Sortert i alfabetisk rekkefølge: R
by: Administrator
# Filformat Filens fulle navn
1 R-filformat Rez Source Code File
2 R*CH-filformat BBEdit
3 R0-filformat WinRAR Compressed Archive
4 R00-filformat WinRAR Compressed Archive
5 R01-filformat WinRAR Split Archive Part 1
6 R02-filformat WinRAR Split Archive Part 2
7 R03-filformat WinRAR Split Archive Part 3
8 R04-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 6)
9 R05-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 7)
10 R06-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 8)
11 R07-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 9)
12 R08-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 10)
13 R09-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 11)
14 R0F-filformat RingCentral Fax Document
15 R1-filformat WinRAR Multi-Volume Archive Part 1
16 R10-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 12)
17 R11-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 13)
18 R12-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
19 R13-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
20 R14-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
21 R15-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
22 R16-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
23 R17-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
24 R18-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
25 R19-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
26 R1M-filformat RealOne Streaming Media File
27 R1W-filformat Reflection Setting
28 R2-filformat WinRAR Multi-Volume Archive Part 2
29 R20-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
30 R21-filformat WinRAR Split Archive Part 21
31 R22-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
32 R23-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
33 R24-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
34 R25-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
35 R27-filformat Norton Ghost Rar
36 R28-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 30)
37 R29-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 31)
38 R2D-filformat RISA-2D
39 R2K-filformat Repertoire 2000 Music Database
40 R2W-filformat Reflection Settings
41 R30-filformat WinRAR Split Archive Part 30
42 R31-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 33)
43 R32-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 34)
44 R33-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 35)
45 R34-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 36)
46 R35-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 37)
47 R36-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 38)
48 R37-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 39)
49 R38-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 40)
50 R39-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 41)
51 R3D-filformat REDCODE Video File
52 R3T-filformat RealNetworks RealText
53 R40-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 42)
54 R42-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 44)
55 R43-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 45)
56 R44-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 46)
57 R45-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 47)
58 R46-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 48)
59 R47-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 49)
60 R48-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 50)
61 R49-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 51)
62 R50-filformat Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 52)
63 R51-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
64 R52-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
65 R53-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
66 R54-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
67 R55-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
