Sortert i alfabetisk rekkefølge: S
by: Administrator
# Filformat Filens fulle navn
1 S-filformat Source Code File
2 S#+A-filformat RagTime 2
3 S00-filformat ZipSplitter Part 1 Archive
4 S01-filformat Corel WordPerfect distribution file
5 S02-filformat Corel WordPerfect distribution file
6 S04-filformat Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed File Archive (part 5)
7 S05-filformat Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed File Archive (part 6)
8 S07-filformat Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed File Archive (part 8)
9 S08-filformat Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed File Archive (part 9)
10 S09-filformat Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed File Archive (part 10)
11 S10-filformat Brasfoot Saved Game File
12 S19-filformat Motorola S19 File Record
13 S1J-filformat Sealed
14 S1P-filformat Touchstone 1 S-parameter Data
15 S2-filformat Stranded II Map
16 S28-filformat Genesis Or Sega32X ROM Image
17 S2A-filformat SEAL2 Application
18 S2D-filformat Agilent EEsof EDA S-parameter Data
19 S2E-filformat SWF to EXE Converter Project File
20 S2K-filformat Subtitle
21 S2M-filformat Stronghold 2 Map File
22 S2MA-filformat Starcraft 2 Map
23 S2MH-filformat StarCraft 2 Map Header File
24 S2MI-filformat Starcraft 2 Cache
25 S2ML-filformat StarCraft 2 Map Localization File
26 S2MV-filformat StarCraft 2 Map Preview File
27 S2P-filformat Touchstone 4 S-parameters Data
28 S2QH-filformat StarCraft 2 Localization Header File
29 S2QL-filformat StarCraft 2 Unit Localization File
30 S2S-filformat Spike2 Script
31 S2T-filformat Scia2Tekla Plugin
32 S2Z-filformat Heroes of Newerth Game Data File
33 S3DB-filformat MySQL Database
34 S3I-filformat Scream Tracker 3 Instrument
35 S3M-filformat ScreamTracker 3 Module
36 S3P-filformat Touchstone 9 S-parameters Data
37 S3T-filformat Scorched 3D Tankpack
38 S3Z-filformat Compressed Scream Tracker 3 Module
39 S43-filformat IAR Assembly Source
40 S4E-filformat Airplay SDK Header
41 S4M-filformat SWAT 4 Map File
42 S57-filformat International Hydrographic Organization Vector Image
43 S5X-filformat Heritage of Kings: The Settlers Map File
44 S6BN-filformat Word 6 For Mac Template
45 S7-filformat Sibelius Music Notation
46 S7P-filformat SubSeven Trojan
47 S7Z-filformat Mac OS X 7-Zip File
48 S85-filformat Sabre Airline Solutions Chart
49 S8BN-filformat Word 98 For Mac Template
50 S8L-filformat SAP GUI
51 S98-filformat NEC PC-98 Audio
52 SA1-filformat Game Boy Emulator Save File
53 SA2-filformat Suprise! Adlib Tracker Music Module
54 SA5-filformat SecretAgent Archive
55 SA7-filformat Street Atlas Map Document
56 SA8-filformat Street Atlas 8 Map Document
57 SA9-filformat Hue and Cry Photoshop Plug-in
58 SAA-filformat SecretAgent Encrypted Archive
59 SAAS-filformat Sass Indented Syntax
60 SAB-filformat ACIS SAB Model File
61 SAB2-filformat NVision 3D Scanner
62 SABL-filformat Call Ot Duty: Black Ops II Audio Library
63 SABS-filformat Call Ot Duty: Black Ops II Sounds
64 SAD-filformat Black & White Audio File
65 SAF-filformat Street Atlas USA Map File
66 SAFARIEXTZ-filformat Apple Safari Extension Package
67 SAFE-filformat WM Keeper CLASSIC Purse File Backup
68 SAFETEXT-filformat SafeText File
69 SAH-filformat SETI@home Data File
70 SAI-filformat PaintTool SAI Image
71 SAJ-filformat Sage 50 Folder
72 SAK-filformat Postal Game Archive
73 SAL-filformat SQL Application Language
74 SAM-filformat Ami Pro Document
75 SAM07-filformat SAM 2007 Package
76 SAMBA3-filformat Gnome Desktop
77 SAMI-filformat Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange file format
78 SAMRC-filformat SAM Default Parameters
79 SAN-filformat LucasArts Smush Animation Format
80 SAP-filformat Atari SAP Music File
81 SAPSSD-filformat SAP Related
82 SAR-filformat SAR compressed file archive (SAPCAR archive)
83 SAS-filformat SAS Program File
84 SAS7BDAT-filformat SAS Database
85 SAS7BNDX-filformat SAS Index
86 SASS-filformat Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets Indented Syntax
87 SAT-filformat ACIS SAT 3D Model File
88 SAV-filformat Saved Game
89 SAV2-filformat SuperPower Save Game
90 SAVE-filformat Nano Temporary Save File
91 SAVEDDECK-filformat Nokia Saved Web Page
92 SAVEDSEARCH-filformat Spotlight Saved Search
93 SAVEDSTATE-filformat Virtual Router Saved State File
94 SAVER-filformat Mac OS X Screen Saver
95 SAVE_MULTIPLAYER-filformat Total War Multiplayer Save
96 SAVF-filformat AS400Manager JAVA
97 SAW-filformat Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles
98 SAY-filformat Saya Matrix Accounting Database
99 SB-filformat Scratch Project File
100 SB7-filformat SetupBuilder Project
101 SBB-filformat Office Accounting Company Backup File
