHelp Tools
750 ATC-filformat AutoCAD catalog file
751 ATD-filformat Microsoft Systems Management Server
752 ATE-filformat Office Accounting Compressed Backup File
753 ATF-filformat Axon Text File
754 ATH-filformat Alienware AlienFX Theme File
755 ATHEME-filformat Amazing Clock Theme
756 ATI-filformat Office Accounting Updated Company File
757 ATK-filformat Andrew Toolkit Raster Object
758 ATL-filformat Artlantis 3D Scene File
759 ATLAS-filformat Stronghold 3 Editor
760 ATLG-filformat SlimBrowser Auto Login
761 ATLOC-filformat Apple Mac OS X Finder
762 ATM-filformat Vue Atmospheres File
763 ATMC-filformat Adobe Type Manager
764 ATMN-filformat Automation Anywhere Macro
765 ATMSPHR-filformat TerraGen Latmoshpere Andscape Render
766 ATN-filformat Photoshop Actions File
767 ATO-filformat ATO Modeler Project
768 ATOM-filformat Atom web feed file
769 ATOMS-filformat Ribbons Atoms
770 ATP-filformat Alphacam Lathe Post
771 ATPZ-filformat Automise Compressed Project
772 ATR-filformat Atari Disk Image
773 ATRAC-filformat Sony ATRAC Audio File
774 ATS-filformat Advanced ETL Transformation Script
775 ATT-filformat Web Form Data file
776 ATTR-filformat iPhoto Attributes File
777 ATTX-filformat Cadence Atribut
778 ATX-filformat ArcGIS Attribute Index File
779 ATY-filformat Association Type Placeholder
780 ATZ-filformat Aston Compiled Theme
781 ATZ3-filformat Automise
782 AU-filformat Audio File
783 AU3-filformat AutoIt v3 Script
784 AU?-filformat LoseThos Autofile
785 AUC-filformat AUC Database
786 AUD-filformat Video Game Compressed Audio File
787 AUDIBLEPREFS-filformat Audible Preference
788 AUF-filformat Alphacam User Font
789 AUG-filformat Red Hat Linux Shellvars
790 AUI-filformat AGE3D UI Editor Color Table
791 AUP-filformat Audacity Project File
792 AUPRESET-filformat Apple Logic Studio Preset
793 AUR-filformat AutoREALM Map
794 AUS-filformat AutoREALM Symbols
795 AUT-filformat AutoIt Script File
796 AUTOCONF-filformat Autoconfiguration
797 AUTOMATICDESTINATIONS-MS-filformat Windows Jump List File
798 AUTOPLAY-filformat AutoPlay Media Studio Project File
799 AUTOREG-filformat Mozilla Application Suite Auto Registration Clue
800 AUX-filformat TeX/LaTeX auxiliary references file
801 AUZ-filformat Ableton Authorization File
802 AV-filformat Final Draft AV Document
803 AVA-filformat AvaaBook eBook
804 AVASTCONFIG-filformat Avast Configuration
805 AVASTLIC-filformat Avast! License File
806 AVASTSOUNDS-filformat Avast! Soundpack File
807 AVATAR-filformat Google Talk Avatar File
808 AVB-filformat Avid Bin File
809 AVC-filformat MPEG-4 AVC Advanced Video Coding movie file
810 AVCHD-filformat High Definition Video File
811 AVD-filformat MAGIX Movie Edit Pro video data file
812 AVE-filformat Avid User File
813 AVENIRPROJ-filformat StoryMill Project
814 AVERY-filformat Avery Design & Print Online Label File
815 AVF-filformat Video Information
816 AVG-filformat AVG Antivirus Virus Database
817 AVGDX-filformat AVG Diagnostics File
818 AVHD-filformat Hyper-V SnapShot File
819 AVI-filformat Audio Video Interleave File
820 AVJ-filformat Avira Anti-Vir job file
821 AVL-filformat ArcView Legend File
822 AVM-filformat AVG Incremental Persistent
823 AVN-filformat AltaVENTE Application User Notes
824 AVP-filformat Avid Project File
825 AVR-filformat Audio Visual Research File
826 AVS-filformat AviSynth Script File
827 AVSI-filformat Avisynth Script
828 AVT-filformat Savy Soda Avatar For IPhone Avatar
829 AVV-filformat Avid Volume Bin File
830 AVW-filformat AnalyzeAVW Image
831 AVX-filformat ArcView Extension plugin file
832 AVZ-filformat AviSys Backup
833 AW-filformat Answer Wizard File
834 AWA-filformat ActiveWords
835 AWB-filformat AMR-WB Audio File
836 AWBS-filformat Data Storage
837 AWC-filformat Emulex AWC Firmware Update File
838 AWCAV-filformat ActiveWorlds Custom Avatar File
839 AWD-filformat Microsoft Fax Document
840 AWDB-filformat Access Walker Database File
841 AWE-filformat Adobe Acrobat Bookmark XML
842 AWF-filformat Adobe WorkFlow Workgroup Plugin
843 AWG-filformat Activeworlds Object Group File
844 AWH-filformat ActiveWorlds Browser Help
845 AWI-filformat AIM Widget Package
846 AWK-filformat AWK Script
847 AWKW-filformat Awkwords Word Generator File
848 AWL-filformat Ad-Aware Language
849 AWLIVE-filformat Active Webcam Video File
850 AWM-filformat AllWebMenus Project File
851 AWP-filformat Ability Write Template
852 AWS-filformat Ability Spreadsheet File
853 AWSHORTCUT-filformat ActiveWords Shortcut
854 AWSS-filformat Microsoft Works For Mac Spreadsheet
855 AWT-filformat AbiWord Template
856 AWW-filformat Ability Write Document
857 AWWP-filformat Microsoft Works For Mac Document
858 AX-filformat DirectShow Filter
859 AX3-filformat Apex Sketch
860 AXA-filformat Annodex Digital Media Format
861 AXD-filformat ASP.NET Web Handler File
862 AXE-filformat Microsoft Autoroute map file
863 AXF-filformat ARM Executable Format
864 AXG-filformat Microsoft AutoRoute Trip
865 AXL-filformat XML Project
866 AXM-filformat AXMEDIS Object
867 AXP-filformat CDBurnerXP Audio Compilation File
868 AXQ-filformat Edit Rocket Ada Editor
869 AXR-filformat ElcomSoft Adcanced Archive Password Recovery
870 AXS-filformat ActiveX Script
871 AXT-filformat Adobe Photoshop Extract File
872 AXV-filformat Annodex Digital Media Format
873 AXW-filformat Analyzer StateForms
874 AXX-filformat AxCrypt Encrypted File
875 AY-filformat AY Chiptune File
876 AZ-filformat WinDVD Related
877 AZ!-filformat Vuze Partial Download File
878 AZA-filformat QazaR Archive Compressed
879 AZD-filformat Amazon Software Download
880 AZF-filformat Secure format file
881 AZP-filformat Close Combat Effect
882 AZS-filformat AirZip FileSECURE File
883 AZW-filformat Amazon Kindle eBook File
884 AZW1-filformat Amazon Topaz eBook
885 AZW2-filformat Kindle Active Content App File
886 AZW3-filformat Amazon KF8 eBook File
887 AZW3F-filformat Amazon Kindle Metadata
888 AZW3R-filformat Amazon Kindle Metadata
889 AZW4-filformat Amazon Print Replica eBook
890 AZZ-filformat AZZ Cardfile Database File
891 AZZX-filformat Uncompressed AZZ Cardfile Data File