Kategori: Systemfiler - File Extension
by: Administrator
# Filformat Filens fulle navn
1 $03-filformat MS-DOS Pipe
2 286-filformat Microsoft Windows Virtual Device Driver
3 2FS-filformat Puppy Linux Save State File
4 2GR-filformat Windows VGA Graphic Drivers
5 32S-filformat Win32s
6 386-filformat Windows Virtual Device Driver
7 3FS-filformat Puppy Linux Save State File
8 3~6-filformat Windows 3.xx System
9 500-filformat Linux
10 73U-filformat TI-73 Explorer Operating System File
11 8XU-filformat TI-83 Plus Operating System File
12 AAD-filformat FreeBSD
13 ACCESS-filformat Java Access Control
14 ACCT-filformat IBM AIX System
15 ADM-filformat Administrative Template File
16 ADML-filformat Microsoft administrative language-specific XML template file
17 ADMX-filformat Group Policy Administrative Template File
18 AIX-filformat IBM AIX
19 AML-filformat Microsoft Assistance Markup Language
20 ANI-filformat Animated cursor
21 ANN-filformat Help Annotations
22 AOS-filformat ARCHOS PCtablet Firmware File
23 APPLEDOUBLE-filformat Apple AppleDouble Resource
24 AQL-filformat AOL DLL
25 ASEC-filformat Android Secure Application File
26 ATAHD-filformat ATA Hard Drive Flag File
27 AUG-filformat Red Hat Linux Shellvars
28 AUTOMATICDESTINATIONS-MS-filformat Windows Jump List File
29 BASHRC-filformat Bash Non-Interactive Login Shell File
30 BASH_HISTORY-filformat Bash History File
31 BASH_PROFILE-filformat Bash Interactive Login Shell File
32 BBFW-filformat ITunes Firmware
33 BCD-filformat Windows Boot Configuration Data File
34 BK2-filformat Windows Indexing Service Data File
35 BLF-filformat Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 registry file
36 BNR-filformat Nintento Wii Homebrew
37 BOM-filformat Mac OS X Bill of Materials File
38 BOOTEFISIGNATURE-filformat Bootefisignature Mac OS X System
39 BSDIFF-filformat Cygwin
40 BUD-filformat Binary Printer Description File
41 C32-filformat Syslinux COM32 Module
42 CAB-filformat Windows Cabinet File
43 CAT-filformat Microsoft Security Catalog file
44 CB-filformat Microsoft Clean Boot
45 CDMP-filformat WCS Device Model Profile
46 CGK-filformat BlueSoleil
47 CGZ-filformat Linux Drivers Archive
48 CHS-filformat Windows Chinese Noise-Word List File
49 CNS-filformat Windows 2000 Client Connection Manager Export file
50 CNT-filformat Help Contents File
51 COMPONENTS-filformat Mac OS X System
52 CONFIGPROFILE-filformat Apple Configuration Profile
53 CPL-filformat Windows Control Panel Item
54 CPQ-filformat Compaq OEM Disc Configuration File
55 CRASH-filformat Mac OS X Crash Log File
56 CRMLOG-filformat Microsoft Windows CRM Log
57 CTFSYS-filformat OS X Mach Kernel System
58 CUR-filformat Windows Cursor
59 DAT_TUREG_OLD-filformat Windows Registry
60 DDZ-filformat Adaptec Unix Driver
61 DESKLINK-filformat Desktop Shortcut
62 DESKTHEMEPACK-filformat Windows 8 Desktop Theme Pack File
63 DEV-filformat Windows Device Driver File
64 DEVICEMANIFEST-MS-filformat Microsoft Windows Device Metadata
65 DFU-filformat iOS DFU File
66 DIAGCAB-filformat Troubleshooting Pack Cabinet File
67 DIAGCFG-filformat Troubleshooting Pack Configuration File
68 DIAGPKG-filformat Troubleshooting Pack File
69 DIMAX-filformat DiMAX Firmware Image File
70 DIT-filformat Active Directory Information Tree File
