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by: Administrator
# Filformat Filens fulle navn
1 C-filformat C/C++ Source Code File
2 C#-filformat Microsoft Visual C#
3 C++-filformat C++ Source Code
4 C---filformat Sphinx C-- Language Source Code
5 C-MAP-filformat C-map
6 C00-filformat WinAce Split Archive File
7 C01-filformat WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File
8 C02-filformat WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File
9 C03-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
10 C04-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
11 C05-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
12 C06-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
13 C07-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
14 C08-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
15 C1-filformat Pov-Ray For Windows 3.x Scenes Advanced Newltpot
16 C10-filformat WinAce Split Archive Part 10
17 C16-filformat C16 Creatures 3/Docking Station Image
18 C18-filformat Dassault Systemes Catia V4 Sequential
19 C1S-filformat Photo Cache
20 C21-filformat CARE-S InfoWorks Defined Pollutant Detail
21 C24-filformat Drive Image Ace
22 C2C-filformat CopyToDVD Project
23 C2D-filformat WinOnCD Disc Image
24 C2E-filformat Chinese Dictionary Index
25 C2K-filformat Microsoft Project Holidays
26 C2R-filformat Windows Media Center Click-To-Record File
27 C2U-filformat Texas Instruments CBL 2 OS File
28 C2V-filformat WellSight Systems License Information
29 C2W-filformat WaterCAD
30 C2X-filformat WinOnCD
31 C3-filformat Pov-Ray For Windows 3.1 Scenes Advanced Newltpot
32 C32-filformat Syslinux COM32 Module
33 C39-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
34 C3D-filformat Coordinate 3D File
35 C3D1-filformat Chem3D Cartesian 1 Chemical Modeller
36 C3D2-filformat Chem3D Cartesian 2 Chemical Modeller
37 C3E-filformat CYPE Related
38 C3T-filformat Chemical Template
39 C3XML-filformat Chem3D XML Format
40 C3Z-filformat OpenQwaq 3D Model File
41 C4-filformat JEDMICS Image File
42 C40-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
43 C41-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
44 C42-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
45 C43-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
46 C45-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
47 C47-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
48 C48-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
49 C49-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
50 C4D-filformat Cinema 4D Model File
51 C4G-filformat Clonk Game System
52 C4K-filformat Clonk Key File
53 C4P-filformat CrossOver Software Installer File
54 C4S-filformat Clonk Game Scenario
55 C4U-filformat OpenClonk Update System
56 C4V-filformat Clonk Game Video
57 C51-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
58 C52-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
59 C53-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
60 C54-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
61 C55-filformat Split Multi-volume ACE Compressed File Archive
62 C6-filformat Organic 2D/3D Drafting & 3D Modelling
63 C64-filformat Commodore 64 ROM Image
64 C85-filformat RISC OS JPEG Bitmap Image
65 CA-filformat Initial Telnet Cache
66 CA1-filformat Delphi Install Disk
67 CA2-filformat Delphi Install Disk12
68 CA4-filformat Delphi Installation
69 CA5-filformat Delphi Installation
70 CAA-filformat CleanApp Archive
71 CAB-filformat Windows Cabinet File
72 CABAL-filformat Haskell Cabal
73 CACHE-filformat Cache File
74 CACHE-2-filformat VLC Media Player Font Cache
75 CACHE-3-filformat VLC Media Player Font Cache
76 CACHE2-filformat Pro/ENGINEER
77 CACTION-filformat Automator Converter Action
78 CAD-filformat BobCAD-CAM File
79 CADC-filformat Corpatla Data Container File
80 CADRG-filformat Compressed ARC Raster Graphic
81 CAE-filformat Abaqus CAE Model
82 CAF-filformat Core Audio File
83 CAFF-filformat Core Audio File
84 CAG-filformat ClipArt Gallery Package
85 CAH-filformat Ulead Photo Explorer Thumbnail Cache
86 CAI-filformat SeeYou Flight Data
87 CAJ-filformat China Academic Journals Full-text Database
88 CAKEWALKWINDOWLAYOUT-filformat Cakewalk Window Layout
89 CAL-filformat 3ds Max Pose Adjustment File
90 CALB-filformat Coolect Album File
91 CALIBRE-filformat Calibre Device Data File
92 CALIBZ-filformat Chief Architect Symbol
93 CALS-filformat CALS Raster Graphic File
94 CALX-filformat Calendar Printing Assistant Template
95 CAM-filformat Gerber CAM Job File
96 CAMM-filformat Espresso Mind Map Document
97 CAMP-filformat WCS CAMP
98 CAMPROJ-filformat Camtasia Studio Project
99 CAMREC-filformat Camtasia Studio Screen Recording
100 CAMTHTR-filformat Camtasia Studio Theater
101 CAMV-filformat Camtasia Video File
102 CAN-filformat Canon Navigator Fax Document
