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#BestandsextensieVolledige bestandsnaam
1 Bestandsextensie H C/C++/Objective-C Header Format
2 Bestandsextensie H++ Unusual C++ Header
3 Bestandsextensie H-263 H.263 Encoded Video
4 Bestandsextensie H263 H.263 Encoded Video
5 Bestandsextensie H0 Magix Music Studio Format
6 Bestandsextensie H00 ARM EPROM HEX
7 Bestandsextensie H01 ARM EPROM HEX
8 Bestandsextensie H04 GE FIX32 Historical
9 Bestandsextensie H08 GE FIX32 Historical
10 Bestandsextensie H10 At Home Canada 2010 Tax Return
11 Bestandsextensie H11 At Home Canada 2011 Tax Return
12 Bestandsextensie H12 At Home Canada 2012 Tax Return
13 Bestandsextensie H1C Windows Vista Format Related To Assistance Platform (AP) Help
14 Bestandsextensie H1D Microsoft Windows
15 Bestandsextensie H1F Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help
16 Bestandsextensie H1H Microsoft Windows Merged Hierarchy Help
17 Bestandsextensie H1K Keyword Index - Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
18 Bestandsextensie H1Q Microsoft Help Merged Query Index Format
19 Bestandsextensie H1S Windows Assistance Platform Help Format
20 Bestandsextensie H1T Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
21 Bestandsextensie H1V Task Metadata - Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
22 Bestandsextensie H1W Microsoft Windows Keyword Index
23 Bestandsextensie H260 Video Recording
24 Bestandsextensie H261 H.261 Video Format
25 Bestandsextensie H263 H.263 Video Format
26 Bestandsextensie H264 H.264 Encoded Video Format
27 Bestandsextensie H2DRUMKIT Hydrogen Drum Kit
28 Bestandsextensie H2O Battle Realms Game Data Format
29 Bestandsextensie H2P Zebra Preset
30 Bestandsextensie H2SONG Hydrogen Drum Notes
31 Bestandsextensie H2W H2testw
32 Bestandsextensie H3B POD HD300 Bundle
33 Bestandsextensie H3C Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 Campaign
34 Bestandsextensie H3D Altair HyperView 3D Model
35 Bestandsextensie H3E POD HD300 Preset
36 Bestandsextensie H3M Heroes 3 Map Format
37 Bestandsextensie H4B POD HD400 Bundle
38 Bestandsextensie H4E POD HD400 Preset
39 Bestandsextensie H4M Resident Evil Zero Game
40 Bestandsextensie H4R Heroes Of Might And Magic IV Data Format
41 Bestandsextensie H5 Hierarchical Data Format Version 5
42 Bestandsextensie H5E POD HD500 Preset
43 Bestandsextensie H5S POD HD500 Set
44 Bestandsextensie H86 CP/M
45 Bestandsextensie HA HA Compressed Archive
46 Bestandsextensie HAK BioWare Aurora Engine
47 Bestandsextensie HAL HansaWorld Application Language Format
48 Bestandsextensie HAM Descent 2 Resource Format
49 Bestandsextensie HAML HTML Abstraction Markup Language
50 Bestandsextensie HANDLEBARS Handlebars Template
51 Bestandsextensie HANG Apple Mac OS X Terminal
52 Bestandsextensie HAP HAP Compressed Format Archive
53 Bestandsextensie HAR E-Sword Harmony Resource
54 Bestandsextensie HARDDISK Boxer For Mac Harddisk
55 Bestandsextensie HARX E-sword Harmony
56 Bestandsextensie HAS Haskell Script
57 Bestandsextensie HASH EnCase Forensic Drive Image Hash
58 Bestandsextensie HAT Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Log Hat
59 Bestandsextensie HATHDL Hentai@Home Download
60 Bestandsextensie HAV Video Recorder Video
61 Bestandsextensie HAZ Microsoft Flight Texture
62 Bestandsextensie HBC HyperBac Compressed Archive
63 Bestandsextensie HBC2 HyperBac Compressed Format Archive
64 Bestandsextensie HBE HyperBac Compressed And Encrypted Archive
