#FilformatFilens fulle navn
1 $$M-filformat 3D GameStudio Backup Map
2 $1-filformat ZX Spectrum HOBETA Format
3 00-filformat The Ur-Quan Masters Saved Game Slot 0 Format
4 01-filformat FIFA 2001 User
5 20-filformat Salt Lake City Game Music
6 21-filformat Salt Lake City Game Music
7 21W-filformat Snood Preferences
8 25-filformat Saltlake City Game Music
9 28-filformat Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 Music Game
10 2DA-filformat BioWare Aurora Engine 2-dimensional Array
11 2DS-filformat Unreal Tournament 2D Shape
12 32X-filformat Sega 32X ROM
13 34-filformat Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 Audio Game
14 36-filformat Salt Lake City Game Music
15 37-filformat Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 Audio Game
16 3D0-filformat Grand Prix Legends Track
17 3DI-filformat Delta Force Object Collection
18 3DO-filformat Total Annihilation Object
19 3DOKU-filformat 3Doku Game
20 42-filformat Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 Game Audio
21 45-filformat Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 Music Game
22 49-filformat Salt Lake City Game Music
23 555-filformat Black & White Weather Settings Format
24 7-filformat The 7th Guest
25 8LD-filformat Overlord 2 Language Format
26 9KP-filformat Doom Archived TGA Graphics
27 A26-filformat Atari 2600 ROM Image Format
28 A52-filformat Atari 5200 ROM
29 A5OP7-filformat Operation7 Game Data Format
30 A78-filformat Atari 7800 Image
31 ABG-filformat FIFA World Cup Game Data Beart
32 ABZ-filformat Alpha Black Zero Game
33 ACF-filformat Steam Application Cache Format
34 ACX-filformat Atari ST Program
35 ADDR-filformat Metin2 Data
36 AGB-filformat Game Boy Advance ROM
37 AGE3REC-filformat Age Of Empires III Recorded Game
38 AGE3SAV-filformat Age Of Empires III Save Game
39 AGE3SCN-filformat Age Of Empires 3 Scenario Format
40 AGE3XREC-filformat Age Of Empires III: The WarChiefs Recorded
41 AGE3XSAV-filformat Age Of Empires III: The WarChiefs Save Game
42 AGE3XSCN-filformat Age Of Empires III: The WarChiefs Scenario
43 AGE3YREC-filformat Age Of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Recorded Game
44 AGE3YSAV-filformat Age Of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Save Game
45 AGE3YSCN-filformat Age Of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Scenario
46 AHC-filformat Resident Evil 4
47 AHF-filformat Aces High Film
48 AHOD-filformat Homeworld
49 AID-filformat Star Trek Armada Arficicial Intelligence Parameters
50 AIN-filformat Source Engine Compiled AI Nodegraph Format
51 AIRPORT-filformat RealFlight Simulator
52 AIW-filformat Formula One 2001 Game
53 ALA-filformat Alan Interactive Fiction Language
54 ALO-filformat Star Wars: Empire At War Game
55 ALR-filformat ADRIFT Language Resource Format
56 AM1-filformat Adventure Maker
57 AN2-filformat Croc Animation Format
58 ANIMATABLE_RIGID_MODEL-filformat Empire: Total War Animation Format
59 ARCH00-filformat F.E.A.R. Game Archive
60 ARCH01-filformat F.E.A.R. 2 Game
61 ARCH05-filformat Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Game Data Format
62 ARCHCFG-filformat F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin Configuration
63 ARCHIVE-filformat Unreal Tournament Localization Data Format
64 ARE-filformat BioWare Aurora Engine Area
65 ARENA-filformat Quake 3 Engine Arena Format
66 ARH-filformat El Airplane Game Archive Format
67 ARLC-filformat Commandos 2 Men Of Courage Game
68 ARMA2OAPROFILE-filformat ArmA 2 Settings
69 ARMA2PROFILE-filformat ARMA2 Profile
70 ARMY-filformat Impossible Creatures Collection Of Created Creatures
71 ARP-filformat Audition Replay Format
72 ASG-filformat Airport Tycoon Saved Game
73 ASH-filformat Audiosurf Audio Metadata Format
74 ASSET-filformat Unity Asset Format
75 ASSTRM-filformat Splinter Cell Blacklist Game Data
76 ATLAS-filformat Stronghold 3 Editor
77 AUR-filformat AutoREALM Map
78 AWREPLAY-filformat Arena Wars Replay Format
79 AZP-filformat Close Combat Effect
80 B!K-filformat Microsoft Flight Simulator Scenery
81 BANK-filformat Darkest Dungeon Sound Data Format
82 BAR-filformat Age Of Empires 3 Data Format
83 BATCH-filformat Switchball Game Data
84 BATTLE-filformat Robocode Game Data Format
85 BB3-filformat BlasterBall 3 Level Format Support
86 BBG-filformat CyberSports For Basketball Game
87 BBRKPUZZLE-filformat Puzzle
88 BBRKSAVE-filformat Puzzle Started Status
89 BD1-filformat Map Block Location
90 BDAE-filformat Gameloft Game Data Format
91 BDOF-filformat Mario Kart Mod Effect
92 BEJEWELED2DELUXESAVEDGAME-filformat Bejeweled 2 Deluxe Saved Game
93 BEX-filformat BOOM Extensions To Dehacked
94 BF-filformat CryoBF Game Data Format
95 BFB-filformat Zoo Tycoon 2 Game Model
96 BFFM-filformat B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th Game
97 BFG-filformat Big Fish Games Application Format
98 BFL-filformat Colin McRae Rally 2 Game
99 BFM-filformat Terminal Reality Model Format
100 BFONT-filformat Need For Speed SHIFT Font
101 BFS-filformat FlatOut Game Data Format
102 BFSAR-filformat Mario Kart Wii Effects Data Format
103 BFVGER-filformat Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Game Version Format
104 BG-filformat Backgammon For Windows Game Data Format
105 BGL-filformat Flight Simulator Scenery Format
106 BGUI-filformat Need For Speed SHIFT GUI
107 BGW-filformat Final Fantasy Music
108 BGZ-filformat Blood Frontier Map Format
109 BH3-filformat Rise Of Nations Unit Graphic
110 BHA-filformat Rise Of Nations Unit Graphic
111 BIC-filformat Civilization 3 Scenario Format
112 BIF-filformat BioWare Infinity Engine Format
113 BIFF-filformat BioWare Infinity Engine Archive Of Resources Format
114 BIG-filformat Electronic Arts Game Data Format
115 BIMAGE-filformat Id Tech Texture Data Format
116 BINUI-filformat Call Of Juarez Game Menu
117 BIQ-filformat Civilization 3 Scenario Format
118 BIX-filformat Civilization 3 Scenario Format
119 BLACKHAWKSTRIKER2-filformat Blackhawk Striker 2 Saved Game
120 BLACKHAWKSTRIKER2SAVEDGAME-filformat Blackhawk Striker 2 Saved Game
121 BLASTERBALL2DRM3SAVEDGAME-filformat Blasterball 2 Save Game
122 BLASTERBALL3SAVEDGAME-filformat BlasterBall 3 Saved Game
123 BLIGHT-filformat Mario Kart Mod Effect
124 BLP-filformat Blizzard Texture Format
125 BLS-filformat Blockland Saved Game Format
126 BLUE-filformat EVE Online Texture
127 BLV-filformat Might And Magic 6/7 Dungeon Level Geometry
128 BLY-filformat FIFA World Cup Game Data Fe Art Load Game
129 BLZ-filformat N-Gage Mobile Video Game Format
130 BMD-filformat MU Online Game Data Format
131 BMD6ANIM-filformat Id Tech 6 Animation Data Format
132 BMD6MODEL-filformat Id Tech 6 Model Format
133 BME-filformat BeatMania 7-Key Song Format
134 BMG-filformat Mario Kart Wii Message Format
135 BMODEL-filformat Id Tech 6 Model Format
136 BMQ-filformat Re-Volt Texture
137 BMS-filformat BeatMania Song Format
138 BND-filformat Neighbours From Hell Game Archive
139 BNDLXML5-filformat Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Game Data Format
140 BNG-filformat The Bingo Maker Card Format
141 BNK-filformat Test Drive Unlimited Data Package
142 BNS-filformat Portal Script Format
143 BNT-filformat Entropia Universe Game Archive
144 BNZ-filformat The Bingo Maker Card Template Format
145 BOBTHEBUILDERSAVEDGAME-filformat Bob The Builder: Can Do Zoo Save Game
146 BOD-filformat X3 Reunion Ship
147 BOH-filformat Europa Universallis 2 Game Data
148 BOL-filformat Mario Kart Course Setup
149 BOOKWORMDELUXESAVEDGAME-filformat Bookworm Deluxe Saved Game
150 BOS-filformat Fallout Tactics Game Archive
151 BOT-filformat Robot Arena Game
152 BOXER-filformat Boxer For Mac Game Archive
153 BRASD-filformat Mario Kart Mod
154 BREFF-filformat Mario Kart Wii Animated Graphic
155 BREFT-filformat Mario Kart Wii Animated Graphic
156 BRFNT-filformat Mario Kart Wii Font
157 BRLYT-filformat Wii Textures And Material Lists Format
158 BRMDL-filformat Nintendo Wii BRMDL Model Format
159 BROGUESAVE-filformat Brogue Saved Game
160 BRRES-filformat Wii BRRES Resource Package
161 BRSAR-filformat Wii BRSAR Audio Package
162 BRTEX-filformat Wii BRTEX Texture
163 BS1-filformat VirtualBus Vehicle Configuration Format
164 BSA-filformat Bethesda Softworks Archive
165 BSM-filformat Bioshock Map
166 BSP-filformat Quake Engine Game Map Format
167 BSPEC-filformat SimCity 4 Bridge Length Specs Format
168 BSPR-filformat Need For Speed SHIFT Track Map
169 BTY-filformat Railroad Tycoon 3 Building
170 BUILDALOT2SAVEDGAME-filformat Build-a-lot 2 Save Game
171 BUILDALOT3SAVEDGAME-filformat Build-a-lot 3 Saved Game
172 BURNOUTPARADISESAVE-filformat Burnout Paradise Saved Profile
173 BUS-filformat VirtualBus Board Parameters Format
174 BVS-filformat BVS Solitaire Collection
175 BWD-filformat Colin McRae Rally 2 Car Description
