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# Bestandsextensie Volledige bestandsnaam
1 Bestandsextensie T Turing Source Code File
2 Bestandsextensie T$2A Timbuktu Pro
3 Bestandsextensie T$AB Timbuktu Pro Address Book
4 Bestandsextensie T$M AVG Internet Security Temporary File
5 Bestandsextensie T00 TaxCut Federal Data
6 Bestandsextensie T01 TaxCut 2001 File
7 Bestandsextensie T02 TaxCut 2002 File
8 Bestandsextensie T03 TaxCut 2003 File
9 Bestandsextensie T04 TaxCut 2004 File
10 Bestandsextensie T05 TaxCut 2005 Tax Return
11 Bestandsextensie T06 TaxCut 2006 Tax Return
12 Bestandsextensie T07 TaxCut 2007 Tax Return
13 Bestandsextensie T08 TaxCut 2008 Tax Return
14 Bestandsextensie T09 At Home 2009 Tax Return
15 Bestandsextensie T1 Male MRI Image Format
16 Bestandsextensie T10 At Home 2010 Tax Return
17 Bestandsextensie T11 At Home 2011 Tax Return
18 Bestandsextensie T12 At Home 2012 Tax Return
19 Bestandsextensie T13 H&R Block Tax Software Tax Return
20 Bestandsextensie T16 DAMASK
21 Bestandsextensie T2 TrueType font file
22 Bestandsextensie T2B CyBook Thumbnail Image
23 Bestandsextensie T2D Technology Transfer Database
24 Bestandsextensie T2K Teach2000 Document
25 Bestandsextensie T2KS Teach2000 Exam Results File
26 Bestandsextensie T2KT Teach2000 Exam File
27 Bestandsextensie T2S Tier2
28 Bestandsextensie T2T Txt2tags Text Document
29 Bestandsextensie T3 TADS 3 Game
30 Bestandsextensie T3001 TARGET 3001! Circuit Design Project File
31 Bestandsextensie T32 Drive Image 5
32 Bestandsextensie T3A Swift 3D Animation Preset
33 Bestandsextensie T3D Unreal Engine 3D Object File
34 Bestandsextensie T3V TADS 3 Saved Position
35 Bestandsextensie T3X TYPO3 Compressed Extension
36 Bestandsextensie T4 TerrAlign Alignment Configuration
37 Bestandsextensie T44 DBASE IV Temporary
38 Bestandsextensie T49 HP48/HP49 Specific
39 Bestandsextensie T64 Commodore 64 Tape Image File
40 Bestandsextensie T80 TANK - API 650/653 Output Document
41 Bestandsextensie TA1 TaxACT 2001 Tax Form
42 Bestandsextensie TA9 TaxACT Tax Document
43 Bestandsextensie TAAC Sun TAAC Image File
44 Bestandsextensie TAB MapInfo TAB File
45 Bestandsextensie TABULA-BUTTONS Tabula Button Library
46 Bestandsextensie TABULA-DOC Tabula Document
47 Bestandsextensie TABULA-DOCSTYLE Tabula Document Settings
48 Bestandsextensie TAC ActiCalc Data File
49 Bestandsextensie TAD Total Annihilation Demo Saved Game Data
50 Bestandsextensie TAF ADRIFT Text Adventure File
51 Bestandsextensie TAG DataFlex Query Tag
52 Bestandsextensie TAH Turbo Assembler Help
53 Bestandsextensie TAK Music Maker Take File
54 Bestandsextensie TAL BrainVoyager QX Talairach Coordinate
55 Bestandsextensie TAN Amazon Kindle
56 Bestandsextensie TAO Track at Once CD/DVD Image
57 Bestandsextensie TAP Commodore 64 Cassette Tape Image
58 Bestandsextensie TAR Consolidated Unix File Archive
59 Bestandsextensie TAR-GZ Gzip Compressed TAR Archive
60 Bestandsextensie TAR-LZMA TAR Archive
61 Bestandsextensie TAR-Z TAR Compressed Archive
62 Bestandsextensie TARGZ Compressed Tarball File
63 Bestandsextensie TARGZ2 Misnamed BZ2 Tarball
64 Bestandsextensie TARLZMA LZMA Compressed Tarball
65 Bestandsextensie TARXZ XZ Compressed Tar Archive
66 Bestandsextensie TARZ Tar.Z Compressed Archive
67 Bestandsextensie TARAA Linux TAR Split Archive
68 Bestandsextensie TARDIST TAR Distribution Archive
69 Bestandsextensie TARGA Truevision TarGA Bitmap Image
70 Bestandsextensie TARGETS MSBuild Targets File
71 Bestandsextensie TAT ESRI Geographic Text Attribute Table
72 Bestandsextensie TAX TurboTax Tax Return
73 Bestandsextensie TAX08 TurboTax 2008 Tax Return File
74 Bestandsextensie TAX09 TurboTax 2009 Tax Return File
75 Bestandsextensie TAX10 TurboTax 2010 Tax Return File
76 Bestandsextensie TAX11 TurboTax 2011 Tax Return File
77 Bestandsextensie TAX12 TurboTax 2012 Tax Return File
78 Bestandsextensie TAX13 TurboTax Tax Return
79 Bestandsextensie TAX2008 TurboTax 2008 Tax Return
80 Bestandsextensie TAX2009 TurboTax 2009 Tax Return
81 Bestandsextensie TAX2010 TurboTax 2010 Tax Return
82 Bestandsextensie TAX2011 TurboTax 2011 Tax Return
83 Bestandsextensie TAX2012 TurboTax 2012 Tax Return