65 Bestandsextensie HBK Mathcad Handbook Format
66 Bestandsextensie HBM Hibernate Script
67 Bestandsextensie HBN Java Hibernate
68 Bestandsextensie HBR HaxBall Replay
69 Bestandsextensie HBX BinHex Encoded Format
70 Bestandsextensie HBZ StarMoney Macro
71 Bestandsextensie HCB HyperOS Compressed Backup
72 Bestandsextensie HCC HydroCAD Prefab Chamber Data Format
73 Bestandsextensie HCE HydroCAD Hydrograph Data Format
74 Bestandsextensie HCF Compact Ham Library
75 Bestandsextensie HCFG HoDokK Configuration
76 Bestandsextensie HCG HClab Chart
77 Bestandsextensie HCI HydroCAD IDF Data Format
78 Bestandsextensie HCL HotDocs Clause Archive
79 Bestandsextensie HCOM Sound Tools HCOM Audio
80 Bestandsextensie HCP HydroCAD Project Format
81 Bestandsextensie HCR HydroCAD Rainfall Curve Data Format
82 Bestandsextensie HCS NHP ESubmission Builder Submission Package
83 Bestandsextensie HCT Symantec LiveUpdate
84 Bestandsextensie HCU Hydrograph Units Definitons Format
85 Bestandsextensie HCW HTML Help Workshop Conversion Wizard Macro
86 Bestandsextensie HCX ChartXL Chart
87 Bestandsextensie HD2 Poser Hand Pose Format
88 Bestandsextensie HDA HotDocs Auto-Assemble Format
89 Bestandsextensie HDB HansaWorld Database Format
90 Bestandsextensie HDC HD Tach Benchmark
91 Bestandsextensie HDD Parallels Desktop Hard Disk Format
92 Bestandsextensie HDE NAUPA Format Encryptor Encrypted
93 Bestandsextensie HDF Hierarchical Data Format Format
94 Bestandsextensie HDF4 HDF4
95 Bestandsextensie HDF5 HDF5
96 Bestandsextensie HDI Hard Disk Image
97 Bestandsextensie HDK HotDocs Registration Format
98 Bestandsextensie HDL HotDocs Library Format
99 Bestandsextensie HDM HDML Format
100 Bestandsextensie HDML Handheld Device Markup Language Format
101 Bestandsextensie HDMOV QuickTime HD Movie Format
102 Bestandsextensie HDMP Windows Heap Dump
103 Bestandsextensie HDP HD Photo Format
104 Bestandsextensie HDPMX HotDocs Publisher Mapping XML Format
105 Bestandsextensie HDR High Dynamic Range Image Format
106 Bestandsextensie HDRP HDRtist Graphic Format
107 Bestandsextensie HDRU Apollo HRDU Image Format
108 Bestandsextensie HDS Microsoft PlayReady Data Format
109 Bestandsextensie HDT Photoshop HDR Toning Preset Format
110 Bestandsextensie HDUMX HotDocs User Mapping XML Format
111 Bestandsextensie HDV High Definition Video Format
112 Bestandsextensie HDX Delphi MultiHelp Index Format
113 Bestandsextensie HDZ Compressed Poser Hand Pose Format
114 Bestandsextensie HE4 HDF4
115 Bestandsextensie HEA Fifa 2001 Data
116 Bestandsextensie HEARTSSAVE-MS Microsoft Hearts Save Format
117 Bestandsextensie HEB DEcomp 3D Scene Data
118 Bestandsextensie HED Hi-Eddi Image
119 Bestandsextensie HEF HEAT Export
120 Bestandsextensie HELP Mac OS X Help Book
121 Bestandsextensie HELPCFG Adobe AIR Help Configuration
122 Bestandsextensie HELPINDEX Mariner Software Narrator Index
123 Bestandsextensie HEP Novell NetWare Help Librarian Data
124 Bestandsextensie HES TurboGrafx-16 Audio
125 Bestandsextensie HET WinSQL HTML Export Template
126 Bestandsextensie HEU Adobe Flash Player Cache Metadata
127 Bestandsextensie HEX Hexadecimal Source Format
128 Bestandsextensie HF HF Image
129 Bestandsextensie HFA Erdas Imagine Hierarchical
130 Bestandsextensie HFB Hell Fighter Battle
131 Bestandsextensie HFC H-JTAG Configuration
132 Bestandsextensie HFD HotDocs Form Document
133 Bestandsextensie HFMX HFM.NET Configuration
134 Bestandsextensie HFO Pinnacle Hollywood FX Object