103 CANF-filformat CanOpener
104 CANIM-filformat Shank Game
105 CANNEDSEARCH-filformat Apple Mac OS X Finder Predefined Search
106 CAOS-filformat CanOpener Preference
107 CAP-filformat Packet Capture File
108 CAPFILE-filformat Ruby Capistrano Instruction
109 CAPROJ-filformat Construct Project File
110 CAPS-filformat CaptureSaver
111 CAPX-filformat Construct Compressed Project File
112 CAR-filformat Car Explorer Data File
113 CARB-filformat Apple Mac OS X Carbon Package
114 CARC-filformat Nintendo DS Compressed Archive File
115 CARD-filformat Funkiball Adventure
116 CARO-filformat Adobe Acrobat Creatorcode
117 CAS-filformat Autodesk AutoCAD license file
118 CASCII-filformat CACTVS Chemical ASCII Format
119 CASE-filformat SlipCover Case Template
120 CAT-filformat Microsoft Security Catalog file
121 CAT4D-filformat Cinema 4D Catalog
122 CATALOG-filformat CATIA Catalog
123 CATANALYSIS-filformat CATIA Analysis
124 CATDRAWING-filformat CATIA Drawing
125 CATFCT-filformat CATIA CATfct
126 CATKNOWLEDGE-filformat CATIA CATKnowledge
127 CATOM-filformat Chief Architect Catalogue
128 CATPART-filformat CATIA V5 Part File
129 CATPREFERENCES-filformat CATIA Preferences
130 CATPROCESS-filformat CATIA Process
131 CATPRODUCT-filformat CATIA V5 Assembly File
132 CATRASTER-filformat CATIA Raster
133 CATRESOURCE-filformat CATIA Resource
134 CATSHAPE-filformat CATIA Shape
135 CATSWL-filformat CATIA CATSwl
136 CAV-filformat Comodo Virus Definitions File
137 CAWR-filformat Espresso workreport Document
138 CAX-filformat VCollab 3D Model
139 CB-filformat Microsoft Clean Boot
140 CB1-filformat CARE-S InfoWorks Biochemical Oxygen Detail
141 CB4-filformat Actuate Analytics
142 CB7-filformat Comic Book 7-Zip Archive
143 CBA-filformat Comic Book ACE Archive
144 CBB-filformat ChessBase Search Booster
145 CBC-filformat Comic Book Collection
146 CBCP-filformat CodeBaby Production Studio Character Package
147 CBD-filformat Corel WordPerfect Dictionary
148 CBDS-filformat Comic Book DS File
149 CBF-filformat Calendar Builder File
150 CBG-filformat ChessBase Game Moves File
151 CBH-filformat ChessBase Database Header File
152 CBK-filformat Backup Configuration File
153 CBL-filformat COBOL Source Code File
154 CBM-filformat Bitmap Image Format
155 CBMV-filformat Comic Book Millennium Collection
156 CBN-filformat PaperMaster Cabinet
157 CBO-filformat Microsoft Interactive Training
158 CBP-filformat Code::Blocks Project File
159 CBPLUGIN-filformat Code::Blocks Plugin
160 CBPROJ-filformat C++ Builder Project
161 CBQ-filformat StarOS Script
162 CBR-filformat Comic Book Archive file or ComicBook Reader file
163 CBS-filformat Comodo Backup Script
164 CBT-filformat CDisplay TAR Comic book file
165 CBU-filformat Comodo Backup File
166 CBV-filformat ChessBase Database File
167 CBX-filformat Rational XDE
168 CBXML-filformat CodeBox XML Library
169 CBZ-filformat Comic Book Archive file or ComicBook Reader file
170 CC-filformat C++ Source Code File
171 CC1-filformat Briggs Softworks Calendar Commander
172 CCA-filformat Multimedia Fusion File
173 CCBJS-filformat CopperCube JavaScript Scene
174 CCC-filformat Microsoft Internet Chat Conversation Log
175 CCD-filformat CloneCD Disc Image
176 CCE-filformat Calendar Creator 2 Event
177 CCF-filformat CryptLoad Container File
178 CCGAME-filformat XNA Creators Club Game Package
179 CCH-filformat Photomodeler photochip thumbnail file
180 CCIP-filformat Curse Client Install Package
181 CCJ-filformat Crossword Compiler Compiled Crossword Applet
182 CCK-filformat Corel Clipart
183 CCL-filformat CCTools Levelset
184 CCM-filformat Multimedia Fusion Custom Menu
185 CCN-filformat Multimedia Fusion development file
186 CCO-filformat Apple Cocoa
187 CCP-filformat CloneCD profiles file
188 CCR-filformat ASTM Continuity of Care Record
189 CCRF-filformat Calcomp Raster Bitmap Image
190 CCS-filformat TrialDirector clip script file
191 CCSCC-filformat ClearCase Source Control Info File
192 CCT-filformat Director Protected Cast Resource
193 CCW-filformat Crossword Compiler Saved Puzzle
194 CCWSLN-filformat Connected Components Workbench
195 CCX-filformat Click & Create Extension
196 CCXML-filformat Call Control EXtensible Markup Language
197 CD-filformat Visual Studio Class Diagram
198 CD2-filformat DATAIR Cafeteria Document System Custom Text
199 CD5-filformat Chasys Draw Image
200 CDA-filformat CD Audio track
201 CDB-filformat Symbian Phonebook Database
202 CDC-filformat AutoCAD DesignCenter Preview Cache File
203 CDD-filformat ConceptDraw PRO Document
204 CDDA-filformat CD Digital Audio File
205 CDDX-filformat Circuit Diagram Document
206 CDE-filformat CADKEY Dynamic Extension
207 CDEM-filformat CompeGPS Land Landscape
208 CDF-filformat Computable Document Format File
209 CDF-MS-filformat ClickOnce Compiled Manifest File
