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# Bestandsextensie Volledige bestandsnaam
1 Bestandsextensie M Objective-C Implementation File
2 Bestandsextensie M!95 Adobe Director For Mac
3 Bestandsextensie M-JPEG M-JPEG
4 Bestandsextensie M01 MicroStation Modification Resource
5 Bestandsextensie M11 Microsoft Money 2003 Data
6 Bestandsextensie M12 Akregator file
7 Bestandsextensie M13 Microsoft Media Viewer
8 Bestandsextensie M14 Microsoft Media Viewer
9 Bestandsextensie M15 MPEG Video
10 Bestandsextensie M16 Microsoft Money 2007 Data
11 Bestandsextensie M1A MPEG-1 Audio File
12 Bestandsextensie M1C IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
13 Bestandsextensie M1I IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
14 Bestandsextensie M1PG iFinish Video Clip
15 Bestandsextensie M1S MPEG-1 System Stream
16 Bestandsextensie M1V MPEG-1 Video File
17 Bestandsextensie M2 World or Warcraft Model Object
18 Bestandsextensie M21 MPEG-21 File
19 Bestandsextensie M25 Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
20 Bestandsextensie M2A MPEG-1 Layer 2 Audio File
21 Bestandsextensie M2C IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
22 Bestandsextensie M2D HTC Manila 2D For Windows Mobile Skin
23 Bestandsextensie M2DCT HTC Manila 2D For Windows Mobile Skin
24 Bestandsextensie M2F Maxthon Filter Package
25 Bestandsextensie M2I IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
26 Bestandsextensie M2L Maxthon Language Package
27 Bestandsextensie M2M TiMidity++ M2M Settings
28 Bestandsextensie M2P MPEG-2 Program Stream File
29 Bestandsextensie M2R Avaya Mib2Rules Perl Script
30 Bestandsextensie M2S MPEG-2 audio video file
31 Bestandsextensie M2T MPEG-2 transport stream file
32 Bestandsextensie M2TS Blu-ray BDAV Video File
33 Bestandsextensie M2U Maxthon Layout
34 Bestandsextensie M2V MPEG-2 Video
35 Bestandsextensie M3 Blizzard MDX3 Model File
36 Bestandsextensie M32 Duke Nukem 3D Script
37 Bestandsextensie M3D DIALux 3D object file
38 Bestandsextensie M3G Mobile 3D Graphics Program
39 Bestandsextensie M3H Starcraft 2 Model Data
40 Bestandsextensie M3I IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
41 Bestandsextensie M3S Myst III Exile Saved Game
42 Bestandsextensie M3T Myst 3 Exile Text
43 Bestandsextensie M3U Media Playlist File
44 Bestandsextensie M3U8 UTF-8 M3U Playlist File
45 Bestandsextensie M3URL SMIL MP3 Playlist
46 Bestandsextensie M3V DJ Mix Pro Playlist
47 Bestandsextensie M3X MAGIX Digital Photo Maker PhotoCD Playlist
48 Bestandsextensie M4 Macro Processor Library
49 Bestandsextensie M4A MPEG-4 Audio File
50 Bestandsextensie M4B MPEG-4 Audio Book File
51 Bestandsextensie M4C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser
52 Bestandsextensie M4D Sage MAS 90 Data
53 Bestandsextensie M4E MPEG-4 Video File
54 Bestandsextensie M4F Sony Network Camera MPEG-4 Video
55 Bestandsextensie M4I IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
56 Bestandsextensie M4L Sage MAS 90 Data
57 Bestandsextensie M4P iTunes Music Store Audio File
58 Bestandsextensie M4R iPhone Ringtone File
59 Bestandsextensie M4S Myst IV: Revelation Save Game
60 Bestandsextensie M4T Sage MAS 90 Table
61 Bestandsextensie M4U MPEG-4 Playlist
62 Bestandsextensie M4V iTunes Video File
63 Bestandsextensie M51 ARM Keil Tools Linker Listing
64 Bestandsextensie M64 Mupen64 Movie Capture
65 Bestandsextensie M68 Turbo Pascal Dos
66 Bestandsextensie M75 MPEG Video
67 Bestandsextensie M7A MapKing Map
68 Bestandsextensie M7D MapKing Navigation Map
69 Bestandsextensie M7P Multilizer PDF Translator Project
70 Bestandsextensie M8 Heretic II MipMap Image
71 Bestandsextensie M?? Ingres Modify Table/Index
72 Bestandsextensie MA Maya Project File
73 Bestandsextensie MA0 Diablo II Act 1 Saved Map Progress
74 Bestandsextensie MA1 Monarch Audio File
75 Bestandsextensie MA1MMF SMAF Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format
76 Bestandsextensie MA2 Bibexcel
77 Bestandsextensie MA2MMF SMAF Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format
78 Bestandsextensie MA3 Harvard Graphics Macro
79 Bestandsextensie MAB Mozilla Address Book
80 Bestandsextensie MAC MacPaint Image
81 Bestandsextensie MACA MacWrite Document
82 Bestandsextensie MACBIN Macbinary Encoded File
83 Bestandsextensie MACP Apple Macintosh MacPaint Bitmap Image
84 Bestandsextensie MACS MADRIX Encrypted Script
85 Bestandsextensie MAD Access Module Shortcut
86 Bestandsextensie MAE Maestro molecular model file
87 Bestandsextensie MAF Microsoft Access form shortcut file
88 Bestandsextensie MAFF Mozilla Archive Format File
89 Bestandsextensie MAG Access Diagram Shortcut File
90 Bestandsextensie MAGIC Magic Mail Monitor Configuration
91 Bestandsextensie MAGIK Magik Source Code File
92 Bestandsextensie MAHJONGTITANSSAVE-MS Mahjong Titans Saved Game
93 Bestandsextensie MAI Microsoft Mail File
94 Bestandsextensie MAILDB MSN Mail
95 Bestandsextensie MAILHOST MSN Mailhost Settings File
96 Bestandsextensie MAILLOC Apple Mac OS X Finder Mail Internet Location
97 Bestandsextensie MAILPLANELICENSE Mailplane License File
98 Bestandsextensie MAILSTATIONERY Apple Mail
99 Bestandsextensie MAILTOLOC Mail Internet Location File
100 Bestandsextensie MAIN FileMaker Dictionary
101 Bestandsextensie MAJ Camduct Job
102 Bestandsextensie MAK Makefile
103 Bestandsextensie MAKE Xcode Makefile Script
104 Bestandsextensie MAKEFILE Makefile
105 Bestandsextensie MAKER Adobe Framemaker
106 Bestandsextensie MAKI Winamp MAKI Compiled Script
107 Bestandsextensie MAKO Mako Template
108 Bestandsextensie MAL MadAppLauncher Configuration File
109 Bestandsextensie MAM Microsoft Access Macro
110 Bestandsextensie MAML Microsoft Assistance Markup Language
111 Bestandsextensie MAN Unix Manual
112 Bestandsextensie MANAGED_MANIFEST Silverlight Manifest
113 Bestandsextensie MANI Mine-imator Project File
114 Bestandsextensie MANIFEST Windows Application Manifest File
115 Bestandsextensie MANIFEST-DESKTOP Ubuntu Desktop CD Manifest
116 Bestandsextensie MANM Vietcong Game Data File
117 Bestandsextensie MAO Dragon Age Origins MAO XML
118 Bestandsextensie MAP Geographical map file
119 Bestandsextensie MAPIMAIL Send To Mail Recipient
120 Bestandsextensie MAPLET Maplet World File
121 Bestandsextensie MAPLIB Mscape Map
122 Bestandsextensie MAPSDATA iOS Maps Data File