84 Bestandsextensie TAX2013 TurboTax Tax Return
85 Bestandsextensie TAXFORM QuickBooks Draft
86 Bestandsextensie TAZ Tar Zipped File
87 Bestandsextensie TB Tabbery Tab File
88 Bestandsextensie TB0 Adobe Photoshop Thumbnail Cache File
89 Bestandsextensie TB1 Borland Turbo C Font
90 Bestandsextensie TB2 Borland Turbo C Font
91 Bestandsextensie TB5 Intel VTune Performance Monitor Sampling Data
92 Bestandsextensie TBA DB/Text Database Primary Textbase Definition
93 Bestandsextensie TBB The Bat! E-mail Hives
94 Bestandsextensie TBC Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Season01 Vehicles
95 Bestandsextensie TBD Document System Document Source Code
96 Bestandsextensie TBE TMPGEnc List
97 Bestandsextensie TBF Trellian Button Factory
98 Bestandsextensie TBG Infinity Engine Game
99 Bestandsextensie TBI FIFA 2001 Data Cmn Be
100 Bestandsextensie TBK ToolBook File
101 Bestandsextensie TBL Table file
102 Bestandsextensie TBM DB/TextWorks database menu screen
103 Bestandsextensie TBN XBMC Thumbnail Image
104 Bestandsextensie TBP TASBooks accounting data file
105 Bestandsextensie TBR SoftQuad XMetaL Configuration
106 Bestandsextensie TBS TuneUp Utilities Boot Screen
107 Bestandsextensie TBT Timbuktu Pro Remote Control Software
108 Bestandsextensie TBV Turbo-BrainVoyager Data
109 Bestandsextensie TBX Trados Glossary
110 Bestandsextensie TBZ Bzip Compressed Tar Archive
111 Bestandsextensie TBZ2 Tar BZip 2 Compressed File
112 Bestandsextensie TC TrueCrypt Volume
113 Bestandsextensie TC2 TurboCAD 2D Mac Drawing
114 Bestandsextensie TC3 TurboCAD 2D/3D Mac Drawing
115 Bestandsextensie TCA The Complete Animator Animation
116 Bestandsextensie TCC TimeCalc Classic Data File
117 Bestandsextensie TCD Technobox CAD Drawing
118 Bestandsextensie TCE TLE File Format
119 Bestandsextensie TCF TTWin 3 Certificate Licensing
120 Bestandsextensie TCH Borland C++ Help
121 Bestandsextensie TCL Tcl Script
122 Bestandsextensie TCLOG TestComplete Log
123 Bestandsextensie TCM TurboCAD Mac Drawing
124 Bestandsextensie TCP Tally Compiled Program File
125 Bestandsextensie TCR Psion Series 3 eBook File
126 Bestandsextensie TCSH Unix Shell Script
127 Bestandsextensie TCT TurboCAD Drawing Template
128 Bestandsextensie TCW TurboCAD Drawing File
129 Bestandsextensie TCX Training Center Database File
130 Bestandsextensie TCZ PSTextMerge script file
131 Bestandsextensie TCZL Tiny Core Linux Xlib
132 Bestandsextensie TD Borland Turbo Debugger for DOS configuration file
133 Bestandsextensie TD0 Teledisk Archive
134 Bestandsextensie TD2 Borland Turbo Debugger For Win32 Configuration
135 Bestandsextensie TD4 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track File
136 Bestandsextensie TD6 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design File
137 Bestandsextensie TDA Palm To-Do File
138 Bestandsextensie TDA3MT DivX Author Template File
139 Bestandsextensie TDAT Codewarrior Mac
140 Bestandsextensie TDB eBay Turbo Lister Backup File
141 Bestandsextensie TDC ALLCapture Project
142 Bestandsextensie TDDD 3D Data Description File
143 Bestandsextensie TDE Tableau Data Extract File
144 Bestandsextensie TDF Total Annihilation features file
145 Bestandsextensie TDI Explore (TDI) & Maya Image File (IFF Format)
146 Bestandsextensie TDIM Digital F/X Image Format
147 Bestandsextensie TDK Borland Turbo Debugger Keystroke Recording
148 Bestandsextensie TDL Tab Delineated file format
149 Bestandsextensie TDM LabVIEW Binary Measurement File
150 Bestandsextensie TDMB Trimble Outdoors Navigator Map Bundle
151 Bestandsextensie TDMS LabVIEW TDMS
152 Bestandsextensie TDMS_INDEX LabVIEW
153 Bestandsextensie TDOC Tabula Document
154 Bestandsextensie TDP Sherif DrawPlus Thumbnail
155 Bestandsextensie TDR Top Draw Vector Graphic
156 Bestandsextensie TDS Borland Turbo Debugger symbol table file
157 Bestandsextensie TDT THOR Data Tree File
158 Bestandsextensie TDT2 Panasonic HD Video Camera Movie
159 Bestandsextensie TDV DIAdem VIEW Module Setup Information
160 Bestandsextensie TDX Visual FoxPro offline view
161 Bestandsextensie TDY TODAY BuildProfessional Application
162 Bestandsextensie TDZ Drobo Firmware File
