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# Filformat Filens fulle navn
1 $ER-filformat GroupWise Database
2 4DC-filformat 4th Dimension Compiled Structure
3 4DD-filformat 4th Dimension Database Data File
4 4DL-filformat 4th Dimension Database Log File
5 ABCDMR-filformat Apple Address Book Mail Recent
6 ABS-filformat Absolute Database File
7 ACAD-filformat AutoCAD Database
8 ACCDB-filformat Access 2007 Database File
9 ACCDC-filformat Microsoft Access Signed Package
10 ACCDE-filformat Access Execute Only Database
11 ACCDR-filformat Access Runtime Application
12 ACCDT-filformat Microsoft Access Database Template
13 ACCDW-filformat Microsoft Access Database Link File
14 ACCFT-filformat Microsoft Access Data Type Template
15 ADB-filformat Alpha Five Database File
16 ADE-filformat Access Project Extension
17 ADN-filformat Access Blank Project Template
18 ADP-filformat Access Project
19 AFO-filformat Advanced File Organizer Catalog
20 ALF-filformat ACT! Lookup File
21 ALN-filformat LexNavigator Database Update
22 APX-filformat Borland C++ appexpert database file
23 AQC-filformat AquaChem Database
24 ASK-filformat askSam Database
25 ATO-filformat ATO Modeler Project
26 AUC-filformat AUC Database
27 AVG-filformat AVG Antivirus Virus Database
28 BES-filformat MOBY Database
29 BFI-filformat Blaise Index
30 BSWX-filformat Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server Database
31 BTK-filformat CLwin Tekton Database
32 BTR-filformat Btrieve Database File
33 BTREE-filformat Apple Mac OS HFS+ B-tree
34 C2E-filformat Chinese Dictionary Index
35 CAJ-filformat China Academic Journals Full-text Database
36 CDB-filformat Symbian Phonebook Database
37 CKA-filformat Comfort Keys Database
38 CKP-filformat Ingres Database Checkpoint data
39 CMA-filformat TM1 Exported Cube File
40 CMDB-filformat ANSYS CFX Mesh Database
41 CRB-filformat BigOven Recipe Database
42 CRYPT6-filformat WhatsApp Messenger Encrypted Message Database Backup
43 CSQ-filformat Microsoft FoxPro Queries
44 DAB-filformat OrangeCD Catalog Database
45 DACONNECTIONS-filformat RemObjects Data Abstract Connections File
46 DACPAC-filformat SQL Server Data Tier Application Package
47 DAD-filformat RemObjects Data Abstract Driver File
48 DADIAGRAMS-filformat RemObjects Data Abstract Data Diagrams File
49 DASCHEMA-filformat Data Abstract database schema file
50 DB-filformat Database File
51 DB-JOURNAL-filformat SQLite Database Journal
52 DB-SHM-filformat SQLite Database Shared Memory File
53 DB-WAL-filformat SQLite Database Write-Ahead Log File
54 DB2-filformat dBASE II Database
55 DB3-filformat SQLite Database File
56 DB3-JOURNAL-filformat SQLite Temporary Database Journal
57 DBC-filformat OrCAD capture CIS database configuration file
58 DBF-filformat Database File
59 DBS-filformat SQLBase Database File
60 DBT-filformat Database Text File
61 DBV-filformat Database Variable Field
62 DCB-filformat Concordance Database File
63 DCX-filformat FoxPro Database Index
64 DDL-filformat Data Definition Language File
65 DEVX-filformat E-sword Devotional
66 DLK-filformat Xprotect License Code List
67 DP1-filformat DataPower Database File
68 DQY-filformat Excel Query File
69 DSDB-filformat ANSYS CFX Simulation Database
70 DSN-filformat Database Source Name File
71 DTF-filformat ACDSee thumbnail database file
72 DTSX-filformat DTS Settings File
73 DWN-filformat FrameWork database file
74 DXL-filformat Domino XML Language File
75 ECFG-filformat ESRI XML Zipped Database
76 ECO-filformat ECCO Database File