123 Bestandsextensie MAPX Mapjects Client Webparts File
124 Bestandsextensie MAQ Microsoft Access Query
125 Bestandsextensie MAR Mozilla Archive
126 Bestandsextensie MARC MAchine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) Document
127 Bestandsextensie MARKDN Markdown File
128 Bestandsextensie MARKDOWN Markdown Documentation File
129 Bestandsextensie MARS Adobe MARS File
130 Bestandsextensie MARSHAL Marshal Data Migration Model File
131 Bestandsextensie MART MartView eBook File
132 Bestandsextensie MAS Microsoft Access stored procedures file
133 Bestandsextensie MASH Java
134 Bestandsextensie MASK SpeedGrade Color Mask File
135 Bestandsextensie MASSEFFECTPROFILE Mass Effect Player Profile
136 Bestandsextensie MASSEFFECTSAVE Mass Effect Saved Game
137 Bestandsextensie MASTER ASP.NET Master Page
138 Bestandsextensie MAT Microsoft Access table shortcut file
139 Bestandsextensie MATCH-RDB RDB
140 Bestandsextensie MATERIAL Rigs of Rods Texture Reference File
141 Bestandsextensie MATH AnalyticMath
142 Bestandsextensie MATLAB Matlab Script
143 Bestandsextensie MATO Atomic Combat Saved Game
144 Bestandsextensie MATPROJ Dragon Age Origins Material
145 Bestandsextensie MAU Media Attachment Unit
146 Bestandsextensie MAUD Amiga MAUD Sound
147 Bestandsextensie MAV Access View File
148 Bestandsextensie MAW Access Data Access Page
149 Bestandsextensie MAX 3ds Max Scene File
150 Bestandsextensie MAXC 3ds Max Container File
151 Bestandsextensie MAXD PaperPort Annotation
152 Bestandsextensie MAXM Paperport
153 Bestandsextensie MAZ Hover! Maze File
154 Bestandsextensie MB Maya Binary Project File
155 Bestandsextensie MB1 Monster Bash Game Data
156 Bestandsextensie MB3 Minimal Board Editor (MBE)
157 Bestandsextensie MB4 Model Builder Model Design
158 Bestandsextensie MBA Martus Human Rights Bulletin System
159 Bestandsextensie MBAC MascotCapsule Resource
160 Bestandsextensie MBAS MikroBasic Source Code
161 Bestandsextensie MBB Kodak EasyShare Data File
162 Bestandsextensie MBBK ManaBook Book Kit File
163 Bestandsextensie MBD Multimedia Builder Project File
164 Bestandsextensie MBDB Apple IOS Backup Manifest
165 Bestandsextensie MBDX Apple IOS Backup Manifest
166 Bestandsextensie MBE MVP Baseball 2005 Game
167 Bestandsextensie MBF Microsoft Money Backup File
168 Bestandsextensie MBFAVS Stardent AVS X Bitmap Image
169 Bestandsextensie MBFS Stardent AVS X Bitmap Image
170 Bestandsextensie MBFX AVS X Image
171 Bestandsextensie MBG Mailbag Assistant Mailbox File
172 Bestandsextensie MBI Multi-Bootable Information File
173 Bestandsextensie MBK dBASE IV Multiple Index Backup File
174 Bestandsextensie MBKP Memeo Instant Backup Backup
175 Bestandsextensie MBL Logger Pro Data File
176 Bestandsextensie MBM Multi Bitmap File
177 Bestandsextensie MBOX E-mail Mailbox File
178 Bestandsextensie MBP Mobipocket Notes File
179 Bestandsextensie MBR Zune Smooth Streaming File
180 Bestandsextensie MBS Opera Mailbox File
181 Bestandsextensie MBSA Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer File
182 Bestandsextensie MBSB Mamut Business Software Company Database Backup
183 Bestandsextensie MBSYNCSTATE Mbsync Folder Backup
184 Bestandsextensie MBT Blue Card Manager Merit Badge Template File
185 Bestandsextensie MBTEMMPLATE ModelBaker Custom Template Directory
186 Bestandsextensie MBV JVC Everio MediaBrowser Movie
187 Bestandsextensie MBW MBRWizard Archive
188 Bestandsextensie MBX Outlook Express Mailbox
189 Bestandsextensie MBZ Pogoshell NES Emulator Plugin
190 Bestandsextensie MC Microsoft Windows Localized Message Table Resource
191 Bestandsextensie MC1 MedCalc Data File
192 Bestandsextensie MC2 MasterCook 5 Cookbook File
193 Bestandsextensie MC3 Bridge Design Modeler 3D Match-casting Geometry Control
194 Bestandsextensie MC4D Cinema 4D 3D Graphic
195 Bestandsextensie MC5 Poser 5 Material File
196 Bestandsextensie MC6 Poser Material Collection File
197 Bestandsextensie MC9 Mastercam 9 Geometry File
198 Bestandsextensie MCA Minecraft "Anvil" Map File
199 Bestandsextensie MCACC MCACC Measurement Data
200 Bestandsextensie MCB NEPLAN Project
201 Bestandsextensie MCBN Microsoft Excel 4 For Mac Chart
202 Bestandsextensie MCC Amiga MUI External Class Library
203 Bestandsextensie MCD VectorWorks drawing file
204 Bestandsextensie MCDB Adobe Premiere Pro Media Cache Database
205 Bestandsextensie MCDX Mathcad Prime Document
206 Bestandsextensie MCF Mathcad font file
207 Bestandsextensie MCFI Maya Initial Fluid Cache File
208 Bestandsextensie MCFP Maya Fluid Cache Playback File
209 Bestandsextensie MCGAME Minecraft Game Backup File
210 Bestandsextensie MCI Media Control Interface File
211 Bestandsextensie MCK Macro Keys Encrypted Macro
212 Bestandsextensie MCL Windows Media Center Link File
213 Bestandsextensie MCLEVEL Minecraft Map File
214 Bestandsextensie MCMAC MacGourmet MasterCook Document
215 Bestandsextensie MCMETA Minecraft Animation File
216 Bestandsextensie MCML Microsoft Windows Media Center MCML
217 Bestandsextensie MCO Live Messenger Winks File
218 Bestandsextensie MCP MSN Content Plus installer file archive
219 Bestandsextensie MCR 3ds Max Macroscript File
220 Bestandsextensie MCRP MobyExplorer Encrypted File
221 Bestandsextensie MCS Mathcad Image
222 Bestandsextensie MCSP My Craft Studio Project File
223 Bestandsextensie MCSX My Craft Studio Professional File
224 Bestandsextensie MCT Musicator MIDI
225 Bestandsextensie MCUSW Nokia Mobile Phones With Symbian Firmware
226 Bestandsextensie MCV ManyCam Effect
227 Bestandsextensie MCW Microsoft Word 5 for Mac document file
228 Bestandsextensie MCWORLD Minecraft World Backup File
229 Bestandsextensie MCX MICRO CADAM-X/6000 Model Data File
230 Bestandsextensie MCXE MedicinesComplete Data File
231 Bestandsextensie MCXML Microsoft Office 2013 XML Settings
232 Bestandsextensie MCZ Compressed Poser Material File
233 Bestandsextensie MD Markdown Documentation File
234 Bestandsextensie MD0 Alcohol Disk Image Segment 1
235 Bestandsextensie MD03 Adobe Director
236 Bestandsextensie MD1 GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image
237 Bestandsextensie MD2 Quake 2 Player Model
238 Bestandsextensie MD2P MessengerDiscovery
239 Bestandsextensie MD2S MessengerDiscovery
240 Bestandsextensie MD3 Quake 3 3D Model
241 Bestandsextensie MD4 Quake 3 MD4 Skeletal Model Format