68 R56-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
69 R57-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
70 R58-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
71 R59-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
72 R60-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
73 R61-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
74 R62-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
75 R63-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
76 R64-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
77 R65-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
78 R66-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
79 R67-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
80 R68-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
81 R69-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
82 R70-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
83 R71-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
84 R72-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
85 R73-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
86 R74-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
87 R76-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
88 R77-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
89 R78-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
90 R79-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
91 R8-filformat Microsoft Flight Simulator Texture
92 R80-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
93 R81-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
94 R82-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
95 R83-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
96 R84-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
97 R85-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
98 R86-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
99 R87-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
100 R88-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
101 R89-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
102 R8?-filformat Microsoft Word For DOS Font
103 R90-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
104 R91-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
105 R92-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
106 R93-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
107 R94-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
108 R95-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
109 R96-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
110 R97-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
111 R98-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
112 R99-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
113 RA-filformat Real Audio File
114 RA2-filformat Flare RAW
115 RA3AUTOSAVE-filformat Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Save Game
116 RA3CAMPAIGN-filformat Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Save Game
117 RA3REPLAY-filformat Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Replay
118 RA3SKIRMISH-filformat Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Skirmish Map
119 RAC-filformat Venue Race Application
120 RAD-filformat Reality AdLib Tracker 2 file
121 RADIUMKEY2-filformat Radium 2 License File
122 RADIUS-filformat Ruby-Radius Scipt
123 RADQ-filformat Need for Madness Game Archive
124 RAE-filformat TrueZIP Encrypted ZIP Archive
125 RAES-filformat TrueZIP Encrypted ZIP Archive
126 RAF-filformat Fuji RAW Image File
127 RAG-filformat RAM Advanse Generator
128 RAI-filformat SPEFO
129 RAKE-filformat Ruby Makefile
130 RAKEFILE-filformat Ruby Makefile
131 RAL-filformat WinRail Track Design File
132 RAM-filformat Real Audio Metadata File
133 RAMD-filformat Repeat After Me Document
134 RAN-filformat Dexterpen
135 RAP-filformat Magix Music Studio Rap