176 BZN-filformat Star Trek Armada Map
177 BZW-filformat BZFlag World Format
178 C16-filformat C16 Creatures 3/Docking Station Image
179 C4B-filformat Clonk Data Format
180 C4F-filformat Clonk Game Round
181 C4G-filformat Clonk Game System
182 C4I-filformat Clonk Object Format
183 C4K-filformat Clonk Key Format
184 C4L-filformat Clonk Data Format
185 C4M-filformat Clonk Game Data Format
186 C4S-filformat Clonk Game Scenario
187 C4U-filformat OpenClonk Update System
188 C4V-filformat Clonk Game Video
189 C64-filformat Commodore 64 ROM Image
190 CANIM-filformat Shank Game
191 CARC-filformat Nintendo DS Compressed Archive Format
192 CARD-filformat Funkiball Adventure
193 CBH-filformat ChessBase Database Header Format
194 CBV-filformat ChessBase Database Format
195 CC4-filformat Crossword Compiler Crossword Puzzle Format
196 CCW-filformat Crossword Compiler Saved Puzzle
197 CDATA-filformat Command & Conquer 3 Audio
198 CDMEDIA-filformat Boxer For Mac Cd-rom
199 CDP-filformat Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack
200 CDP2-filformat Trainz Classics Content Dispatcher Pack 2
201 CEM-filformat Empire Earth Game Format
202 CFGE-filformat Jewel Quest Configuration Format
203 CFR-filformat Cross Fire Replay Format
204 CFREPLAY-filformat Crossfire Europe Replay
205 CGF-filformat Crytek Geometry Format Format
206 CGO-filformat Railroad Tycoon 3 Car Properties
207 CHARSCIRPT-filformat Divinity: Original Sin Game Data Format
208 CHD-filformat MAME Hard Disk Image
209 CHESSTITANSSAVE-MS-filformat Microsoft Chess Titans Saved Game
210 CHR0-filformat Nintendo Wii Model Animation Format
211 CHT-filformat SNES Cheat Format
212 CHU-filformat Infinity Engine Game Data Format
213 CHUZZLEDELUXESAVEDGAME-filformat Chuzzle Deluxe Saved Game Format
214 CIV-filformat Empire Earth Custom Civilization Information
215 CIV4REPLAY-filformat Sid Meiers Civilization 4 Replay Format
216 CIV4SAVEDGAME-filformat Civilization IV Save Game Format
217 CIV4WORLDBUILDERSAVE-filformat Civilization IV World Builder Save Format
218 CIV5MAP-filformat Civilization 5 Map
219 CIV5PROJ-filformat Civilization 5 Game Data Format
220 CIV5SAVE-filformat Civilization 5 Saved Gae
221 CIVBEYONDSWORDSAVE-filformat Civilization IV: Beyond The Sword Save Game Format
222 CIVBEYONDSWORDWBSAVE-filformat Civilization IV Game Data Format
223 CIVWARLORDSREPLAY-filformat Sid Meiers Civilization 4 Replay Format
224 CK1-filformat Commander Keen 1 Game Data
225 CK2-filformat Commander Keen 2 Game Data
226 CK3-filformat Commander Keen 3 Game Data
227 CK4-filformat Commander Keen 4 Game Data
228 CK5-filformat Commander Keen 5 Game Data
229 CK6-filformat Commander Keen 6 Game Data
230 CLR0-filformat Nintendo Wii Color Swapping Animation
231 CLU-filformat Broken Sword 2 Dialogue
232 CLZ-filformat Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness Game
233 CM-filformat CLEO Custom Mission
234 CME-filformat Crazy Machines Level Format
235 CMG-filformat ChessMaster Saved Game
236 CMI-filformat The Dig Bundle
237 CNC3CAMPAIGN-filformat Command And Conquer 3 Campaign Save Game
238 COMFYCAKESSAVE-MS-filformat Comfy Cakes Saved Game
239 COMPILED-filformat Plants Vs. Zombies Compiled Game Resource Format
240 CONTENT-filformat Rust Game Data Format
241 COW-filformat Thief Game
242 CP2-filformat ChessBase Theme Classification
243 CPN-filformat Age Of Mythology Campaign Format
244 CRAFT-filformat KSP Spacecraft Format
245 CRE-filformat Infinity Engine Creature Data Format
246 CRF-filformat Enhanced Dark Engine Game Archive Format
247 CRYSISJMSF-filformat Crysis Saved Game
248 CRYSISPSF-filformat Crysis Warhead Saved Game
249 CS2-filformat CyberStep2
250 CSC-filformat 18 Wheels Of Steel: Pedal To The Metal Game
251 CTX-filformat Valve ICE Encoded Script
252 CTY-filformat SimCity City Format
253 CVM-filformat Odin Sphere
254 CW1-filformat Creeper World Game Map Format
255 CW2-filformat Creeper World 2 Game Map Format
256 CWG-filformat Castle Of The Winds Data Format
257 CXARCHIVE-filformat CrossOver Bottle
258 CYR-filformat Crysis Level
259 D$$-filformat Gargoyle Interactive Fiction Story Format
260 D2H-filformat Diablo II Hack It Module
261 D2I-filformat ATMA Diablo II
262 D2P-filformat Diablo 2 Packet
263 D2S-filformat Diablo 2 Save Format
264 D2X-filformat Diablo 2 Stash
265 D3C-filformat Descent
266 D3DBSP-filformat Call Of Duty Map Format
267 D3M-filformat Descent Game
268 D67-filformat VICE Disk Image
269 D71-filformat Commodore Emulator
270 D80-filformat Commodore CBM-8050 Diskette Emulator Image
271 D81-filformat Commodore VC-1581 Diskette Emulator Image
272 D82-filformat Commodore Emulator
273 DA3-filformat Star Trek Generations Saved Game
274 DA5-filformat Star Trek Generations Saved Game
275 DA6-filformat Star Trek Generations Saved Game
276 DA7-filformat Star Trek Generations Saved Game
277 DA8-filformat Star Trek: Generations Saved Game
278 DA9-filformat Star Trek Generations Autosave Game
279 DARKEST-filformat Darkest Dungeon Game Script Format
280 DAT_MCR-filformat Minecraft Level.dat Backup Format
281 DAT_NEW-filformat Minecraft World Level Format
282 DAT_OLD-filformat Minecraft Level.dat Backup Format
283 DAY-filformat Day Of The Zombie Map Format
284 DAYZPROFILE-filformat DAYZ Profile
285 DAZIP-filformat Dragon Age: Origins Game Format
286 DB0-filformat S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
287 DB5-filformat S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
288 DB6-filformat S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
289 DB7-filformat S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
290 DB8-filformat S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
291 DB9-filformat S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
292 DBDF-filformat SimCity 4 DBDF Compression Directories Format
293 DBI-filformat FIFA World Cup Game Data Comin Fe
294 DBPF-filformat Maxis Database Packed Format
295 DC6-filformat Diablo 2 Static Image
296 DCC-filformat Diablo 2 Animation
297 DCG-filformat HSFX Map
298 DCZ-filformat IDance Character Model Format
299 DD2-filformat Dungeon Designer 2 Map Design
300 DD3-filformat Blood Bowl Game
301 DDJ-filformat Silkroad Alchemy Page
302 DDPOKERSAVE-filformat DD Poker Save Game
303 DDSX-filformat Stronghold Kingdoms Data
304 DDT-filformat Football Manager Keep Player Data Format
305 DDV-filformat Oddworld: Abes Oddysee Movie Format
306 DEADSPACESAVE-filformat Dead Space Saved Game Format
307 DECL-filformat Id Tech 6 Game Data Format
308 DEH-filformat Doom DeHackEd Game Data Format
309 DEK-filformat Magic: The Gathering Deck Format
310 DEM-filformat Video Game Demo Format
311 DEPGRAPHBIN-filformat Tom Clancys The Division Game Data Format
312 DESC-filformat Battlefield 2 Map Description Format
313 DESS-filformat Microsoft Device Emulator Saved State
314 DGZ-filformat Dega Saved State
315 DHF-filformat AMIGA Emulator Disk Image ROM
316 DHM-filformat Shadowgrounds Mission Data Format
317 DIE-filformat Diablo Item
318 DINERDASH2SAVEDGAME-filformat Diner Dash 2 Saved Game
319 DINERDASHSAVEDGAME-filformat Diner Dash Saved Game
320 DIVA-filformat Project DIVA Song Format
321 DJS-filformat NASCAR Thunder 2004 Game Music
322 DKD-filformat Submarine Titans Battle Map
323 DL-filformat Zoo Tycoon 2 Data Format
324 DLLS-filformat UFO: Alien Invasion Plugin
325 DMB-filformat BYOND Game Executable
326 DMO-filformat Duke Nukem 3D Demo Format
327 DMOD-filformat Dink Smallwood Add-on Format
328 DM_1-filformat Call Of Duty Demo
329 DM_57-filformat Return To Castle Wolfenstein Demo
330 DM_68-filformat Quake 3 Demo Format
331 DM_82-filformat Wolfenstein 1.00 Demo Movie Format
332 DM_83-filformat Wolfenstein 1.02 Demo Movie Format
333 DM_84-filformat Wolfenstein 2.06 Demo Movie Format
334 DN1-filformat Duke Nukem 1 Game Data Format
335 DN2-filformat Duke Nukem Episode 2 Game Format
336 DN3-filformat Duke Nukem Episode 3 Game Format
337 DNF-filformat Duke Nukem Forever Map Format
338 DNH-filformat Danmakufu Script
339 DNI-filformat RealMyst 3D Game Archive
340 DNM-filformat YS Flight Dynamic 3D Model Format
341 DO2-filformat Resident Evil 2 Door
342 DOL-filformat GameCube Executable Format
343 DREAMCHRONICLES2SAVEDGAME-filformat Dream Chronicles Saved Game Format
344 DREAMCHRONICLESSAVEDGAME-filformat Dream Chronicles Saved Game
345 DS1-filformat Diablo 2 Map
346 DS2RES-filformat Dungeon Siege 2 Data
347 DTI-filformat Fifa 2001 Data
348 DTL-filformat The Sims
349 DUA-filformat FIFA 2001 Data Feart Legalscr
350 DUC-filformat Action Replay Max DS Save Format
351 DUN-filformat Dungeon Defenders Saved Game Format
352 DV2-filformat Divinity 2 Data Format
353 DXS-filformat Deus Ex Saved Game
354 DXT-filformat LucasArts The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition Texture
355 DXW-filformat DimensioneX World Data Format