163 Bestandsextensie TE Textease CT Database File
164 Bestandsextensie TE3 WinTrack Object File
165 Bestandsextensie TEA Tea Source
166 Bestandsextensie TEACHER SMART Response Teacher Database File
167 Bestandsextensie TEC TECkit Compiled Mapping File
168 Bestandsextensie TED Alamo Map File
169 Bestandsextensie TEE TeeChart Office Graphics
170 Bestandsextensie TEF TablEdit Tablature
171 Bestandsextensie TEI TrackEye Image Sequence
172 Bestandsextensie TEM Borland C++ Turbo Editor Macro Language Script
173 Bestandsextensie TEMP Temporary (Temp) File
174 Bestandsextensie TEMPLATE Apple Pages Template
175 Bestandsextensie TEMPORARYITEMS Mac OS X Temporary
176 Bestandsextensie TEN TeeChart For .NET Chart Control Template
177 Bestandsextensie TEP TopiaryExplorer Project
178 Bestandsextensie TEQ Saia S-Web-Editor PCD
179 Bestandsextensie TER TerraGen Landscape
180 Bestandsextensie TERM Apple Mac OS X Terminal
181 Bestandsextensie TERMINAL Terminal Settings File
182 Bestandsextensie TERMS Cygwin Demos
183 Bestandsextensie TERRAIN TerraGen Terrain Graphic Data
184 Bestandsextensie TESTRUNCONFIG Visual Studio Test Run Configuration File
185 Bestandsextensie TESTSETTINGS Visual Studio Test Settings File
186 Bestandsextensie TET Textease CT Template
187 Bestandsextensie TEW Wrestling Spirit
188 Bestandsextensie TEX LaTeX Source Document
189 Bestandsextensie TEX0 Wii Texture File
190 Bestandsextensie TEXI TEX
191 Bestandsextensie TEXINFO Texinfo Source
192 Bestandsextensie TEXT Plain Text File
193 Bestandsextensie TEXTCLIPPING Mac OS X Text Clipping File
194 Bestandsextensie TEXTEXPANDER TextExpander
195 Bestandsextensie TEXTFACTORY BBEdit Text Factory
196 Bestandsextensie TEXTILE Eclipse IDE WikiText Document
197 Bestandsextensie TEXTS Ribbons Texts
198 Bestandsextensie TEXTUREPACK Arena Wars Texture Pack
199 Bestandsextensie TEXTUTILS Gnome Desktop
200 Bestandsextensie TF Autodesk Inventor Transcript
201 Bestandsextensie TF2 Team Fortress 2 Data
202 Bestandsextensie TFA TreeSoft CashFlow Analysis Data File
203 Bestandsextensie TFC Unreal Engine 3 Texture File Cache
204 Bestandsextensie TFD Tape Format Requirements Document
205 Bestandsextensie TFF IDOLON Tagged
206 Bestandsextensie TFH Turbo Profiler Help
207 Bestandsextensie TFIL Blizzard Software Update File
208 Bestandsextensie TFL Tific Client
209 Bestandsextensie TFM TeX Font Metric File
210 Bestandsextensie TFMX Final Music System Tracker Module
211 Bestandsextensie TFR TIE Fighter Pilot File
212 Bestandsextensie TFRD Tape Image Format Requirements Document
213 Bestandsextensie TFW World File for TIFF
214 Bestandsextensie TFWX ArcGIS Approximate Affine Transformation
215 Bestandsextensie TFX Tax Exchange
216 Bestandsextensie TG Gzip compressed tar archive
217 Bestandsextensie TG4 Tiled Group 4 Raster Image File
218 Bestandsextensie TGA Targa Graphic
219 Bestandsextensie TGB IPSec VPN Client VPN Configuration
220 Bestandsextensie TGC Terragen Node Clip
221 Bestandsextensie TGD TerraGen World
222 Bestandsextensie TGF Trivial Graph Format File
223 Bestandsextensie TGH Guitar Hero 3 Tier Settings
224 Bestandsextensie TGI SimCity 4
225 Bestandsextensie TGL SkyMap Pro Target List
226 Bestandsextensie TGMD ThumbGen Movie Metadata
227 Bestandsextensie TGMG TabGroups Manager For Firefox Exported Group
228 Bestandsextensie TGML Tecumseh Group Markup Language
229 Bestandsextensie TGO Terragen 2 Object
230 Bestandsextensie TGP TGPGuiLib Terragen Plugin
231 Bestandsextensie TGQ Dungeon Keeper 2 Movie Game
232 Bestandsextensie TGS GSTree Phylogenetic Tree Information
233 Bestandsextensie TGW TerraGen World
234 Bestandsextensie TGWORLD TerraGen World
235 Bestandsextensie TGX Stronghold
236 Bestandsextensie TGZ Gzipped Tar File
237 Bestandsextensie TH Therion Data File
238 Bestandsextensie THA Windows Thai Noise-Words List File
239 Bestandsextensie THB KinuPix Skin
240 Bestandsextensie THD Dolby TrueHD Audio
241 Bestandsextensie THE Microsoft Plus! Theme File
242 Bestandsextensie THEATER IMovie Theater Library
243 Bestandsextensie THEME Microsoft Plus! Desktop Theme
244 Bestandsextensie THEMEPACK Windows 7 Theme Pack