136 RAPC-filformat Java 2 ME Unit
137 RAR-filformat WinRAR Compressed Archive
138 RAR1-filformat RAR Archive
139 RAR5-filformat WinRAR Compressed Archive
140 RARENX-filformat Egis Encrypted RAR
141 RARX-filformat Renamed RAR
142 RAS-filformat Sun Raster Graphic
143 RASKINLICENSE-filformat Raskin License File
144 RASKINPLACE-filformat Raskin Place Layout File
145 RAST-filformat Sun Raster Bitmap Image
146 RAT-filformat PICS Rating File
147 RATDVD-filformat RatDVD Disk Image
148 RAV-filformat FIFA 2001 data environment file
149 RAW-filformat Raw Image Data File
150 RAX-filformat Real Music Store Audio File
151 RAY-filformat Rayshade Image
152 RA_-filformat Resco Photo Viewer Thumbnail Cache
153 RB-filformat Ruby Source Code
154 RB0-filformat Trend AntiVirus Backup
155 RB1-filformat R:Base Data Format
156 RB2-filformat R:Base Data Format
157 RB3-filformat R:BASE Data
158 RB4-filformat Trend AntiVirus backup file
159 RBA-filformat RegexBuddy Regular Expression
160 RBB-filformat Top Secret Crypto Gold Random Bits Bin
161 RBC-filformat Easy Resume Creator Pro resume file
162 RBDF-filformat Reading For The Blind And Dyslexic Audio Book With Text
163 RBF-filformat Windows Installer Rollback File
164 RBG-filformat RegexBuddy GREP Action
165 RBI-filformat EBahn Reader
166 RBJ-filformat XRK Compiled Redcode Object File
167 RBK-filformat Windows 95 Registry Backup File
168 RBL-filformat RegexBuddy Library
169 RBM-filformat Propellerhead ReBirth Modulation V2.0
170 RBO-filformat REALbasic Class
171 RBP-filformat Real Studio Project File
172 RBS-filformat Rebirth Song File
173 RBT-filformat Lego MINDSTORMS NXT Program
174 RBTX-filformat NXT Create Pack & Go Package
175 RBVCP-filformat Real Studio Version Controlled Project
176 RBW-filformat Ruby
177 RBX-filformat Rembo-C Compiled Script
178 RBXL-filformat ROBLOX Location File
179 RBXM-filformat ROBLOX Model
180 RBXS-filformat ROBLOX Script
181 RBZ-filformat Rail Baron Player saved game file
182 RC-filformat Resource Script
183 RC1-filformat Samsung Mobile Device Firmware File
184 RC2-filformat Visual Studio Resources File
185 RC3-filformat Visual C Resource
186 RCB-filformat Ripple Chat Bot Document
187 RCD-filformat pcAnywhere Recorded Session File
188 RCF-filformat Prototype game file
189 RCG-filformat Netscape newsgroup file
190 RCH-filformat SWAT Reach Output
191 RCL-filformat Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 Project
192 RCN-filformat QRacing Track
193 RCO-filformat PlayStation Portable Resource File
194 RCP-filformat Rich Chart Builder Project
195 RCPROJECT-filformat Apple IMovie Project Format
196 RCS-filformat RandomControl Scene File
197 RCT-filformat Visual Studio Resource Template
198 RCU-filformat RealWorld Layered Cursor Image
199 RCV-filformat Eudora Temporary Download
200 RCX-filformat REDCINE-X Project File
201 RCY-filformat ReCycle 1.x Document
202 RD-filformat R Document
203 RD2-filformat TOCA Race Driver 2 Saved Game
204 RD3-filformat CorelDRAW CorelDream 3D
205 RD3F-filformat CorelDRAW CorelDream 3D
206 RD5-filformat Autodesk Road Aligment
207 RDA-filformat R Data File
208 RDAT-filformat RNA Data (RDAT)
209 RDATA-filformat R Workspace File
210 RDB-filformat N64 ROM Database
211 RDC-filformat IDRISI Raster Documentation File
212 RDE-filformat Painkiller Overdose Game
213 RDF-filformat Resource Description Framework File
214 RDG-filformat Morae Recorded Video
215 RDI-filformat Rohos Disk Image File
216 RDL-filformat Corel Paradox file
217 RDLC-filformat Visual Studio Client Report Definition File
218 RDLX-filformat Power View Project File
219 RDM-filformat Ragdoll Masters Preference
220 RDO-filformat Xerox Rawster Document Object File
221 RDOC-filformat RubyDoc Script
222 RDP-filformat Remote Desktop Configuration File
223 RDS-filformat Ray Dream Studio Scene File
224 RDT-filformat Adobe Captivate RoboDemo Template