356 DZ2-filformat Dungeons 2 Saved Game Format
357 DZIP-filformat The Witcher 2 Game Archive
358 E2GM-filformat Pangea Enigmo 2 Custom Game Format
359 E3MOD-filformat Emergency 3 Mod Package
360 E4MOD-filformat Emergency 4 Mod
361 E4P-filformat Emergency 4 Prototype Format
362 EA3-filformat Fifa 2001 Environment Game Data
363 EBM-filformat Ragnarok Online Emblem Format
364 ED-filformat LithTech Game Level
365 EDT-filformat Football Manager Mod
366 EEPF-filformat EmuOS Exchangeable Packet Format
367 EES-filformat Empire Earth Scenario
368 EFF-filformat Bioware Infinity Game Engine Effects
369 EGM-filformat Enigmo Custom Game Format
370 EIC-filformat East Indian Company Save Game
371 EIGHTEENWHEELSHAULINSAVEDGAME-filformat 18 Wheels Of Steel: Haulin Saved Game Format
372 EIX-filformat Metin2 Game Data Format
373 EKV-filformat Left 4 Dead
374 ELB-filformat Janes WW2 Fighters Audio Data Format
375 ELU-filformat Quake 3 Arena Model Shell
376 ELV-filformat Aces High Map Data
377 EMBB-filformat Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Game Data Format
378 EMI-filformat Pocket Tanks Emitter
379 EMT-filformat Unreal Engine Emitter
380 EMW-filformat Resident Evil Model
381 EPC-filformat Doctor Who Game Data Format
382 EPK-filformat Metin2 Game Data Package
383 EQG-filformat EverQuest Game Data Format
384 ERP-filformat Alter Ego Game Archive
385 ESCAPEROSECLIFFISLANDSAVEDGAME-filformat Escape Rose Cliff Island Saved Game
386 ESF-filformat Total War Campaign Settings
387 ESG-filformat Enigmo Saved Game Format
388 ESI-filformat Escape Level Index
389 ESM-filformat Elder Scrolls Master Format
390 ESP-filformat Fallout 3 Plugin Format
391 ESS-filformat The Elder Scrolls Saved Game
392 EST_UAX-filformat Spanish Unreal Audio Package
393 EUR-filformat Monster Hunter Freedom Unite EU Region Save Game
394 EVD-filformat Grand Theft Auto IV Vehicle Extended Data
395 EXH-filformat NHL Game Exhibition Roster
396 FAM-filformat The Sims Family
397 FAR-filformat The Sims Archive Format
398 FATESAVEDGAME-filformat Fate Save Game
399 FATEUNDISCOVEREDREALMSSAVEDGAME-filformat Fate Undiscovered Realms Save Game
400 FBI-filformat Total Annihilation Main Unit Definition
401 FBQ-filformat Trine 2 Game Archive
402 FBRB-filformat Battlefield Bad Company 2 Data Format
403 FC2MAP-filformat Far Cry 2 User Map
404 FCM-filformat FCraft World Format
405 FF-filformat Call Of Duty 4 Fast Format
406 FFN-filformat FIFA World Cup Game Data Fe Art
407 FILA-filformat Aleph One Replay Format
408 FJB-filformat Furcadia Settings Format
409 FLD-filformat YSFLIGHT Field Format
410 FLMOD-filformat Freelancer Game Archive
411 FML-filformat WWE RAW Character Format
412 FNTA-filformat Aleph One Font Format
413 FOMOD-filformat Fallout Mod Archive
414 FOS-filformat Fallout 3 Saved Game
415 FOW-filformat Windward Game Data Format
416 FP2-filformat Insaniquarium Deluxe Fish
417 FPID-filformat FPS Creator AI Wizard Data Format
418 FPK-filformat Civilization 4 Data Format
419 FPMB-filformat FPS Creator Mab Buffer Format
420 FPMO-filformat FPS Creator Map Overlay Format
421 FPOP-filformat Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Saved Game
422 FPS-filformat FPS Creator Segment Format
423 FRC-filformat FS Recorder Format
424 FRD-filformat Need For Speed Track Data
425 FRE-filformat FIFA 2002 Data Legal Screen
426 FREECELLSAVE-MS-filformat FreeCells Saved Game Format
427 FRM16-filformat Lionheart: Legacy Of The Crusader Game
428 FRW-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon Fireworks Source
429 FRZ-filformat Snes9x Saved State
430 FS2-filformat FreeSpace 2 Saved Mission Format
431 FS5-filformat Microsoft Flight Simulator Scenery
432 FS6-filformat Microsoft Flight Simulator Panels
433 FSSAVE-filformat Flight Simulator Save Format
434 FUK-filformat Postal 2 Map
435 FXCB-filformat Crysis Shader Cache
436 G0S-filformat Metal Gear Solid V Game Data Format
437 G3X-filformat RealFlight Content Format
438 G4B-filformat Sokoban++ Level
439 G64-filformat C64 Emulator Disk Image
440 GAF-filformat Total Annihilation Animated Bitmap Format
441 GALAXY-filformat Blizzard Galaxy Format
442 GAM-filformat Saved Game Format
443 GAME-filformat GameSalad Exported Game Format
444 GAMEDATA-filformat Sandlot Game Data Format
445 GAMESTATS-filformat Unreal Tournament 3 GamePlayEvents Stream Format
446 GAX-filformat Age Of Empires II Save Game
447 GAZ-filformat Age Of Empires II Saved Game Format
448 GB-filformat Game Boy ROM Format
449 GBA-filformat Game Boy Advance ROM
450 GBASKIN-filformat GBA4iOS Controller Skin
451 GBC-filformat Game Boy Color ROM
452 GBCSKIN-filformat GBA4iOS Controller Skin
453 GBLORB-filformat Interactive Fiction
454 GBX-filformat Nadeo Game Format
455 GCF-filformat Game Cache Format
456 GCI-filformat Grand Theft Auto 2 Game Format
457 GCM-filformat GameCube ROM
458 GCT-filformat Ocarina Cheat Code Manager Format
459 GCZ-filformat Compressed GameCube/Wii ROM
460 GDW-filformat Jaws Unleashed Data Format
461 GEA-filformat Fifa World Cup Game Data
462 GEN-filformat Sega Genesis ROM
463 GGPK-filformat Grinding Gears Package
464 GGS-filformat Gameboy Emulator
465 GIC-filformat BioWare Aurora Engine Area
466 GJD-filformat The 7th Guest Media Format
467 GM1-filformat Heroes Of Might & Magic 3 Saved Game
468 GM2-filformat Heroes Of Might & Magic III Saved Game
469 GM3-filformat Heroes Of Might & Magic III Saved Game
470 GME-filformat DexDrive Game Card Format
471 GMR-filformat Game Maker Compiled Game
472 GMRES-filformat Game Maker Resource Format
473 GMV-filformat Gens Game Recording
474 GNM-filformat GNM Output Music
475 GOB-filformat LucasArts Game Resource
476 GOOMOD-filformat World Of Goo Add-on
477 GOR-filformat Myth: The Fallen Lords Game Data
478 GPF-filformat GRAVITY Ragnarok Online Patch Format
479 GPM-filformat Ragnarok Online Update
480 GR2-filformat Granny 3D Format
481 GRLE-filformat Farming Simulator Save Game
482 GRM-filformat NovaLogic Game Facial Expressions
483 GRPINFO-filformat Ion Fury GRP Settings Format
484 GS0-filformat Sega Genesis Emulator Quick Slot 0 Save Format
485 GS4-filformat Genecyst Saved State Slot 4
486 GSC-filformat Call Of Duty Game Script
487 GSX-filformat Sega Genesis Emulator Saved State Format
488 GTF-filformat Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Game Data Format
489 GVM-filformat Phantasy Star Online
490 GZP-filformat Giants Citizen Kabuto Game
491 GZR-filformat GunZ
492 H2O-filformat Battle Realms Game Data Format
493 H3C-filformat Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 Campaign
494 H3M-filformat Heroes 3 Map Format
495 H4M-filformat Resident Evil Zero Game
496 H4R-filformat Heroes Of Might And Magic IV Data Format
497 H5C-filformat Heroes Of Might And Magic V Campaign Data Format
498 H5P-filformat Heroes Of Might And Magic V Game Data Format
499 HAK-filformat BioWare Aurora Engine
500 HAM-filformat Descent 2 Resource Format
501 HARDDISK-filformat Boxer For Mac Harddisk
502 HAT-filformat Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Log Hat
503 HAZ-filformat Microsoft Flight Texture
504 HBR-filformat HaxBall Replay
505 HEA-filformat Fifa 2001 Data
506 HEARTSSAVE-MS-filformat Microsoft Hearts Save Format
507 HFB-filformat Hell Fighter Battle
508 HG1-filformat Hellgate: London Saved Game
509 HGH-filformat Star Wars: Tie Fighter High Score
510 HGP-filformat HighGrow Plant
511 HHI-filformat The Sims 4 Game Data Format
512 HHSL-filformat Hockey High Score List Format
513 HI-filformat MacMAME High Scores Format
514 HIL-filformat Deluxe Ski Jump 3 Hill
515 HIM-filformat ROSE Online Highmaps
516 HISAWSAVE-filformat Nancy Drew Saved Game
517 HIT-filformat The Sims Sound Format
518 HIWACSAVE-filformat Nancy Drew: Warnings At Waverly Academy Saved Game Format
519 HKE-filformat Painkiller Overdose Game
520 HKX-filformat Skyrim Animation
521 HL1-filformat Half-Life Saved Game
522 HL2-filformat Half-Life 2 Saved Game Format
523 HLK-filformat Warhammer 40k Dawn Of War 2 Animation
524 HMP-filformat Worms Height Map Format
525 HOB-filformat Star Trek Birth Of The Federation Ship Graphic Data
526 HOD-filformat Homeworld Object Data
527 HOG-filformat Descent Mission Format
528 HOGG-filformat Cryptic Studios Data
529 HOLDEMSAVE-MS-filformat Microsoft Windows Holdem Game Data Format
530 HONMOD-filformat Heroes Of Newerth Mod Format
531 HONREPLAY-filformat Heroes Of Newerth Replay Format
532 HOT-filformat The Sims Sound Format
533 HOTSPOT-filformat Homeworld Cursor Informaiton
534 HP3-filformat Harpoon Classic Game Data Format
535 HP4-filformat Harpoon Classic Game Data Format
536 HP6-filformat Harpoon Classic Game Data Format
537 HP7-filformat Harpoon Classic Game Data Format
538 HP9-filformat Harpoon Classic Game Data Format
539 HPB-filformat Larry Bonds Harpoon – Commander’s Edition Game Data Format