102 SBC-filformat Office Accounting Company Shortcut File
103 SBD-filformat Mozilla mail subdirectory file
104 SBE-filformat Spybot Excludes
105 SBF-filformat Android System File
106 SBG-filformat SBaGen Binaural Beat File
107 SBI-filformat Sound Blaster Instrument
108 SBK-filformat Creative Labs EMU SoundFont v1 bank file
109 SBL-filformat Arquitienda Graphic Symbol Library
110 SBML-filformat Systems Biology Markup Language Source
111 SBN-filformat ESRI Spatial Binary File
112 SBO-filformat SAP Business One SDK Add-on Related
113 SBP-filformat OpenSBP CNC Program File
114 SBPROJ-filformat OpenGL Shader Builder Project
115 SBQ-filformat Superbase QuickReports File
116 SBR-filformat Visual Studio Source Browser Intermediate File
117 SBS-filformat Spybot Search and Destroy Includes file
118 SBSC-filformat Adobe Soundbooth Score Document
119 SBST-filformat Adobe Soundbooth Score Template
120 SBSTORE-filformat Mozilla Firefox
121 SBT-filformat SBT Subtitle File
122 SBV-filformat YouTube Captions File
123 SBW-filformat US Treasury Savings Bonds Wizard File
124 SBX-filformat Adobe Illustrator Tsume file
125 SBZ-filformat ShowBiz Project
126 SC-filformat Framework II display driver
127 SC1-filformat SimCity
128 SC2-filformat Sample Cell II Instrument Definition
129 SC2ARCHIVE-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Archive File
130 SC2ASSETS-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Assets File
131 SC2BANK-filformat StarCraft 2 Bank File
132 SC2DATA-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Data File
133 SC2LOCALE-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Localization File
134 SC2MA-filformat StarCraft 2 Map Data File
135 SC2MAP-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Map File
136 SC2MOD-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Modification File
137 SC2REPLAY-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Replay File
138 SC2SAVE-filformat Blizzard StarCraft 2 Saved Game
139 SC2SCENE-filformat StarCraft 2 Cut Scene File
140 SC3-filformat Renamed dBASE III screen mask file
141 SC4-filformat SimCity 4 Saved File
142 SC45-filformat SuperCard Project File
143 SC4DESC-filformat SimCity 4 Description File
144 SC4LOT-filformat SimCity 4 Lot File
145 SC4MODEL-filformat SimCity 4 Model File
146 SC5-filformat Chris Sawyer Locomotion Scenario
147 SC6-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Scenario File
148 SCA-filformat Norton AntiVirus Scan File
149 SCACFG-filformat SuperCard Application Configuration File
150 SCAD-filformat OpenSCAD Script
151 SCALA-filformat Scala Source
152 SCAP-filformat EFI Firmware File
153 SCAR-filformat SCAR Script
154 SCB-filformat Command & Conquer World Builder script file
155 SCC-filformat SourceSafe Source Code Control File
156 SCD-filformat TurboTax Tax Schedule List
157 SCDOC-filformat SpaceClaim 3D CAD
158 SCE-filformat SoftCuisine Data Exchange
159 SCEA-filformat Aleph One Map File
160 SCENE-filformat VCollab scene file
161 SCEXCLUDB-filformat Spring Cleaning Exclusions File
162 SCF-filformat Windows Explorer Command
163 SCG-filformat myPM SCG Definition File
164 SCH-filformat CAD schematics file
165 SCHDOC-filformat Altium Designer Schematic Capture Binary
166 SCHEMAS-filformat GConf Schema Definition File
167 SCHEMATIC-filformat MCEdit Schematic File
168 SCHEME-filformat Sothink Logo Maker Color Scheme
169 SCI-filformat Virtumonde / Vundo Trojan infected file
170 SCL-filformat Scala Scale
171 SCM-filformat ScreenCam Screen Recording
172 SCMT-filformat GXS Application Integrator XML Constraint
173 SCN-filformat Age of Mythology Scenario File
174 SCO-filformat TotalRecovery Backup Image
175 SCONSCRIPT-filformat SCons SConscript Configuration
176 SCORE-filformat Learning Score
177 SCP-filformat ColoRIX Bitmap Graphic File
178 SCPCFG-filformat SuperCard Project Configuration File
179 SCPT-filformat AppleScript Script File
180 SCQ-filformat SAS Sequential Access
181 SCR-filformat Windows Screensaver
182 SCRABBLEHASBROSAVEDGAME-filformat Hasbro Scrabble Save Game
183 SCRATCH-filformat Scratch Project File
184 SCREEM-filformat SCREEM
185 SCREENFLOW-filformat ScreenFlow Document
186 SCRESTORELOG-filformat Spring Cleaning Restore Log
187 SCRESULTS-filformat Spring Cleaning Results File
188 SCRIPT-filformat Generic Script File
189 SCRIPT EDITOR-filformat Apple Mac OS X AppleScript Script
190 SCRIPTSUITE-filformat AppleScript Script Suite File
191 SCRIPTTERMINOLOGY-filformat AppleScript Script Terminology File
192 SCRIV-filformat Scrivener Document
193 SCRIVX-filformat Scrivener XML Document
194 SCRO-filformat Amira Script Object
195 SCS-filformat SimCity Societies Saved Game File
196 SCS11-filformat Show Cue System Cue File