245 Bestandsextensie THEWITCHERSAVE The Witcher Save Game
246 Bestandsextensie THL PowerProducer Background Image Icon
247 Bestandsextensie THM Thumbnail Image File
248 Bestandsextensie THME Microsoft Theme Format
249 Bestandsextensie THMX Office 2007 Theme File
250 Bestandsextensie THN Graphics Workshop For Windows Thumbnail
251 Bestandsextensie THNL Graphics Workshop For Windows Thumbnail
252 Bestandsextensie THP TurboTax text string file
253 Bestandsextensie THR Thred Embroidery Outline
254 Bestandsextensie THS Corel WordPerfect Thesaurus Dictionary
255 Bestandsextensie THUMB JAlbum Thumbnail File
256 Bestandsextensie THUMBDATA Google Android Thumbnail Database
257 Bestandsextensie THUMBDATA-IDX3 Android Thumbnail Index
258 Bestandsextensie THUMBDATA3 Google Android Thumbnail Database
259 Bestandsextensie THUMBDATA3--1763508120 Android Thumbnail Index
260 Bestandsextensie THUMBDATA3--1967290299 Android Thumbnail Index
261 Bestandsextensie THUMBDATA4 Google Android Thumbnail Database
262 Bestandsextensie THUMBDATA4--1967290299 Android Thumbnail Index
263 Bestandsextensie THUMBDATA5 Google Android Thumbnail Database
264 Bestandsextensie THUMBDATA5--1763508120_0 Android Thumbnail Index
265 Bestandsextensie THUMBDATA5--1967290299_0 Android Thumbnail Index
266 Bestandsextensie THUMBSDB PixFiler Thumbnail Database
267 Bestandsextensie THX Amiga THX Tracker Music File
268 Bestandsextensie TI Timber Compiler
269 Bestandsextensie TI0 Tabula Binary Settings And Initialization
270 Bestandsextensie TI1 Tabula Binary Settings And Initialization
271 Bestandsextensie TI2 Tabula Binary Settings And Initialization
272 Bestandsextensie TIB Acronis True Image File
273 Bestandsextensie TIC TruKnox Cache
274 Bestandsextensie TID TruKnox Transfer Details
275 Bestandsextensie TIE CrossTie Installer File
276 Bestandsextensie TIF Tagged Image File
277 Bestandsextensie TIFF Tagged Image File Format
278 Bestandsextensie TIG TI Connect Backup File
279 Bestandsextensie TIGER Tomb Raider Game Data Archive
280 Bestandsextensie TII Apache Lucene Term Info Index
281 Bestandsextensie TIKZ Matlab Tikz Script
282 Bestandsextensie TIL Nova Logic Game Tile
283 Bestandsextensie TILE Eclipse Image
284 Bestandsextensie TILEMAP XML Tilemap Format
285 Bestandsextensie TILESKINZIP Elemental Tile Skin
286 Bestandsextensie TIM The Incredible Machine Level
287 Bestandsextensie TIME LIGHT File
288 Bestandsextensie TIN Bentley GEOPAK Environmental Modeling Systems
289 Bestandsextensie TINY Gnome Desktop
290 Bestandsextensie TINYID Tiny Village
291 Bestandsextensie TIP TuneUp Utilities Icon Package
292 Bestandsextensie TIPROGRAM TI-Basic Program File
293 Bestandsextensie TIR Tibia RePlay Tibia Movie
294 Bestandsextensie TIS TruKnox captured device settings file
295 Bestandsextensie TIT Train Simulator Track Interactive Table
296 Bestandsextensie TIVO TiVo Video File
297 Bestandsextensie TIW Bentley InRoads
298 Bestandsextensie TIX DivX Video Download Activation File
299 Bestandsextensie TJA Taikojiro Song Map File
300 Bestandsextensie TJC Taikojiro Song Map Sequence File
301 Bestandsextensie TJF IBM Rational ClearCase Transaction
302 Bestandsextensie TJP TaskJuggler Project File
303 Bestandsextensie TK Tk Script
304 Bestandsextensie TK1 Wintec Tools GPS Log
305 Bestandsextensie TK2 Roxio/Take Two Backup
306 Bestandsextensie TK3 TK3 Multimedia eBook
307 Bestandsextensie TKB TicketBench Data
308 Bestandsextensie TKFL TKLinks Saver Favorite Links File
309 Bestandsextensie TKL Takeoff Live PDF Working Data
310 Bestandsextensie TKN Liberty BASIC Application Distribution
311 Bestandsextensie TKO Win32/Oficla Trojan File
312 Bestandsextensie TKR Tinker Custom Level File
313 Bestandsextensie TKS Traktor Pro MIDI Map
314 Bestandsextensie TKW TK Solver
315 Bestandsextensie TL OpenTL Open Track List
316 Bestandsextensie TL5 Timeliner 5 File
317 Bestandsextensie TLA TuneUp Utilities Startup Logo
318 Bestandsextensie TLB OLE Type Library
319 Bestandsextensie TLBACKUP True Launch Bar Backup Settings
320 Bestandsextensie TLC The Logo Creator File
321 Bestandsextensie TLD Tag Library Descriptor File
322 Bestandsextensie TLE TLE File Format