540 HPK-filformat Tropico Game Archive
541 HPS-filformat HPL2 Script
542 HQR-filformat Little Big Adventure HQR
543 HSM-filformat The Sims Sound
544 HSV-filformat Diablo: Hellfire Singleplayer Character Data
545 HUL-filformat Re-Volt Collision Data
546 HULL-filformat Half-Life Map Collision Hull
547 HUN-filformat Personal Paint Hungarian Language User Interface
548 HVA-filformat Command And Conquer Tiberian Sun Voxel Animation Control
549 HWD-filformat Hedgewars Demo Format
550 HWMAP-filformat Hedgewars Drawn Map Format
551 HWS-filformat Hedgewars Saved Game
552 HXM-filformat Descent 2 Resource Modification
553 I3A-filformat Point Blank Game
554 I3ANIMPACK-filformat Point Blank Game
555 I3CHR-filformat Point Blank Game
556 I3EXEC-filformat Point Blank
557 I3PACK-filformat Point Blank Game Data Format
558 I3S-filformat Point Blank Game
559 IAI-filformat Nova Logic Item Attributes Info
560 IAO-filformat ImperiumAO Data
561 IB2-filformat IncrediBots 2 Saved Challenge Format
562 IB3-filformat IncrediBots 3 Saved Challenge Format
563 IBF-filformat Final Fantasy XI Game
564 IBI-filformat Raven Software ICARUS Compiled Script
565 IBRO-filformat IncrediBots Robot Format
566 IBT-filformat Texture And Model Format
567 IC8-filformat Neo Geo BIOS
568 IDS-filformat Infinity Game Engine
569 IDX0-filformat Runescape Cache Index Format
570 IDX255-filformat Runescape Cache Format
571 IEX-filformat The Tuttles Madcap Misadventures
572 IFP-filformat GTA Animation Format
573 IFR-filformat Formula One 2001 Game
574 IGL-filformat IGOR Game
575 IIE-filformat SimIIe Emulator
576 IMC-filformat LucasArts Game Sound
577 IMGA-filformat Aleph One Image Format
578 IMGB-filformat Final Fantasy XII Model
579 INB-filformat Rebel Assault Backup
580 INIBIN-filformat League Of Legends Game Data Format
581 INN-filformat Phantasmagoria Ini
582 INSANIQUARIUMDELUXESAVEDGAME-filformat Insaniquarium Deluxe Save Game
583 INTR-filformat Assassinss Creed Game Data Format
584 INV-filformat INVedit Format
585 IOP-filformat Lost Saga Game Data Format
586 IPS-filformat Internal Patching System Patch Format
587 IQE-filformat Inter-Quake Export Data Format
588 ISB-filformat Vanguard Music
589 IT2-filformat Intruders Thunder 2 Game Level Format
590 ITEMSCRIPT-filformat Divinity: Original Sin Game Data Format
591 ITK-filformat ScummVM Game Data Format
592 ITP-filformat BioWare Aurora Game Engine Palette
593 ITR-filformat Icy Tower Replay Format
594 IW5DLC-filformat Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 DLC Data Format
595 IWD-filformat Call Of Duty Game Data Format
596 IX4-filformat Rebel Chess
597 J2B-filformat Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Music
598 J2D-filformat Jazz Jackrabbit Data
599 J2E-filformat Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Episode
600 J2I-filformat Jazz 2 Internet Link Format
601 J2L-filformat Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Level Format
602 J2T-filformat Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Tile Set Format
603 JA-filformat Jet Archive
604 JAG-filformat Jagex Data Format
605 JAP-filformat Japanese Nintendo 64 Game ROM
606 JBL-filformat Doom Scene Add-on
607 JEWELQUESTHERITAGESAVEDGAME-filformat Jewel Quest Saved Game Format
608 JEWELQUESTSAVEDGAME-filformat Jewel Quest Saved Game
609 JEWELQUESTSOLITAIRE2SAVEDGAME-filformat Jewel Quest Saved Game Format
610 JG4-filformat BigJig Jigsaw Puzzle
611 JIG-filformat GameHouse Puzzle Jigsaw Game
612 JIGSAW-filformat Jigsaw Explorer Save Format
613 JIGZ-filformat Jiggsaw Puzzle
614 JIT-filformat Aika Online Texture
615 JKB-filformat Quake 3 Arena Bot AI
616 JKL-filformat Jedi Knight
617 JKS-filformat Jedi Knight Save
618 JMA-filformat NSRT Compressed Game
619 JPZ-filformat Puzzle Solver Puzzle
620 JQ3SAVEGAME-filformat Jewel Quest III Saved Game
621 JRC-filformat PCjr Cartridge ROM Format
622 JRF-filformat The Jumbot Bot Level Navigation
623 JRL-filformat BioWare Aurora Game Engine Journal
624 JRZ-filformat PSP Game Data Format
625 K2S-filformat Kaiser 2 Saved Game
626 KA-filformat Karma Engine (Unreal) Asset
627 KAF-filformat Resurrection Matchmaker! Map Pack Format
628 KCL-filformat Mario Kart Collision Format
629 KDA-filformat Nova Logic Game
630 KF-filformat The Elder Scrolls Game
631 KFS-filformat Max Payne Model
632 KGT-filformat Vanguard Princess Game Data Format
633 KLD-filformat Dungeon Keeper 2 Playable Map
634 KNW-filformat Live For Speed AI Knowledge
635 KODU-filformat Kodu Game Format
636 KRN-filformat NBA 99 Fonts
637 KSML-filformat Halo Custom Edition
638 KTO-filformat NetKar Pro Mid Ohio
639 KV6-filformat Ace Of Spades Model Format
640 KWREPLAY-filformat Command & Conquer 3 Replay Format
641 KXR-filformat GetAmped2 Game Archive Format
642 L2R-filformat Lineage II Replay
643 L3D-filformat Black & White Graphics Format
644 LA0-filformat LucasArts Game Data
645 LA1-filformat LucasArts Game Data
646 LA2-filformat LucasArts Game Data
647 LABY-filformat Laby Level Format
648 LBF-filformat Bioshock 2 Configuration
649 LDO-filformat Nova Logic Game Loadout Text
650 LDW-filformat Virtual Villagers Saved Game Format
651 LEV-filformat Worms Map
652 LFD-filformat LucasArts Game Resource Format
653 LFL-filformat LucasArts Games Resource Format
654 LGL-filformat LeechGet Download List
655 LGP-filformat Final Fantasy Media Archive
656 LGT-filformat Urban Chaos Game
657 LHZ-filformat LHA Compressed Format Archive
658 LL-filformat List & Label Preview Format
659 LLSD-filformat Second Life Game Data Format
660 LMG-filformat CryENGINE Locomotion Group Animation
661 LMP-filformat Doom Recorded Demo
662 LMU-filformat RPG Maker Map Format
663 LNC-filformat Football Manager Player
664 LNGP-filformat This War Of Mine Language Localization Pack Format
665 LNZ-filformat Petz Linez
666 LOCRES-filformat Unreal Tournament Localization Data Format
667 LOD-filformat Homeworld Level Of Detail Format
668 LOS-filformat Close Combat 2 Map Related
669 LOVE-filformat LÖVE Game Format
670 LPB-filformat LaserTank Replay Format
671 LPR-filformat Homeworld
672 LRN-filformat Apple Chess User Data
673 LSD-filformat FIFA World Cup Game Data Environment Format
674 LSSCRIPT-filformat Divinity: Original Sin Game Data Format
675 LSW-filformat RPG Maker Saved Game Format
676 LTA-filformat Monolith Lithtech Game Engine
677 LTG-filformat LaserTank Graphics Format
678 LUG-filformat Game
679 LUV-filformat Medieval 2 Total War
680 LUXB-filformat Lux Map Format
681 LUXOR2SAVEDGAME-filformat Luxor 2 Saved Game Format
682 LV6-filformat Return To Wonderland Level
683 LVB-filformat Outlaws Game
684 LVL-filformat Game Level Format
685 LXT-filformat S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
686 LZC-filformat Need For Speed Undercover Game Data
687 LZP-filformat Law And Order 3: Justice Is Served Game
688 M2-filformat World Or Warcraft Model Object
689 M32-filformat Duke Nukem 3D Script
690 M3H-filformat Starcraft 2 Model Data
691 M3S-filformat Myst III Exile Saved Game
692 M3T-filformat Myst 3 Exile Text
693 M4S-filformat Myst IV: Revelation Save Game
694 M64-filformat Mupen64 Movie Capture
695 M8-filformat Heretic II MipMap Image
696 M8M-filformat 8mam8 Game Data Format
697 MA0-filformat Diablo II Act 1 Saved Map Progress
698 MAHJONGTITANSSAVE-MS-filformat Mahjong Titans Saved Game
699 MANM-filformat Vietcong Game Data Format
700 MAO-filformat Dragon Age Origins MAO XML
701 MAPLET-filformat Maplet World Format
702 MASSEFFECTPROFILE-filformat Mass Effect Player Profile
703 MASSEFFECTSAVE-filformat Mass Effect Saved Game
704 MATO-filformat Atomic Combat Saved Game
705 MATPROJ-filformat Dragon Age Origins Material
706 MAZ-filformat Hover! Maze Format
707 MB1-filformat Monster Bash Game Data
708 MBE-filformat MVP Baseball 2005 Game
709 MBZ-filformat Pogoshell NES Emulator Plugin
710 MCA-filformat Minecraft "Anvil" Map Format
711 MCC-filformat Amiga MUI External Class Library
712 MCGAME-filformat Minecraft Game Backup Format
713 MCLEVEL-filformat Minecraft Map Format
714 MCMETA-filformat Minecraft Animation Format
715 MCWORLD-filformat Minecraft World Backup Format
716 MD2-filformat Quake 2 Player Model
717 MD3-filformat Quake 3 3D Model
718 MD4-filformat Quake 3 MD4 Skeletal Model Format
719 MD6ANIM-filformat Id Tech 6 Animation Data Format
720 MD6MESH-filformat Id Tech 6 Mesh Format
721 MDR-filformat ZX Spectrum Microdrive Emulator
722 MDV-filformat QLAY
723 ME2MOD-filformat Mass Effect 2 Modification Format
724 MENU-filformat Quake 3 Engine Menu Format
725 MGL-filformat Age Of Empires 2 Replay Format
726 MGSV-filformat Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Mod Archive Format
727 MGZ-filformat Metal Gear Solid Game Archive
728 MHD-filformat Fallout 3
729 MHK-filformat Riven Movie Data
730 MII-filformat Wii Virtual Avatar Format