135 Bestandsextensie HFP XnView Filter
136 Bestandsextensie HFS HFS Disk Image Format
137 Bestandsextensie HFSS Ansoft HFSS Project
138 Bestandsextensie HFT HotDocs Form Template
139 Bestandsextensie HFV HFS Disk Image
140 Bestandsextensie HFX Harvard Graphics F/X
141 Bestandsextensie HG HP Graphics Language
142 Bestandsextensie HG1 Hellgate: London Saved Game
143 Bestandsextensie HGD IP Camera Video
144 Bestandsextensie HGH Star Wars: Tie Fighter High Score
145 Bestandsextensie HGL HP Graphics Language Format
146 Bestandsextensie HGP HighGrow Plant
147 Bestandsextensie HGS Harvard Graphics Graphic
148 Bestandsextensie HGT SRTM Elevation Data Format
149 Bestandsextensie HGZ ArcMap GIS
150 Bestandsextensie HH C++ Header Format
151 Bestandsextensie HHC HTML Help Table Of Contents
152 Bestandsextensie HHH Power C Precompiled Header Format
153 Bestandsextensie HHK HTML Help Index
154 Bestandsextensie HHL Visual Basic
155 Bestandsextensie HHP Microsoft HTML Help Project
156 Bestandsextensie HHPACK HTC Home Extension
157 Bestandsextensie HHS Microsoft HTML Help Workshop Sample
158 Bestandsextensie HHSL Hockey High Score List Format
159 Bestandsextensie HHT Help And Support Center HHT Format
160 Bestandsextensie HI MacMAME High Scores Format
161 Bestandsextensie HIC HicEst Script
162 Bestandsextensie HID Sony Ericsson Remote Settings Format
163 Bestandsextensie HID2 KeepSafe Encrypted
164 Bestandsextensie HIF Quicken Online Format
165 Bestandsextensie HIL Deluxe Ski Jump 3 Hill
166 Bestandsextensie HIM ROSE Online Highmaps
167 Bestandsextensie HIN HyperChem HIN Chemical Modeller Input
168 Bestandsextensie HIP Houdini Project Format
169 Bestandsextensie HIPNC Houdini Apprentice Format
170 Bestandsextensie HIPS Bitmap
171 Bestandsextensie HIR Hires C64 Image Format
172 Bestandsextensie HIS FindinSite Database Definition Format
173 Bestandsextensie HISAWSAVE Nancy Drew Saved Game
174 Bestandsextensie HISF DL_POLY History
175 Bestandsextensie HISTORY Eclipse IDE Local History
176 Bestandsextensie HISU DL_POLY History
177 Bestandsextensie HIT The Sims Sound Format
178 Bestandsextensie HIV Windows Registry Hive Format
179 Bestandsextensie HJT TreePad 6 Database Format
180 Bestandsextensie HKC HTML-KIT Auto Complete Short Cut
181 Bestandsextensie HKDB Apple ITunes Library Format
182 Bestandsextensie HKE Painkiller Overdose Game
183 Bestandsextensie HKF Microsoft.NET Framework
184 Bestandsextensie HKI WinHKI Archive
185 Bestandsextensie HKI1 WinHKI HKI1 Archive
186 Bestandsextensie HKI2 WinHKI HKI2 Archive
187 Bestandsextensie HKI3 WinHKI HKI3 Archive
188 Bestandsextensie HKL RMCProfile Range Of Values
189 Bestandsextensie HKM Havok Movie Format
190 Bestandsextensie HKS HTML-KIT Plugin
191 Bestandsextensie HKX Skyrim Animation
192 Bestandsextensie HL HeuristicLab Storage Format
193 Bestandsextensie HL$ MS-DOS Compressed Help
194 Bestandsextensie HL1 Half-Life Saved Game
195 Bestandsextensie HL6 Horizontal.Log 6
196 Bestandsextensie HLA High Level Assembler Source
197 Bestandsextensie HLB VMS / VAX Help Library
198 Bestandsextensie HLC ESO MIDAS Help Command
199 Bestandsextensie HLD Structural Desktop Hold
200 Bestandsextensie HLF FAR Manager Help
201 Bestandsextensie HLK Warhammer 40k Dawn Of War 2 Animation
202 Bestandsextensie HLN MicroStation Hidden Line
203 Bestandsextensie HLOG VMware Workstation Log
204 Bestandsextensie HLP Windows Help Format
205 Bestandsextensie HLQ ESO MIDAS Help Qualifier