242 Bestandsextensie MD5 MD5 Checksum File
243 Bestandsextensie MD5TXT Message Digest 5 Hash File
244 Bestandsextensie MD5ANIM id Tech 4 Model Animation File
245 Bestandsextensie MD5CAMERA id Tech 4 Model Camera File
246 Bestandsextensie MD5MESH id Tech 4 3D Mesh File
247 Bestandsextensie MD8 Mediator Project File
248 Bestandsextensie MDA Access Add-in
249 Bestandsextensie MDAT REW Measurement
250 Bestandsextensie MDB Microsoft Access Database
251 Bestandsextensie MDBACKUP iPhone Data Backup File
252 Bestandsextensie MDBHTML Microsoft Access Database HTML File
253 Bestandsextensie MDBX Access Based Database
254 Bestandsextensie MDC Image Minolta RD175
255 Bestandsextensie MDD Point Oven Deformation Data File
256 Bestandsextensie MDDATA iPhone Backup File
257 Bestandsextensie MDE Compiled Access Add-in File
258 Bestandsextensie MDES Trimaran Machine Description
259 Bestandsextensie MDF Media Disc Image File
260 Bestandsextensie MDG Enterprise Architect
261 Bestandsextensie MDHTML Microsoft Access HTML
262 Bestandsextensie MDI Microsoft Document Imaging File
263 Bestandsextensie MDIMPORTER Spotlight Importer Setting
264 Bestandsextensie MDINFO iPhone Backup Information File
265 Bestandsextensie MDK Astra Schedule Schedule
266 Bestandsextensie MDL Flight Simulator 95/98 3D model file
267 Bestandsextensie MDLE Motion Description Language Extended
268 Bestandsextensie MDM HLM Multivariate Data Matrix File
269 Bestandsextensie MDMP Windows Minidump
270 Bestandsextensie MDN Blank Access Database Template
271 Bestandsextensie MDO Alcohol 120% Split Image
272 Bestandsextensie MDOWN Markdown File
273 Bestandsextensie MDP Visual C++ 5 Workspace File
274 Bestandsextensie MDPF Mac OS X Modem Preferences
275 Bestandsextensie MDPL MacDraw II
276 Bestandsextensie MDR ZX Spectrum Microdrive Emulator
277 Bestandsextensie MDRC MADRIX DMX Remote Configuration
278 Bestandsextensie MDS Media Descriptor File
279 Bestandsextensie MDT GeoMedia Access Database Template
280 Bestandsextensie MDTEXT Markdown Markup Language
281 Bestandsextensie MDTXT Markdown Markup Language
282 Bestandsextensie MDUS MessengerDiscovery
283 Bestandsextensie MDV QLAY
284 Bestandsextensie MDW Access Workgroup File
285 Bestandsextensie MDWN Markdown Markup Language
286 Bestandsextensie MDX Extended Media Descriptor File
287 Bestandsextensie MDZ Access Wizard Template
288 Bestandsextensie MDZIP MagicDraw Project Archive
289 Bestandsextensie ME Readme Text File
290 Bestandsextensie ME2HEADMORPH Mass Effect 2 Head Morph
291 Bestandsextensie ME2MOD Mass Effect 2 Modification File
292 Bestandsextensie MEA Mastersizer 2000 Sample Analysis
293 Bestandsextensie MEB PRO100 3D Interior Catalog Element
294 Bestandsextensie MECH Pro/MECHANICA Settings
295 Bestandsextensie MECONTACT Microsoft Live Messenger
296 Bestandsextensie MED Amiga MED Sound File
297 Bestandsextensie MEDIAWIKI Mediawiki Source
298 Bestandsextensie MEF Mamiya RAW Image
299 Bestandsextensie MEG MEGA Data File
300 Bestandsextensie MEGA Megacubo XML Metafile
301 Bestandsextensie MEL Maya Embedded Language File
302 Bestandsextensie MELL Mellel Word Processing File
303 Bestandsextensie MELLEL Mellel Word Processing Document
304 Bestandsextensie MEM FoxPro Variable File
305 Bestandsextensie MEMB Pro/ENGINEER Temporary
306 Bestandsextensie MEN MenuPro Restaurant Menu Design
307 Bestandsextensie MENC Windows Mobile Encrypted File
308 Bestandsextensie MENU Quake 3 Engine Menu File
309 Bestandsextensie MENUDATA VMWare Cache
310 Bestandsextensie MEO MEO Encrypted Archive
311 Bestandsextensie MEQ Corel WordPerfect Macro Editor Print Queue
312 Bestandsextensie MER Corel WordPerfect Macro Editor resident area file
313 Bestandsextensie MERLIN2 Merlin Project File
314 Bestandsextensie MERLINLICENSE Merlin License File
315 Bestandsextensie MES Corel WordPerfect Macro Editor Work Space
316 Bestandsextensie MESA OpenGL GLUT
317 Bestandsextensie MESH DirectX Mesh File
318 Bestandsextensie MET eMule Resource File
319 Bestandsextensie META RealPlayer Metafile
320 Bestandsextensie META4 Metalink 4.0
321 Bestandsextensie METADATA_NEVER_INDEX Spotlight Never Index File
322 Bestandsextensie METALINK Metalink 3.0
323 Bestandsextensie METASTOCK Metastock Data
324 Bestandsextensie METRICLOG Apple IOS Diagnostic
325 Bestandsextensie MEU DOS Shell Menu Group
326 Bestandsextensie MEW MultiEdit Configuration
327 Bestandsextensie MEX Macro Express File
328 Bestandsextensie MEX4 Sun-4/SPARC Dynamically Linked Subroutines
329 Bestandsextensie MEXDS MATlab Dynamically Linked Subroutines
330 Bestandsextensie MEXHP3 Matlab HP9000/series 300 Dynamically Linked Subroutines
331 Bestandsextensie MEXHP7 Matlab HP9000/series 700 Dynamically Linked Subroutines
332 Bestandsextensie MEXN Matlab NeXT Dynamically Linked Subroutines
333 Bestandsextensie MEXRS6 Matlab IBM RS/6000 Dynamically Linked Subroutines
334 Bestandsextensie MEXSG Matlab Dynamically Linked Subroutine
335 Bestandsextensie MEXW32 MATlab Program Executable
336 Bestandsextensie MF Java Manifest File
337 Bestandsextensie MF2 Authorware Mediator5 Multimedia
338 Bestandsextensie MF4 Version 4.0 Measurement Data Format
339 Bestandsextensie MFA Multimedia Fusion Development File
340 Bestandsextensie MFALIST Ashampoo Photo Commander Slideshow List
341 Bestandsextensie MFASL Netscape XUL Fastload Format
342 Bestandsextensie MFCRIBBON-MS MFC Ribbon Definition XML File
343 Bestandsextensie MFD Adobe Multiple Master Font Metrics Directory
344 Bestandsextensie MFE character studio file
345 Bestandsextensie MFF Cakewalk MIDI
346 Bestandsextensie MFG ProEngineer Manufacturing
347 Bestandsextensie MFI Windows 98 Resource Kit
348 Bestandsextensie MFIL Blizzard Software Update File
349 Bestandsextensie MFJ MOBCAL Data
350 Bestandsextensie MFK Memsoft OS/2 Database
351 Bestandsextensie MFL Mozilla FastLoad File
352 Bestandsextensie MFM VTeX Multiple Master Font Metrics
353 Bestandsextensie MFO Perl ModInfo Descriptor File
354 Bestandsextensie MFP MediaFACE Project File
355 Bestandsextensie MFPS Scientific Calculator Plus Script
356 Bestandsextensie MFR Autodesk Moldflow Result
357 Bestandsextensie MFS MetFS Encrypted File System
358 Bestandsextensie MFT MediaFACE Project Template
359 Bestandsextensie MFU Backdoor.Win32.Agent.mfu virus file