731 MINE-filformat Minecraft Map Format
732 MINESWEEPERSAVE-MS-filformat Minesweeper Saved Game
733 MIS-filformat Saved Game Mission Format
734 MKR-filformat Train Simulator Marker
735 MLX-filformat Starcraft Saved Game
736 MM6-filformat Might And Magic 6 Saved Game Format
737 MM7-filformat Might And Magic 7 Saved Game Format
738 MM8-filformat MusicMaker V8 Audio Format
739 MMX-filformat Command And Conquer Game
740 MN2-filformat Descent 2 Mission
741 MN3-filformat Descent 3 Mission
742 MNI-filformat Star Trek Elite Force 2 Game
743 MODINFO-filformat Civilization 5 Mod Information Format
744 MODPAK-filformat Starbound Compressed Mod Format
745 MOG-filformat Football Mogul
746 MOMMA-filformat Offspring Fling Replay Format
747 MOPP-filformat Havok Engine
748 MP2M-filformat Max Payne 2 Mod Format
749 MP2S-filformat Max Payne 2 Saved Game
750 MPK-filformat Painkiller Overdose Game Map Format
751 MPQE-filformat Blizzard Encrypted Game Data
752 MRES-filformat Homeworld Game Data Format
753 MRM-filformat Gothic 2
754 MS1-filformat VirtualBus Map Format
755 MSX-filformat Age Of Empires II Saved Game
756 MTR-filformat RealFight Radio Control
757 MUL-filformat Ultima Online Multi Format
758 MW4-filformat MechWarrior Game Structure Format Archive
759 MYP-filformat Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning
760 N-GAGE-filformat N-Gage Application
761 N3PMESH-filformat Knight Online 3D Mesh Format
762 N64-filformat Nintendo 64 Emulator ROM Format
763 NARC-filformat Nintendo DS Archive Format
764 NAV-filformat Id Tech 3 Bot Navigation Format
765 NAZ-filformat Total Overdose Game Data Format
766 NBFC-filformat Nintendo DS Nitro Basic Format Character
767 NBFP-filformat Nintedo DS Nitro Basic Format Palette
768 NBFS-filformat Nintendo DS Nitro Basic Format Screen
769 NBT-filformat Minecraft Named Binary Tag Format
770 NCER-filformat Nintendo DS Nitro Cell Resource
771 NCF-filformat No Cache Format
772 NCGR-filformat Nintendo DS Title Graphics Format
773 NCLR-filformat Nintendo DS Color Palette Format
774 NCP-filformat NHL Ice Hockey 2002 User NHLcards
775 NCS-filformat Bioware Aurora / Obsidian Electron Compiled Script
776 NDM-filformat Enemy Territory Quake Wars Demo
777 NDS-filformat Nintendo DS Game ROM
778 NEOSAVE-filformat Neopets Puzzle Adventure Saved Game
779 NES-filformat Nintendo (NES) ROM Format
780 NEZ-filformat NES ROM Emulator Image
781 NFS11SAVE-filformat Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Save Format
782 NFS13SAVE-filformat Need For Speed: Most Wanted Saved Game
783 NGAGE-filformat N-Gage Game Format
784 NGH-filformat Neighbours From Hell 2 Saved Game
785 NGN-filformat Fly! Engine Specification
786 NGP-filformat NeoGeo Pocket ROM
787 NH-filformat NetHack Defaults
788 NHL-filformat Nhl Ice Hockey Game 2002 User Teams
789 NLB-filformat Colin McRae Rally Network Leader Boards Game
790 NLELEM-filformat NoLimits Track Element Format
791 NLPX-filformat NoLimits Package
792 NLTRACK-filformat NoLimits Roller Coaster Track Format
793 NOB-filformat Silver Game Data
794 NODE-filformat For Honor EasyAntiCheat Data Format
795 NON-filformat Star Wars: Tie Fighter Mouse Options
796 NOVA-filformat Cryptic Game Data Archive Format
797 NSBCA-filformat Nintendo DS Model Animation Format
798 NSBMD-filformat Nintendo DS Model Format
799 NSBTX-filformat Nintendo DS Model Texture Format
800 NSCR-filformat Nintendo DS Title Screen Format
801 NTFP-filformat Nintendo DS Nitro Format Palette
802 NTL-filformat Diablo 2 Mod D2NT Script
803 NTRK-filformat Pacific FIghters Online Track Format
804 NV-filformat MAME NVRAM Format
805 NWN-filformat Bioware Aurora Engine Module
806 NWX-filformat Outlaws Choreography
807 NXU-filformat C4 Engine XML Model Data Format
808 O8D-filformat OCTGN Deck
809 O8G-filformat OCTGN Game Definition
810 O8S-filformat OCTGN Set
811 OAC-filformat Grand Theft Auto V Audio Data Format
812 OAF-filformat Microsoft Flight Simulator Texture
813 OAV-filformat Microsoft Flight Simulator Texture
814 OGZ-filformat Cube 2 Map Format
815 OLV-filformat Roller Coaster Tycoon
816 OMOD-filformat Oblivion Mod Archive
817 OP2-filformat Outpost 2 Saved Game
818 OPA-filformat Fly! RAW Image Opacity Map
819 OPK-filformat Sinking Island/LIle Noyée Game
820 OPPC-filformat Space Marine Game Resource Package
821 OPQ-filformat Eschalon: Book I Game
822 ORK-filformat Warhammer Mark Of Chaos Game Archive
823 ORZ-filformat Holic Game
824 OSF-filformat Descent 3 Sound
825 OSK-filformat Osu! Skin Format
826 OSR-filformat Osu! Replay Format
827 OSU-filformat Osu! Script
828 OSZ-filformat Osu! Beatmap Format
829 OTD-filformat OpenIV Texture Data
830 OVH-filformat OMSI Bus Settings
831 OVK-filformat Little Busters! Game Data Format
832 OVL-filformat Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Data Format
833 OXS-filformat Racer Onyx Script Format
834 OZT-filformat Mu Online Texture
835 P00-filformat C64 Emulator
836 P000-filformat Dragons Prophet Game Data Format
837 P2S-filformat PCSX2 Saved State
838 P3D-filformat Operation Flashpoint Game Model Format
839 P3T-filformat PlayStation 3 Theme Format
840 P4F-filformat MU Online [P4F] Launcher System Data
841 P8-filformat PICO-8 Data Format
842 PACKAGE-filformat Electronic Arts Game Package Format
843 PACKMETA-filformat Quantum Break Metadata Format
844 PAT0-filformat Nintendo Wii Texture Pattern
845 PATCH_0-filformat Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Bundle Patch Format
846 PBN-filformat Portable Bridge Notation Format
847 PBO-filformat Packed Bohemia Object
848 PBP-filformat PSP Firmware Update Format
849 PCC-filformat Mass Effect Package
850 PCE-filformat TurboGrafx-16 ROM
851 PCF-filformat Valve Particle System Format
852 PCK-filformat Game Package Format
853 PCSAV-filformat Mass Effect 2 Saved Game
854 PCSXSTATE-filformat PCSX Saved State Format
855 PDXA-filformat Europa Universalis III
856 PEG-filformat Peggle Replay Format
857 PEGGLESAVEDGAME-filformat Peggle Saved Game Format
858 PEGN-filformat Peggle Nights Replay Format
859 PER-filformat Age Of Empires Personality Format
860 PFF-filformat NovaLogic Game Archive Format
861 PGB-filformat Rayman 2
862 PGE-filformat PocketGrandmaster Game Engine
863 PGN-filformat Portable Game Notation Format
864 PGT-filformat Pokémon Gift Format
865 PHE-filformat WinChess Game Record
866 PHN-filformat Algodoo Phun Phunlet
867 PHYA-filformat Aleph One Physics Format
868 PHZ-filformat Algodoo Phun Compressed Phunlet
869 PIG-filformat Descent Texture Format
870 PJ-filformat Project64 Saved State Format
871 PJ1-filformat Project64 Save
872 PK1-filformat XS Game
873 PK3-filformat Quake 3 Engine Game Data Format
874 PK4-filformat Doom 3 Engine Game Data Format
875 PK5-filformat Enemy Territory Quake Wars 23rd Century Warfare
876 PK7-filformat ZDoom 7-zip Game Archive
877 PKM-filformat Pokemon Saved Game Data Format
878 PKMDL-filformat Painkiller Overdose Game
879 PKZ-filformat Kart Racing Pro Track
880 PLANTSVSZOMBIESSAVEDGAME-filformat Plants Vs. Zombies Saved Game Format
881 PLAYER-filformat Metro 2033 Save Game
882 PLAYMISSION-filformat MissionPlayer Game Format
883 PLR-filformat RFactor Player Format
884 PLRE-filformat Coconut Queen Game
885 PLT0-filformat Nintendo Wii Color Palette
886 PMO-filformat Pegasus Mail Saved Message Format
887 PNACH-filformat PCSX2 Patch Format
888 PNS-filformat Pegasus Mail Formatted Signature Format
889 POA-filformat FiFa World Cup Game Data Fe Art Legalscr
890 POF-filformat Descent Robot Definition Format
891 POG-filformat Descent 2 Texture Modification
892 POK-filformat ZX Spectrum Emulator Poke
893 POLARBOWLERSAVEDGAME-filformat Polar Bowler Saved Game
894 POLARGOLFERSAVEDGAME-filformat Polar Golfer Saved Game
895 POO-filformat On-Line Game Protected
896 PQHERO-filformat Puzzle Quest Saved Game
897 PREFS-filformat MMORPG Tycoon Preferences Format
898 PRIMITIVES_PROCESSED-filformat World Of Tanks 3D Model Format
899 PRISON-filformat Prison Architect Saved Game
900 PRK-filformat Thrillville Park Format
901 PROFILE_SAVE_DATA-filformat Battlefield 3 And Battlefield 4 Profile Format
902 PROP-filformat Spore Property
903 PS2-filformat PCSX2 Memory Card Format
904 PSARC-filformat Sony Playstation 3 Game Archive
905 PSDL-filformat Midtown Madness 2 City Format
906 PSS-filformat PlayStation 2 Game Video Format
907 PSSG-filformat EGO Engine Textures Format
908 PSU-filformat EMS PS2 Memory Adapter Save Format
909 PSV-filformat PlayStation 2 Save Format
910 PSX-filformat PlayStation Save Format
911 PSYS-filformat ZEQ2 Lite Particle Effects Format
912 PTA-filformat NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Game
913 PTU-filformat Nova Logic Effects Definition
914 PUA-filformat Against Rome Game Data Format
915 PUD-filformat WarCraft Map
916 PURBLEPAIRSSAVE-MS-filformat Purble Pairs Saved Game