197 SCT-filformat Scitex Continuous Tone File
198 SCU-filformat ColoRIX Bitmap Image
199 SCUT2-filformat Sure Cuts A Lot
200 SCV-filformat ScanVec CASmate Sign File
201 SCVINFO-filformat Windows Communication Foundation WCF Metadata
202 SCW-filformat Movie Magic Screenwriter Document
203 SCX-filformat ColoRIX bitmap image
204 SCY-filformat ReaGeniX Security
205 SCZ-filformat Wingz script file
206 SD-filformat Sound Designer Audio File
207 SD0-filformat Dali Raw Image
208 SD1-filformat Dali Raw Image
209 SD2-filformat Sound Designer II File
210 SD2F-filformat Sound Designer 2 File
211 SD4-filformat Smart Diary Suite Database
212 SD7-filformat Spring Content Package
213 SDA-filformat StarOffice Drawing
214 SDAT-filformat Nintendo DS Sound Data File
215 SDB-filformat OpenOffice Base database file
216 SDBN-filformat Microsoft Word 4/5 For Mac Template
217 SDBZ-filformat Symantec Support Tool Information
218 SDC-filformat Apache OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet
219 SDD-filformat StarOffice Presentation
220 SDE-filformat Drumbeat Exported Data
221 SDEF-filformat AppleScript Dictionary Document
222 SDF-filformat Standard Data File
223 SDFA-filformat Exocad 3D
224 SDG-filformat StarOffice Gallery image format
225 SDI-filformat Windows System Deployment Image
226 SDIF-filformat Sound Description Interchange Format
227 SDII-filformat Sound Designer 2 Audio File
228 SDINSTALL-filformat Speckie Dictionary Installation File
229 SDIRPROJ-filformat Apple Impulse Response Utility Project
230 SDK-filformat Roland S-550/S-50/W-30 Disk Image
231 SDKMESH-filformat Microsoft DirectX Vertex Mesh
232 SDL-filformat Corel Paradox script file
233 SDLPROFILE-filformat TRADOS Exported User Settings
234 SDLTM-filformat SDL Trados Studio
235 SDLXLIFF-filformat SDL Trados XLIFF Localization File
236 SDM-filformat StarOffice Mail Message
237 SDMDOCUMENT-filformat Microsoft SDM Document
238 SDN-filformat Smart Diary Suite ingredients file
239 SDNF-filformat Steel Detailing Neutral Format
240 SDO-filformat Signed Document
241 SDOC-filformat Sealed Word Document
242 SDP-filformat Session Description Protocol File
243 SDPC-filformat Cocreate SolidDesigner Data
244 SDPX-filformat Kodak Cineon Image Format
245 SDQ-filformat SAS Data File
246 SDR-filformat SmartDraw Drawing
247 SDR2-filformat H.264 MICRO DVR Camera Movie
248 SDS-filformat MIDI Sample Dump Standard File
249 SDSK-filformat SafeHouse Private Storage Volume
250 SDT-filformat SmartDraw Template File
251 SDV-filformat Studio DV Project File
252 SDW-filformat StarOffice Writer Text Document
253 SDX-filformat Sample sound file
254 SDY-filformat StarMoney
255 SDZ-filformat Spring Content Package
256 SE-filformat SEwin Project
257 SEA-filformat Self-Extracting Archive
258 SEAM-filformat Seam Framework Java Servlet File
259 SEARCH-MS-filformat Windows Saved Search File
260 SEARCHCONNECTOR-MS-filformat Windows Search Connector File
261 SEARCHINDEXCACHE-filformat Mac OS X Cache
262 SEC-filformat PGP Secret Key Ring
263 SECSTORE-filformat Adobe Secstore
264 SECURE-filformat Septium Secure Document
265 SECUREDOWNLOAD-filformat Safari Download
266 SECURITYSETTINGS-filformat Alpha Five Security Settings
267 SED-filformat IExpress Self Extraction Directive File
268 SEDPRJ-filformat Slideshow Studio Elements Project
269 SEE-filformat LISCAD Plus
270 SEED-filformat Linux Preseed File
271 SEESTYLE-filformat Coda Style Sheet File
272 SEF-filformat Steganos encrypted file
273 SEG-filformat Eragon Audio File
274 SEG1-filformat StuffIt Segment
275 SEG3-filformat StuffIt Segment
276 SEGY-filformat SEG-Y Geophysical Data
277 SEL-filformat Corel PaintShop Photo Pro selection file
278 SEM-filformat Alpha Five Set Objects
279 SEMAN-filformat Xtext Semantics
280 SEN-filformat Scifer Archiver Internal Archive Format
281 SEO-filformat SEO Note File
282 SEP-filformat Separated Image File
283 SEPLUGIN-filformat AppleScript Editor Plug-in
284 SEQ-filformat PowerTracks Pro Audio Project File
285 SEQU-filformat Adobe Acrobat Sequence File
286 SEQUENCEDIAGRAM-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Sequence Diagram
287 SER-filformat GeneMapper Project File
288 SERVER-filformat Bonobo Activation API
289 SERVERDEF-filformat Server Definition
290 SERVERSTYLE-filformat ESRI ServerStyle
291 SERVICE-filformat Mac OS X Service Application
292 SES-filformat Audition Session File
293 SESSION-filformat CATIA 4 Session File
294 SESX-filformat Adobe Audition Session File
295 SET-filformat Settings File
296 SETTINGCONTENT-MS-filformat Microsoft Windows 8.1 Configuration
297 SETTINGS-filformat Visual Studio Settings File
298 SETUP-filformat CryENGINE Character Setup File
299 SEV-filformat SevenUp Picture
300 SEW-filformat Janome Sewing Machine stitch file