210 CDFX-filformat Cindex
211 CDG-filformat DART Karaoke Studio lyrics file
212 CDI-filformat DiscJuggler Disc Image
213 CDJ-filformat DiscJuggler CD-ROM Data
214 CDL-filformat CADKEY Wireframe Design File
215 CDLX-filformat Audition CD Layout File
216 CDM-filformat NTI CD-Maker Image
217 CDMEDIA-filformat Boxer For Mac Cd-rom
218 CDMM-filformat ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document
219 CDMP-filformat WCS Device Model Profile
220 CDMT-filformat ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template
221 CDMTZ-filformat Compressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template
222 CDMZ-filformat Compressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document
223 CDO-filformat Crescendo music score file
224 CDOC-filformat DigiDoc Client Container
225 CDP-filformat Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack
226 CDP2-filformat Trainz Classics Content Dispatcher Pack 2
227 CDPX-filformat ConceptDraw PROJECT XML File
228 CDPZ-filformat ConceptDraw PROJECT Document
229 CDR-filformat CorelDRAW Image File
230 CDR3-filformat CorelDRAW 3 For Mac Vector Or Bitmap Image
231 CDR4-filformat CorelDRAW 4 For Mac Vector Or Bitmap Image
232 CDR5-filformat CorelDRAW 5 For Mac Vector Or Bitmap Image
233 CDR6-filformat CorelDRAW 6 For Mac Vector Or Bitmap Image
234 CDRW-filformat CorelDRAW For Mac
235 CDRX-filformat Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Data Format
236 CDRZIP-filformat DICOM Compressed Image
237 CDS-filformat ChemDraw Stationery Document
238 CDSG-filformat DrawMusic Chord Song
239 CDT-filformat CorelDRAW Image Template
240 CDT6-filformat CorelDRAW 6 For Mac Template
241 CDT_-filformat CorelDRAW For Mac Template
242 CDU-filformat CDU Paint Image Format
243 CDV-filformat CatDV Catalog
244 CDW-filformat KOMPAS Document
245 CDX-filformat CorelDRAW compressed drawing file
246 CDXML-filformat ChemDraw XML File
247 CDZ-filformat ROM With a View project file
248 CE-filformat ComputerEyes Image
249 CE0-filformat Winewar Worm
250 CE1-filformat Computer Eyes Raw Image Format
251 CE2-filformat Computer Eyes Raw Image Format
252 CEA-filformat DAZ 3D Carrara Pro Export
253 CEB-filformat Apabi eBook File
254 CED-filformat JVC Camera Video Data File
255 CEDPRJ-filformat Ashampoo CoverEditor Project
256 CEF-filformat CenturionMail Encrypted Package
257 CEI-filformat CRiSP Harvest
258 CEIMG-filformat CeRegEditor Registry Image
259 CEL-filformat Affymetrix Probe Results File
260 CELL-filformat CASTEP Supercell Material Data
261 CELTX-filformat Celtx Project File
262 CELX-filformat Celestia Script
263 CEM-filformat Empire Earth game file
264 CEO-filformat Winewar Worm
265 CER-filformat Internet Security Certificate
266 CERT-filformat Netscape Certificate Index
267 CERTAUTHORITYCONFIG-filformat Apple Mac OS X Certificate Assistant Configuration
268 CERTSIGNINGREQUEST-filformat Apple Mac OS X Certificate Assistant
269 CET-filformat Hitachi Cobol
270 CETRAINER-filformat DBVM
271 CEX-filformat SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault Export File
272 CF-filformat Sendmail Configuration File
273 CF2-filformat Common File Format File
274 CF5-filformat DocuWare
275 CF7-filformat Toshiba ConfigFree Profile Handling Module
276 CFA-filformat Adobe Conformed Audio File
277 CFB-filformat Disk Drill Recovered
278 CFC-filformat ColdFusion Component File
279 CFD-filformat CryptoForge Document
280 CFDI-filformat Comprobante Fiscal Digital Por Internet
281 CFE-filformat CryptoForge Encrypted
282 CFF-filformat ColorImpact color formula file
283 CFF2-filformat Kodak Pandora Exported
284 CFG-filformat Configuration File
285 CFGE-filformat Jewel Quest Configuration File
286 CFI-filformat CleverForm Script
287 CFK-filformat Microsoft Developer Studio Diagram
288 CFL-filformat IMVU Product File
289 CFM-filformat ColdFusion Markup File
290 CFML-filformat ColdFusion Markup Language File
291 CFN-filformat Calamus Font Data
292 CFO-filformat Turbo C Utilities C Form Object
293 CFP-filformat Bitmap Native Format For CoverFactory
294 CFPRESET-filformat SA Color Finesse Plugin For Adobe After Effects
295 CFR-filformat Cross Fire Replay File
296 CFREPLAY-filformat Crossfire Europe Replay
297 CFS-filformat INMOS configuration file
298 CFT-filformat CFast Graphics
299 CFW-filformat ChemFinder Form
300 CFX-filformat Magix Movie Edit Pro
301 CFXR-filformat Cocoa Sfxr File
302 CFXXE-filformat Possibly Malware
303 CFZ-filformat Compressed Archive
304 CG-filformat Cg Program
305 CG3-filformat Cabri 3D Document
306 CG4-filformat CALS Group IV Bitmap Graphics
307 CGA-filformat Ventura Publisher CGA display font
308 CGD-filformat CricketGraph Data
309 CGDB-filformat Microsoft Clip Art Package
310 CGF-filformat Crytek Geometry Format File
311 CGFX-filformat CgFX Shader File