917 PURBLESHOPSAVE-MS-filformat Purble Place Shop Saved Game
918 PURPLESHOPSAVE-MS-filformat Purple Place Shop Saved Game Format
919 PVI-filformat PODBot Knowledge
920 PVPF-filformat Pet Ville Save Format
921 PWF-filformat Counter-Strike PODBot Waypoint Format
922 PZCOR-filformat Panzer Corps Saved Core Army Data Format
923 PZL-filformat Tibo Jigs@w Puzzle Format
924 PZSAV-filformat Panzer Corps Saved Game Format
925 Q2PLUG-filformat Quake 2 For Mac Game
926 Q2RENDERER-filformat Quake 2 For Mac Renderer Extension
927 QE4-filformat Kingpin Life Of Crime Settings
928 QFS-filformat Need For Speed Tracks Trk000
929 QSU-filformat Zelda Classic Quest
930 QSV-filformat Jigs@w Saved Puzzle State
931 QUESTTEMPLATE-filformat Starbound Quest Template
932 QVM-filformat Quake 3 Virtual Machine Format
933 QWD-filformat QuakeWorld Demo Format
934 R8-filformat Microsoft Flight Simulator Texture
935 RA3AUTOSAVE-filformat Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Save Game
936 RA3CAMPAIGN-filformat Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Save Game
937 RA3REPLAY-filformat Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Replay
938 RA3SKIRMISH-filformat Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Skirmish Map
939 RADQ-filformat Need For Madness Game Archive
940 RAV-filformat FIFA 2001 Data Environment Format
941 RBJ-filformat XRK Compiled Redcode Object Format
942 RBLX-filformat ROBLOX Game Data Format
943 RBXL-filformat ROBLOX Location Format
944 RBXM-filformat ROBLOX Model
945 RC4-filformat Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Customisation Data Format
946 RCF-filformat Prototype Game Format
947 RD2-filformat TOCA Race Driver 2 Saved Game
948 RDE-filformat Painkiller Overdose Game
949 RDM-filformat Ragdoll Masters Preference
950 RE4-filformat Resident Evil 4
951 REPL-filformat Ultimate Stunts Replay Format
952 REPLAY_LAST_BATTLE-filformat World Of Tanks Last Battle Recording Format
953 RESDEX-filformat Stronghold 3 Resource
954 REZ-filformat Lithtech Game Engine Resource Format
955 RFGS_PC-filformat Red Faction: Guerilla Saved Game Format
956 RFM-filformat RFactor Modification Format
957 RFMOD-filformat RFactor 2 Mod
958 RGI-filformat RealArcade Game Installer
959 RGM-filformat Essence Game Engine Model
960 RGP-filformat RealArcade Game Package
961 RGSS2A-filformat RPG Maker VX RGSS Encrypted Archive
962 RGSS3A-filformat RPG Maker VX RGSS Version 3 Encrypted Archive
963 RGSSAD-filformat RPG Maker VX RGSS Encrypted Archive
964 RGZ-filformat Ragnarok EXE And BGM Patch Archive
965 RICOCHETEXTREMESAVEDGAME-filformat Ricochet Extreme Saved Game Format
966 RIGID_MESH-filformat Empire: Total War Mesh Format
967 RIGID_MODEL_ANIMATION-filformat Empire: Total War Animation Format
968 RIM-filformat BioWare Resource Image Format
969 RKC-filformat Mario Kart Wii Competition Data
970 RKG-filformat Mario Kart Wii Ghost Data
971 RKP-filformat Rockchip MP4 Player Game
972 RKV-filformat Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes Game Archive
973 RL1-filformat Descent 1 Registered Level
974 RL2-filformat Descent 2 Registered Level
975 RLEGZ-filformat Golly Compressed Simulation Pattern Format
976 RLST-filformat Sims 3 Data
977 RLW-filformat Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged
978 RME-filformat Final Fantasy Audio
979 RNR-filformat The 11th Hour Game Data
980 ROACJ-filformat Call Of Juarez Game Resource Data
981 ROFL-filformat Leagues Of Legends Replay
982 ROM-filformat N64 Game ROM Format
983 ROT-filformat Homeworld 2 Graphics Format
984 RP2-filformat RetroPlatform Player Program Archive
985 RP3-filformat Need For Speed Game
986 RPACK-filformat Call Of Juarez Game Data
987 RPKG-filformat Hitman Game Data Format
988 RPL-filformat Toribash Replay Format
989 RS2-filformat RailSim2 Saved Layout Format
990 RSG-filformat Drakan Order Of The Flame
991 RSH-filformat Warhammer 40,000 Texture
992 RTZ-filformat Eraser Bot For Quake 2 Route Data Format
993 RVDATA-filformat RPG Maker VX Data Format
994 RVDATA2-filformat RPG Maker VX Data
995 RVI-filformat Revenant Game Archive
996 RVM-filformat Revenant Game Archive
997 RVMAT-filformat Armed Assault Texture
998 RVPROJ-filformat RPG Maker VX Project Format
999 RVPROJ2-filformat RPG Maker VX Project
1000 RVR-filformat Revenant Game Archive
1001 RVS-filformat Revenant Game Archive
1002 RXDATA-filformat RMXP Data Format
1003 S10-filformat Brasfoot Saved Game Format
1004 S16-filformat Football Manager Game Data Format
1005 S2-filformat Stranded II Map
1006 S28-filformat Genesis Or Sega32X ROM Image
1007 S2M-filformat Stronghold 2 Map Format
1008 S2MA-filformat Starcraft 2 Map
1009 S2MH-filformat StarCraft 2 Map Header Format
1010 S2Z-filformat Heroes Of Newerth Game Data Format
1011 S3F-filformat Battle Academy 3D Model Format
1012 S3L-filformat Scorched 3D Model Format
1013 S3T-filformat Scorched 3D Tankpack
1014 S4M-filformat SWAT 4 Map Format
1015 S5X-filformat Heritage Of Kings: The Settlers Map Format
1016 S6SAVEGAME-filformat The Settlers Rise Of An Empire Saved Game Format
1017 SA1-filformat Game Boy Emulator Save Format
1018 SABL-filformat Call Ot Duty: Black Ops II Audio Library
1019 SABS-filformat Call Ot Duty: Black Ops II Sounds
1020 SACRED2SAVE-filformat Sacred 2 Save Game
1021 SAD-filformat Black & White Audio Format
1022 SAK-filformat Postal Game Archive
1023 SAV-filformat Saved Game
1024 SAV2-filformat SuperPower Save Game
1025 SAVE_MULTIPLAYER-filformat Total War Multiplayer Save
1026 SAW-filformat Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles
1027 SB0-filformat Ubisoft Sound Format
1028 SC1-filformat SimCity
1029 SC2000-filformat Sim City 2000 Tileset
1030 SC2ARCHIVE-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Archive Format
1031 SC2ASSETS-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Assets Format
1032 SC2BANK-filformat StarCraft 2 Bank Format
1033 SC2DATA-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Data Format
1034 SC2MA-filformat StarCraft 2 Map Data Format
1035 SC2MAP-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Map Format
1036 SC2MOD-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Modification Format
1037 SC2REPLAY-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Replay Format
1038 SC2SAVE-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Saved Game
1039 SC2SCENE-filformat StarCraft 2 Cut Scene Format
1040 SC4-filformat SimCity 4 Saved Format
1041 SC4DESC-filformat SimCity 4 Description Format
1042 SC4LOT-filformat SimCity 4 Lot Format
1043 SC4PATH-filformat SimCity 4 Network Paths Format
1044 SC5-filformat Chris Sawyer Locomotion Scenario
1045 SC6-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Scenario Format
1046 SCB-filformat Command & Conquer World Builder Script Format
1047 SCEA-filformat Aleph One Map Format
1048 SCHEMATIC-filformat MCEdit Schematic Format
1049 SCN-filformat Age Of Mythology Scenario Format
1050 SCRABBLEHASBROSAVEDGAME-filformat Hasbro Scrabble Save Game
1051 SCS-filformat SimCity Societies Saved Game Format
1052 SCSPACK-filformat SimCity Societies Transfer Package
1053 SD7-filformat Spring Content Package
1054 SDZ-filformat Spring Content Package
1055 SEVENWONDERSTREASURESOFSEVENSAVEDGAME-filformat 7 Wonders: Treasures Of Seven Saved Game Format
1056 SF7-filformat Sega SF-7000 ROM
1057 SFAR-filformat Mass Effect 3 DLC Format
1058 SFB-filformat PlayStation 3 Disc Data Format
1059 SFC-filformat Super Nintendo ROM
1060 SGA-filformat Relic Entertainment Game Archive
1061 SGAA-filformat Aleph One Saved Game
1062 SGB-filformat Dawn Of War Map Format
1063 SGD-filformat SameGame Data
1064 SGH-filformat Guitar Hero 3 Setlist Settings
1065 SH2-filformat Stronghold 2 Saved Game
1066 SHADER-filformat Quake 3 Engine Shader Format
1067 SHADERCACHE-filformat Space Marine Shader Cache
1068 SHADERLIB-filformat Stronghold 3 Shader
1069 SHADER_BUNDLE-filformat Avalanche Studios Game Graphics Format
1070 SHDC-filformat ArmA: Armed Assault
1071 SHIPSECTION-filformat Sword Of The Stars Ship Data
1072 SHMAP-filformat Stronghold 3 Map
1073 SHPA-filformat Aleph One Shape Format
1074 SIM3-filformat The Sims 3
1075 SIMS2PACK-filformat Downloaded Sims 2 Package Format
1076 SIMS2SKIN-filformat Sims 2 Skin
1077 SIMS3-filformat The Sims 3 Save
1078 SIMS3PACK-filformat The Sims 3 Package Format
1079 SIN-filformat SiN Game
1080 SJS-filformat Simcity 3000 Buildings Add-on
1081 SKEL-filformat Darkest Dungeon Animation Format
1082 SKSE-filformat The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Script Extender Data
1083 SKUDEF-filformat Command & Conquer Archive Description Package
1084 SLH-filformat Baldurs Gate II Game Data Format
1085 SLM-filformat Second Life Mesh Asset
1086 SLST-filformat Game Data Format
1087 SM-filformat StepMania Song Format
