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# Bestandsextensie Volledige bestandsnaam
1 Bestandsextensie $$$ Temporary File
2 Bestandsextensie $DB dBASE IV temporary file
3 Bestandsextensie 001 Split Archive File
4 Bestandsextensie 002 Compressed file from a multi-volume archive (part 2)
5 Bestandsextensie 113 Iomega Backup File
6 Bestandsextensie 73B TI-73 Backup File
7 Bestandsextensie AB Google Android Debug Bridge backup file
8 Bestandsextensie ABA Palm Address Book Archive
9 Bestandsextensie ABBU Address Book Backup
10 Bestandsextensie ABF Analysis Services Backup File
11 Bestandsextensie ABK Automatic Backup File
12 Bestandsextensie ACP Alfresco Content Package
13 Bestandsextensie ADI Active@ Disk Image Backup File
14 Bestandsextensie AEA AdWords Editor Archive
15 Bestandsextensie AS4 askSam Backup File
16 Bestandsextensie ASD Word AutoSave File
17 Bestandsextensie ASHBAK Ashampoo Backup Archive
18 Bestandsextensie ATE Office Accounting Compressed Backup File
19 Bestandsextensie ATI Office Accounting Updated Company File
20 Bestandsextensie BAC Backup File
21 Bestandsextensie BACKUP Backup of current ISAPI application
22 Bestandsextensie BACKUPDB Apple Time Machine backup folder file
23 Bestandsextensie BAK Backup File
24 Bestandsextensie BAK~ AbiWord Auto-Saved Document
25 Bestandsextensie BBB BlackBerry backup (post 2012) file
26 Bestandsextensie BBZ BerryBuzz Backup File
27 Bestandsextensie BCK VMX Backup File
28 Bestandsextensie BCKP Ad-Aware Quarantined File
29 Bestandsextensie BDB Microsoft Works Database Backup File
30 Bestandsextensie BFF Backup File Format
31 Bestandsextensie BIFX Get Backup Project
32 Bestandsextensie BK1 Autodesk Backup File
33 Bestandsextensie BKC Backup4all catalog file
34 Bestandsextensie BKF Windows Backup Utility File
35 Bestandsextensie BKP Backup File
36 Bestandsextensie BKUP Backup File
37 Bestandsextensie BKZ FileFort backup
38 Bestandsextensie BLEND1 Blender Document Backup File
39 Bestandsextensie BLEND2 Blender Document Backup 2 File
40 Bestandsextensie BM3 Sony Ericsson Backup File
41 Bestandsextensie BPA StorageSync Backup Archive
42 Bestandsextensie BPB PowerDesigner Business Process Backup File
43 Bestandsextensie BPN ArchiCAD Project Backup File
44 Bestandsextensie BUP DVD IFO Backup File
45 Bestandsextensie CAA CleanApp Archive
46 Bestandsextensie CBK Backup Configuration File
47 Bestandsextensie CBS Comodo Backup Script
48 Bestandsextensie CBU Comodo Backup File
49 Bestandsextensie CRDS Windows CardSpace Backup File
50 Bestandsextensie DA0 Windows Registry Backup File
51 Bestandsextensie DASH Dashlane Profile
52 Bestandsextensie DBA Palm Datebook Backup File
53 Bestandsextensie DBK OrCAD schematic capture backup file
54 Bestandsextensie DIY My Drivers Backup Setup File
55 Bestandsextensie DNA CA Backup and Migration Backup File
56 Bestandsextensie DOV Temp File
57 Bestandsextensie DPB DataPilot Backup File
58 Bestandsextensie FBC Family Tree Maker for DOS Backup File
59 Bestandsextensie FBF Free Backup Fix Backup File
60 Bestandsextensie FBK Microsoft Dynamics NAV Backup File
61 Bestandsextensie FBU FEBE Firefox Backup File
62 Bestandsextensie FBW HP Recovery Manager Backup File
63 Bestandsextensie FH Symantec Backup Exec File
64 Bestandsextensie FHF Free Hide Folder Backup File
65 Bestandsextensie FLKA Folder Lock Portable Locker File
66 Bestandsextensie FLKB Folder Lock Basic Locker File
67 Bestandsextensie FPSX Nokia Firmware Format File
68 Bestandsextensie FUL Microsoft Backup File List
69 Bestandsextensie FZA Form•Z Autosave File
70 Bestandsextensie FZB Casio FZ-1 Bank dump
71 Bestandsextensie GB1 Game Maker Backup File
72 Bestandsextensie GHO Norton Ghost Backup File
73 Bestandsextensie GHS Norton Ghost Image Segment
74 Bestandsextensie ICBU iCal Backup File
75 Bestandsextensie ICF Zoom Router Configuration File
76 Bestandsextensie INPROGRESS Time Machine Backup Progress File
77 Bestandsextensie IPD BlackBerry Backup File
78 Bestandsextensie IV2I Norton Ghost Incremental Virtual Volume Image
79 Bestandsextensie JBK Juno Backup File
80 Bestandsextensie JDC JDownloader Links File
81 Bestandsextensie KB2 Kleo Backup File
82 Bestandsextensie LCB Concept2 LogCard utility LogCard backup image
83 Bestandsextensie LLX LabVIEW VI Library Backup File
84 Bestandsextensie MBF Microsoft Money Backup File
85 Bestandsextensie MBK dBASE IV Multiple Index Backup File
86 Bestandsextensie MBW MBRWizard Archive
87 Bestandsextensie MDBACKUP iPhone Data Backup File
88 Bestandsextensie MDDATA iPhone Backup File