312 CGI-filformat Common Gateway Interface Script
313 CGINC-filformat Unity Custom Shader Include
314 CGK-filformat BlueSoleil
315 CGM-filformat Computer Graphics Metafile
316 CGMAP-filformat CityGuide Region Map
317 CGO-filformat Railroad Tycoon 3 Car Properties
318 CGP-filformat PixelCryptor Encrypted File
319 CGR-filformat CATIA Graphical Representation File
320 CGRP-filformat Pro Tools Clip Group File
321 CGT-filformat Gold Parsing System Compiled Grammar Table
322 CGVP-filformat NVidia Cg Programming Language XML
323 CGX-filformat ARM RL-TCPnet HTTP Web Server XML Web Page Update Script
324 CGZ-filformat Linux Drivers Archive
325 CH-filformat OS/2 Configuration
326 CH1-filformat IBM Freelance Graphics Chart
327 CH10-filformat Irig 106 Original Recording
328 CH3-filformat Harvard Graphics DOS Chart File
329 CH4-filformat WSxM
330 CH5-filformat VisIt
331 CHA-filformat IRC Chat Configuration File
332 CHAM-filformat Compiled HAM File
333 CHAP-filformat MP4 Movie Chapter
334 CHARMM-filformat CHARMm Chemical Modeller Input
335 CHARSET-filformat Character Set
336 CHART-filformat Feedback Chart File
337 CHAT-filformat IRC Chat Configuration File
338 CHATLOG-filformat Adium Chat Log
339 CHC-filformat HCFR Colorimeter Data File
340 CHD-filformat MAME Hard Disk Image
341 CHEF-filformat Chef Source Code File
342 CHESSTITANSSAVE-MS-filformat Microsoft Chess Titans Saved Game
343 CHF-filformat PcAnywhere Remote Control
344 CHG-filformat Quicken Online data file
345 CHH-filformat C++ Header
346 CHJ-filformat IBM SPSS Interview Cache
347 CHK-filformat ScanDisk file fragment
348 CHKN-filformat IMVU Create Mode Temporary
349 CHL-filformat Microsoft Internet Explorer channel information file
350 CHM-filformat Compiled HTML Help File
351 CHML-filformat Chameleon Encrypted Database File
352 CHN-filformat Ethnograph Data
353 CHORD-filformat Song Chords File
354 CHP-filformat Ventura Publisher Chapter Document
355 CHQ-filformat Microsoft Help Combined Full-text Search
356 CHR-filformat 3ds Max Characters File
357 CHRPARAMS-filformat CryENGINE Character Parameters File
358 CHS-filformat Windows Chinese Noise-Word List File
359 CHT-filformat SNES Cheat File
360 CHTML-filformat Compact HTML Document
361 CHUNK001-filformat File Splitter Split Archive Part 1
362 CHV-filformat ChView Interactive Star Map File
363 CHW-filformat Compiled Help Index File
364 CHX-filformat AutoCAD Standards Check File
365 CI-filformat CitectSCADA file
366 CID-filformat CoDiagnostiX User Defined Implant
367 CIDB-filformat Apple iTunes CD information file
368 CIF-filformat Easy CD Creator Disk Image
369 CIK-filformat Corel Graphics 10 Custom Dual Tone
370 CIL-filformat Clip Gallery Packaged File
371 CIM-filformat CimPack Design Drawing
372 CIMG-filformat CImg Image File
373 CIN-filformat Kodak Cineon Bitmap File
374 CIN96UPD-filformat Microsoft Cinemania Format
375 CINE-filformat Phantom Digital Video File
376 CINEMA4D-filformat Cinema 4D For Amiga
377 CIO-filformat SWAT Master Watershed
378 CIP-filformat CryptoBuddy encrypted file
379 CIPO-filformat Cartesian Products Compressed Internet Document
380 CIRC-filformat Logisim Circuit
381 CIRCUIT-filformat KTechlab Circuit Design File
382 CIS-filformat CheckInbox
383 CIT-filformat Intergraph Bitmap Image File
384 CIV-filformat Empire Earth Custom Civilization Information
385 CIV5MAP-filformat Civilization 5 Map
386 CIV5SAVE-filformat Civilization 5 Saved Gae
387 CIW-filformat Web Of Science Export
388 CIX-filformat Rational XDE
389 CJSTYLES-filformat Skin Builder Project
390 CK1-filformat Commander Keen 1 Game Data
391 CK2-filformat Commander Keen 2 Game Data
392 CK3-filformat Commander Keen 3 Game Data
393 CK4-filformat Commander Keen 4 Game Data
394 CK6-filformat Commander Keen 6 Game Data
395 CKA-filformat Comfort Keys Database
396 CKB-filformat Cricket Audio Bank File
397 CKBX-filformat Cricket Audio XML Bank Description File
398 CKD-filformat CADKEY design file
399 CKF-filformat Casio Keyboard File
400 CKP-filformat Ingres Database Checkpoint data
401 CKS-filformat Microsoft Windows CE Image Info
402 CKT-filformat CircuitMaker File
403 CKZ-filformat QuickSFV File Verification Database
404 CL-filformat Cursor Library
405 CL2-filformat HY-TEK Meet Results File
406 CL2ARC-filformat Comic Life 2 Document Archive
407 CL2DOC-filformat Comic Life 2 Document
408 CL2LYT-filformat Comic Life 2 Layout File
409 CL2TPL-filformat Comic Life 2 Template
410 CL3-filformat Easy CD Creator CD Layout
411 CL4-filformat Easy CD Creator 4 Project File
412 CL5-filformat Easy CD Creator 5 Saved Project
413 CLA-filformat Clarion For DOS Source Code
414 CLAF-filformat Claris Font
415 CLAM-filformat Adobe InDesign Dictionary
416 CLARIFY-filformat Clarify Document
417 CLAS-filformat Java Class
418 CLASS-filformat Java Class File