71 DLL-filformat Dynamic Link Library
72 DMP-filformat Windows Memory Dump
73 DO7-filformat DOS 7
74 DOH-filformat Geoworks GEOS Dependency Information
75 DOS-filformat WIN95/ DOS 7 System
76 DRPM-filformat Delta RPM File
77 DRV-filformat Device Driver
78 DYC-filformat Xerox Printer Driver Configuration File
79 EBD-filformat Windows EBD System File
80 EDJ-filformat Enlightenment Theme File
81 EFI-filformat Extensible Firmware Interface File
82 EFIRES-filformat EFI Image File
83 EMERALD-filformat Emerald Theme
84 EQUIV-filformat IBM AIX System File.
85 ETL-filformat Microsoft Event Trace Log File
86 EVT-filformat Windows Event Viewer Log File
87 EVTX-filformat Windows 7 Event Log File
88 EXT2-filformat Linux Second Extended System
89 FFA-filformat Find Fast Status File
90 FFL-filformat Find Fast Document List
91 FFO-filformat Find Fast Document Properties Cache
92 FOLDER-filformat Microsoft Windows Explorer Folder
93 FOTA-filformat Firmware Over-the-Air File
94 FPBF-filformat Mac OS X Burn Folder
95 FSEVENTSD-filformat MAC OS X
96 FSTAB-filformat File System Table
97 FTG-filformat Full Text Group
98 FWL-filformat FileWrangler EXE Library
99 GMMP-filformat WCS Gamut Map Model Profile
100 GRL-filformat Windows Update Status File
101 GROUP-filformat Windows Contacts Group File
102 H1C-filformat Windows Vista File Related To Assistance Platform (AP) Help
103 H1K-filformat Keyword Index - Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
104 H1S-filformat Windows Assistance Platform Help File
105 H1T-filformat Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
106 H1V-filformat Task Metadata - Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
107 HDMP-filformat Windows Heap Dump
108 HELP-filformat Mac OS X Help Book
109 HHC-filformat HTML Help Table of Contents
110 HHK-filformat HTML Help Index
111 HIV-filformat Windows Registry Hive File
112 HLP-filformat Windows Help File
113 HPC-filformat System Dynamic Library
114 HPFS-filformat OS/2 High Performance File System
115 HPJ-filformat Help Project File
116 HSH-filformat Windows Catalog Search Index File
117 HTT-filformat Hypertext Template File
118 HTW-filformat Windows
119 HV-filformat Microsoft Windows Mobile Hive
120 HXI-filformat Microsoft Help Compiled Storage
121 IA64-filformat HP-UX
122 ICL-filformat Windows Icon Library File
123 ICNS-filformat Mac OS X Icon Resource File
124 ICO-filformat Icon File
125 ICONPACKAGE-filformat IconPackager Theme File
126 IDENTIFIER-filformat Microsoft Windows Zone Identifier
127 IDX_DLL-filformat Microsoft Office IDX_DLL
128 IFW-filformat INTUS Firmware File
129 IME-filformat Windows Input Method Editor File
130 IMG3-filformat iPhone IMG3 File
131 INA-filformat MS-DOS
132 INF_LOC-filformat Windows Driver Information Cache File
133 INSTALL_BACKUP-filformat AVG Shell Extension Module
134 INTERNETCONNECT-filformat Apple Internet Connect Document
135 ION-filformat File Description File
136 IOPLIST-filformat Mac OS X IOPLIST File
137 IPOD-filformat Rockbox Firmware File
138 IPTHEME-filformat IconPackager Raw Theme File
139 ISWP-filformat Apple ITunes IOS Firmware Update
140 ITEMDATA-MS-filformat Windows 8 Start Screen Item Data File
141 IUS-filformat InfoTMIC Firmware Update File
142 JLB-filformat PAC Mate BX Keyboard Driver
143 JOB-filformat Windows Task Scheduler Job File