89 Bestandsextensie MDINFO iPhone Backup Information File
90 Bestandsextensie MEM FoxPro Variable File
91 Bestandsextensie MIG Windows Migration Backup File
92 Bestandsextensie MPB MyPhoneExplorer Backup File
93 Bestandsextensie MV_ Movie Edit Pro Movie Backup File
94 Bestandsextensie NB7 NovaBACKUP Output File
95 Bestandsextensie NBA Nero BackItUp Archive
96 Bestandsextensie NBD NovaBACKUP File
97 Bestandsextensie NBF Backup NOW! backup archive file
98 Bestandsextensie NBI Nero BackItUp Information File
99 Bestandsextensie NBK NovaBACKUP Job File
100 Bestandsextensie NBU Nokia Phone Backup File
101 Bestandsextensie NCO Nero BackItUp File
102 Bestandsextensie NFB Nokia Phone Backup File
103 Bestandsextensie NFC Nokia Phone Backup Copy File
104 Bestandsextensie NPF NTI Partition File
105 Bestandsextensie NPS NTI Partition Set
106 Bestandsextensie NRS Nero CD-ROM Boot EFI compilation file
107 Bestandsextensie OEB Outlook Express Backup Wizard File
108 Bestandsextensie OLD Backup File
109 Bestandsextensie OMG O&O DiskImage backup file
110 Bestandsextensie ONEPKG Microsoft OneNote Package File
111 Bestandsextensie ORI Original File
112 Bestandsextensie ORIG Original File
113 Bestandsextensie OYX Approach Alternate Database Index
114 Bestandsextensie P21 PAR recovery volume
115 Bestandsextensie PAQ Hewlett-Packard Software Restore File
116 Bestandsextensie PBB AT&T Phonebook File
117 Bestandsextensie PBD EaseUS Todo Backup File
118 Bestandsextensie PBX5SCRIPT Personal Backup Script
119 Bestandsextensie PBXSCRIPT Personal Backup Script
120 Bestandsextensie QBB QuickBooks Backup File
121 Bestandsextensie QBK QuickTax Backup File
122 Bestandsextensie QBM QuickBooks Portable Company File
123 Bestandsextensie QBMB QuickBooks Backup File
124 Bestandsextensie QBMD QuickBooks Backup File
125 Bestandsextensie QBX QuickBooks Accountant Transfer File
126 Bestandsextensie QIC Windows Backup File
127 Bestandsextensie QSF Qualtrics Survey File
128 Bestandsextensie QUICKENBACKUP Quicken Essentials for Mac Backup File
129 Bestandsextensie QV~ ViewletBuilder Project Backup File
130 Bestandsextensie RB4 Trend AntiVirus backup file
131 Bestandsextensie RBC Easy Resume Creator Pro resume file
132 Bestandsextensie RBF Windows Installer Rollback File
133 Bestandsextensie RBK Windows 95 Registry Backup File
134 Bestandsextensie RGMB RootsMagic Backup File
135 Bestandsextensie RMBAK Registry Mechanic Backup File
136 Bestandsextensie RPK NeverForget backup reminder file
137 Bestandsextensie RRR Registry Mechanic Backup File
138 Bestandsextensie SBB Office Accounting Company Backup File
139 Bestandsextensie SKB SketchUp Backup Document
140 Bestandsextensie SN1 Drive Snapshot First Differential Backup
141 Bestandsextensie SN2 Drive Snapshot Second Differential Backup
142 Bestandsextensie SNS Save-N-Sync Project File
143 Bestandsextensie SPG TCP Optimizer Backup File
144 Bestandsextensie SPI ShadowProtect Incremental Backup File
145 Bestandsextensie SQB SQL Backup SQL Server Backup File
146 Bestandsextensie SRR ReScene Metadata File
147 Bestandsextensie STG ActiveSync Backup File
148 Bestandsextensie SV$ AutoCAD Automated Backup File
149 Bestandsextensie SV2I Symantec System Index File
150 Bestandsextensie TDB eBay Turbo Lister Backup File
151 Bestandsextensie TIG TI Connect Backup File
152 Bestandsextensie TLG QuickBooks Transaction Log File
153 Bestandsextensie TMP Temporary File
154 Bestandsextensie TRN SQL Server Transaction Log Backup File
155 Bestandsextensie TTBK Canadian TurboTax 2010 Backup File
156 Bestandsextensie UCI UFS Explorer Backup File
157 Bestandsextensie V2I Norton Ghost Virtual Volume Image
158 Bestandsextensie VBF VersaCheck backup file
159 Bestandsextensie VBM Veeam Backup Metadata File
160 Bestandsextensie VBOX-PREV Oracle VM VirtualBox Settings Backup File
161 Bestandsextensie VPCBACKUP Windows Virtual PC Backup File
162 Bestandsextensie VRB Veeam Incremental Backup File
163 Bestandsextensie WBB WinBackup Archive
164 Bestandsextensie WBCAT Windows Backup Catalog File
165 Bestandsextensie WBK Word Document Backup
166 Bestandsextensie WIN Windows Backup File
167 Bestandsextensie WJF WinZip Job File
168 Bestandsextensie WPB Windows Phone Device Manager backup file
169 Bestandsextensie WSPAK WebsitePanel Backup File
170 Bestandsextensie XBK XenServer Backup File
171 Bestandsextensie XLK Excel Backup File
172 Bestandsextensie __A File Splitter & Joiner Encrypted File
173 Bestandsextensie __B File Splitter & Joiner Encrypted Archive File
174 Bestandsextensie ~CW Circuit Wizard Backup File