360 Bestandsextensie MFV MobileFrame Device Pack File
361 Bestandsextensie MFW MobileFrame Workflow Pack File
362 Bestandsextensie MFX Multimedia Fusion Extension
363 Bestandsextensie MG EarAche Audio
364 Bestandsextensie MG1 MusiGenesis Project
365 Bestandsextensie MG2 Band-in-a-Box Song
366 Bestandsextensie MG4 Band-in-a-Box Song
367 Bestandsextensie MG9 Band-in-a-Box Song
368 Bestandsextensie MGA Manga Document
369 Bestandsextensie MGB Paragon5 Gameboy Tracker Audio
370 Bestandsextensie MGC Microsoft Clip Organizer Media Catalog
371 Bestandsextensie MGCB Equation Illustrator Project File
372 Bestandsextensie MGD Master Grade Gradebook
373 Bestandsextensie MGDATABASE MacGourmet Deluxe Database File
374 Bestandsextensie MGE MGE Data Server Project
375 Bestandsextensie MGF Materials and Geometry Format
376 Bestandsextensie MGK ImageMagick Configuration File
377 Bestandsextensie MGL Age of Empires 2 Replay File
378 Bestandsextensie MGLR Magellan Routes
379 Bestandsextensie MGLT Magellan Tracklogs
380 Bestandsextensie MGLW Magellan Waypoint
381 Bestandsextensie MGM MGCSoft Equation Editor Macro file format
382 Bestandsextensie MGMF MindGenius Map File
383 Bestandsextensie MGMT MindGenius 2-3 Template
384 Bestandsextensie MGMX MindGenius XML Map File
385 Bestandsextensie MGN Modern Genealogy Database
386 Bestandsextensie MGO MacGourmet Recipe File
387 Bestandsextensie MGOURMET MacGourmet Deluxe Document
388 Bestandsextensie MGOURMET3 MacGourmet Deluxe 3 Document
389 Bestandsextensie MGR MGR Bitmap Image
390 Bestandsextensie MGS MGCSoft Vector Shapes File
391 Bestandsextensie MGSPOT MacGourmet Metadata
392 Bestandsextensie MGT ZX Spectrum emulator disk image
393 Bestandsextensie MGTHEME MacGourmet Theme File
394 Bestandsextensie MGTX MindGenius XML Template File
395 Bestandsextensie MGU Band-in-a-Box MIDI
396 Bestandsextensie MGV PSP Video File
397 Bestandsextensie MGX Micrografx Designer drawing file
398 Bestandsextensie MGZ Metal Gear Solid Game Archive
399 Bestandsextensie MHD Fallout 3
400 Bestandsextensie MHE MHwinEHE Project
401 Bestandsextensie MHK Riven Movie Data
402 Bestandsextensie MHP Mailshift Internet Mail Document
403 Bestandsextensie MHS Xilinx XPS Hardware Specification File
404 Bestandsextensie MHT MHTML Web Archive
405 Bestandsextensie MHTENX Egis Encrypted HTM
406 Bestandsextensie MHTM Mime HTML (MHTML)
407 Bestandsextensie MHTML MIME HTML File
408 Bestandsextensie MHTMLENX Egis Encrypted MHTML
409 Bestandsextensie MHV Husqvarna Viking Data
410 Bestandsextensie MI AutoVue Graphic Plugin
411 Bestandsextensie MI2 Autodesk Softimage
412 Bestandsextensie MI4 Audio Player Firmware File
413 Bestandsextensie MIB MyInfo Topic Backup
414 Bestandsextensie MIC Image Composer File
415 Bestandsextensie MID MIDI File
416 Bestandsextensie MIDI MIDI File
417 Bestandsextensie MIF MapInfo Interchange Format File
418 Bestandsextensie MIFF Magick Image
419 Bestandsextensie MIG Windows Migration Backup File
420 Bestandsextensie MIH MRtrix Image Header
421 Bestandsextensie MII Wii Virtual Avatar File
422 Bestandsextensie MIK MapInfo MapImagery Encryption Key
423 Bestandsextensie MIL Micro Illustrator Uncompressed Image
424 Bestandsextensie MILK MilkDrop Winamp Plugin Preset
425 Bestandsextensie MILLPST BobCAD Post Processor Data
426 Bestandsextensie MIM Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Message File
427 Bestandsextensie MIME Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extension
428 Bestandsextensie MIN Okuma CNC Program File
429 Bestandsextensie MINDNODE MindNode Document
430 Bestandsextensie MINE Minecraft Map File
431 Bestandsextensie MINESWEEPERSAVE-MS Minesweeper Saved Game
432 Bestandsextensie MINGW32 Mingw Compiler
433 Bestandsextensie MINI2SF Nintendo DS Sound Information File
434 Bestandsextensie MININCSF NCSF Nintendo DS Audio File
435 Bestandsextensie MINIPSF Miniature PlayStation Sound Format File
436 Bestandsextensie MINIPSF2 Miniature PlayStation Sound Format File
437 Bestandsextensie MINISO DVDFab Miniso Disk Image
438 Bestandsextensie MINIUSF Nintendo 64 Song File
439 Bestandsextensie MINT Linux Mint Installer File
440 Bestandsextensie MIO MioEngine Application File
441 Bestandsextensie MIP Multiple Image Print File
442 Bestandsextensie MIPR MacImage Hybrid CD-ROM Project
443 Bestandsextensie MIR Mini-Image Ripper Disc Image
444 Bestandsextensie MIRADI Miradi Project
445 Bestandsextensie MIS Saved Game Mission File
446 Bestandsextensie MISO MacImage ISO+ Project
447 Bestandsextensie MISSION MissionMaker Project File
448 Bestandsextensie MIT MineEdit Inventory Template File
449 Bestandsextensie MIV MapImagery Vendor Profile
450 Bestandsextensie MIX Microsoft Image Exchange File
451 Bestandsextensie MIZ Winamp Compressed Midi
452 Bestandsextensie MJ2 Motion JPEG 2000 Video Clip
453 Bestandsextensie MJ3 Id Software Online Sale
454 Bestandsextensie MJBOOKTEMPLATE MacJournal Book Template
455 Bestandsextensie MJD Adobe Acrobat MIME Encoded Job Definition File
456 Bestandsextensie MJDOC MacJournal Document
457 Bestandsextensie MJF Mjuice MP3 Audio
458 Bestandsextensie MJG Trojan
459 Bestandsextensie MJP MJPEG Video File
460 Bestandsextensie MJP2 JPEG 2000 Motion Sequence Format (ISO 15444-3)
461 Bestandsextensie MJPG Motion JPEG Video File
462 Bestandsextensie MJR Media Jukebox Registration
463 Bestandsextensie MJZ Trojan.Win32.Agent.mjz
464 Bestandsextensie MK Makefile
465 Bestandsextensie MK3D Matroska 3D Video File
466 Bestandsextensie MK4 Schiller medilog ECG Raw Data File
467 Bestandsextensie MKA Matroska Audio File
468 Bestandsextensie MKB Marmalade SDK Project
469 Bestandsextensie MKC MagicKey Currency Exchange Rate
470 Bestandsextensie MKD Markdown Markup Language
471 Bestandsextensie MKDN Markdown Markup Language
472 Bestandsextensie MKE Microsoft Windows SDK Make
473 Bestandsextensie MKEXT Mac OS X Mach Kernel Extension Memory Cache
474 Bestandsextensie MKEY CompeGPS Land Registration Key
475 Bestandsextensie MKEYB CompeGPS Land Registration Key
476 Bestandsextensie MKH WinMark Pro Mark
477 Bestandsextensie MKII Mark2 SoundSystem Audio
478 Bestandsextensie MKJ MKJamz Audio
479 Bestandsextensie MKP Cinestar Remote Control Configuration
480 Bestandsextensie MKR Train Simulator Marker
481 Bestandsextensie MKS Matroska Subtitles Stream