144 JOURNAL_INFO_BLOCK-filformat Apple Mac OS Xsystem
145 JPN-filformat Windows Japanese Noise-Word List File
146 K48-filformat Apple IOS Kernel Cache
147 KBD-filformat Keyboard Layout Script
148 KEXT-filformat Mac OS X Kernel Extension
149 KO-filformat Linux Kernel Module File
150 KOR-filformat Windows Korean Noise-Words List File
151 LE-filformat Le Mac OS X
152 LFS-filformat Samsung Phone params.lfs File
153 LGS-filformat Microsoft Windows Application Log
154 LIBRARY-MS-filformat Windows Library Description File
155 LLS-filformat Windows System
156 LN-filformat UNIX Lint
157 LNK-filformat Windows File Shortcut
158 LOCALIZED-filformat MAC OS X
159 LOCKFILE-filformat Mac OS X PLIST Lock File
160 LOG1-filformat Windows Registry Hive Log File
161 LOG2-filformat Windows Registry Hive Log 2 File
162 LPD-filformat Lookout Protocol Driver File
163 MANIFEST-filformat Windows Application Manifest File
164 MAPIMAIL-filformat Send To Mail Recipient
165 MDIMPORTER-filformat Spotlight Importer Setting
166 MDMP-filformat Windows Minidump
167 METADATA_NEVER_INDEX-filformat Spotlight Never Index File
168 MI4-filformat Audio Player Firmware File
169 MKEXT-filformat Mac OS X Mach Kernel Extension Memory Cache
170 MLC-filformat Microsoft Language Interface Pack
171 MOBILECONFIG-filformat Apple Mobile Configuration File
172 MONITORPANEL-filformat Apple Mac OS X Display Panel Extension
173 MPS_-filformat MPW Shell
174 MSC-filformat Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File
175 MSDM-filformat Microsoft Windows
176 MSP-filformat Windows Installer Patch
177 MSSTYLE-filformat Windows XP Unsigned Style
178 MSSTYLES-filformat Windows XP Style
179 MTZ-filformat MIUI Theme
180 MUI-filformat Multilingual User Interface File
181 MUIMANIFEST-filformat Microsoft Windows Multilingual User Interface
182 MUI_CCCD5AE0-filformat Hid User Library
183 MUM-filformat Windows Vista Update Package
184 MYDOCS-filformat Send To My Documents
185 N81-filformat Apple IOS Kernel Cache
186 N90-filformat Apple IOS Kernel Cache
187 N90AP-filformat IPhone Jailbreak Firmware
188 NBH-filformat ROM Update Utility Image File
189 NETWORKCONNECT-filformat Apple Network Connect Document
190 NLS-filformat Microsoft National Language Support File
191 NOS-filformat JDOS System
192 NOT_TERMINATED-filformat Mac OS X Audit Log
193 NOVS-filformat Novell NetWare Control Center
194 NT-filformat Windows NT Startup File
195 NTFS-filformat NTFS Partition File
196 NU4-filformat Norton Utilities DLL Root
197 OS2-filformat Os2 System
198 OSAX-filformat FindFile OSAX mac file type
199 OV1-filformat Overlay
200 OV3-filformat Overlay
201 OV4-filformat Overlay
202 OV5-filformat Overlay
203 P5X-filformat Windows System
204 PANIC-filformat Kernel Panic File
205 PCI-filformat PCI Miniport
206 PDR-filformat Windows Port Driver
207 PF-filformat Windows prefetch file
208 PFX-filformat PKCS #12 Certificate File
209 PK2-filformat Silkroad Online Game Data File
210 PNF-filformat Precompiled INF File
211 PPD-filformat PostScript Printer Description File
212 PR2-filformat DBase IV Printer Driver
213 PREFPANE-filformat Mac OS X System Preference Pane
214 PRINTEREXPORT-filformat Windows Printer Migration File
215 PROFILE-filformat Bash Shell Profile
216 PROVISIONPROFILE-filformat Apple Provision Profile