323 Bestandsextensie TLG QuickBooks Transaction Log File
324 Bestandsextensie TLH Typelib Generated C/C++ Header File
325 Bestandsextensie TLI Typelib Generated C/C++ Inline File
326 Bestandsextensie TLIC Trust Lincense
327 Bestandsextensie TLK BioWare Aurora Engine Talk Table File
328 Bestandsextensie TLL LG TV Link-Loader File
329 Bestandsextensie TLM Timeline Maker Timeline
330 Bestandsextensie TLO SPSS TableLooks File
331 Bestandsextensie TLP Microsoft TimeLine project
332 Bestandsextensie TLQ Art Explosion T-Shirt Factory Deluxe
333 Bestandsextensie TLR Tableau Offline License Registration
334 Bestandsextensie TLS TuneUp Utilities Logon Screen
335 Bestandsextensie TLT Trellix Web Design
336 Bestandsextensie TLV TruLASER View Geometry Data
337 Bestandsextensie TLX Standard Dictionary File
338 Bestandsextensie TLY Adobe Photoshop Elements Backup Catalog
339 Bestandsextensie TLZ Tar LZMA Compressed File
340 Bestandsextensie TLZMA LZMA Compressed Tar Archive
341 Bestandsextensie TM TeXmacs Document
342 Bestandsextensie TM2 PlayStation 2 Graphic
343 Bestandsextensie TM8 Theta Music Composer 1.x Audio File
344 Bestandsextensie TMB Timbuktu Pro Connection Document
345 Bestandsextensie TMBUNDLE TextMate Bundle File
346 Bestandsextensie TMC Theta Music Composer 1.x Audio File
347 Bestandsextensie TMD TextMaker Document
348 Bestandsextensie TMDB TaskMerlin Database
349 Bestandsextensie TME Bryce Time File
350 Bestandsextensie TMF Corel WordPerfect Tagged Font Metric
351 Bestandsextensie TMH Trace Message Header
352 Bestandsextensie TMI Thin Client Media-3 Encoded Video
353 Bestandsextensie TMK Turbo Pascal Tour
354 Bestandsextensie TMLANGUAGE TextMate Language Grammar File
355 Bestandsextensie TMM TimeMap Metadata
356 Bestandsextensie TMO 3DCG Animation and Pose File
357 Bestandsextensie TMP Temporary File
358 Bestandsextensie TMPL SWISH-E example file
359 Bestandsextensie TMPREFERENCES TextMate Preference
360 Bestandsextensie TMPROJ TextMate Project File
361 Bestandsextensie TMPROJECT TextMate Project
362 Bestandsextensie TMQ TestMaster
363 Bestandsextensie TMR Apimac Timer Document
364 Bestandsextensie TMS Telemate Script
365 Bestandsextensie TMTHEME TextMate Theme File
366 Bestandsextensie TMV TextMaker Template
367 Bestandsextensie TMVT TimeMap Template
368 Bestandsextensie TMW Timeless Time & Expense multi-user security file
369 Bestandsextensie TMX Translation Memory Exchange File
370 Bestandsextensie TMZ Medigraph Compressed Database
371 Bestandsextensie TMZIP Theme Manager Zip File
372 Bestandsextensie TN LG Phone Image
373 Bestandsextensie TN1 Tiny Low Resolution Image
374 Bestandsextensie TN2 Tiny Medium Resolution Image
375 Bestandsextensie TN3 Tiny High Resolution Image
376 Bestandsextensie TN? TiNY 2D Graphic
377 Bestandsextensie TNA Topocad Net Adjustment
378 Bestandsextensie TNE Manga Studio Tone File
379 Bestandsextensie TNEF Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
380 Bestandsextensie TNF Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
381 Bestandsextensie TNG Namo WebCanvas Vector Graphic
382 Bestandsextensie TNL Thumbnail Image Format
383 Bestandsextensie TNR GPS Pathfinder ProXR/XRS Firmware
384 Bestandsextensie TNS TI-Nspire Document
385 Bestandsextensie TNSP TI-Nspire PublishView Document
386 Bestandsextensie TNT TurnTool 3D Model
387 Bestandsextensie TNX PCL Toolkit Text Extraction
388 Bestandsextensie TNY Atari Tiny Image
389 Bestandsextensie TOAST Toast Disc Image
390 Bestandsextensie TOB ZEMAX Object Data
391 Bestandsextensie TOC Eudora Table of Contents
392 Bestandsextensie TOCF Eudora For Mac TOC
393 Bestandsextensie TOD JVC Everio Video Capture File
394 Bestandsextensie TOE Touch Environment Project
395 Bestandsextensie TOF Mr. Photo Temporary Thumbnail
396 Bestandsextensie TOFP Toshiba Fingerprint Utility Settings Backup
397 Bestandsextensie TOH Infinity Engine Game
398 Bestandsextensie TOK Borland C++ 4.x External Tokens
399 Bestandsextensie TOKEND Smart Card Support Mac
400 Bestandsextensie TOL AOL Tool File
401 Bestandsextensie TOM MediGraph Database
402 Bestandsextensie TOMBRAIDER 3 Tomb Raider 3 Save Game
403 Bestandsextensie TON FMS32 Protocol