482 Bestandsextensie MKT Visual FoxPro Configuration
483 Bestandsextensie MKV Matroska Video File
484 Bestandsextensie MKV3D Matroska 3D Video Format
485 Bestandsextensie MKY MagicKey Configuration
486 Bestandsextensie MKZ PokerOffice Database Backup
487 Bestandsextensie ML ML Source Code File
488 Bestandsextensie ML2 Tripos MOL2 Molecule
489 Bestandsextensie ML20 Mercury Messenger For Mac Video
490 Bestandsextensie ML3 Milestones Project
491 Bestandsextensie ML4 Milestones 4 Schedule
492 Bestandsextensie ML5 Milestones Project
493 Bestandsextensie ML9 Milestones Professional 2004U Schedule
494 Bestandsextensie MLA WorshipCenter Pro Document
495 Bestandsextensie MLB MyLabel Designer Deluxe Project File
496 Bestandsextensie MLC Microsoft Language Interface Pack
497 Bestandsextensie MLD I-Melody Format For I-Mode
498 Bestandsextensie MLE MAirList Event List
499 Bestandsextensie MLF Package Download Profile
500 Bestandsextensie MLG IBM Communications Server Message
501 Bestandsextensie MLI F# Source Code
502 Bestandsextensie MLIB Model Library
503 Bestandsextensie MLK MasterCook Look File
504 Bestandsextensie MLL Maya Plugin
505 Bestandsextensie MLM Novell GroupWise Saved Email Message
506 Bestandsextensie MLN Alchemy Source
507 Bestandsextensie MLOCATE Gnome Desktop
508 Bestandsextensie MLP Meridian Lossless Packing Audio File
509 Bestandsextensie MLS Miles Sound Tools compressed DLS file
510 Bestandsextensie MLSXML Skype XML
511 Bestandsextensie MLT Forecast Pro Multivariate Forecast
512 Bestandsextensie MLV LabVIEW Mathscript
513 Bestandsextensie MLW MainLog Data
514 Bestandsextensie MLX Starcraft Saved Game
515 Bestandsextensie MLY OCaml Ocamlyacc Input
516 Bestandsextensie MM Objective-C++ Source File
517 Bestandsextensie MM1 ActiveXperts MMS Toolkit Settings
518 Bestandsextensie MM3 Mortgage Minder Saved Mortgage Configuration
519 Bestandsextensie MM4 Microsoft Windows Word Processing Format
520 Bestandsextensie MM6 Might and Magic 6 saved game file
521 Bestandsextensie MM7 Might and Magic 7 saved game file
522 Bestandsextensie MM8 MusicMaker V8 audio file
523 Bestandsextensie MMA Master Album Maker Photo Album File
524 Bestandsextensie MMAP MindManager Map File
525 Bestandsextensie MMAS MindManager Theme
526 Bestandsextensie MMAT MindManager Map Template
527 Bestandsextensie MMB MultiMedia Builder
528 Bestandsextensie MMC Microsoft Media Catalog
529 Bestandsextensie MMCH CodeWarrior Compiled Hdr
530 Bestandsextensie MMCOLLECTION Microsoft Outlook Mail Manager plug-in collection file
531 Bestandsextensie MMD Mangodata Multi-user Database
532 Bestandsextensie MMDC MediaMonkey Device Configuration File
533 Bestandsextensie MMDF Multi-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility Mailbox Format
534 Bestandsextensie MMDL SAPPHIRE Structure Model
535 Bestandsextensie MMDR Adobe Director
536 Bestandsextensie MME Multi-Purpose Internet Mail
537 Bestandsextensie MMF Microsoft Mail message file
538 Bestandsextensie MMG MKVToolNix Muxing Settings
539 Bestandsextensie MMH Dragon Age Model Mesh Heirarchy
540 Bestandsextensie MMIP MediaMonkey Installation Package
541 Bestandsextensie MMJS Adobe JavaScript Document
542 Bestandsextensie MMK MACSIMUS Define
543 Bestandsextensie MML FrameMaker Maker Markup Language File
544 Bestandsextensie MMM MultiMedia Movie format (RIFF RMMP)
545 Bestandsextensie MMN Memory-Map Navigator Overlay Object
546 Bestandsextensie MMO RapidFile memo document file
547 Bestandsextensie MMP MixMeister Studio playlist file
548 Bestandsextensie MMPA MoreMotion Application Studio Page
549 Bestandsextensie MMPF CodeWarrior Preference
550 Bestandsextensie MMPR CodeWarrior Project
551 Bestandsextensie MMPZ Linux MultiMedia Studio Project
552 Bestandsextensie MMRC MADRIX MIDI Remote Configuration
553 Bestandsextensie MMS Miles Sound Tools
554 Bestandsextensie MMSW Movie Magic Screenwriter Document
555 Bestandsextensie MMT CoCo Systems VisiMap
556 Bestandsextensie MMU myPM Merge Data File
557 Bestandsextensie MMV MicroMV Video File
558 Bestandsextensie MMW AceMoney Money File
559 Bestandsextensie MMX Command And Conquer Game
560 Bestandsextensie MMZ MusicMatch Theme
561 Bestandsextensie MN1 Microsoft Money Version 1 Data
562 Bestandsextensie MN2 Descent 2 Mission
563 Bestandsextensie MN3 Descent 3 Mission
564 Bestandsextensie MN4 Microsoft Money 95 Data
565 Bestandsextensie MN5 Microsoft Money 97 Data
566 Bestandsextensie MN6 Microsoft Money 98 Data
567 Bestandsextensie MN7 Microsoft Money 99 Data
568 Bestandsextensie MN8 Microsoft Money 2000 Data
569 Bestandsextensie MN9 Microsoft Money 2001 Data
570 Bestandsextensie MNB MuPAD
571 Bestandsextensie MNC AutoCAD compiled menu file
572 Bestandsextensie MND AutoCAD Menu Compiler
573 Bestandsextensie MNE Microsoft Money
574 Bestandsextensie MNF ADAMS/Flex
575 Bestandsextensie MNG Multiple Network Graphic
576 Bestandsextensie MNH Master Navigator Header File
577 Bestandsextensie MNI Star Trek Elite Force 2 Game
578 Bestandsextensie MNIT FlashPeak SlimBrowser
579 Bestandsextensie MNK My Notes Keeper Notebook
580 Bestandsextensie MNL AutoCAD Menu LISP File
581 Bestandsextensie MNM Character Studio Marker Name File
582 Bestandsextensie MNO Macromedia Design Note
583 Bestandsextensie MNP Ultrasoft Money
584 Bestandsextensie MNR AutoCAD Menu Resource File
585 Bestandsextensie MNS AutoCAD Interface Settings File
586 Bestandsextensie MNT FoxPro Menu Memo
587 Bestandsextensie MNU AutoCAD Interface Layout File
588 Bestandsextensie MNV PlayStation Movie File
589 Bestandsextensie MNX FoxPro Menu
590 Bestandsextensie MNY Microsoft Money File
591 Bestandsextensie MO Machine Object File
592 Bestandsextensie MO3 MO3 Audio File
593 Bestandsextensie MO? Standard Mail Archive
594 Bestandsextensie MOB MOBTV Video File
595 Bestandsextensie MOBI Mobipocket eBook
596 Bestandsextensie MOBILECONFIG Apple Mobile Configuration File
597 Bestandsextensie MOBILEPROVISION iOS mobile device provisioning profile file
598 Bestandsextensie MOC MOCHA Java Script
599 Bestandsextensie MOCHA Adobe Mocha For Adobe After Effects
600 Bestandsextensie MOD Amiga Music Module File
601 Bestandsextensie MODD Sony Video Analysis File
602 Bestandsextensie MODE Coda Syntax Mode File
603 Bestandsextensie MODE1V3 Xcode Project Settings
604 Bestandsextensie MODE2V3 Xcode Project Related