301 SEX-filformat Alpha Five Set Index
302 SF-filformat Minecraft JAR Signature File
303 SF2-filformat SoundFont 2 Sound Bank
304 SF7-filformat Sega SF-7000 ROM
305 SFA-filformat Sony Sound Forge
306 SFAP0-filformat Sound Forge Audio Proxy File
307 SFAR-filformat Mass Effect 3 DLC File
308 SFARK-filformat Melody Machine Compressed SoundFont
309 SFB-filformat PlayStation 3 Disc Data File
310 SFC-filformat Super Nintendo ROM
311 SFCACHE-filformat ReadyBoost Cache File
312 SFD-filformat SoundStage sound data file
313 SFF-filformat Structured Fax Format image format
314 SFI-filformat Corel Ventura Publisher HP LaserJet Printer Font
315 SFIL-filformat Macintosh System Sound
316 SFK-filformat Sound Forge Audio Peak File
317 SFL-filformat Sound Forge Sound Data File
318 SFM-filformat Dart PRO Soundtree Structure
319 SFN-filformat EasySIGN Font
320 SFO-filformat CuteFTP Search File
321 SFP-filformat Soft Font Printer File
322 SFPACK-filformat Packed SoundFont File
323 SFR-filformat Sonic Foundry Sample Resource
324 SFS-filformat Squashfs File Archive
325 SFT-filformat Microsoft App-V Sequencer File
326 SFV-filformat Simple File Verification File
327 SFVIDCAP-filformat Sonic Foundry Video Capture File
328 SFW-filformat Seattle FilmWorks Image
329 SFX-filformat Windows Self-Extracting Archive
330 SFZ-filformat SoundFont Compressed Audio
331 SG-filformat SnapGraphix User
332 SG3-filformat ChessDB Game
333 SG4-filformat Band-in-a-Box Song
334 SGA-filformat Relic Entertainment Game Archive
335 SGAA-filformat Aleph One Saved Game
336 SGB-filformat Dawn of War Map File
337 SGCPO-filformat Case CATalyst
338 SGD-filformat SameGame Data
339 SGF-filformat StarOffice Document With Graphics
340 SGH-filformat Guitar Hero 3 Setlist Settings
341 SGI-filformat Silicon Graphics Image File
342 SGM-filformat SGML File
343 SGML-filformat Standard Generalized Markup Language File
344 SGN-filformat Sierra Print Artist sign file
345 SGNGL-filformat Case CATalyst
346 SGO-filformat ECU Update
347 SGP-filformat STATGRAPHICS plus statistics file
348 SGR-filformat SGR Genome Data File
349 SGT-filformat Microsoft DirectMusic Producer segments file
350 SGU-filformat Band-in-a-Box MIDI
351 SGV-filformat StarOffice StarDraw 2.0 Picture Image
352 SGW-filformat N-Track Studio Packed Song
353 SGX-filformat IBM Rational XDE
354 SGZ-filformat SigzaLock Encrypted File
355 SH-filformat Bash Shell Script
356 SH2-filformat Stronghold 2 Saved Game
357 SH3-filformat Harvard Graphics 3.0 Presentation
358 SH3D-filformat Sweet Home 3D Design File
359 SH3F-filformat Sweet Home 3D Model Library
360 SHA1-filformat SHA-1 Hash File
361 SHA256-filformat FileVerifier++ SHA-256 Hashes File
362 SHA512-filformat SHA 512 Hash File
363 SHADER-filformat Quake 3 Engine Shader File
364 SHADERCACHE-filformat Space Marine Shader Cache
365 SHADERLIB-filformat Stronghold 3 Shader
366 SHADOW-filformat FontTwister Shadow
368 SHADOWINDEXGROUPS-filformat Mac OS X Spotlight
369 SHADOWINDEXTERMIDS-filformat Mac OS X Spotlight
370 SHAR-filformat Unix Shar Archive
371 SHB-filformat Windows Document Shortcut
372 SHC-filformat Adobe Photoshop Contours File
373 SHD-filformat Windows Print Job Shadow File
374 SHDC-filformat ArmA: Armed Assault
375 SHE-filformat Medusa 2D CAD
376 SHFT-filformat Shift Work Calendar
377 SHG-filformat Segmented Hyper-Graphic
378 SHH-filformat Adobe Photoshop Shadow/Highlight Settings file
379 SHIPSECTION-filformat Sword Of The Stars Ship Data
380 SHK-filformat ShrinkIt Archive
381 SHM-filformat Corel WordPerfect Shell Macro Library
382 SHMAP-filformat Stronghold 3 Map
383 SHN-filformat Shorten Compressed Audio File
384 SHO-filformat Show Pro Show Flow
385 SHORTCUT-filformat Asutype Shortcut
386 SHOW-filformat Hanshow Presentation
387 SHP-filformat Shapes File
388 SHPA-filformat Aleph One Shape File
389 SHR-filformat Unix Shell Archive File
390 SHS-filformat Microsoft Scrap File
391 SHSH-filformat iPhone/iPod Touch SHSH Blob File
392 SHT-filformat HTML File with Server Side Includes
393 SHTM-filformat HTML Server Side Include File
394 SHTML-filformat Server Side Include HTML File
395 SHUTDOWNSTALL-filformat Mac OS X Log
396 SHV-filformat Husqvarna Viking Embroidery File
397 SHW-filformat Corel Presentation
398 SHX-filformat AutoCAD Compiled Shape File
399 SHY-filformat ShyFile Encrypted File
400 SI-filformat Softimage Image File
401 SIA-filformat Silo 3D Model
402 SIB-filformat Sibelius Score
403 SID-filformat MrSID Image
404 SIDB-filformat iTunes Authorization Data File
405 SIDD-filformat iTunes Authorization Data File
406 SIDN-filformat Apple ITunes Authorization Data
407 SIDX-filformat SharpMap spatial index file
408 SIF-filformat Windows Setup Information File