225 RDV-filformat NTgraph
226 RDW-filformat Real-DRAW Project
227 RDX-filformat Reflex Data File
228 RDY-filformat INet-Server
229 RDZ-filformat Mandrake Linux Install
230 RE-filformat Python Regular Expressions Source Code
231 RE2-filformat NEK5000 Mesh
232 RE4-filformat Resident Evil 4
233 REA-filformat Readme Text
234 README-filformat Readme File
235 REAL-filformat Gnome Desktop
236 REAPEAKS-filformat REAPER Scratch
237 REB-filformat REBOL Script File
238 REC-filformat Topfield PVR Recording
239 RECO-filformat Evernote
240 RECORD-filformat GarageBand Records Audio File
241 RED-filformat CADViewer Redline Markup File
242 REDIR-filformat Spotify Executable Redirect File
243 REF-filformat Microsoft Train Simulator Reference File
244 REFERENCE-filformat Budget In Brief Reference File
245 REFI-filformat E-Sword Reference IOS Notes
246 REFRESH-filformat Visual Studio Refresh File
247 REFX-filformat E-Sword Reference Library Note
248 REG-filformat Registry File
249 REGI-filformat Kagi Registration Module
250 REGS-filformat Netscape Registry
251 REGTRANS-MS-filformat Registry Transaction Log File
252 REGULARIZER-filformat SAM Transition Regularizer
253 REL-filformat Norton Internet Security Log File
254 RELOC-filformat Windows EXE Relocation Section File
255 RELS-filformat Open Office XML Relationships File
256 REM-filformat BlackBerry Encrypted Data File
257 RENDERMAN-filformat Pixar RenderMan 3.1 Specification
258 REP-filformat BusinessObjects report file
259 REPATCH-filformat Reason DCAM EnvShaper Effect Preset
260 REPX-filformat XtraReports Report Definition
261 REQ-filformat SSL Certificate Request File
262 RES-filformat C++ Complied Resource Script
263 RESDEX-filformat Stronghold 3 Resource
264 RESJSON-filformat Windows JavaScript Resources File
265 RESMONCFG-filformat Resource Monitor Configuration File
266 RESOURCECONFIG-filformat Visual Studio Resource Configuration
267 RESOURCES-filformat Visual Studio Resource File
268 RESP-filformat Microsoft Windows Report Log
269 REST-filformat ReStructuredText
270 RESW-filformat Windows Resources File
271 RESX-filformat .NET Managed Resources File
272 RET-filformat RETScreen project file
273 REV-filformat RAR Recovery Volume Set
274 REW-filformat MRMC Markov Reward Model Checker Definition
275 REWI-filformat MRMC Markov Reward Model Checker Definition
276 REX-filformat ReCycle Loop File
277 REZ-filformat Lithtech Game Engine Resource File
278 RF-filformat Sun Bitmap Image
279 RF0-filformat SmartWare Runtime Project
280 RF1-filformat Retirement Forecast File
281 RF2-filformat SmartWare Runtime Project
282 RF3-filformat SmartWare Runtime Project
283 RF4-filformat SmartWare Runtime Project
284 RF5-filformat Tektronix
285 RFA-filformat Revit Family File
286 RFB-filformat RoboForm Bookmark File
287 RFC-filformat RoboForm Contact File
288 RFD-filformat Recogniform Form Designer File
289 RFE-filformat RockFlow Log
290 RFG-filformat RFG Integrator System Database
291 RFGS_PC-filformat Red Faction: Guerilla Saved Game File
292 RFH-filformat RFG Integrator Householding Database
293 RFI-filformat SPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis
294 RFL-filformat ANSYS file
295 RFM-filformat rFactor Modification File
296 RFMOD-filformat RFactor 2 Mod
297 RFN-filformat RoboForm Safenote File
298 RFO-filformat RoboForm Option File
299 RFP-filformat RoboForm Passcard File
300 RFQ-filformat RoboForm SearchCard File
301 RFR-filformat Adobe Photoshop Frame Filter
302 RFS-filformat RealFlow Script
303 RFT-filformat Revit Family Template File
304 RFV-filformat Restricted Focus Viewer Input
305 RFW-filformat Rockchip Firmware File
306 RFX-filformat RoboForm Blocked Passcard
307 RG-filformat Rosegarden Music
308 RGB-filformat RGB Bitmap
309 RGBA-filformat Silicon Graphics Image File Format
310 RGBE-filformat Radiance Map