404 Bestandsextensie TOOLS DJGPP Tools
405 Bestandsextensie TOP Evernote handwritten notes and sketches file
406 Bestandsextensie TOPC TopicCrunch Project File
407 Bestandsextensie TOPPRJ TopSolid Project File
408 Bestandsextensie TOPX E-sword Topic Note
409 Bestandsextensie TOR Star Wars: The Old Republic Asset File
410 Bestandsextensie TORCHDOWNLOAD Torch Web Browser Partial Download
411 Bestandsextensie TORRENT BitTorrent File
412 Bestandsextensie TOS Atari ST TOS Archive
413 Bestandsextensie TOT Bioware Infinity Game Engine Talk Table Override Text
414 Bestandsextensie TOTALSBACKUP Totals Database Backup File
415 Bestandsextensie TOTALSDB Totals Database File
416 Bestandsextensie TOTALSLAYOUT Totals Invoice Layout File
417 Bestandsextensie TOTALSSYNCDB Totals Synchronized Database File
418 Bestandsextensie TOY Catz & Dogz Game
419 Bestandsextensie TP Beyond TV Transport Stream File
420 Bestandsextensie TP0 Mascom PVR Video File
421 Bestandsextensie TP3 Harvard Graphics DOS Template File
422 Bestandsextensie TP4 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Picture File
423 Bestandsextensie TP7 MODTRAN
424 Bestandsextensie TPA CorelDRAW Custom Graphic
425 Bestandsextensie TPARK ThemePark Project File
426 Bestandsextensie TPB GROMACS Binary Input File
427 Bestandsextensie TPC Topic Connection Placeholder
428 Bestandsextensie TPD Cyberlink TOD Video File
429 Bestandsextensie TPE Clarion Example
430 Bestandsextensie TPF Transit NXT Pack Translation File
431 Bestandsextensie TPI EDIUS Plugin File
432 Bestandsextensie TPIC TrueVision TARGA Image
433 Bestandsextensie TPJ Nova Logic Game Terrain Project
434 Bestandsextensie TPK Tizen Application Package
435 Bestandsextensie TPKEY TexturePacker License
436 Bestandsextensie TPL Document Template
437 Bestandsextensie TPM TextPad Macro file
438 Bestandsextensie TPO TOPO! MapXchange Document
439 Bestandsextensie TPP Borland Pascal Protected Mode Units
440 Bestandsextensie TPQ TOPO!Pro Map
441 Bestandsextensie TPR TMPGEnc Project File
442 Bestandsextensie TPS Scam torrent file
443 Bestandsextensie TPSDB Print Shop Project
444 Bestandsextensie TPT ThumbsPlus Thumbnail Template
445 Bestandsextensie TPU Turbo Pascal Unit
446 Bestandsextensie TPW Borland Turbo Pascal Unit
447 Bestandsextensie TPX Photo Express template file
448 Bestandsextensie TPZ Kindle Topaz eBook File
449 Bestandsextensie TQD Torq Song Information
450 Bestandsextensie TQF Rational Test RealTime
451 Bestandsextensie TQL Microsoft SQL Server Query Analyser Header
452 Bestandsextensie TR TomeRaider 2 eBook File
453 Bestandsextensie TR0 SPICE Transient Analysis Output
454 Bestandsextensie TR1 IBM Voice Type Languages Addword
455 Bestandsextensie TR2 Borland Turbo Debugger Session-state Settings
456 Bestandsextensie TR3 TomeRaider eBook File
457 Bestandsextensie TR4 SPICE Transient Analysis Output
458 Bestandsextensie TR6 SPICE Transient Analysis Output
459 Bestandsextensie TR7 SPICE Transient Analysis Output
460 Bestandsextensie TR8 SPICE Transient Analysis Output
461 Bestandsextensie TR9 SPICE Transient Analysis Output
462 Bestandsextensie TRA WinTrack Railroad Track File
463 Bestandsextensie TRACE VMware ThinApp Trace Log File
464 Bestandsextensie TRACWIKI Eclipse IDE WikiText
465 Bestandsextensie TRAK Traktor Content Pack File
466 Bestandsextensie TRANSCRIPTSTYLE Apple IChat Transcript Style
467 Bestandsextensie TRASHES Google Android Mobile Phone
468 Bestandsextensie TRASHINFO Trash Storage Metadata
469 Bestandsextensie TRAY Corel CONNECT Tray File
470 Bestandsextensie TRB Animation Master Turbulence Extension
471 Bestandsextensie TRC Oracle Trace File
472 Bestandsextensie TRCE Corel Trace
473 Bestandsextensie TRD TrID Definitions Package
474 Bestandsextensie TRE EA SPORTS Game
475 Bestandsextensie TREC Camtasia Studio Recorded Session
476 Bestandsextensie TREE ES-Builder Tree
477 Bestandsextensie TRG Symantec LiveUpdate
478 Bestandsextensie TRI FaceGen Polygonal Model File
479 Bestandsextensie TRIDEFMOVIE TriDef Movie
480 Bestandsextensie TRIDEFPHOTO TriDef 3D Photo Transformer Depth Map
481 Bestandsextensie TRIF Tiled Raster Interchange Format