605 Bestandsextensie MODEL CATIA 3D Model FIle
606 Bestandsextensie MODELPROJ Microsoft Visual Studio Modelling Project
607 Bestandsextensie MODULE Drupal Module File
608 Bestandsextensie MODUS Adobe Mocha For Adobe After Effects Modus
609 Bestandsextensie MOF Managed Object Format File
610 Bestandsextensie MOFF Sony Video Analysis Index File
611 Bestandsextensie MOG Football Mogul
612 Bestandsextensie MOGG Multitrack Ogg File
613 Bestandsextensie MOHO Anime Studio Animation Project
614 Bestandsextensie MOI JVC Everio digital audio file
615 Bestandsextensie MOJITO Limewire Kademlia
616 Bestandsextensie MOKEY Adobe Mocha For Adobe After Effects Mokey
617 Bestandsextensie MOL MDL Molfile
618 Bestandsextensie MOL2 Portable Representation Of A SYBYL Molecule
619 Bestandsextensie MOLOGIQ HTC EVO 3D
620 Bestandsextensie MOM Managed Object Model
621 Bestandsextensie MOMMA Offspring Fling Replay File
622 Bestandsextensie MON Firefox Monday Bookmark Backup
623 Bestandsextensie MONET Adobe Mocha For Adobe After Effects Monet
624 Bestandsextensie MONEY Money Data File
625 Bestandsextensie MONEYWELL MoneyWell Account File
626 Bestandsextensie MONITORPANEL Apple Mac OS X Display Panel Extension
627 Bestandsextensie MONO Bi-level Bitmap
628 Bestandsextensie MONTAGE Montage Screenplay File
629 Bestandsextensie MONTE CRiSP Harvest
630 Bestandsextensie MOO Apple QuickTime Movie Clip
631 Bestandsextensie MOOD Amarok Moodbar Data
632 Bestandsextensie MOOV Apple QuickTime Movie
633 Bestandsextensie MOP MOPAC Input Format
634 Bestandsextensie MOPINT Mopac Internal Chemical Modeller Input
635 Bestandsextensie MOPOUT MOPAC Chemical Output
636 Bestandsextensie MOPP Havok Engine
637 Bestandsextensie MOR Corel Shared Writing Tools
638 Bestandsextensie MORG Morg
639 Bestandsextensie MORSE Ringtone Morse Code
640 Bestandsextensie MOS Leaf Camera RAW File
641 Bestandsextensie MOSAIC MacOSaiX Mosaic File
642 Bestandsextensie MOSS Netscape Navigator For Mac HTML
643 Bestandsextensie MOT LightWave Motion File
644 Bestandsextensie MOTN Apple Motion Motion
645 Bestandsextensie MOTOR Adobe Mocha For Adobe After Effects Motor
646 Bestandsextensie MOU WinMount Compressed File
647 Bestandsextensie MOV Apple QuickTime Movie
648 Bestandsextensie MOVIE QuickTime Movie File
649 Bestandsextensie MOX ExtendSim Simulation Software Model
650 Bestandsextensie MOXEL Adobe Mocha For Adobe After Effects Moxel
651 Bestandsextensie MOZ Mozilla Cache File
652 Bestandsextensie MOZ-BACKUP Mozilla Backup
653 Bestandsextensie MOZ-DELETE Mozilla Firefox Update
654 Bestandsextensie MOZ-UPGRADE Mozilla Firefox Upgrade
655 Bestandsextensie MOZEML Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Message
656 Bestandsextensie MP Maya PLE Project File
657 Bestandsextensie MP+ MPEG Plus Audio
658 Bestandsextensie MP1 MPEG-1 Layer 1 Audio File
659 Bestandsextensie MP10 Multisim 10 Project File
660 Bestandsextensie MP11 Multisim 11 Project File
661 Bestandsextensie MP2 MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File
662 Bestandsextensie MP21 MPEG-21 Multimedia File
663 Bestandsextensie MP2A Sound File (MPEG-1 Layer II Audio Stream)
664 Bestandsextensie MP2M Max Payne 2 Mod File
665 Bestandsextensie MP2S Max Payne 2 Saved Game
666 Bestandsextensie MP2V MPEG-2 Video File
667 Bestandsextensie MP3 MP3 Audio File
668 Bestandsextensie MP3A Renamed MP3
669 Bestandsextensie MP3G WinCDG Pro MP3+G Karaoke
670 Bestandsextensie MP4 MPEG-4 Video File
671 Bestandsextensie MP4INFOVID Parrot AR Drone and Gyro Flyer Video
672 Bestandsextensie MP4A MPEG-4 MP4A Codec Audio
673 Bestandsextensie MP4B MPEG-4 Audio Layer Bookmarkable
674 Bestandsextensie MP4V MPEG-4 Video
675 Bestandsextensie MP5 Maple Windows DOS
676 Bestandsextensie MP7 Multisim 7 Project File
677 Bestandsextensie MP8 NI Multisim V8 Project
678 Bestandsextensie MP9 Multisim 9 Project File
679 Bestandsextensie MP? LoseThos Compiler Map
680 Bestandsextensie MPA MPEG-2 Audio File
681 Bestandsextensie MPB MyPhoneExplorer Backup File
682 Bestandsextensie MPC Musepack Compressed Audio File
683 Bestandsextensie MPCPL Media Player Classic Playlist
684 Bestandsextensie MPD Microsoft Project Database
685 Bestandsextensie MPDB Windows Media Player Database
686 Bestandsextensie MPDCONF Music Player Daemon File
687 Bestandsextensie MPDP MixPad Project File
688 Bestandsextensie MPDS MADRIX Plexus Settings
689 Bestandsextensie MPE MPEG Movie File
690 Bestandsextensie MPEG MPEG Movie
691 Bestandsextensie MPEG1 MPEG-1 Video File
692 Bestandsextensie MPEG2 Multiplexed MPEG-1/2
693 Bestandsextensie MPEG4 MPEG-4 File
694 Bestandsextensie MPEGA MPEG Sound
695 Bestandsextensie MPF Microsoft Media Package FIle
696 Bestandsextensie MPG MPEG Video File
697 Bestandsextensie MPG2 MPEG-2 Video File
698 Bestandsextensie MPG3 MP3 Audio File For Mac
699 Bestandsextensie MPG4 MPEG-4 Video
700 Bestandsextensie MPGA MPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio File
701 Bestandsextensie MPGINDEX Adobe MPEG Index File
702 Bestandsextensie MPGV MPEG-2 Video
703 Bestandsextensie MPH Microsoft Publisher
704 Bestandsextensie MPI InstallJammer Project File
705 Bestandsextensie MPJ RoboHelp HTML Project
706 Bestandsextensie MPK Painkiller Overdose game map file
707 Bestandsextensie MPKG Meta Package File
708 Bestandsextensie MPKT MOPEKS Trial
709 Bestandsextensie MPL AVCHD Playlist File
710 Bestandsextensie MPLF CodeWarrior Library
711 Bestandsextensie MPLS Blu-ray Movie Playlist File
712 Bestandsextensie MPM Corel WordPerfect MathPlan Macro file
713 Bestandsextensie MPNT MacPaint Image Format
714 Bestandsextensie MPO Multi Picture Object File
715 Bestandsextensie MPP Microsoft Project File
716 Bestandsextensie MPPX Microsoft Project Project
717 Bestandsextensie MPPZ MagicPlot Project File
718 Bestandsextensie MPP_ Microsoft Project For Mac Plan
719 Bestandsextensie MPQ Blizzard Entertainment Archive
720 Bestandsextensie MPQE Blizzard Encrypted Game Data
721 Bestandsextensie MPR FoxPro Generated Menu Program
722 Bestandsextensie MPRJ Maschine Project
723 Bestandsextensie MPS Pocket Streets Map File
724 Bestandsextensie MPSUB MPlayer Subtitles File
725 Bestandsextensie MPSY CodeWarrior Debug Symb
726 Bestandsextensie MPS_ MPW Shell
727 Bestandsextensie MPT Microsoft Project Template
728 Bestandsextensie MPU MPEG Layer 3 Audio File