311 RGD-filformat Rosegarden Device Definition
312 RGDB-filformat Adobe Registration Database
313 RGE-filformat Entourage File Archive
314 RGF-filformat Advanced Registry Tracer Scan Data
315 RGH-filformat ZZ RouGH Image
316 RGI-filformat RealArcade Game Installer
317 RGM-filformat Essence Game Engine Model
318 RGMB-filformat RootsMagic Backup File
319 RGMC-filformat RootsMagic Genealogy Project File
320 RGN-filformat Garmin Regional Map File
321 RGO-filformat RepliGo File
322 RGP-filformat RealArcade Game Package
323 RGRP-filformat Pro Tools Region Group File
324 RGS-filformat Registry Script
325 RGSS2A-filformat RPG Maker VX RGSS Encrypted Archive
326 RGSSAD-filformat RPG Maker VX RGSS Encrypted Archive
327 RGU-filformat Microsoft Windows Mobile Registry Entry
328 RGUNINST-filformat RealArcade Uninstall Script
329 RGZ-filformat Ragnarok EXE And BGM Patch Archive
330 RH-filformat C++ Resource Header
331 RHA-filformat Adobe RoboHelp AIR Help Project
332 RHISTORY-filformat R History File
333 RHK-filformat Backdoor.Win32.Rbot.rhk Trojan Virus
334 RHL-filformat EdgeSounds RatHole Compressed Audio
335 RHM-filformat Right Hemisphere Material
336 RHP-filformat Encore file format file
337 RHTML-filformat Ruby HTML Web Page
338 RI-filformat Lotus 1-2-3 Data
339 RIBBONS-filformat Ribbons
340 RIC-filformat NXT Image File
341 RID-filformat GerbMagic Raster Image
342 RIF-filformat Painter Raster Image File
343 RIFF-filformat Painter Raster Image
344 RIG-filformat LightWave 3D RIG function file
345 RIK-filformat SharpMap
346 RIM-filformat BioWare Resource Image File
347 RIO-filformat IBM AIX System
348 RIP-filformat Lotus Notes Error
349 RIPXR-filformat RipXR Compressed Archive
350 RIS-filformat Research Information Systems Citation File
351 RISCOS-filformat Acorn RISC OS
352 RISE-filformat RISE Editor Model File
353 RIV-filformat CRiSP Harvest
354 RIX-filformat ColoRIX Image
355 RJS-filformat Ruby Javascript File
356 RJT-filformat RealPlayer Track Info Style
357 RK-filformat WinRK File Archive
358 RKC-filformat Mario Kart Wii Competition Data
359 RKG-filformat Mario Kart Wii Ghost Data
360 RKP-filformat Rockchip MP4 Player Game
361 RKR-filformat Rakarrack
362 RKT-filformat Racket Information Module
363 RKV-filformat Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes Game Archive
364 RKW-filformat RockWorks Graphics
365 RL-filformat R.viewer List File
366 RL1-filformat Descent 1 Registered Level
367 RL2-filformat Descent 2 Registered Level
368 RL4-filformat Device-independent Bitmap
369 RLA-filformat Alias/Wavefront Bitmap Image
370 RLB-filformat Alias/Wavefront Bitmap Image
371 RLC-filformat ArcView Image
372 RLD-filformat Norton Commander Temporary
373 RLE-filformat Run Length Encoded Bitmap
374 RLEGZ-filformat Golly Compressed Simulation Pattern File
375 RLF-filformat ArcGIS Report Layout File
376 RLG-filformat Weibull++
377 RLI-filformat RealWorld Graphics Layered Image
378 RLL-filformat Microsoft Resource Library
379 RLN-filformat Alpha Four Database
380 RLOG-filformat MPICH Log
381 RLS-filformat RadLight skin file
382 RLST-filformat Sims 3 Data
383 RLT-filformat ReliaSoft BlockSim & Weibull++
384 RLW-filformat Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged
385 RLX-filformat XMetaL Compiled Form
386 RM-filformat Real Media File
387 RM3D-filformat RiskMetrics RiskManager
388 RMA-filformat RealMedia Audio
389 RMAN-filformat Oracle Datafile Backup
390 RMAP-filformat CompeGPS Land Raster Map
391 RMB-filformat SafeGuard RemovableMedia Keyring Backup
392 RMBAK-filformat Registry Mechanic Backup File
393 RMC-filformat RMCalc
394 RMD-filformat RED Metadata File
395 RMDP-filformat Alan Wake Game Data
396 RME-filformat Final Fantasy Audio
397 RMF-filformat Adobe Rights Management Document
398 RMG-filformat Rimage Image
399 RMGC-filformat RootsMagic Genealogy Database
400 RMI-filformat RMID MIDI File