206 Bestandsextensie HLSL High Level Shader Language Format
207 Bestandsextensie HLT Watcher Database Trades List
208 Bestandsextensie HLW Win32/AMalum.EDHZ
209 Bestandsextensie HLX ATI Radeon Video Driver Support Format
210 Bestandsextensie HLZ MultiEdit Packed Help
211 Bestandsextensie HM Windows Help Context IDs
212 Bestandsextensie HM0 MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab Waveform
213 Bestandsextensie HM2 Help & Manual Help Format Project
214 Bestandsextensie HM3 Help & Manual Help Format Project
215 Bestandsextensie HMA Sony HI-MD Audio Format
216 Bestandsextensie HMAP Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 Temporary
217 Bestandsextensie HMAPDIR Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 Temporary
218 Bestandsextensie HMAX Custom 3ds Max Format
219 Bestandsextensie HMD SWAT Relative Humidity Input
220 Bestandsextensie HME Smartphone Theme Format
221 Bestandsextensie HMF HOOPS Metafile
222 Bestandsextensie HMGD Microsoft Grammar
223 Bestandsextensie HMHD Word Hyphenation Format
224 Bestandsextensie HMI HMI Audio Format
225 Bestandsextensie HMK Hallmark Card Studio Format
226 Bestandsextensie HML HostMonitor TestList Format
227 Bestandsextensie HMMER SAM HMMER Format
228 Bestandsextensie HMMR SAM HMMR
229 Bestandsextensie HMP Worms Height Map Format
230 Bestandsextensie HMS HostMonitor Script Format
231 Bestandsextensie HMSD Microsoft Dictionary
232 Bestandsextensie HMSKIN Help & Manual Help Format Skin
233 Bestandsextensie HMT HighMAT Format
234 Bestandsextensie HMX Help & Manual 4 Project
235 Bestandsextensie HMXP Help & Manual XML Project
236 Bestandsextensie HMXZ Help & Manual Compressed Project
237 Bestandsextensie HMY Hemingway Content Management System Plugin
238 Bestandsextensie HM~ Help&Manual Help Project Backup
239 Bestandsextensie HNC NoteCenter Note
240 Bestandsextensie HND HNSKY Deep Sky Database
241 Bestandsextensie HNF HNF Split & Merge Channels
242 Bestandsextensie HNR Teleatlas
243 Bestandsextensie HOB Star Trek Birth Of The Federation Ship Graphic Data
244 Bestandsextensie HOD Homeworld Object Data
245 Bestandsextensie HOG Descent Mission Format
246 Bestandsextensie HOGG Cryptic Studios Data
247 Bestandsextensie HOL Outlook Holidays Format
248 Bestandsextensie HONMOD Heroes Of Newerth Mod Format
249 Bestandsextensie HOP Hippon Protected
250 Bestandsextensie HOT The Sims Sound Format
251 Bestandsextensie HOTSPOT Homeworld Cursor Informaiton
252 Bestandsextensie HP HP Graphics Language Plotter
253 Bestandsextensie HP1 HP Graphics Language Plotter
254 Bestandsextensie HP2 HP Graphics Language Plotter
255 Bestandsextensie HP? LoseThos C+ Header
256 Bestandsextensie HPC System Dynamic Library
257 Bestandsextensie HPD HotDocs PDF Document
258 Bestandsextensie HPF High Performance Fortran Format
259 Bestandsextensie HPFS OS/2 High Performance Format System
260 Bestandsextensie HPG HPGL Plot Format
261 Bestandsextensie HPGL HP Graphics Language Plotter Format
262 Bestandsextensie HPGL2 Hewlett Packard Graphics Language 2
263 Bestandsextensie HPI Hemera Photo Objects Image Format
264 Bestandsextensie HPJ Help Project Format
265 Bestandsextensie HPK Tropico Game Archive
266 Bestandsextensie HPL HP-GL Plotter Format
267 Bestandsextensie HPLG Apple ITunes Device Plugin
268 Bestandsextensie HPM Procomm Plus Alternate Main Menu
269 Bestandsextensie HPO HippoDraw Canvas Document
270 Bestandsextensie HPP C++ Header Format
271 Bestandsextensie HPR RoboHelp Settings