1088 SMC-filformat Super Nintendo Game ROM
1089 SMO-filformat Sumotori Dreams Arena Format
1090 SMPD-filformat Sc2gears Mouse Print Data Format
1091 SMRAILROADSSAVEDGAME-filformat Sid Meiers Railroads Saved Game Format
1092 SMZIP-filformat StepMania Package
1093 SNAP-filformat ZX Spectrum Emulator Mirage Microdrive Snapshot
1094 SNDA-filformat Aleph One Sound Format
1095 SNDSHD-filformat Id Tech 4 Sound Shader Format
1096 SNGW-filformat Devil May Cry 4 Audio
1097 SNI-filformat MDK Game Archive
1098 SOD-filformat Wolfenstein 3D Spear Of Destiny Game Data
1099 SOE-filformat Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire
1100 SOLIDCONFIG-filformat STAR WARS: The Old Republic Launcher Config
1101 SOLITAIRESAVE-MS-filformat Microsoft Solitaire Saved Game
1102 SOUNDS-filformat Quake 3 Engine Sound Definition Format
1103 SOW-filformat Descent ARJ Archive
1104 SP2-filformat Super Ball 2 Level Format
1105 SP4-filformat Roller Coaster Tycoon Saved Game
1106 SPAWN-filformat S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
1107 SPB-filformat Flight Simulator Mission Format
1108 SPIDERSOLITAIRESAVE-MS-filformat Microsoft Spider Solitaire Saved Game
1109 SPMOD-filformat SimplePlanes Game Modification Format
1110 SPRITE-filformat SuperTux Sprite Format
1111 SQF-filformat ArmA Script Format
1112 SQH-filformat Harbinger Game
1113 SQS-filformat Operation Flashpoint Game Script
1114 SRK-filformat Sub Rosa Client Format
1115 SRM-filformat Super Nintendo ROM Save Format
1116 SRT0-filformat Wii Texture Animation Format
1117 SS0-filformat GameBoid First Saving Slot
1118 SSFSAV-filformat Super Smash Flash Saved Game Format
1119 SSV-filformat ShadowFlare Saved Game Format
1120 STEAMSTART-filformat Valve Steam Start Format
1121 STORMREPLAY-filformat Heroes Of The Storm Game Replay Format
1122 STREAM-filformat Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Bundle Data Format
1123 STREAMED-filformat Rage Id Tech 5 Game Language
1124 STSG-filformat SuperTux Saved Game
1125 STUFF-filformat Eve Online Game Archive
1126 STWM-filformat SuperTux World Map Format
1127 SUPERCOLLAPSE3SAVEDGAME-filformat Super Collapse! 3 Saved Game Format
1128 SV1-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
1129 SV2-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
1130 SV3-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game Format
1131 SV4-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
1132 SV5-filformat BigJig Saved Puzzle
1133 SV6-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Saved Game
1134 SV8-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon
1135 SVE-filformat Simutrans Saved Game
1136 SVH-filformat Fly! Simulated Vehicle Specification
1137 SVT-filformat Torchlight Saved Game Format
1138 SWE-filformat NHL Ice Hockey 2002 Required
1139 SWV-filformat Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice Settings Format
1140 SWW-filformat Anno Saved Game
1141 SYB-filformat Syberia Game Data Format
1142 SYSTEM-filformat Vega Strike Virtual System Format
1143 T3-filformat TADS 3 Game
1144 TAD-filformat Total Annihilation Demo Saved Game Data
1145 TAF-filformat ADRIFT Text Adventure Format
1146 TAS-filformat ADRIFT Text Adventure Save
1147 TBC-filformat Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Season01 Vehicles
1148 TBG-filformat Infinity Engine Game
1149 TBI-filformat FIFA 2001 Data Cmn Be
1150 TD4-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Format
1151 TD6-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design Format
1152 TED-filformat Alamo Map Format
1153 TERRN2-filformat Rigs Of Rods Terrain Data Format
1154 TEW-filformat Wrestling Spirit
1155 TEX0-filformat Wii Texture Format
1156 TEXTUREPACK-filformat Arena Wars Texture Pack
1157 TF2-filformat Team Fortress 2 Data
1158 TFR-filformat TIE Fighter Pilot Format
1159 TGH-filformat Guitar Hero 3 Tier Settings
1160 TGI-filformat SimCity 4
1161 TGQ-filformat Dungeon Keeper 2 Movie Game
1162 TGX-filformat Stronghold
1163 THEWITCHERSAVE-filformat The Witcher Save Game
1164 TIGER-filformat Tomb Raider Game Data Archive
1165 TIL-filformat Nova Logic Game Tile
1166 TILESKINZIP-filformat Elemental Tile Skin
1167 TIM-filformat The Incredible Machine Level
1168 TINYID-filformat Tiny Village
1169 TIR-filformat Tibia RePlay Tibia Movie
1170 TIT-filformat Train Simulator Track Interactive Table
1171 TJA-filformat Taikojiro Song Map Format
1172 TJC-filformat Taikojiro Song Map Sequence Format
1173 TKR-filformat Tinker Custom Level Format
1174 TLK-filformat BioWare Aurora Engine Talk Table Format
1175 TMG-filformat The Marketing Game! Game Data Format
1176 TOBJ-filformat 18 Wheels Of Steel: Haulin Game Data Format
1177 TOH-filformat Infinity Engine Game
1178 TOMBRAIDER 3-filformat Tomb Raider 3 Save Game
1179 TOR-filformat Star Wars: The Old Republic Asset Format
1180 TOT-filformat Bioware Infinity Game Engine Talk Table Override Text
1181 TOY-filformat Catz & Dogz Game
1182 TP4-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Picture Format
1183 TPJ-filformat Nova Logic Game Terrain Project
1184 TRAYITEM-filformat The Sims 4 Game Data Format
1185 TRE-filformat EA SPORTS Game
1186 TSD-filformat NovaLogic Game Tile Surface Define
1187 TTARCH-filformat Telltale Games Archive
1188 TTARCH2-filformat The Walking Dead Season Two Game Data
1189 TTG-filformat Command & Conquer Red Alert 3
1190 TTH-filformat Vampire - Bloodlines Game
1191 TTM-filformat Tower Toppler Mission Format
1192 TTZ-filformat Vampire The Masquerade
1193 TUNEAO-filformat Marathon 2 Aleph One
1194 TUT-filformat Children Of The Nile Tutorial Format
1195 TVI-filformat Terminal Velocity Animation Data Format
1196 TWT-filformat Carmageddon 2 Data Format
1197 TXB-filformat Descent / Descent 2 Encoded Briefing
1198 TXC-filformat Urban Chaos Game
1199 TXI-filformat KOTOR2 Game
1200 TXTR-filformat The Sims Texture
1201 U-filformat Unreal Tournament Class Package
1202 U00-filformat The Price Is Right 2010 Game
1203 U2CAR-filformat NFS:U2 Car
1204 UC-filformat UnrealScript Class
1205 UCL-filformat Unreal Tournament Cache Format
1206 UCM-filformat Crazy Machines Model Format
1207 UCS-filformat Homeworld Localized Unicode Strings
1208 UDK-filformat Unreal Engine Map Format
1209 UDM-filformat MapView User Module
1210 UFX-filformat Ultimate 3D Game Engine Material
1211 UGC-filformat Ace Of Spades Game Data Format
1212 UGD-filformat Need For Speed Underground
1213 UGI-filformat MultiGo Game Data Format
1214 UGZ-filformat MultiGo Compressed Game Data Format
1215 UHTM-filformat Unreal Tournament
1216 UKA-filformat Fifa World Cup Game Data
1217 UKX-filformat Unreal Animation Package
1218 UMOD-filformat Unreal Tournament Module Format
1219 UMV-filformat Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Video Data Format
1220 UNCOMPRESSED_SIZE-filformat Singularity Game
1221 UNITXT-filformat YS FLIGHT Language
1222 UNITY-filformat Unity Scene Format
1223 UNITY3D-filformat Unity Web Player Format
1224 UNIT_VARIANT-filformat Total War Unit Variant Settings
1225 UNR-filformat Unreal Level Map
1226 UNREAL-filformat Unreal Tournament Link Format
1227 UPDATR-filformat IConomy Update Format
1228 UPK-filformat Unreal Engine 3 Package
1229 UPK0-filformat Metro 2033 Game
1230 UPK1-filformat Metro 2033 Game Data Format
1231 UPLUGIN-filformat Unreal Tournament Plugin Format
1232 UQM-filformat The Ur-Quan Masters Game Data Format
1233 USDX-filformat Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: Vegas Game Data Format
1234 USS-filformat WinUAE Saved State
1235 USX-filformat Unreal Static Meshes
1236 UT2-filformat Unreal Tournament Map
1237 UT2LINK-filformat Unreal Tournament 2004 Game Data Format
1238 UT2MOD-filformat Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 Module Format
1239 UT3-filformat Unreal Tournament 3 Map Format
1240 UT4MOD-filformat Unreal Tournament 2004 Module
1241 UT8-filformat Ghost Master Language Format
1242 UTC-filformat Bioware Creature Format
1243 UTD-filformat BioWare Aurora Game Engine Door
1244 UTE-filformat BioWare Aurora Game Engine Encounter
1245 UTM-filformat BioWare Aurora Game Engine Store
1246 UTP-filformat BioWare Aurora Game Engine Placeable Object
1247 UTT-filformat BioWare Aurora Engine Trigger
1248 UTW-filformat Unity Whirld Format
1249 UTX-filformat Unreal Texture Package
1250 UVX-filformat Unreal Tournament 2003 Saved Game
1251 UXX-filformat Unreal Tournament Cache
1252 UZ2-filformat Unreal Tournament Compressed
1253 V64-filformat Nintendo 64 ROM Dump
1254 VCM-filformat Vice City Mod Manager Format
1255 VDK-filformat Ragnarok 2 Game
1256 VEF-filformat Infinite Game Engine Visual Effects
1257 VEH-filformat Fly! Vehicle Description
1258 VERIFY-filformat Doom Game Data Format
1259 VEXPORTER-filformat Stronghold 3 Editor
1260 VFE-filformat Left 4 Dead