401 RMID-filformat RIFF RMID Midi Format
402 RMJ-filformat Real Media Jukebox Audio File
403 RMK-filformat CA Clipper RMake Makefile
404 RML-filformat Redline Markup Language File
405 RMM-filformat RAM Meta File
406 RMN-filformat Oracle Recovery Manager Script
407 RMP-filformat RealPlayer Metadata Package File
408 RMR-filformat ResumeMaker File
409 RMS-filformat Secure Real Media File
410 RMSKIN-filformat Rainmeter Skin File
411 RMT-filformat Router Firmware File
412 RMUF-filformat Alpha Five Runtime License File
413 RMV-filformat The Simpsons Hit & Run Video File
414 RMVB-filformat RealMedia Variable Bit Rate File
415 RMW-filformat RAM Commander Database
416 RMX-filformat RealJukebox Format
417 RNA-filformat Malware
418 RNC-filformat RELAX NG Compact Syntax File
419 RND-filformat AutoCAD Autoshade rendering slide file
420 RNG-filformat Random Number Generator data file
421 RNK-filformat Dial-up Shortcut
422 RNL-filformat GTX Runlength Encoded Bitmap Graphics
423 RNQ-filformat Renque Model File
424 RNR-filformat The 11th Hour Game Data
425 RNS-filformat Reason Song File
426 RNT-filformat EdgeCAM Licensing Data
427 RNW-filformat Sweave Source
428 RNX-filformat RealPlayer Settings File
429 RO-filformat ROwin Project
430 ROACJ-filformat Call Of Juarez Game Resource Data
431 ROB-filformat Wintask Compiled Program
432 ROBO-filformat RoboMind Source Code
433 ROCA-filformat RIB office Compressed Archive
434 ROCK-filformat Rockbox Plug-in
435 ROCKWELL-filformat Rockwell (modem)
436 ROCKWELL-2-filformat Rockwell 2-bit ADPCM Data
437 ROCKWELL-3-filformat Rockwell 3-bit ADPCM Data
438 ROCKWELL-4-filformat Rockwell 4-bit ADPCM Data
439 ROD-filformat Actuate Report Object Design File
440 RODL-filformat RemObjects Definition Language File
441 ROFF-filformat Unformatted Manual Page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
442 ROFL-filformat Leagues Of Legends Replay
443 ROG-filformat Roger 2 Input Data File
444 ROH-filformat Avantes
445 ROI-filformat Report Object Instance
446 ROL-filformat Ad Lib Synthesized Instrument
447 ROM-filformat N64 Game ROM File
448 ROO-filformat WinRAR Archive
449 ROQ-filformat Id Software Game Video
450 ROS-filformat Dynamite VSP rail object style file
451 ROT-filformat Homeworld 2 Graphics File
452 ROTEST-filformat RemObjects SDK Test File
453 ROTESTRESULT-filformat RemObjects SDK Test Results File
454 ROU-filformat Gerber Route File
455 ROV-filformat Report Object Variable
456 ROW-filformat Actuate E.Report HTML Report Document
457 ROX-filformat Roxio Project File
458 ROXIO-filformat Roxio Project
459 ROZ-filformat ASc TimeTables Timetable
460 RP-filformat Axure RP Project File
461 RP2-filformat RetroPlatform Player Program Archive
462 RP3-filformat Need For Speed Game
463 RP9-filformat RetroPlatform Disk Image Archive
464 RPA-filformat RIB Project Archive File
465 RPACK-filformat Call Of Juarez Game Data
466 RPB-filformat Radmin Phonebook File
467 RPBM-filformat Portable Bitmap Image
468 RPC-filformat Visual Basic Crystal Reports
469 RPD-filformat Roleplay Designer Data File
470 RPE-filformat Performance Analyzer
471 RPF-filformat Rich Pixel Format File
472 RPG-filformat The RPG Programming Language
473 RPGM-filformat Portable Greyscale Image
474 RPI-filformat Render Plug-in
475 RPJ-filformat RealPlayer JavaScript file
476 RPK-filformat NeverForget backup reminder file
477 RPL-filformat Toribash Replay File
478 RPLIB-filformat Axure RP Widget Library File
479 RPLN-filformat Adobe InDesign Required Function Library
480 RPM-filformat Red Hat Package Manager File
481 RPMSG-filformat Outlook Restricted Permission Message
482 RPN-filformat ACT! 2.0 Report
483 RPNM-filformat Portable Image Image
484 RPO-filformat IBM XL C/C++ For Linux Compiler
485 RPP-filformat REAPER Project File
486 RPPM-filformat Portable Image Image Format
487 RPPRJ-filformat Axure RP Shared Project File