272 Bestandsextensie HPRJ Heroglyph Project
273 Bestandsextensie HPROF Java Heap Dump
274 Bestandsextensie HPS HPL2 Script
275 Bestandsextensie HPT HotDocs PDF Template
276 Bestandsextensie HPX MetaVR 3D Model
277 Bestandsextensie HPZ Helpinator Project
278 Bestandsextensie HQF QuiltCAD Stitch
279 Bestandsextensie HQR Little Big Adventure HQR
280 Bestandsextensie HQX BinHex 4.0 Encoded Format
281 Bestandsextensie HR TRS-80 Image
282 Bestandsextensie HR2 Poser Hair Format
283 Bestandsextensie HRC Autodesk Softimage Model 3D
284 Bestandsextensie HRD MSC Patran Device-dependent Hardcopy
285 Bestandsextensie HRF Hitachi Raster Format Format
286 Bestandsextensie HRL Erlang Header Format
287 Bestandsextensie HRM Polar ProTrainer Pulse Rate Save
288 Bestandsextensie HRS Holder Reporting System
289 Bestandsextensie HRU HRU Image Format
290 Bestandsextensie HRX Herolab EasyWin32
291 Bestandsextensie HRZ Compressed Poser Hair Format
292 Bestandsextensie HS Haskell Script
293 Bestandsextensie HS2 HyperRESEARCH 2 Study Format
294 Bestandsextensie HSB HALion Sound Bank Format
295 Bestandsextensie HSC Aspen HYSYS Simulation Format
296 Bestandsextensie HSE Adobe Dreamweaver Snippet
297 Bestandsextensie HSF HOOPS Stream Format Format
298 Bestandsextensie HSH Windows Catalog Search Index Format
299 Bestandsextensie HSI Handmade Software Bitmap Image
300 Bestandsextensie HSK Huskey Truss & Building Supply Import Format
301 Bestandsextensie HSM The Sims Sound
302 Bestandsextensie HSP HSC Composer Packed By Number Six
303 Bestandsextensie HSQL HtmSQL Html
304 Bestandsextensie HSR RezeptAssist Import Or Export
305 Bestandsextensie HSS Adobe Dreamweaver Snippet
306 Bestandsextensie HST History Format
307 Bestandsextensie HSTX Altair HyperStudy Package
308 Bestandsextensie HSV Diablo: Hellfire Singleplayer Character Data
309 Bestandsextensie HSX Health & Safety Xpert Project
310 Bestandsextensie HT HyperTerminal Session Format
311 Bestandsextensie HT1 Google Desktop Application Data
312 Bestandsextensie HT4 HTML Version 4
313 Bestandsextensie HTA HTML Application
314 Bestandsextensie HTACCESS Apache HTACCESS Format
315 Bestandsextensie HTB Audacity Help Format
316 Bestandsextensie HTC HTML Component Format
317 Bestandsextensie HTD Adobe ExtendScript HTML
318 Bestandsextensie HTG HackTheGame Mission Pack
319 Bestandsextensie HTGROUP Apache Server User Group
320 Bestandsextensie HTI Microsoft Windows WinHelp Related
321 Bestandsextensie HTK Hidden Markov Model Toolkit Speech Recognition
322 Bestandsextensie HTM Hypertext Markup Language Format
323 Bestandsextensie HTML Hypertext Markup Language Format
324 Bestandsextensie HTML0 Book Designer Format
325 Bestandsextensie HTML5 HTML5 Hypertext Markup Language Revision 5 Source
326 Bestandsextensie HTMLENX Egis Encrypted HTML
327 Bestandsextensie HTMLS HyperText Markup Language Document With Server-side Include
328 Bestandsextensie HTMLZ Zipped HTML EBook
329 Bestandsextensie HTMS PHP HTML Document
330 Bestandsextensie HTN Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 Print Style
331 Bestandsextensie HTP Autodesk Slope Template Definition
332 Bestandsextensie HTPASSWD Apache HTACCESS Format
333 Bestandsextensie HTPL IBM Rational Application Developer WebContent Theme
334 Bestandsextensie HTR Microsoft Windows NT Password Services Script
335 Bestandsextensie HTRI HTRI Xchanger Suite Data Input
336 Bestandsextensie HTT Hypertext Template Format