729 Bestandsextensie MPV MPEG Elementary Stream Video File
730 Bestandsextensie MPV2 MPEG-2 Video Stream
731 Bestandsextensie MPVF CompeGPS Land Fast Vector Map
732 Bestandsextensie MPW Microsoft Project Workspace File
733 Bestandsextensie MPWD MacWrite Pro
734 Bestandsextensie MPWR MacWrite Pro
735 Bestandsextensie MPX Microsoft Project Exchange File
736 Bestandsextensie MPZ Miradi Project File
737 Bestandsextensie MPZIP Multisim Pack File
738 Bestandsextensie MP_ Mobile Phone Sound File
739 Bestandsextensie MQ4 MetaTrader Custom Indicator
740 Bestandsextensie MQH MetaTrader Trading Terminal
741 Bestandsextensie MQL MetaTrader Indicator
742 Bestandsextensie MQO Metasequoia Document
743 Bestandsextensie MQT MetaQuotes Language 4 MQL4 Template
744 Bestandsextensie MQV Sony Movie Format File
745 Bestandsextensie MRAW Photron Camera RAW Image
746 Bestandsextensie MRB Multiple Resolution Bitmap File
747 Bestandsextensie MRC mIRC Script File
748 Bestandsextensie MRD MathRevolt Infinity Document
749 Bestandsextensie MREC MADRIX Record
750 Bestandsextensie MRF Macintosh Font
751 Bestandsextensie MRG MySQL Merge File
752 Bestandsextensie MRIMG Macrium Reflect Disk Image
753 Bestandsextensie MRK DPOF Auto Print Order File
754 Bestandsextensie MRL MRLR Multimedia Retrival Markup Language
755 Bestandsextensie MRM Gothic 2
756 Bestandsextensie MRML 3D Slicer Scene Description File
757 Bestandsextensie MRO SharpEye Music Reader
758 Bestandsextensie MRP Infinity Solution Plot
759 Bestandsextensie MRS Corel WordPerfect Macro resource file
760 Bestandsextensie MRT Microsoft Visio 2010 installation archive file
761 Bestandsextensie MRV MarvinSketch
762 Bestandsextensie MRW Minolta Raw Image File
763 Bestandsextensie MRXS MIRAX Virtual Slide File
764 Bestandsextensie MS 3ds Max Script File
765 Bestandsextensie MS-TNEF MS Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
766 Bestandsextensie MS1 VirtualBus Map File
767 Bestandsextensie MS10 Multisim 10 Circuit Design File
768 Bestandsextensie MS11 Multisim 11 Circuit Design File
769 Bestandsextensie MS2 SEQUEST Ms2
770 Bestandsextensie MS3D MilkShape 3D Model
771 Bestandsextensie MS7 Multisim 7 Circuit Design File
772 Bestandsextensie MS8 Multisim 8 Circuit Design File
773 Bestandsextensie MS9 Multisim 9 Circuit Design File
774 Bestandsextensie MSA Magic Shadow Archiver Atari Disk Image
775 Bestandsextensie MSB The Bat! file
776 Bestandsextensie MSC Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File
777 Bestandsextensie MSCG Microsoft Clip Art Gallery For Mac
778 Bestandsextensie MSCR Rename Master Scrip
779 Bestandsextensie MSCT MOPEKS Script
780 Bestandsextensie MSCX MuseScore Music Score File
781 Bestandsextensie MSCX, MuseScore Music Score Backup
782 Bestandsextensie MSCZ MuseScore Compressed Score File
783 Bestandsextensie MSCZ, MuseScore Music Score Backup
784 Bestandsextensie MSD Map Service Definition File
785 Bestandsextensie MSDEV Microsoft Visual C+ Make
786 Bestandsextensie MSDL Manchester Scene Description Language
787 Bestandsextensie MSDM Microsoft Windows
788 Bestandsextensie MSDVD Windows DVD Maker Project File
789 Bestandsextensie MSE 3ds Max Encrypted MAXScript File
790 Bestandsextensie MSE-INSTALLER Magic Set Editor Installer
791 Bestandsextensie MSF Mail Summary File
792 Bestandsextensie MSG Outlook Mail Message
793 Bestandsextensie MSGR Microsoft Graph 5
794 Bestandsextensie MSH Orbiter 3D Mesh File
795 Bestandsextensie MSHA Microsoft Help Asset File
796 Bestandsextensie MSHC Microsoft Help Container File
797 Bestandsextensie MSHDB Ministry Scheduler Pro Database
798 Bestandsextensie MSHI Microsoft Help Index File
799 Bestandsextensie MSHXML Microsoft XML Typedata
800 Bestandsextensie MSI Windows Installer Package
801 Bestandsextensie MSIE Microsoft Internet Explorer For Mac HTML
802 Bestandsextensie MSIF MyLabel Designer Deluxe Data File
803 Bestandsextensie MSIL Microsoft Intermediate Language
804 Bestandsextensie MSJ MicroSurvey CAD Temporary
805 Bestandsextensie MSK Paint Shop Pro Mask File
806 Bestandsextensie MSKIN Maxthon Skin
807 Bestandsextensie MSKN MediaMonkey Skin File
808 Bestandsextensie MSL Miranda IM smiley definitions
809 Bestandsextensie MSLZ Archive
810 Bestandsextensie MSM Windows Installer Merge Module
811 Bestandsextensie MSMESSAGESTORE Windows Mail Message Information Database
812 Bestandsextensie MSN Host Blocking File
813 Bestandsextensie MSO Inline E-mail Attachment
814 Bestandsextensie MSOF Microsoft Office For Mac
815 Bestandsextensie MSP Windows Installer Patch
816 Bestandsextensie MSPX Microsoft ASP.NET Web Page
817 Bestandsextensie MSRCINCIDENT Windows Remote Assistance Invitation File
818 Bestandsextensie MSS Miles Sound System DLS 1 sound format
819 Bestandsextensie MSSTYLE Windows XP Unsigned Style
820 Bestandsextensie MSSTYLES Windows XP Style
821 Bestandsextensie MST Windows Installer Setup Transform File
822 Bestandsextensie MSTAT SAM Domain Output
823 Bestandsextensie MSTT Prosa Minispecification
824 Bestandsextensie MSU Windows Vista Update Package
825 Bestandsextensie MSV Memory Stick Voice File
826 Bestandsextensie MSVC Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler Makefile
827 Bestandsextensie MSW Microsoft Word 5 Document file
828 Bestandsextensie MSWD Microsoft Word For Mac Document
829 Bestandsextensie MSWK Microsoft Works For Mac
830 Bestandsextensie MSWMM Windows Movie Maker Project
831 Bestandsextensie MSX Age Of Empires II Saved Game
832 Bestandsextensie MSYM ArchiCAD For MAC Geometric Description Language
833 Bestandsextensie MSZ MediaMonkey Skin
834 Bestandsextensie MS_ Microsoft Windows Winhelp Compressed
835 Bestandsextensie MT2 MadTracker 2 Module
836 Bestandsextensie MT9 MT9 Audio File
837 Bestandsextensie MTA Samsung AllShare Metadata File
838 Bestandsextensie MTB MediaTracker Database Backup
839 Bestandsextensie MTC MediaTracker Database
840 Bestandsextensie MTD Musicnotes Digital Sheet Music File
841 Bestandsextensie MTDD MEDITECH Document Definition
842 Bestandsextensie MTE MadTracker 2 Envelope
843 Bestandsextensie MTF Motorola Theme File
844 Bestandsextensie MTG Making The Grade
845 Bestandsextensie MTH Derive Math File
846 Bestandsextensie MTHD MOPEKS Method
847 Bestandsextensie MTI MadTracker Instrument
848 Bestandsextensie MTIFF Multi-page Tiff