409 SIG-filformat Signature File
410 SIGNED-filformat Apple Safari
411 SIK-filformat Microsoft Word Backup
412 SIL-filformat SmartInspect Log
413 SILO-filformat VisIt Hydrodynamical Numerical Simulation Data
414 SIM-filformat Intel VTune performance monitor file
415 SIMG-filformat Synclavier Disk Image File
416 SIMPLE-filformat Simple Compiler Source Code
417 SIMS2PACK-filformat Downloaded Sims 2 Package File
418 SIMS2SKIN-filformat Sims 2 Skin
419 SIMS3-filformat The Sims 3 Save
420 SIMS3PACK-filformat The Sims 3 Package File
421 SIR-filformat Bitmap
422 SIS-filformat Symbian Installation File
423 SISDM-filformat Ovi Store DRM-Protected Application
424 SISX-filformat Symbian OS Installation File
425 SISXDM-filformat Nokia Ovi Store DRM-Protected Application
426 SIT-filformat StuffIt Archive
427 SIT!-filformat StuffIt Expander Archive Format
428 SIT5-filformat StuffIt 5 Archive Format
429 SITD-filformat StuffIt Archive
430 SITE-filformat GoLive Website Project File
431 SITEMAP-filformat ASP.NET Site Map File
432 SITES-filformat iWeb Site Design Project
433 SITES2-filformat iWeb Site Design Project
434 SITHQX-filformat StuffIt Compressed Archive
435 SITL-filformat StuffIt Library
436 SITX-filformat StuffIt X Archive
437 SIV-filformat Silicon Imaging Video File
438 SJ1-filformat SEGA SJ-1 DIGIO Image
439 SJAVA-filformat Synchronous Java File
440 SJC-filformat Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller Definition
441 SJD-filformat Scrapbook Factory Journal File
442 SJPG-filformat Sealed JPG
443 SK-filformat Safari History Index File
444 SK1-filformat sK1 Vector Graphic File
445 SK2-filformat ChemSketch Drawing
446 SKA-filformat Happy99 Virus
447 SKB-filformat SketchUp Backup Document
448 SKC-filformat SideKick Card File
449 SKCARD-filformat Starfish Sidekick Card File
450 SKETCH-filformat Sketch Drawing
451 SKF-filformat AutoSketch Drawing
452 SKG-filformat Skrooge Data
453 SKI-filformat Motorola Phone Skin File
454 SKIM-filformat Skim Notes File
455 SKIN-filformat ASP.NET Skin File
456 SKINDEX-filformat Mail Index File
457 SKINNEDMESH-filformat Battlefield Skinned Mesh
458 SKITCH-filformat Skitch Image
459 SKK-filformat SmartSketch Drawing
460 SKL-filformat Adobe Authorware resource file
461 SKM-filformat SketchUp Materials File
462 SKN-filformat Symbian OS Skin File
463 SKO-filformat Sage Accounting Executable
464 SKP-filformat SketchUp Document
465 SKR-filformat PGP Private Keyring
466 SKS-filformat Show.kit Template
467 SKSE-filformat The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Script Extender Data
468 SKT-filformat SSEYO Koan
469 SKUDEF-filformat Command & Conquer Archive Description Package
470 SKV-filformat Semicolon Separated Values File
471 SKX-filformat XLANG Schedule File
472 SKYPECHATSTYLE-filformat Chat Style File
473 SKYPEEMOTICONSET-filformat Skype Emoticon Set File
474 SKZ-filformat SuperKaramba Theme
475 SL-filformat Software License File
476 SL00-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
477 SL01-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
478 SL02-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
479 SL03-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
480 SL05-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
481 SL06-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
482 SL08-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
483 SL10-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
484 SL11-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
485 SL12-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
486 SL13-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
487 SL14-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
488 SL15-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
489 SL16-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
490 SL17-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
491 SL18-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
492 SL20-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
493 SL21-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
494 SL23-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
495 SL24-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
496 SL25-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
497 SL26-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
498 SL27-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
499 SL28-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
500 SL29-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
501 SL30-filformat HLSW Game Server Tool
502 SLA-filformat Scribus Document
503 SLAGZ-filformat Scribus Compressed Document
504 SLB-filformat PSpice symbols library file
505 SLD-filformat Styled Layer Descriptor File