1261 VFI-filformat Metro 2033 Game
1262 VFN-filformat Stronghold 3 Data
1263 VFS-filformat UFO Game Archive Format
1264 VFS1-filformat Metro 2033 Game
1265 VGI-filformat Vista Game Explorer Editor Game Format
1266 VGT-filformat Driver 3 VGT Game Data Format
1267 VHV-filformat Valve Source Lighting Format
1268 VIRTUALVILLAGERS4THETREEOFLIFESAVEDGAME-filformat Virtual Villagers Saved Game Format
1269 VL2-filformat Tribes 2 Game
1270 VMF-filformat Valve Map Format
1271 VMTR-filformat Doom Game Data Format
1272 VMV-filformat VirtuaNES Recording
1273 VO2-filformat Celestial Impact Map
1274 VPCACHE-filformat Visual Pinball Rendered Table Cache
1275 VPK-filformat Valve Pak
1276 VPP_PC-filformat Saints Row 2 Game
1277 VPT-filformat Visual Pinball Table Data Format
1278 VQA-filformat Command And Conquer Game Video Formats
1279 VROMFS-filformat War Thunder Game Data Format
1280 VSHADERBIN-filformat Stronghold 3 Shader
1281 VTF-filformat Valve Texture Format
1282 VVC-filformat Infinity Game Engine Visual Spell Casting Effects
1283 VVS-filformat Driver 3 Game Data
1284 VVVVVV-filformat VVVVVV Game Level Format
1285 VXL-filformat Tiberian Sun Voxel Animation Format
1286 W2STRINGS-filformat The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Localization Data Format
1287 W3G-filformat Warcraft 3 Replay Format
1288 W3I-filformat Warcraft III Map Related
1289 W3M-filformat Warcraft 3 Map Format
1290 W3N-filformat Warcraft 3 Expansion Campaign Format
1291 W3P-filformat Warcraft 3 Progress
1292 W3S-filformat Warcraft 3 Sounds Definition Format
1293 W3U-filformat Warcraft 3 Custom Units
1294 W3V-filformat Warcraft 3 Campaign Progress Record
1295 W3X-filformat Warcraft 3 Expansion Map FIle
1296 W3Z-filformat Warcraft 3 Saved Game Format
1297 WA2-filformat Wonderland Adventures Custom Adventure Format
1298 WAD-filformat Doom WAD Format
1299 WAG-filformat Train Simulator Wagon
1300 WAGAME-filformat Worms Armageddon Game Recording
1301 WAI-filformat Warcraft 3 AI Data
1302 WARGAMEPROFILE-filformat Wargame Red Dragon Profile Format
1303 WBFS-filformat Wii Backup Format System Format
1304 WD-filformat Earth 2140-2160 Game Archive
1305 WDR-filformat Star Wars: Tie Fighter Media
1306 WE-filformat Fifa2000 Be Game
1307 WEAP-filformat Quake 3 Engine Weapon Format
1308 WED-filformat BioWare Infinity Game Engine Graphic Display Info
1309 WEP-filformat EPublisher Stationery Design Project
1310 WF-filformat FIFA 2000 Play
1311 WG-filformat Fifa 2000 Game
1312 WGAMEPROFILE-filformat X-Men Origins: Wolverine Profile
1313 WGEO-filformat League Of Legends World Geometry Format
1314 WGF-filformat Widelands Game Format
1315 WHD-filformat Hitman Game Archive
1316 WHDAT-filformat Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon Saved Game Format
1317 WHIRLD-filformat Unity Whirld Package
1318 WHM-filformat Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War Model
1319 WHSAV-filformat Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon Saved Game Format
1320 WICSAVEGAME-filformat World In Conflict Saved Game
1321 WJ-filformat Fifa 2000 Game
1322 WL1-filformat Wolfenstein 3D Data Format
1323 WL3-filformat Wolfenstein 3D Registered Version
1324 WL6-filformat Wolfenstein 3D Data Format
1325 WMO-filformat World Of Warcraft World Map Object
1326 WNT-filformat Soldier Of Fortune II Waypoint
1327 WNV-filformat Grand Theft Auto IV NavMesh Data Format
1328 WOLFQUEST-filformat WolfQuest Saved Game
1329 WOP-filformat Wonderland Object Preset
1330 WORLD-filformat WorldPainter Format
1331 WORLDOFGOOSAVEDGAME-filformat World Of Goo Saved Game Format
1332 WOTREPLAY-filformat World Of Tanks Replay Format
1333 WOWPREPLAY-filformat World Of Warplanes Replay
1334 WOWPREPORT-filformat World Of Warplanes Report Format
1335 WRPL-filformat Widelands Saved Game Format
1336 WRPLWGF-filformat Widelands Initial Saved Game Format
1337 WSO-filformat Sims 3 Mesh
1338 WTD-filformat Grand Theft Auto IV Textures Format
1339 WTF-filformat World Of Warcraft Text Format
1340 WWW-filformat ANNO 2070 World Configuration Format
1341 WX-filformat Flight Simulator Weather Format
1342 WXD-filformat Homeworld Musc Resource Game
1343 WZ-filformat MapleStory Game Data Format
1344 X13-filformat Hooligans Game Archive
1345 XAC-filformat SimCity Societies Game
1346 XADML-filformat Amiga Forever XADML
1347 XAN-filformat Worms Map Format
1348 XARC-filformat The Longest Journey Audio
1349 XBE-filformat Xbox Executable Format
1350 XBF-filformat Emperor Battle For Dune
1351 XBMP-filformat Area 51 Game
1352 XBSAV-filformat Mass Effect 2 Xbox Saved Game
1353 XCR-filformat Warlords Battlecry Game
1354 XEN-filformat Guitar Hero III Data Format
1355 XEX-filformat Xbox 360 Executable Format
1356 XFBIN-filformat Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
1357 XGA-filformat Diamond Mind Baseball Game Account Information
1358 XMB-filformat Age Of Empires Game Data Format
1359 XMG-filformat The Longest Journey XMG
1360 XNB-filformat XNA Game Studio Binary Package
1361 XOM-filformat Worms 3D Object Format
1362 XP2-filformat XPilot NG
1363 XP3-filformat KiriKiri Package Format
1364 XP4-filformat KiriKiri Package
1365 XPAC-filformat Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing For PC Game Audio Archive
1366 XRD-filformat Core Wars Data
1367 XS-filformat Age Of Empires 3 Map AI Generator
1368 XSM-filformat SimCity Societies Game
1369 XTL-filformat Vietcong Data Format
1370 XVMCONF-filformat World Of Tanks XVM Configuration Format
1371 XWC-filformat Starbreeze Sound
1372 XWI-filformat Star Wars: X-Wing Mission
1373 Y3A-filformat Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 Avatar Format
1374 Y3D-filformat Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 Deck Format
1375 Y3P-filformat Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Profile
1376 Y3T-filformat Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Tag
1377 YCM-filformat Yugioh Card Maker Format
1378 YDC-filformat Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Deck Format
1379 YDR-filformat Yu-Gi-Oh! Power Of Chaos Replay Format
1380 YDT-filformat Yu-Gi-Oh! Power Of Chaos Data Format
1381 YFS-filformat YSFLIGHT Mission Format
1382 YFT-filformat Grand Theft Auto V Fragment Object Format
1383 YIF-filformat Mungyodance Game Data
1384 YRM-filformat Red Alert 2: Yuris Revenge Multiplayer Map
1385 YRP-filformat YGOPro Replay
1386 Z2F-filformat Zoo Tycoon 2 Object Format
1387 Z3-filformat Infocom Game Module For Z-machine Version 3
1388 Z5-filformat Infocom Game Module For Z-machine Version 5
1389 Z64-filformat Nintendo 64 Game ROM
1390 Z8-filformat Z-machine Z-code Format
1391 Z80-filformat ZX Spectrum Emulator Memory Snapshot
1392 ZA-filformat Game
1393 ZAR-filformat Sony PlayStation 2 Audio
1394 ZBLORB-filformat Z-code Game
1395 ZCA-filformat ROSE Online
1396 ZCACHE-filformat Venture The Void Cache
1397 ZD2-filformat Zillions Of Games Locked Rules
1398 ZDD-filformat ZDaemon Demo Format
1399 ZEI-filformat ANNO 1602 Game
1400 ZENFASHIONSAVEDGAME-filformat Zen Fashion Saved Game Format
1401 ZGEPROJ-filformat ZGame Editor Project
1402 ZGP-filformat Zelda Classic Graphics Pack
1403 ZIPFS-filformat 18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America Game
1404 ZIPO-filformat Need For Madness Game Data
1405 ZM4-filformat ZSNES Movie #4
1406 ZM5-filformat ZSNES Movie #5
1407 ZM6-filformat ZSNES Movie #6
1408 ZM7-filformat ZSNES Movie #7
1409 ZM8-filformat ZSNES Movie #8
1410 ZM?-filformat ZSNES Movie
1411 ZMAP-filformat Zombies Ate My Neighbors Map Format
1412 ZMO-filformat ROSE Online Model Animation
1413 ZRF-filformat Zillions Rules
1414 ZRS-filformat Hearts Game
1415 ZS0-filformat ZSNES Slot 0 Saved State Format
1416 ZS1-filformat ZSNES Slot 1 Saved State Format
1417 ZS2-filformat ZSNES Slot 2 Saved State Format
1418 ZS3-filformat ZSNES Slot 3 Saved State Format
1419 ZS4-filformat ZSNES Slot 4 Saved State Format
1420 ZS5-filformat ZSNES Slot 5 Saved State Format
1421 ZS6-filformat ZSNES Slot 6 Saved State Format
1422 ZS7-filformat ZSNES Slot 7 Saved State Format
1423 ZS8-filformat ZSNES Slot 8 Saved State Format
1424 ZS9-filformat ZSNES Slot 9 Saved State Format
1425 ZSD-filformat Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Data Format
1426 ZSE-filformat Zelda Sound Effects
1427 ZSG-filformat Zillions Of Games Game
1428 ZST-filformat ZSNES Save Format
1429 ZTD-filformat Zoo Tycoon Data Archive
1430 ZTMP-filformat Steam Compressed Game Resource Format
1431 ZX-filformat KGB ZX Spectrum Emulator Snapshot
1432 ZXT-filformat ZX Spectrum Emulator
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DivX Movie Conversion Component Format

WVE er et proprietært filformat som ble utviklet av DivX for formålet med digitale video codecs også utviklet av DivX Corporation. WVE-filer lag...