482 Bestandsextensie TRK CompeGPS Land Track File
483 Bestandsextensie TRL Topocad
484 Bestandsextensie TRM FTR Media File
485 Bestandsextensie TRN SQL Server Transaction Log Backup File
486 Bestandsextensie TRO IBM Voice Type Languages Vocable
487 Bestandsextensie TRP HD Video Transport Stream
488 Bestandsextensie TRR GROMACS Full-precision Trajectory
489 Bestandsextensie TRS Rosetta Stone Language Data File
490 Bestandsextensie TRT Team Sports Scheduling System Report Template
491 Bestandsextensie TRU True Basic Source
492 Bestandsextensie TRUCK Rigs of Rods Truck Definition File
493 Bestandsextensie TRV Traverse PC Desktop Survey Data
494 Bestandsextensie TRX Visual Studio Test Results File
495 Bestandsextensie TRX_DLL Windows Startup File
496 Bestandsextensie TRZ Norton Antivirus Rapidrelease Definition Update
497 Bestandsextensie TS Video Transport Stream File
498 Bestandsextensie TS0 Tio32 Script
499 Bestandsextensie TS1 VirtualBus Texture Description File
500 Bestandsextensie TS2 Time Stamp Project Information
501 Bestandsextensie TS4 Recorded Multimedia
502 Bestandsextensie TSB 3dMD Or 3Q Viewer 3D Image
503 Bestandsextensie TSC Microsoft Windows WinHelp related file
504 Bestandsextensie TSD NovaLogic Game Tile Surface Define
505 Bestandsextensie TSF ProWORX Nxt symbol file
506 Bestandsextensie TSI Traktor Settings File
507 Bestandsextensie TSK Pocket PC Skin
508 Bestandsextensie TSM Turbo Assembler for OS/2 manual file format
509 Bestandsextensie TSN RatLab Toolkit
510 Bestandsextensie TSO Tactical Situation Object XML
511 Bestandsextensie TSP Digital TV DVR Recording
512 Bestandsextensie TSR TSR Launcher
513 Bestandsextensie TSS Team Sports Scheduling System Project Format
514 Bestandsextensie TST TestPoint Test File
515 Bestandsextensie TSTREAM SwarmPlayer Streaming Torrent
516 Bestandsextensie TSV Tab Separated Values File
517 Bestandsextensie TSW NI TestStand Workspace
518 Bestandsextensie TSX Team Sports Scheduling System XML Project
519 Bestandsextensie TSZ Trillian Skin File
520 Bestandsextensie TT Visual Studio Text Template
521 Bestandsextensie TT10 TurboTax Canada 2010 Tax Return
522 Bestandsextensie TT11 TurboTax Canada 2011 Tax Return
523 Bestandsextensie TT12 TurboTax Canada 2012 Tax Return
524 Bestandsextensie TT13 TurboTax 2013 Tax Return
525 Bestandsextensie TT2012STATE TurboTax 2012 State Tax Form
526 Bestandsextensie TT4 TempTale
527 Bestandsextensie TTA True Audio File
528 Bestandsextensie TTARCH Telltale Games Archive
529 Bestandsextensie TTBK Canadian TurboTax 2010 Backup File
530 Bestandsextensie TTBL TTPLayer Play List
531 Bestandsextensie TTC TrueType Font Collection
532 Bestandsextensie TTD Tinytag Data Log
533 Bestandsextensie TTE Private Character Editor File
534 Bestandsextensie TTF TrueType Font
535 Bestandsextensie TTG Command & Conquer Red Alert 3
536 Bestandsextensie TTH Vampire - Bloodlines Game
537 Bestandsextensie TTI Beast Trojan
538 Bestandsextensie TTK Catalyst Translation Toolkit
539 Bestandsextensie TTKGP TatukGIS Project File
540 Bestandsextensie TTM Tower Toppler Mission File
541 Bestandsextensie TTN Bentley InRoads Topologically Triangulated Network
542 Bestandsextensie TTPL TTPLayer Play List
543 Bestandsextensie TTS ToolBook Translation System File
544 Bestandsextensie TTX Trados TagEditor File
545 Bestandsextensie TTXT MPEG-4 Timed Text Subtitles File
546 Bestandsextensie TTY Macromedia Dreamweaver
547 Bestandsextensie TTZ Vampire The Masquerade
548 Bestandsextensie TU Turing Source File
549 Bestandsextensie TU? Standard Mail Archive
550 Bestandsextensie TUB Paint Shop Pro Picture Tube
551 Bestandsextensie TUD ThumbsPlus Graphics
552 Bestandsextensie TUI NI LabWindows User Interface
553 Bestandsextensie TUN LEGO Racers Audio File
554 Bestandsextensie TUNEAO Marathon 2 Aleph One
555 Bestandsextensie TUR Turing Program Source File
556 Bestandsextensie TURBOC3 Borland Turbo C Makefile
557 Bestandsextensie TUT Children of the Nile Tutorial File
558 Bestandsextensie TUW Microsoft Office
559 Bestandsextensie TV Corel Paradox Table View Settings
560 Bestandsextensie TV1 Corel WordPerfect Overflow
561 Bestandsextensie TV2 Corel WordPerfect Overflow