488 RPR-filformat IBM Voice Type Languages Vocabels
489 RPROFILE-filformat Quick-R R Programming Language Configuration
490 RPS-filformat 3ds Max Render Preset Settings
491 RPT-filformat Crystal Reports File
492 RPT2-filformat ESignal Report
493 RPTPROJ-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Report Project
494 RPTR-filformat RafflePrinter Document
495 RPTX-filformat Spiceworks Report
496 RPV-filformat RealPlayer Visualization
497 RPW-filformat RPWiz Project
498 RPX-filformat Repute Tutorial
499 RPY-filformat Python Script
500 RPYM-filformat RenPy Module
501 RPZ-filformat Crystal Reports ZIP Compressed And Encrypted Report
502 RQC-filformat Micro Focus Revolve
503 RQI-filformat TrueNet R-Quest Disc Image
504 RQM-filformat IBM RequisitePro Metrics Report
505 RQT-filformat Report Quality Plotting Module
506 RQY-filformat Microsoft Excel OLE DB Query
507 RRA-filformat Windows Installer temporary file file
508 RRC-filformat BlackBerry Java Resource Content
509 RRD-filformat Reduced Resolution Dataset File
510 RRD4J-filformat RRD4J Graph
511 RRF-filformat Raytech
512 RRG-filformat JRiver Media Center License
513 RRH-filformat BlackBerry Resource Header
514 RRI-filformat RealWorld Image
515 RRPA-filformat Oracle Reports Remote Printing Utility PDF Report
516 RRR-filformat Registry Mechanic Backup File
517 RRT-filformat Rhapzode Resource Template
518 RRX-filformat IBM Datacap Define
519 RS-filformat Sun raster bitmap image file
520 RS1-filformat RETScreen Spreadsheet
521 RS2-filformat RailSim2 Saved Layout File
522 RS7-filformat LightTools Radiant Source Model
523 RS8-filformat ProSource
524 RSA-filformat RSA Certificate File
525 RSB-filformat Red Storm Bitmap File
526 RSC-filformat Resource file
527 RSD-filformat RealSQLDatabase File
528 RSD-JOURNAL-filformat REALSQLDatabase Journal
529 RSDB-filformat Resort Software Database
530 RSDF-filformat RapidShare Download File
531 RSDS-filformat SharePoint Shared Data Source
532 RSED-filformat ResEdit
533 RSF-filformat Mediafour MacDrive Macintosh Resource Fork
534 RSFX-filformat Reflection
535 RSG-filformat Drakan Order Of The Flame
536 RSH-filformat Warhammer 40,000 Texture
537 RSI-filformat Reactis
538 RSL-filformat Robot Scripting Language
539 RSM-filformat ReliaSoft MPC 3 file
540 RSML-filformat RealPlayer ML
541 RSN-filformat Reason Project File
542 RSO-filformat NXT Brick Audio File
543 RSP-filformat Linker response file
544 RSQ-filformat IBM 4690 Operating System​
545 RSR-filformat Poser Model Preview File
546 RSRC-filformat Macintosh Resource File
547 RSRS-filformat Buddy API
548 RSS-filformat Rich Site Summary
549 RST-filformat reStructuredText File
550 RSU-filformat Reflection For IBM Updated Settings
551 RSV-filformat RSView32 Project File
552 RSW-filformat R&R SQL Report Writer Report File
553 RSX-filformat RED Metadata XML File
554 RSYM-filformat ArchiCAD For MAC Geometric Description Language
555 RS_-filformat Macintosh Resource Fork
556 RT-filformat RealText Streaming Text File
557 RT2-filformat OziExplorerCE Route
558 RTA-filformat IBM Voice Type languages vocabulary file
559 RTAB-filformat Randy Tab Guitar Tablature
560 RTB-filformat Rhino 3D Toolbar Collection
561 RTC-filformat AutoCAD Civil rating curve data file
562 RTD-filformat Retina Network Security scanner output file
563 RTE-filformat OziExplorer route file
564 RTF-filformat Rich Text Format File
565 RTFD-filformat Rich Text Format Directory File
566 RTG-filformat Autodesk Maya 3D Scene Data
567 RTH-filformat ANSYS Results
568 RTI-filformat Real Tracker Instrument
569 RTK-filformat Adobe RoboHelp Configuration
570 RTKT-filformat Royaltek Binary Data
571 RTL-filformat Text
572 RTM-filformat LabVIEW Run-Time Menu File
573 RTMAP-filformat CompeGPS Land Raster Map
574 RTN-filformat MeasureMind 3D
575 RTP-filformat Microsoft software update file