419 CLASSDIAGRAM-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Class Diagram
420 CLASSLIST-filformat SMART Notebook Class List File
421 CLASSPATH-filformat Eclipse IDE JAVA Project Related
422 CLB-filformat Super NoteTab ClipBook template file
423 CLBX-filformat MP3 Automagic CD Cover Creator Label
424 CLC-filformat Microsoft Schedule+ 7 Habits Mission Statement
425 CLD-filformat Canon CD Label Template
426 CLDCVT-filformat CD-LabelPrint Converted Data
427 CLDLYR-filformat TerraGen Cloud Layer
428 CLE-filformat Icon Lock-iT Locked File Indicator
429 CLEO-filformat CLEO Grand Theft Auto Mod File
430 CLF-filformat ListPro
431 CLG-filformat QIP list of ignored contacts file
432 CLGX-filformat Collage Maker Collage
433 CLI-filformat Client Management System Customer
434 CLIPS-filformat Coda Clips File
435 CLIX-filformat CLIX Command File
436 CLJ-filformat Clojure Source Code
437 CLK-filformat Corel R.A.V.E Project File
438 CLKK-filformat Clicker Keyboard
439 CLKT-filformat Clicker Template
440 CLKW-filformat Clicker Word Bank
441 CLKX-filformat Clicker Grid Set
442 CLL-filformat Crick Software Clicker
443 CLM-filformat MagicJack Call Log File
444 CLN-filformat Microsoft Windows 3.x Configuration Backup
445 CLO-filformat Cloe Ray-Tracer Image
446 CLP-filformat CrazyTalk Clip File
447 CLPI-filformat Blu-ray Clip Information File
448 CLPPRJ-filformat CodeLobster PHP Edition Project
449 CLR-filformat Flash Color Set
450 CLR0-filformat Nintendo Wii Color Swapping Animation
451 CLS-filformat LaTeX Document Class File
452 CLT-filformat Clarity Legal Transcript File
453 CLU-filformat Broken Sword 2 Dialogue
454 CLV-filformat QIP Visible List
455 CLW-filformat Visual C++ ClassWizard File
456 CLX-filformat Standard Dictionary File
457 CLY-filformat CorelDRAW Custom Layout
458 CLZ-filformat Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness Game
459 CM-filformat CLEO Custom Mission
460 CM10-filformat CaseMap case file
461 CM2-filformat Poser Camera Set File
462 CM3-filformat CaseMap Data
463 CM5-filformat LexisNexis Case Analysis
464 CM8-filformat CaseMap Case
465 CMA-filformat TM1 Exported Cube File
466 CMAKE-filformat CMake Module
467 CMAP-filformat CmapTools Concept Map File
468 CMB-filformat Xtree For Windows Button Bar
469 CMBL-filformat Logger Pro Data File
470 CMC-filformat Comic Collector Collection Data
471 CMD-filformat Windows Command File
472 CMDB-filformat ANSYS CFX Mesh Database
473 CMDF-filformat CrystalMaker Data
474 CMDT-filformat Claris Dictionary
475 CME-filformat Crazy Machines level file
476 CMF-filformat Creative Labs FM-synthesis music file
477 CMG-filformat ChessMaster Saved Game
478 CMI-filformat The Dig Bundle
479 CML-filformat Chemical Markup Language File
480 CMM-filformat Corel Multimedia Manager Album
481 CMMCD-filformat Camtasia Studio MenuMaker Project
482 CMMP-filformat Camtasia MenuMaker Project
483 CMMTHEME-filformat CleanMyMac Theme File
484 CMMTPL-filformat Camtasia MenuMaker Template
485 CMN-filformat Systems Management Server (SMS) Update
486 CMO-filformat Spanish Whiz Sound
487 CMOD-filformat Celestia Model
488 CMP-filformat PKWare Compression Library archive file
489 CMPROJ-filformat Camtasia Project File
490 CMP_XML-filformat Solid Edge XML Design
491 CMR-filformat Coach Saved Results
492 CMREC-filformat Camtasia Recording
493 CMS-filformat CaseMap case script file
494 CMT-filformat Chinon ES-1000 Digital Camera Image Format
495 CMTX-filformat E-Sword Commentary
496 CMU-filformat CMU Window Manager Bitmap Image
497 CMV-filformat CorelDRAW CorelMove Animation
498 CMW-filformat Microsoft Office Custom Maintenance Wizard Data
499 CMX-filformat Corel Metafile Exchange Image File
500 CMY-filformat CorelDraw Custom
501 CMZ-filformat Compressed Poser Camera Set File
502 CN1-filformat CNR Modem Initialization Data File
503 CN3-filformat CN3D
504 CNA-filformat Catena Project File
505 CNB-filformat Pegasus Mail Noticeboard Mail Stored Message
506 CNC-filformat PartMaster CNC File
507 CNC3CAMPAIGN-filformat Command And Conquer 3 Campaign Save Game
508 CND-filformat Melco Condensed Embroidery File
509 CNDX-filformat Avery DesignPro for Mac Label File
510 CNF-filformat MySQL Configuration File
511 CNG-filformat CryptoNG encrypted file
512 CNI-filformat CWBench
513 CNK-filformat Microsoft Dynamics GP Chunk
514 CNM-filformat NoteMap outline file
515 CNN-filformat ADO-network Connection Configuration
516 CNO-filformat INet-Server Error Description
517 CNQ-filformat WebShop Platinum Project
518 CNR-filformat Pegasus Mail Mail Message Stored In Systemwide Folder
519 CNS-filformat Windows 2000 Client Connection Manager Export file
520 CNT-filformat Help Contents File
521 CNTL-filformat GoCart Control
522 CNV-filformat Canvas 6-8 Drawing File
523 CNX-filformat Pegasus Mail
524 CO-filformat Cobalt 3D