506 SLD3-filformat Microsoft PowerPoint 3/4 For Mac Slide
507 SLD8-filformat Microsoft PowerPoint 98 For Mac Slide
508 SLDASM-filformat SolidWorks Assembly File
509 SLDBOMBT-filformat SolidWorks BOM Template
510 SLDCLR-filformat SolidWorks Colour Palette
511 SLDDRT-filformat SolidWorks Sheet File
512 SLDDRW-filformat SolidWorks Drawing File
513 SLDDWG-filformat SolidWorks Drawing 2D Vector Graphics
514 SLDLFP-filformat SolidWorks Library Part
515 SLDM-filformat Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Macro-enabled Open XML Slide
516 SLDPRT-filformat SolidWorks Part File
517 SLDREG-filformat SolidWorks Settings
518 SLDREVTBT-filformat SolidWorks Revision Table Template
519 SLDS-filformat Microsoft PowerPoint 2 For Mac Slide
520 SLDSTD-filformat SolidWorks Drafting Standard
521 SLDTM-filformat SDL Translation Memory File
522 SLDWELDFVT-filformat SolidWorks Weld Style
523 SLDWLDTBT-filformat SolidWorks Weldment Cutlist Template
524 SLDX-filformat Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML Slide
525 SLE-filformat Sisulizer Package File
526 SLF-filformat Symantec License File
527 SLG-filformat Chromeleon Audit Trail
528 SLI-filformat ENVI Spectral Library
529 SLIDESAVER-filformat Mac OS X Screensaver
530 SLIFE-filformat Slife Database
531 SLIM-filformat Slim Script
532 SLK-filformat Symbolic Link File
533 SLL-filformat Static Link Library
534 SLM-filformat Second Life Mesh Asset
535 SLN-filformat Visual Studio Solution File
536 SLNK-filformat SAP Business All-in-One Extension
537 SLOGO-filformat StarLogo Project File
538 SLOGT-filformat StarLogo Project Template
539 SLP-filformat SpectraLayers Pro Project
540 SLR-filformat ArcSWAT Solar Radiation Input
541 SLS-filformat Image Playlist
542 SLS3-filformat Microsoft Excel 3 For Mac Template
543 SLST-filformat Game Data File
544 SLT-filformat Mozilla User Profile Folder
545 SLTNG-filformat StarLogo TNG Project File
546 SLUPKG-MS-filformat XrML Digital License Package
547 SLV-filformat Silva Import And Export
548 SLW-filformat Settler LITE Data
549 SLX-filformat MathWorks Simulink Model File
550 SLY-filformat Lilypond Guitar
551 SLZ-filformat Adobe RoboHelp Screen Layout
552 SM-filformat StepMania Song File
553 SM2-filformat RHK Technology Proprietary
554 SM3-filformat DataCAD Symbol
555 SM4-filformat RHK Technology Proprietary
556 SMA-filformat AMX Mod Plugin Source File
557 SMAF-filformat SMAF Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format
558 SMALI-filformat Android Smali Assembly Language File
559 SMB-filformat Autodesk Symbol Library
560 SMBP-filformat Mobipocket EBook Secured Auxiliary
561 SMC-filformat Super Nintendo Game ROM
562 SMD-filformat Valve Studiomdl Data File
563 SMDL-filformat SQL Server Updated Model
564 SME-filformat SmartEncryptor Encrypted Archive
565 SMF-filformat Standard MIDI File
566 SMH-filformat Sealed MHT Document
567 SMHT-filformat Sealed MHT Archive
568 SMI-filformat SMIL Presentation
569 SMIL-filformat SMIL Presentation File
570 SMK-filformat Smacker Compressed Movie File
571 SML-filformat SMIL Slideshow Presentation
572 SMM-filformat Samsung Memo File
573 SMO-filformat Sumotori Dreams Arena File
574 SMOL-filformat Spartan Molecule Data
575 SMP-filformat SmartMusic Performance File
576 SMPAK-filformat SuperMemo UX
577 SMPD-filformat Sc2gears Mouse Print Data File
578 SMPF-filformat Sprite Monkey Project
579 SMPO-filformat Scalado SpeedView Meta Object
580 SMPS-filformat LINDO API
581 SMPX-filformat Finale Accompaniment
582 SMR-filformat Smedge2 Job Settings
583 SMRD-filformat Adobe InDesign Filter File
584 SMS-filformat Exported SMS Text Message
585 SMST-filformat Adobe Soundbooth Music Score Toolkit
586 SMT-filformat Samsung Theme File
587 SMV-filformat VideoLink Mail Video File
588 SMW-filformat SIMPL Windows Source
589 SMWT-filformat Adobe InDesign Filter
590 SMX-filformat Rational XDE
591 SMZ-filformat IBM SPSS Graphboard Template Chooser shape file file
592 SMZIP-filformat StepMania Package
593 SN-filformat Sound Club Editor Compressed Song
594 SN1-filformat Drive Snapshot First Differential Backup
595 SN2-filformat Drive Snapshot Second Differential Backup
596 SN4-filformat Drive SnapShot Partial Disk Image
597 SNA-filformat ZX80 Spectrum Mirage emulator snapshot file
598 SNAG-filformat SnagIt Capture File
599 SNAGITSTAMPS-filformat SnagIt Archive
600 SNAGPROJ-filformat Snagit Project File
601 SNAP-filformat ZX Spectrum Emulator Mirage Microdrive Snapshot
602 SNAPDOC-filformat Ashampoo Snap
603 SNAPFIREPROJECT-filformat Corel Snapfire Project
604 SNAPFIRESHOW-filformat Corel SnapfireShow File
605 SNAPSHOT-filformat ZX Spectrum emulator Mirage Microdrive snapshot file
606 SNAPX-filformat Snapform XML Form