337 Bestandsextensie HTW Windows
338 Bestandsextensie HTX HTML Extension Format
339 Bestandsextensie HTXT Hanvon EBook Format
340 Bestandsextensie HTZ4 HyperMaker 4 Publication
341 Bestandsextensie HTZ5 HyperMaker 5 Publication
342 Bestandsextensie HUD SmartWare Dictionary
343 Bestandsextensie HUH HydroCAD Unit Hydrograph Definitions Format
344 Bestandsextensie HUL Re-Volt Collision Data
345 Bestandsextensie HULL Half-Life Map Collision Hull
346 Bestandsextensie HUN Personal Paint Hungarian Language User Interface
347 Bestandsextensie HUP Haihaisoft DRM-X Protected Video
348 Bestandsextensie HUS Husqvarna Embroidery Format
349 Bestandsextensie HUV Husqvarna Viking Designer Graphic
350 Bestandsextensie HV Microsoft Windows Mobile Hive
351 Bestandsextensie HVA Command And Conquer Tiberian Sun Voxel Animation Control
352 Bestandsextensie HVC ASCII Format
353 Bestandsextensie HVD HoverDesk Theme
354 Bestandsextensie HVIF Haiku Vector Icon Format
355 Bestandsextensie HVL Commodore Amiga HivelyTracker Audio Module
356 Bestandsextensie HVPL ITunes Visual Plug-in Format
357 Bestandsextensie HWD Hedgewars Demo Format
358 Bestandsextensie HWL Corel WordPerfect Shared Writing Tools 9.0
359 Bestandsextensie HWMAP Hedgewars Drawn Map Format
360 Bestandsextensie HWOF Microsoft Office For Mac Help
361 Bestandsextensie HWP Hanword Document
362 Bestandsextensie HWS Hedgewars Saved Game
363 Bestandsextensie HWT Huawei Ascend P6 Emotion UI Theme
364 Bestandsextensie HWX RSNetWorx Registration
365 Bestandsextensie HX Haxe Source Code
366 Bestandsextensie HXA Microsoft Help 2 Attribute Definition Format
367 Bestandsextensie HXC Microsoft Help 2 Collection Definition Format
368 Bestandsextensie HXD Microsoft Help Validator
369 Bestandsextensie HXE Microsoft Help 2 Sample Definition Format
370 Bestandsextensie HXF Microsoft Help Include
371 Bestandsextensie HXH Microsoft Help Merged Hierarchy
372 Bestandsextensie HXI Microsoft Help Compiled Storage
373 Bestandsextensie HXK Microsoft Help 2 Index Format
374 Bestandsextensie HXL Microsoft Help Registered Namespace List
375 Bestandsextensie HXM Descent 2 Resource Modification
376 Bestandsextensie HXML HaXe Make
377 Bestandsextensie HXN Hexagon Model Format
378 Bestandsextensie HXP HaXe Project
379 Bestandsextensie HXPROJ FlashDevelop Flash Project
380 Bestandsextensie HXR Microsoft Help Data
381 Bestandsextensie HXS Help 2 Compiled Help Format
382 Bestandsextensie HXT Microsoft Help 2 Table Of Contents Format
383 Bestandsextensie HXV Microsoft Help Virtual Topic Definition
384 Bestandsextensie HXW Microsoft Help Attribute Definition
385 Bestandsextensie HXX C++ Source Code Header Format
386 Bestandsextensie HY1 Ventura Publisher Hyphenation Algorithm
387 Bestandsextensie HY2 Ventura Publisher Hyphenation Algorithms
388 Bestandsextensie HYC Corel WordPerfect Data
389 Bestandsextensie HYD Corel WordPerfect Hyphenation Dictionary
390 Bestandsextensie HYDRA Hydra Image Filter Program Format
391 Bestandsextensie HYM Hymarc Scandata Scanner 3D Image Binary
392 Bestandsextensie HYP Dictionary Information Format
393 Bestandsextensie HYPE Hype Document
394 Bestandsextensie HYQ CARE-S InfoWorks Hydrograph
395 Bestandsextensie HYV Team Manager Meet Event Format
396 Bestandsextensie HZ Chinese (Hanzi) Text
397 Bestandsextensie HZD SeisWorks
398 Bestandsextensie H_ Microsoft Winhelp Compressed
399 Bestandsextensie H__ C++ Header
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