525 COA-filformat Caligari TrueSpace 3D Object
526 COB-filformat COBOL Source Code File
527 COC-filformat Bibexcel
528 COD-filformat Compiled Source Code
529 CODAPLUGIN-filformat Coda Plug-in
530 CODASITE-filformat Coda Site File
531 COE-filformat Xilinx BRAM Initialization
532 COF-filformat AutoDesk data file
533 COFFEE-filformat CoffeeScript JavaScript File
534 COK-filformat INet-Server Error Report
535 COL-filformat Capture One Session File
536 COLLECTION-filformat Adobe Bridge Collection File
537 COLLISIONMESH-filformat Battlefield Collision Mesh
538 COLLOQUYTRANSCRIPT-filformat Colloquy Chat Transcript
539 COLOR-filformat Amaya Config
540 COLORPICKER-filformat Color Picker Plugin
541 COLORS-filformat SAM Makelogo Color
542 COLOURSCHEME-filformat J&ASoft Speedy Browser Color Scheme Settings
543 COLR-filformat Kaleidoscope Scheme
544 COLZ-filformat Adobe Collage File
545 COM-filformat DOS Command File
546 COMFYCAKESSAVE-MS-filformat Comfy Cakes Saved Game
547 COMICDOC-filformat Comic Life Document
548 COMMAND-filformat Terminal Command File
549 COMMANDERDOC-filformat Apple Qmaster
550 COMMON-filformat Unix Script
551 COMP-filformat CodeWarrior Compiler
552 COMPARISON-filformat Merge Comparison Report
553 COMPLETE-filformat SendSafe Deciphered E-message
554 COMPONENT-filformat Mac OS X System Component
555 COMPONENTDIAGRAM-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Component Diagram
556 COMPONENTS-filformat Mac OS X System
557 COMPOSITEFONT-filformat Windows Composite Font File
558 COMPOSITIONMODEL-filformat Invantive Composition Data Model
559 COMPRESSED-filformat WordCompress Compacted Web File
560 CON-filformat Corel WordPerfect concordance file
561 CONF-filformat Configuration information file
562 CONFIG-filformat Configuration File
563 CONFIGPROFILE-filformat Apple Configuration Profile
564 CONFLUENCE-filformat Eclipse Mylyn WikiText Confluence
565 CONFORM-filformat Conformalizer Change List File
566 CONSOLE-filformat Widows NT Console
567 CONT-filformat Panasonic Camcorder Extra
568 CONTACT-filformat Windows Contact File
569 CONTENTPROJ-filformat XNA Game Studio Game Content Project
570 CONTENTS-filformat MAC OS X
571 CONTENTSOFCLIPBOARD-filformat WinXP Powertoy
572 CONTOUR-filformat Contour Screenplay File
573 CONTROLS-filformat OpenBVE Keyboard Shortcuts File
574 CONVERTERX-filformat SiMX TextConverter Project
575 COO-filformat AutoCAD Bounding Coordinates Cookie
576 COOK-filformat Netscape For Mac Cookie
577 COOL-filformat QB - Text Analyzer Vocabulary List
578 COORDS-filformat Ribbons Coords
579 COP-filformat Sam Coupé Sound
580 COPRESET-filformat Capture One Preset File
581 COPY-filformat Sony Ericsson Protected Content File
582 COR-filformat CorelDRAW Drawing
583 COS-filformat Capture One Settings File
584 COS2-filformat Pinnacle Studio Cache File
585 COSTYLE-filformat Capture One Style File
586 COUNTER-filformat Netobjects Fusion Components Bbscomp Message
587 COV-filformat Fax Cover Page File
588 COVERAGE-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Code Coverage
589 COVERAGEXML-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Code Coverage
590 COW-filformat Thief Game
591 COX-filformat Click & Create Extension
592 CP-filformat Xcode C++ Source File
593 CP1-filformat CARE-S InfoWorks Phosphorus Detail
594 CP2-filformat ChessBase Theme Classification
595 CP3-filformat Grand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape File
596 CP8-filformat CP8 256 Gray Scale Image
597 CP9-filformat ChoicePoint Encrypted File
598 CPA-filformat Adobe Premiere conformed audio file
599 CPB-filformat Comicino Studio Project File
600 CPBITMAP-filformat iOS Wallpaper Image
601 CPC-filformat CPC Compressed Image File
602 CPCT-filformat Compact Pro Archive
603 CPD-filformat CorelDRAW Corel PrintOffice drawing file
604 CPDT-filformat Adobe Captivate Design Template
605 CPE-filformat Fax Cover Page File
606 CPF-filformat Cognos Project File
607 CPG-filformat Manga Studio Page File
608 CPGZ-filformat Compressed CPIO Archive
609 CPH-filformat Corel Print House File
610 CPI-filformat AVCHD Video Clip Information File
611 CPIO-filformat Unix CPIO Archive
612 CPK-filformat DTM Test Log File
613 CPL-filformat Windows Control Panel Item
614 CPMZ-filformat Miradi/ConPro Project File
615 CPN-filformat Age of Mythology Campaign File
616 CPO-filformat Corel Print House Data
617 CPP-filformat C++ Source Code File
618 CPQ-filformat Compaq OEM Disc Configuration File
619 CPR-filformat Cubase Project
620 CPRR-filformat Adobe Captivate XML Script
621 CPS-filformat Corel Photo House File
622 CPT-filformat Corel Photo-Paint Document
623 CPT2-filformat M-Tron Pro Library
624 CPTL-filformat Adobe Captivate Project Template File
625 CPTM-filformat Adobe Captivate Theme
626 CPTX-filformat Adobe Captivate Project File