562 Bestandsextensie TV4 Corel WordPerfect Overflow
563 Bestandsextensie TV5 Corel WordPerfect Overflow
564 Bestandsextensie TV7 Corel WordPerfect Overflow
565 Bestandsextensie TV9 Corel WordPerfect Overflow
566 Bestandsextensie TVA Truevision3D Animated Actor
567 Bestandsextensie TVC IBM Lotus 1-2-3 Table
568 Bestandsextensie TVD Apache Lucene Term Vector Documents
569 Bestandsextensie TVEX Apple QuickTime MoviePlayer Extension
570 Bestandsextensie TVF DBASE Table View Settings
571 Bestandsextensie TVIXIE TViXiE Effects
572 Bestandsextensie TVJ TrueView Job Ticket
573 Bestandsextensie TVL TurboTax File
574 Bestandsextensie TVM The Tube
575 Bestandsextensie TVN Yamaha Tyros 2 Voice
576 Bestandsextensie TVOD Apple QuickTime Movie Or JPEG Picture
577 Bestandsextensie TVP TVP Animation Animation Data
578 Bestandsextensie TVPI TitanTV Television Listing File
579 Bestandsextensie TVR Navicat For MySQL
580 Bestandsextensie TVS TeamViewer Video Session File
581 Bestandsextensie TVT IBM Lenovo ThinkVantage Rescue And Recovery
582 Bestandsextensie TVVI TitanTV Television Listing File
583 Bestandsextensie TVX Apache Lucene Term Vector Index
584 Bestandsextensie TWAIN Adobe Acrobat TWAIN 1.8 Specification
585 Bestandsextensie TWB Tableau Workbook File
586 Bestandsextensie TWBX Tableau Packaged Workbook
587 Bestandsextensie TWC TTWin Configuration File
588 Bestandsextensie TWD MindMapper Brainstorm And Visual Map
589 Bestandsextensie TWDX MindMapper Document
590 Bestandsextensie TWE ThinkWave Educator Data
591 Bestandsextensie TWF ArcView World Coordinates
592 Bestandsextensie TWG CARE-S InfoWorks Trade Waste
593 Bestandsextensie TWI SDDS Toolkit
594 Bestandsextensie TWIG Twig Source
595 Bestandsextensie TWK TweakS
596 Bestandsextensie TWM TeamWORKS module launcher file
597 Bestandsextensie TWP Teamwork Planner Project
598 Bestandsextensie TWS TextPad Workspace
599 Bestandsextensie TWT Carmageddon 2 Data File
600 Bestandsextensie TWV VCM-ROM Linker Voice
601 Bestandsextensie TWW Tagwrite Template
602 Bestandsextensie TWZ theWord Compressed Archive Module
603 Bestandsextensie TWZIP theWord Compressed Archive Module
604 Bestandsextensie TX Photoline 5 Help
605 Bestandsextensie TX0 Portable Radiation Package Data
606 Bestandsextensie TX3G MPEG-4
607 Bestandsextensie TX8 8-bit DOS ASCII Text
608 Bestandsextensie TX? LoseThos Text
609 Bestandsextensie TXA Clarion exported to text format file
610 Bestandsextensie TXB Descent / Descent 2 Encoded Briefing
611 Bestandsextensie TXD Game Texture Dictionary
612 Bestandsextensie TXE Enriched Text
613 Bestandsextensie TXF Tax Exchange Format
614 Bestandsextensie TXH Light Markup Language Text
615 Bestandsextensie TXI KOTOR2 Game
616 Bestandsextensie TXL Genesis3D Texture
617 Bestandsextensie TXM CFPwinMan Document
618 Bestandsextensie TXN MySpaceIM Conversation Log File
619 Bestandsextensie TXO Panda3D Texture Object
620 Bestandsextensie TXP Tweaking Toolbox XP Import/export Setting
621 Bestandsextensie TXR CorelDraw Custom
622 Bestandsextensie TXT Plain Text File
623 Bestandsextensie TXT12 IRI Scouting Database XML
624 Bestandsextensie TXTDT TitleWriter DVD Text Data
625 Bestandsextensie TXTENX Egis Encrypted TXT
626 Bestandsextensie TXTR The Sims Texture
627 Bestandsextensie TXTRPT CommScope Teletilt Control System Report
628 Bestandsextensie TXTZ EBook
629 Bestandsextensie TXU CncCUT Program Text
630 Bestandsextensie TXV RapidReader TextVision
631 Bestandsextensie TXW Yamaha TX16W Audio File
632 Bestandsextensie TXX Insight Segmentation And Registration Toolkit
633 Bestandsextensie TXZ XZ Compressed Tar Archive
634 Bestandsextensie TX_ Compressed Text File
635 Bestandsextensie TYIMPORT Typinator Set Import File
636 Bestandsextensie TYM Adobe PageMaker Time Stamp
637 Bestandsextensie TYPEIT4ME TypeIt4Me Clippings File
638 Bestandsextensie TYSET Typinator Set File
639 Bestandsextensie TZ Zipped Tar Archive
640 Bestandsextensie TZD Netscape Communicator
641 Bestandsextensie TZI Microsoft Windows CE Time Zone Information
642 Bestandsextensie TZP TrueZIP Ecnrypted JAR Java
643 Bestandsextensie TZX ZX Spectrum Tape Image File