576 RTPI-filformat 3rdTech Scanner
577 RTS-filformat Resource Tuner Console script file
578 RTSL-filformat RealAudio RTSL Document
579 RTSP-filformat Apple QuickTime Real-time Streaming Protocol
580 RTSTN-filformat Audials Station File
581 RTSX-filformat Royal TS Document Settings
582 RTT-filformat Ragtime
583 RTTTL-filformat RTTTL / Nokring Mobile Ring-tone Format
584 RTW-filformat Real-Time Workshop Database
585 RTWSH-filformat Radiotracker Wishlist File
586 RTX-filformat Rich Text Document
587 RT_-filformat Microsoft Windows Winhelp Compressed
588 RU-filformat Java Russian Font Properties File
589 RUB-filformat JQuery Rules
590 RUF-filformat ProWORX tables reference file
591 RUJ-filformat Oracle Recovery-Unit Journal
592 RUL-filformat InstallShield Rules File
593 RULE-filformat Visual C++ Project Rules
594 RULESET-filformat Visual Studio Code Analysis Rule Set File
595 RUM-filformat Bink Video Subtitle File
596 RUN-filformat Linux Executable File
597 RUP-filformat IBM Rational Unified Process
598 RUS-filformat Navitel Navigator Map
599 RV-filformat Real Video File
600 RV3-filformat Newsbin Pro
601 RV9-filformat RealVideo Movie
602 RVB-filformat Rhinoceros 3D Visual Basic Script
603 RVC-filformat TNTmips Windows Version Project
604 RVD-filformat VPHybridCAD Native Drawing Format
605 RVDATA-filformat RPG Maker VX Data File
606 RVDATA2-filformat RPG Maker VX Data
607 RVF-filformat RichView Document
608 RVG-filformat Revit External Group
609 RVI-filformat Revenant Game Archive
610 RVID-filformat Snapz Pro X Recorded Video File
611 RVL-filformat Muvee Reveal X Project File
612 RVM-filformat Revenant Game Archive
613 RVMAT-filformat Armed Assault Texture
614 RVP-filformat Microsoft Scan Configuration
615 RVPROJ-filformat RPG Maker VX Project File
616 RVPROJ2-filformat RPG Maker VX Project
617 RVR-filformat Revenant Game Archive
618 RVS-filformat Revenant Game Archive
619 RVT-filformat Revit Project File
620 RVW-filformat ReviewMate Review
621 RVX-filformat Real Protected Video File
622 RW2-filformat Panasonic RAW Image
623 RW3-filformat RapidWeaver 3 Site File
624 RW5-filformat Survey Pro Data
625 RWA-filformat Weibull++
626 RWC-filformat WAsP Regional Wind Climate
627 RWD-filformat NRG Raw Wind Data File
628 RWG-filformat Random Word Generator Project File
629 RWK-filformat Bentley InRoads Project
630 RWL-filformat Leica RAW Image
631 RWLIBRARY-filformat Paperless Receipt Library
632 RWM-filformat Windows Imaging Resource Only
633 RWO-filformat Matlab Output
634 RWP-filformat RapidWeaver Package
635 RWPLUGIN-filformat RapidWeaver Plugin
636 RWR-filformat RiffWorks IntelliRiffer
637 RWS-filformat Borland C++ resource workshop symbol file
638 RWSNIPPET-filformat RapidWeaver Snippet File
639 RWSTYLE-filformat RapidWeaver Style File
640 RWSW-filformat RapidWeaver Site File
641 RWTHEME-filformat RapidWeaver Theme
642 RWTL-filformat HyperRESEARCH
643 RWX-filformat Netscape Live 3D
644 RWZ-filformat Outlook Rules Wizard File
645 RX-filformat MS-DOS 7
646 RX2-filformat REX2 Audio File
647 RX3-filformat FIFA 11 Texture
648 RXC-filformat Roxio Certificate File
649 RXD-filformat Attachmate Reflection X Manager Definition
650 RXDATA-filformat RMXP Data File
651 RXE-filformat Lego Mindstorms NXT Executable Program
652 RXL-filformat Seetrax Ranger CAD Drawing
653 RXM-filformat Reflection X Multi Session
654 RXML-filformat Roxen Macro Language
655 RXP-filformat Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 Playlist
656 RXS-filformat RSIGuard RSIScript
657 RXX-filformat RAR Compressed Files From A Multi-volume Archive
658 RZ-filformat Rzip Compressed File
659 RZB-filformat Red Zion Book File
660 RZK-filformat File Crypt Password File
661 RZN-filformat Red Zion Notes File
662 RZR-filformat Renamed WinRAR Archive
663 RZS-filformat Red Zion Security File
664 RZX-filformat File Crypt Encrypted File