627 CPU-filformat SiSoftware Sandra
628 CPX-filformat Oracle ADF Binding Context File
629 CPY-filformat 3ds Max Copy Track File
630 CPZ-filformat LoseThos C+ Source
631 CQL-filformat XDCC Catcher Queue List
632 CQT-filformat MAIL.DAT Container Quantity Data
633 CR-filformat CRiSP Source Code
634 CR1-filformat LoggerNet CRBasic Source
635 CR2-filformat Canon Raw Image File
636 CR5-filformat Survey Pro Coordinate
637 CRAFT-filformat KSP Spacecraft File
638 CRASH-filformat Mac OS X Crash Log File
639 CRASHED-filformat AbiWord Crash-Saved Document
640 CRB-filformat BigOven Recipe Database
641 CRC-filformat Total Commander Checksum File
642 CRD-filformat Windows CardSpace File
643 CRDOWNLOAD-filformat Chrome Partially Downloaded File
644 CRDS-filformat Windows CardSpace Backup File
645 CREC-filformat Microsoft Lync 2010 Recording
646 CREOLE-filformat Creole Source
647 CREV-filformat Adobe Captivate Commentable SWF File
648 CRF-filformat Enhanced Dark Engine game archive file
649 CRI-filformat Crystal Reports
650 CRL-filformat Certificate Revocation List File
651 CRMLOG-filformat Microsoft Windows CRM Log
652 CRP-filformat CorelDRAW Corel Presents Run-time Presentation
653 CRS-filformat Corel WordPerfect conversion resource file
654 CRT-filformat Security Certificate
655 CRTR-filformat MultiAd Creator Pro Document
656 CRTX-filformat Office 2007 Chart Template File
657 CRV-filformat CorelDRAW Corel PHOTO-PAINT 10 custom gradients file
658 CRW-filformat Canon Raw CIFF Image File
659 CRWL-filformat Windows Crawl File
660 CRX-filformat Chrome Extension
661 CRY-filformat CryENGINE Map File
662 CRYPT-filformat WhatsApp Messenger Encrypted Message Database Backup
663 CRYPT5-filformat WhatsApp Messenger Encrypted Message Database Backup
664 CRYPT6-filformat WhatsApp Messenger Encrypted Message Database Backup
665 CRYPTED-filformat WinOptimizer Encrypted File
666 CRYPTOMITE-filformat CryptoMite Encrypted Archive
667 CRYPTRA-filformat Cryptra Encrypted File
668 CRYSISJMSF-filformat Crysis Saved Game
669 CRYSISPSF-filformat Crysis Warhead Saved Game
670 CRZ-filformat Compressed Poser Character Rigging File
671 CS-filformat Visual C# Source Code File
672 CS1-filformat Sinar CaptureShop
673 CSA-filformat PNA Code Calset File
674 CSAC-filformat Web Research Collection Optimization Temporary
675 CSAPLAN-filformat SPSS Analysis Plan File
676 CSASSEMBLY-filformat ICQ 6
677 CSATTR-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Attractor
678 CSB-filformat Corel PHOTO-PAINT Script
679 CSC-filformat 18 Wheels Of Steel: Pedal To The Metal Game
680 CSCPKT-filformat Sample Packet
681 CSD-filformat Compact Shared Document
682 CSDPROJ-filformat C# Device Project
683 CSE-filformat Web Research Document Package
684 CSF-filformat Content Sealed Format
685 CSGRAD-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Gradients
686 CSH-filformat Photoshop Custom Shapes File
687 CSHRC-filformat UNIX Command
688 CSHTML-filformat ASP.NET Razor Web Page
689 CSI-filformat ContentServ Include File
690 CSJ-filformat RIM CSJ Registration
691 CSK-filformat Claris Works
692 CSKIN-filformat CD Art Display Skin File
693 CSL-filformat CineStyle Color Lookup File
694 CSM-filformat Character Studio Marker File
695 CSMANIFEST-filformat ICQ 6 Settings
696 CSN-filformat Adobe Code Snippet Document
697 CSO-filformat CISO compressed ISO file
698 CSOM-filformat Eudora For Mac
699 CSP-filformat CorelDRAW service bureau profiler file
700 CSPLAN-filformat SPSS Sampling Plan File
701 CSPROJ-filformat Visual Studio C# Project
702 CSQ-filformat Microsoft FoxPro Queries
703 CSR-filformat Certificate Signing Request File
704 CSS-filformat Cascading Style Sheet
705 CSS1-filformat Cascading Style Sheet
706 CSSTORE-filformat Apple Mac OS X Cache
707 CST-filformat Manga Studio Story File
708 CSV-filformat Comma Separated Values File
709 CSVX-filformat XML CSV
710 CSW-filformat Corel WordPerfect Setup Information
711 CSX-filformat Visual C# Script
712 CSY-filformat Canvas Symbol File
713 CSZ-filformat The Core Media Player Skin
714 CT-filformat IRIS CT image file
715 CT0-filformat Tajima TBF Condition
716 CT1-filformat SMS Proposed Site Control
717 CT7-filformat CaseMap Case Analysis Template
718 CT8-filformat CaseMap Case Template
719 CTB-filformat AutoCAD Color-Based Plot Style File
720 CTBL-filformat Xamine NSCL
721 CTBODYFITTING-filformat CrazyTalk Animator Actor Fitting File
722 CTC-filformat SeeYou Flight Data
723 CTD-filformat Tomahawk Gold Compressed Tomahawk Document
724 CTE-filformat Classical Text Editor Document
725 CTF-filformat AVG Update Control File
726 CTFSYS-filformat OS X Mach Kernel System
727 CTG-filformat BMC Software PATROL file
728 CTI-filformat Template Info
729 CTK-filformat TeKton3D Project
730 CTL-filformat Visual Basic UserControl Object File