77 ECX-filformat ECCO Corrupted Database File
78 EDB-filformat Exchange Information Store Database
79 EXB-filformat Evernote database file
80 F+DB-filformat Microsoft FoxPro Database
81 F2B-filformat ProntoGERBER-CONNECTION Board Database
82 FDB-filformat Database file
83 FDL-filformat Corel Paradox Secondary Index
84 FIC-filformat WinDev Hyper File Database
85 FM5-filformat FileMaker 5 Database
86 FMK4-filformat FileMaker For Mac
87 FMP12-filformat FileMaker Pro 12 Database
88 FMPR-filformat FileMaker Pro Mac
89 FMPSL-filformat FileMaker Pro 12 Snapshot Link
90 FMT-filformat Database format file
91 FOC-filformat FOCUS Database
92 FOL-filformat PFS First Choice Database File
93 FP4-filformat FileMaker Pro 4 Database
94 FP5-filformat FileMaker Pro 5 Database
95 FP7-filformat FileMaker Pro 7+ Database
96 FPT-filformat FileMaker Pro Database Memo File
97 FRM-filformat MySQL Database Format File
98 FW3-filformat FrameWork III Database
99 FXP-filformat Visual FoxPro compiled database file
100 G-filformat Corel Paradox file
101 GDB-filformat InterBase Database File
102 GWI-filformat GroupWise Database Shortcut File
103 HDB-filformat HansaWorld Database File
104 HIS-filformat FindinSite Database Definition File
105 HND-filformat HNSKY Deep Sky Database
106 IB-filformat InterBase Database
107 IBD-filformat MySQL InnoDB Database Table
108 IDB2-filformat InfoStat Database
109 IFLV-filformat InfoLevin Database
110 IHX-filformat IN-HEH Timeline Database
111 IPDB-filformat IP Address Tracker IP Database
112 ITDB-filformat iTunes Database File
113 ITW-filformat InTouch With Database File
114 IVC-filformat iView MediaPro catalogue file
115 IWC-filformat Installwatch Database
116 IXL-filformat DB/TextWorks Database Indexed List
117 JOML-filformat JOOB Object Modelling Language
118 JTX-filformat ESE Transaction Log
119 K10-filformat DataFlex Index
120 K14-filformat DataFlex Index
121 K6-filformat DataFlex Index
122 K9-filformat DataFlex Index
123 KDB-filformat Keypass Database File
124 KEXI-filformat Kexi Database
125 KEXIC-filformat Kexi Database Connection File
126 KEXIS-filformat Kexi Database Shortcut File
127 KEYSTORE-filformat Java Keytool Key Database
128 KSEQS-filformat Kestrel Sequence Database
129 LBL-filformat Database label file format
130 LGC-filformat SimpleK Database File
131 LSL-filformat Corel Paradox file
132 LWX-filformat Lightwright Database
133 LZK-filformat LoizziTimeControl Database
134 MAQ-filformat Microsoft Access Query
135 MARSHAL-filformat Marshal Data Migration Model File
136 MAV-filformat Access View File
137 MAW-filformat Access Data Access Page
138 MBDB-filformat Apple IOS Backup Manifest
139 MDB-filformat Microsoft Access Database
140 MDBHTML-filformat Microsoft Access Database HTML File
141 MDBX-filformat Access Based Database
142 MDN-filformat Blank Access Database Template
143 MDT-filformat GeoMedia Access Database Template
144 MFK-filformat Memsoft OS/2 Database
145 MPD-filformat Microsoft Project Database
146 MPDB-filformat Windows Media Player Database
147 MRG-filformat MySQL Merge File
148 MSMESSAGESTORE-filformat Windows Mail Message Information Database
149 MTC-filformat MediaTracker Database
150 MTN-filformat Match! Database
151 MUD-filformat Textease multi user database
152 MWB-filformat MySQL Workbench Document
153 MYD-filformat MySQL Database Data File
154 NDF-filformat SQL Server Secondary Database File
155 NOPE-filformat Navicat For Oracle Exported Table
156 NS2-filformat Lotus Notes 2 Database
157 NS3-filformat Lotus Notes 3 Database