217 PWL-filformat Windows Password List
218 PXE-filformat Linux, Unix Network Bootable
219 QFILTER-filformat Mac OS X ColorSync Filter
220 QKY-filformat Quirky Kernel
221 QUICKTIMECOMPONENTS-filformat Mac OS X System
222 RC1-filformat Samsung Mobile Device Firmware File
223 RCO-filformat PlayStation Portable Resource File
224 RDZ-filformat Mandrake Linux Install
225 REG-filformat Registry File
226 REGTRANS-MS-filformat Registry Transaction Log File
227 RFW-filformat Rockchip Firmware File
228 RGU-filformat Microsoft Windows Mobile Registry Entry
229 RIO-filformat IBM AIX System
230 RISCOS-filformat Acorn RISC OS
231 RMT-filformat Router Firmware File
232 RRA-filformat Windows Installer temporary file file
233 RSQ-filformat IBM 4690 Operating System​
234 RTP-filformat Microsoft software update file
235 RWM-filformat Windows Imaging Resource Only
236 RX-filformat MS-DOS 7
237 SAVEDSEARCH-filformat Spotlight Saved Search
238 SAVER-filformat Mac OS X Screen Saver
239 SBF-filformat Android System File
240 SCAP-filformat EFI Firmware File
241 SCF-filformat Windows Explorer Command
242 SCHEMAS-filformat GConf Schema Definition File
243 SCR-filformat Windows Screensaver
244 SEARCHCONNECTOR-MS-filformat Windows Search Connector File
245 SEARCHINDEXCACHE-filformat Mac OS X Cache
246 SERVICE-filformat Mac OS X Service Application
247 SF0-filformat Windows Sytem Check
248 SFCACHE-filformat ReadyBoost Cache File
249 SHD-filformat Windows Print Job Shadow File
250 SHSH-filformat iPhone/iPod Touch SHSH Blob File
251 SO0-filformat Unix Shared Library File
252 SP3-filformat Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 installation file
253 SPL-filformat Windows Print Spool File
254 SPREPORTER-filformat Mac OS X System Profiler Reporter
255 SQM-filformat Service Quality Monitoring File
256 SUPPORTED-filformat MAC OS X
257 SYS-filformat Windows System File
258 TDZ-filformat Drobo Firmware File
259 THA-filformat Windows Thai Noise-Words List File
260 THEME-filformat Microsoft Plus! Desktop Theme
261 TNR-filformat GPS Pathfinder ProXR/XRS Firmware
262 TRX_DLL-filformat Windows Startup File
263 UAQ-filformat Microsoft Windows Action Queue
264 UCE-filformat Windows UCE System File
265 VCN-filformat NCDrive Vacon NX System Software
266 VET-filformat VET Antivirus System
267 VGA-filformat VGA Display Driver
268 VGD-filformat Generic CADD VGA Driver
269 VRS-filformat Corel WordPerfect Video Resource Device Driver
270 VTD-filformat Microsoft Windows Custom Virtual Device Driver
271 VXD-filformat Virtual Device Driver
272 VX_-filformat Compressed Virtual Device Driver File
273 WDGT-filformat Dashboard Widget
274 WEBPNP-filformat Web Point and Print File
275 WER-filformat Windows Error Report
276 WGZ-filformat S60 Web Runtime Widget Package
277 WRS-filformat Corel WordPerfect Windows Printer Driver
278 WSS-filformat Microsoft Windows Sound System
279 XMO-filformat Adobe Authorware Movie Driver
280 XMS-filformat Microsoft EXtended Memory Specification
281 XP-filformat WindowBlinds temporary file
282 XRM-MS-filformat Microsoft Security Certificate
283 ZEX-filformat ZOOM MRS-802 System
284 ZONEIDENTIFIER-filformat Windows Zone Identifier File
285 _DL-filformat Dynamic Link Library DLL File Form
286 _VTI_BIN-filformat SharePoint