607 SNB-filformat Shanda Bambook EBook
608 SNC-filformat ACT! E-mail/folder Synchronization
609 SND-filformat Sound File
610 SNDA-filformat Aleph One Sound File
611 SNDCLIPPING-filformat Apple Mac OS X Finder Sound Clip
612 SNDR-filformat Sounder Sound
613 SNDT-filformat Sndtool Sound
614 SNG-filformat MIDI Song File
615 SNGW-filformat Devil May Cry 4 Audio
616 SNI-filformat MDK Game Archive
617 SNIPPET-filformat Visual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet
618 SNK-filformat Strong Name Key File
619 SNM-filformat Netscape Mail Index
620 SNP-filformat Access Report Snapshot
621 SNR-filformat Mail.Dat Seed Name
622 SNS-filformat Save-N-Sync Project File
623 SNSF-filformat Super NES Sound Format File
624 SNT-filformat Sticky Notes File
625 SNW-filformat Sweave Source
626 SNX-filformat PISnoop Workspace File
627 SO-filformat ELF shared library file
628 SO-ABI-filformat Cocoa AbiWord Plug-in
629 SO0-filformat Unix Shared Library File
630 SOAP-filformat Simple Object Access Protocol Message (SOAP) Message
631 SOB-filformat Impress Bimap Styles File
632 SOCIALPHONEBOOK-filformat Sony Xperia Google Android Contact
633 SOI-filformat MENSI (Trimble) 3D Laser Enhanced 3D Scanner
634 SOL-filformat Flash Local Shared Object File
635 SOLIDCONFIG-filformat STAR WARS: The Old Republic Launcher Config
636 SOLITAIRESAVE-MS-filformat Microsoft Solitaire Saved Game
637 SOM-filformat Corel Paradox Sort Information
638 SON-filformat Notator SL Audio
639 SONG-filformat System 7 Sound
640 SONIC-filformat SonicArranger audio file
641 SOPT-filformat Synclavier Optical Disk Image File
642 SOR-filformat Corel Paradox Sort Definition
643 SOU-filformat SBStudio II Sound File
644 SOUNDPACK-filformat SoundPackager Sound Package
645 SOUNDS-filformat Quake 3 Engine Sound Definition File
646 SOUNDSCRIPT-filformat Rigs Of Rods Sound Script Description
647 SOUNDSTUDIOPRESET-filformat Sound Studio Preset
648 SOW-filformat Descent ARJ Archive
649 SOX-filformat Unix Sox Native Raw Sound
650 SP-filformat SPICE data file
651 SP2-filformat Super Ball 2 Level File
652 SP3-filformat Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 installation file
653 SP4-filformat Roller Coaster Tycoon Saved Game
654 SP45-filformat SuperCard Player File
655 SP?-filformat LoseThos C+ Source
656 SPA-filformat FutureSplash Movie (Adobe Flash)
657 SPARC-filformat Skype Plugin Archive
658 SPARSEBUNDLE-filformat Mac OS X Sparse Bundle
659 SPARSEIMAGE-filformat Mac OS X Sparse Image
660 SPARSIMAGE-filformat Mac OS X Image
661 SPAWN-filformat S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game
662 SPB-filformat Flight Simulator Mission File
663 SPC-filformat Software Publisher Certificate File
664 SPD-filformat SPSS Custom Dialog File
665 SPDB-filformat IGO Primo Speedcam Database
666 SPDESIGNASMX-filformat SharePoint Designer
667 SPDESIGNBOT-filformat SharePoint Designer
668 SPDESIGNCONFIG-filformat SharePoint Designer Configuration
669 SPDESIGNCSS-filformat SharePoint Designer
670 SPDESIGNFILE-filformat SharePoint Designer
671 SPDESIGNHOMEOP-filformat SharePoint Designer
672 SPDESIGNHOMEPG-filformat SharePoint Designer
673 SPDESIGNHTML-filformat SharePoint Designer
674 SPDESIGNLIST-filformat SharePoint Designer
675 SPDESIGNMASTER-filformat SharePoint Designer
676 SPDESIGNNOPUB-filformat SharePoint Designer
677 SPDESIGNOPEN-filformat SharePoint Designer
678 SPDESIGNRESX-filformat SharePoint Designer
679 SPDESIGNSITEMAP-filformat SharePoint Designer Site Map
680 SPDESIGNSKIN-filformat SharePoint Designer Skin
681 SPDESIGNSURVEY-filformat SharePoint Designer
682 SPDESIGNTHEME-filformat SharePoint Designer Theme
683 SPDESIGNTXT-filformat SharePoint Designer
684 SPDESIGNWEB-filformat SharePoint Designer
685 SPDESIGNWFDOCLIB-filformat SharePoint Designer
686 SPDESIGNXML-filformat SharePoint Designer
687 SPDESIGNXOML-filformat SharePoint Designer
688 SPDESIGNXSLT-filformat SharePoint Designer
689 SPDF-filformat Sealed PDF File
690 SPE-filformat WinSpec CCD Capture File
691 SPEC-filformat RPM Specification File
692 SPF-filformat SlingPlayer Favorites File
693 SPFX-filformat Squeeze Presets File
694 SPG-filformat TCP Optimizer Backup File
695 SPH-filformat Ribbons sphere file
696 SPI-filformat ShadowProtect Incremental Backup File
697 SPIDERSOLITAIRESAVE-MS-filformat Microsoft Spider Solitaire Saved Game
698 SPIFF-filformat Still Picture Interchange File Format
699 SPINPUT-filformat Spartan Job
700 SPJ-filformat Microsoft ICE Panorama Project
701 SPK-filformat Synology Package
702 SPKZ-filformat Scribe Template
703 SPL-filformat Windows Print Spool File
704 SPL7-filformat SPlan Data
705 SPLT-filformat YDecode Split
706 SPM-filformat Corel WordPerfect
707 SPMO-filformat SpeedView Meta Object