158 NS4-filformat Lotus Notes 4 Database
159 NSF-filformat Lotus Notes Database
160 NSPE-filformat Navicat For SQL Server Exported Table
161 NSX-filformat Apollo Server Database Index
162 NTX-filformat Clipper database index file
163 NV2-filformat NewViews 2 Database File
164 NYF-filformat myBase Database File
165 OD2-filformat Omnis 5 Database
166 OD3-filformat Omnis Studio Database
167 OD4-9-filformat Omnis5 Database
168 ODB-filformat OpenDocument Database
169 OLK14DBHEADER-filformat Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Database
170 OPT-filformat MySQL database data file
171 OQY-filformat Excel OLAP Query File
172 ORA-filformat Oracle Database Configuration File
173 ORX-filformat RadiantOne VDS Database Schema
174 OV-filformat OpenInsight Database Overflow
175 OWC-filformat OutWit Catch Database
176 P96-filformat Win96 Database File
177 P97-filformat Win97 Database File
178 PAN-filformat Panorama Database File
179 PCS-filformat Microsoft PowerPoint picture storage file
180 PD-filformat Corel Paradox table file
181 PDB-filformat Program Database
182 PDT-filformat ProCite Database
183 PNZ-filformat Panorama Database Set
184 PSAFE3-filformat Password Safe Database
185 PX-filformat Corel Paradox primary database index
186 QBQUERY-filformat MySQL Query Browser Saved SQL Query Command
187 QD7-filformat Omnis Quartz Segment 7 Data
188 QD8-filformat Omnis Quartz Segment 8 Data
189 QD9-filformat Omnis Quartz Segment 9 Data
190 QMF-filformat IBM Lotus Approach Database Query
191 QRY-filformat Query File
192 R2K-filformat Repertoire 2000 Music Database
193 RDL-filformat Corel Paradox file
194 RLN-filformat Alpha Four Database
195 RSD-filformat RealSQLDatabase File
196 SAS7BDAT-filformat SAS Database
197 SDB-filformat OpenOffice Base database file
198 SDL-filformat Corel Paradox script file
199 SLIFE-filformat Slife Database
200 SOCIALPHONEBOOK-filformat Sony Xperia Google Android Contact
201 SPQ-filformat SPSS Database Query File
202 SQL-filformat Structured Query Language Data File
203 SQLITE-filformat SQLite Database File
204 SQLITE3-filformat SQLite 3 Database File
205 SQLITEDB-filformat SQLite Database
206 SQLITEDB-SHM-filformat SQLite Database Shared Memory
207 SRL-filformat Arquitienda Local Database
208 SWDB-filformat ClarisWorks 3 And 4 Database
209 TBM-filformat DB/TextWorks database menu screen
210 TE-filformat Textease CT Database File
211 TEACHER-filformat SMART Response Teacher Database File
212 THUMBDATA-IDX3-filformat Android Thumbnail Index
213 TMZ-filformat Medigraph Compressed Database
214 TOM-filformat MediGraph Database
215 TRC-filformat Oracle Trace File
216 UDB-filformat Dynamics AX User Database File
217 UDL-filformat Microsoft Universal Data Link File
218 UDS-filformat FIMware database file
219 USR-filformat FileMaker Pro Database File
220 V12-filformat All The Right Type Database File
221 VDB3-filformat VistaDB Database
222 VFA-filformat FontLab Database
223 VIS-filformat Visual Importer Script
224 W5S-filformat Winamp CDDB Database
225 WD2-filformat Info Select Database
226 WDB-filformat Microsoft Works Database
227 WMDB-filformat Windows Media Database File
228 XLD-filformat Excel Database File
229 XSL-filformat Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove database file
230 ZBD-filformat Canon Zoom Browser Database
231 ZODB-filformat Zope Object Database
232 ZRD-filformat ZEMAX Ray Database
233 ^^^-filformat Pervasive.SQL Database File
234 ~AP-filformat Borland C++ Old AppExpert Project Database