731 CTM-filformat CrazyTalk Model File
732 CTMDPI-filformat MRMC Markov Reward Model Checker Matrix
733 CTN-filformat Cadterns Sloper Format
734 CTO-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Binary Command Table Output
735 CTP-filformat CakePHP Template
736 CTPROJECT-filformat CrazyTalk Animator Project File
737 CTR-filformat BrainVoyager QX Contrast
738 CTS-filformat CrazyTalk Script File
739 CTSYM-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Command Table Output
740 CTT-filformat Messenger Contact List
741 CTV-filformat Citavi Project
742 CTV3-filformat Citavi 3 Project File
743 CTX-filformat Valve ICE Encoded Script
744 CTXT-filformat BlueJ Context File
745 CTY-filformat SimCity City File
746 CTZ-filformat Custody Toolbox Compressed Backup
747 CU-filformat CUDA Source Code File
748 CU1-filformat Photoline 4 Curve
749 CU3-filformat Photoline Curves Clut
750 CU?-filformat Photoline Clut
751 CUB-filformat Analysis Services Cube File
752 CUBE-filformat Antaeus
753 CUE-filformat Cue Sheet File
754 CUF-filformat Turbo C Utilities Form Definition
755 CUI-filformat Autodesk Custom Workspace File
756 CUIX-filformat AutoCAD Custom User Interface File
757 CUL-filformat Windows Cursor Library
758 CUP-filformat SeeYou Waypoint
759 CUR-filformat Windows Cursor
760 CURRENT-filformat WhatsApp Messenger Encrypted Message Database
761 CURSEMOD-filformat Curse Client Mod
762 CURSOR-filformat Sun Cursor
763 CURSORFX-filformat CursorFX Theme File
764 CURXPTHEME-filformat CursorXP Theme File
765 CUS-filformat AutoCAD Custom Dictionary File
766 CUST-filformat QuarkXPress Mac File Type
767 CUSTOMDESTINATIONS-MS-filformat Microsoft Windows 7 Jump List
768 CUT-filformat Dr. Halo Bitmap Image File
769 CUTECUTPROJECT-filformat Cute Cut Project
770 CUV-filformat Origin Sample Curve
771 CU_-filformat Microsoft Windows Winhelp Compressed
772 CV5-filformat Canvas 5 Drawing File
773 CVA-filformat HP Systems Software Manager Information File
774 CVC-filformat cVideo
775 CVD-filformat ClamAV Virus Definitions File
776 CVF-filformat CPU-Z Validation File
777 CVG-filformat Calamus Vector Graphic File
778 CVI-filformat Canvas Image File
779 CVM-filformat Odin Sphere
780 CVN-filformat CineVision Encoding Session
781 CVP-filformat Portrait Image Format
782 CVR-filformat Microsoft Crash Report File
783 CVS-filformat Canvas 3 Drawing File
784 CVSIGNORE-filformat Eclipse CVS Settings
785 CVSRC-filformat TortoiseCVS CVS Command
786 CVT-filformat Canvas External Tool File
787 CVW-filformat CaseView Document
788 CVX-filformat Canvas Drawing File
789 CVZ-filformat Card Vault Inventory
790 CW-filformat CardWorks Template
791 CW3-filformat Claris Works Document
792 CWB-filformat Cakewalk Bundle
793 CWC-filformat CADfix Wizard Configuration
794 CWDB-filformat ClarisWorks Database
795 CWF-filformat CorelDRAW Workspace File
796 CWGR-filformat ClarisWorks Drawing
797 CWIE-filformat CodeWarrior
798 CWK-filformat ClarisWorks Document
799 CWKS-filformat ClarisWorks
800 CWL-filformat ClarisWorks Library
801 CWM-filformat WebSphere Map Designer Express Map Definition
802 CWMS-filformat CompeGPS Land Remote Map
803 CWP-filformat Cakewalk SONAR Project
804 CWR-filformat Crystal Reports Report
805 CWS-filformat Claris Works Template
806 CWSS-filformat ClarisWorks Spreadsheet
807 CWT-filformat ClarisWorks Texture File
808 CWW-filformat Crossword Weaver Puzzle File
809 CWWP-filformat ClarisWorks Document
810 CWX-filformat Sonar Track Template
811 CWZ-filformat Circuit Wizard File
812 CW_-filformat CorelDRAW Workspace
813 CX-filformat CodeMapper Script
814 CX3-filformat CMS Recorded Video File
815 CXA-filformat ANSYS Fluent Animation Metadata
816 CXARCHIVE-filformat CrossOver Bottle
817 CXB-filformat Custody X Change Data
818 CXD-filformat SimplePCI Data Document
819 CXF-filformat Picasa Collage File
820 CXL-filformat Business Integrator Extract Schema
821 CXML-filformat Microsoft Silverlight Server Side Data
822 CXP-filformat CX-Programmer Project File
823 CXQ-filformat SillyDl.CXQ Downloading Trojan
824 CXR-filformat CX-Programmer Settings
825 CXT-filformat Director Protected Cast File
826 CXV-filformat Custody X Change Data
827 CXX-filformat C++ Source Code File
828 CYA-filformat Cyana Macro
829 CYBERDUCKLICENSE-filformat Cyberduck Donation Key
830 CYBERDUCKPROFILE-filformat Cyberduck Connection Profile
831 CYI-filformat Clustify Input File
832 CYO-filformat Clustify Output File
833 CYP-filformat Home Designer Pro Project File
834 CYR-filformat Crysis Level
835 CYS-filformat Cytoscape Session File
836 CYW-filformat Rbot.CYW Worm File
837 CZD-filformat CAD Zone Drawing
838 CZI-filformat Carl Zeiss Image Data File
839 CZIP-filformat ZipGenius CryptoZip File
840 CZP-filformat ClozePro Archive
841 C_-filformat Microsoft Winhelp Compressed
842 C__-filformat C++ Source Code