849 Bestandsextensie MTK MPU-401 Trakker
850 Bestandsextensie MTKEY ProDAD Heroglyph License
851 Bestandsextensie MTKT MTK GPS Receiver Data
852 Bestandsextensie MTL OBJ Material File
853 Bestandsextensie MTM MultiTracker Module
854 Bestandsextensie MTML Meaningful Text Markup Language
855 Bestandsextensie MTN Match! Database
856 Bestandsextensie MTO FastCAM MTO Data
857 Bestandsextensie MTP MadTracker 2 Pattern
858 Bestandsextensie MTR RealFight Radio Control
859 Bestandsextensie MTRA MascotCapsule Resource
860 Bestandsextensie MTS AVCHD Video File
861 Bestandsextensie MTS1 MPEG-2 Transport Stream
862 Bestandsextensie MTT Microsoft Messenger saved contact file format
863 Bestandsextensie MTV MTV Video Format File
864 Bestandsextensie MTW Minitab Worksheet File
865 Bestandsextensie MTX Microsoft Visual Studio manual test text file
866 Bestandsextensie MTXT MOPEKS Problem
867 Bestandsextensie MTZ MIUI Theme
868 Bestandsextensie MT_ Encore Compressed
869 Bestandsextensie MU Corel Quattro Pro for DOS menu definition file
870 Bestandsextensie MU3 Myriad Packed Musical Score
871 Bestandsextensie MUC Music Collector Collection Data
872 Bestandsextensie MUD Textease multi user database
873 Bestandsextensie MUF Alpha Five Licence File
874 Bestandsextensie MUG Hanes T-ShirtMaker Document
875 Bestandsextensie MUI Multilingual User Interface File
876 Bestandsextensie MUIMANIFEST Microsoft Windows Multilingual User Interface
877 Bestandsextensie MUI_CCCD5AE0 Hid User Library
878 Bestandsextensie MUL Ultima Online Multi File
879 Bestandsextensie MULIB Adobe Muse Exported Library
880 Bestandsextensie MULT SAM Alignment Output
881 Bestandsextensie MUM Windows Vista Update Package
882 Bestandsextensie MUP Music Publisher Score
883 Bestandsextensie MUS Finale Notation File Format
884 Bestandsextensie MUS10 Audio
885 Bestandsextensie MUSA Aleph One Music File
886 Bestandsextensie MUSE Adobe Muse Website Project
887 Bestandsextensie MUSX Min‐U‐Script Xpress Transcript Data
888 Bestandsextensie MUT Integrative Genomics Viewer Mutations List
889 Bestandsextensie MUX Trackmania Music File
890 Bestandsextensie MUZ MUZ Audio File
891 Bestandsextensie MV IRIX command compressed movie file
892 Bestandsextensie MV1 Video
893 Bestandsextensie MV4 Apple QuickTime Video
894 Bestandsextensie MV85 Adobe Director For Mac Movie
895 Bestandsextensie MV93 Adobe Director For Mac Movie
896 Bestandsextensie MV95 Adobe Director For Mac Movie
897 Bestandsextensie MVA Microsoft Setup Archive
898 Bestandsextensie MVB Multimedia Viewer Book Source File
899 Bestandsextensie MVC MivaScript Compiled File
900 Bestandsextensie MVD Movie Edit Pro Movie File
901 Bestandsextensie MVDX MindView MindMap Archive
902 Bestandsextensie MVE Infinity Engine Movie File
903 Bestandsextensie MVEX Muvee autoProducer 6 Project File
904 Bestandsextensie MVF AutoFlix Stop Frame
905 Bestandsextensie MVG ImageMagick Proprietary Vector Graphics Format
906 Bestandsextensie MVI AutoCAD Movie Command File
907 Bestandsextensie MVL Medison 3D Volume Data
908 Bestandsextensie MVM MAGIX PhotoStory On DVD Slideshow
909 Bestandsextensie MVP Movie Edit Pro Video Project File
910 Bestandsextensie MVR IBM HotMedia Multimedia File
911 Bestandsextensie MVS MusicMatch Jukebox visualization file
912 Bestandsextensie MVT Ultimate Wish Lists Template
913 Bestandsextensie MVV AVS Media Player MPEG Video
914 Bestandsextensie MVW Saber LAN Log
915 Bestandsextensie MVX Multimedia Fusion Movement Extension
916 Bestandsextensie MVY Video easy Project File
917 Bestandsextensie MV_ Movie Edit Pro Movie Backup File
918 Bestandsextensie MW Maple Worksheet
919 Bestandsextensie MW2 MicroWorlds Logo Activity
920 Bestandsextensie MW2D Apple MacWrite
921 Bestandsextensie MW2S MacWrite II Model
922 Bestandsextensie MW4 MechWarrior Game Structure File Archive
923 Bestandsextensie MWAND GarageBand MagicMentor Template
924 Bestandsextensie MWAV Extended WAV
925 Bestandsextensie MWB MySQL Workbench Document
926 Bestandsextensie MWC Make Project Creator Input
927 Bestandsextensie MWD MarinerWrite Document
928 Bestandsextensie MWDP CodeWarrior Debugger
929 Bestandsextensie MWE OpenArchitectureWare Workflow
930 Bestandsextensie MWF MapGuide Author Map Window File
931 Bestandsextensie MWI Medlin Payroll Software Invoice Layout Information
932 Bestandsextensie MWII MacWrite II Text Document
933 Bestandsextensie MWK MusicWrite Music Score
934 Bestandsextensie MWLIC MoneyWell License File
935 Bestandsextensie MWP Lotus Word Pro SmartMaster File
936 Bestandsextensie MWPD MacWrite Pro Document
937 Bestandsextensie MWPP MacWrite Pro Document
938 Bestandsextensie MWPR MacWrite Pro
939 Bestandsextensie MWS Maple Classic Worksheet
940 Bestandsextensie MWT MetaStock Stock Analysis Template
941 Bestandsextensie MWX MapGuide Author Map Window XML File
942 Bestandsextensie MX Mathematica Serialized Package File
943 Bestandsextensie MX1 Audio Temporary
944 Bestandsextensie MX2 MasterCook Recipe
945 Bestandsextensie MX3 Mixcraft 3 Audio Project
946 Bestandsextensie MX4 Mixcraft 4 Audio Project
947 Bestandsextensie MX5 Mixcraft 5 Audio Project
948 Bestandsextensie MX5TEMPLATE Mixcraft 5 Audio Project Template
949 Bestandsextensie MX6 Mixcraft 6 Audio
950 Bestandsextensie MXAD Mandelbrot Explorer All Data File
951 Bestandsextensie MXADDON Maxthon Add-On File
952 Bestandsextensie MXC ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-write Coverages
953 Bestandsextensie MXC2 MAGIX Cache File
954 Bestandsextensie MXC3 Magix Photo Manager Thumbnail Cache
955 Bestandsextensie MXCS Mandelbrot Explorer Color Scheme File
956 Bestandsextensie MXD ArcGIS Map Document
957 Bestandsextensie MXDIC Maxthon Dictionary File
958 Bestandsextensie MXDL Maxthon Incomplete Download
959 Bestandsextensie MXE Corel Quattro Pro startup macro file
960 Bestandsextensie MXF Material Exchange Format File
961 Bestandsextensie MXFD ABBYY Form
962 Bestandsextensie MXFR Mandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region File
963 Bestandsextensie MXG Miinoto Exchangeable Group File
964 Bestandsextensie MXI Adobe Dreamweaver Extension Manager file
965 Bestandsextensie MXIT MXit Data
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989 Bestandsextensie MYOB MYOB Data
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