708 SPO-filformat SPSS Statistical Data Output File
709 SPP-filformat Serif PhotoPlus Picture File
710 SPPACK-filformat SPPack Sound Sample
711 SPPT-filformat Sealed Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
712 SPQ-filformat SPSS Database Query File
713 SPR-filformat Microsoft FoxPro form source file
714 SPREPORTER-filformat Mac OS X System Profiler Reporter
715 SPRG-filformat Synclavier Program File
716 SPRITE-filformat SuperTux Sprite File
717 SPRJ-filformat Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer Project
718 SPRX-filformat Sony Playstation 3 SPRX Firmware
719 SPS-filformat SPSS Program File
720 SPSS-filformat SPSS
721 SPT-filformat SpeedTree Tree Data File
722 SPU-filformat Spectrum 512 Image
723 SPUB-filformat Swift Publisher Document
724 SPV-filformat SPSS Output Document
725 SPW-filformat SLIM-Master Plan Workbook
726 SPX-filformat Ogg Vorbis Speex File
727 SPY-filformat SEO SpyGlass Project
728 SQ-filformat Sysquake Program
729 SQB-filformat SQL Backup SQL Server Backup File
730 SQD-filformat SQ Data File
731 SQF-filformat ArmA Script File
732 SQFS-filformat Squash FS Bootable File
733 SQH-filformat Harbinger Game
734 SQL-filformat Structured Query Language Data File
735 SQLDATAPROVIDER-filformat DotNetNuke Script
736 SQLITE-filformat SQLite Database File
737 SQLITE-SHM-filformat SQLite Shared Memory
738 SQLITE-WAL-filformat SQLite Quasi-persistent
739 SQLITE3-filformat SQLite 3 Database File
740 SQLITE3-JOURNAL-filformat SQLite Temporary
741 SQLITEDB-filformat SQLite Database
742 SQLITEDB-SHM-filformat SQLite Database Shared Memory
743 SQLJET-filformat Eclipse JET SQL Template
744 SQLPROJ-filformat Visual Studio SQL Server Project
745 SQM-filformat Service Quality Monitoring File
746 SQN-filformat SAS Sequential Access
747 SQR-filformat SQL Program File
748 SQS-filformat Operation Flashpoint Game Script
749 SQU-filformat LabWindows/CVI Test Executive Toolkit Sequence
750 SQUASHFS-filformat Squashfs File System File
751 SQX-filformat SQX Archive
752 SQY-filformat Xaira Query
753 SQZ-filformat Squeeze Project File
754 SR-filformat Sun Raster Image File
755 SR0-filformat SecuROM Analysis File
756 SR2-filformat Sony RAW Image
757 SRC-filformat Source Code
758 SRCRPM-filformat Red Hat Package Manager Source File
759 SRD-filformat PowerBuilder Data Window
760 SRE-filformat Windows CE 5.0
761 SREP-filformat SuperREP Compressed File
762 SRF-filformat Sony RAW Image
763 SRG-filformat Microsoft PowerPoint self-registration data file
764 SRI-filformat Dragon NaturallySpeaking Audio
765 SRJ-filformat PowerBuilder Project
766 SRK-filformat Sub Rosa Client File
767 SRL-filformat Arquitienda Local Database
768 SRM-filformat Super Nintendo ROM Save File
769 SRP-filformat Checkpoint Exported VPN Client Information
770 SRPM-filformat Linux Source RPM Package
771 SRQ-filformat Microsoft Windows Server Unprocessed Request
772 SRR-filformat ReScene Metadata File
773 SRS-filformat Outlook Send/Receive Settings File
774 SRT-filformat SubRip Subtitle File
775 SRT0-filformat Wii Texture Animation File
776 SRU-filformat PowerBuilder User Object
777 SRV-filformat FBB Initialization
778 SRW-filformat Samsung RAW Image
779 SRX-filformat SPARQL Query Results XML Format Result
780 SS-filformat Scheme source code file
781 SS0-filformat GameBoid First Saving Slot
782 SSA-filformat Sub Station Alpha Subtitle File
783 SSB-filformat SmartSync Pro Program Setting
784 SSC-filformat SourceSafe Status File
785 SSCS-filformat Saropa Smart Copy Script
786 SSD-filformat WindowBlinds Skin File List
787 SSD01-filformat Unix SAS Data Sets
788 SSEQ-filformat Nintendo DS Sound File
789 SSF-filformat Trimble Standard Storage Format File
790 SSFSAV-filformat Super Smash Flash Saved Game File
791 SSG-filformat Single-Step Goal Template
792 SSH-filformat Data Fellows Secure Shell Document
793 SSI-filformat Adobe Dreamweaver Server Side Include File
794 SSIF-filformat Blu-ray Stereoscopic Interleaved Movie
795 SSII-filformat ProReveal Data File
796 SSIS-filformat ProReveal Settings File
797 SSISDEPLOYMENTMANIFEST-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Deployment
798 SSIW-filformat Corel WordPerfect 4 For Mac Document
799 SSL-filformat Sunlight ScanLibrary File
800 SSL2-filformat Sunlight ScanLibrary 2 File
801 SSLF-filformat HLSW Shared Server List File
802 SSM-filformat Standard Streaming Metafile
803 SSML-filformat Speech Synthesis Markup Language Source
804 SSMSSQLPROJ-filformat Microsoft SQL Server Project
805 SSND-filformat Synclavier Sound File
806 SSO-filformat ChessDB Search Options
807 SSP-filformat SAS Transport data file
808 SSS-filformat WindowBlinds Substyle File
809 SST-filformat Serialized Certificate Store File
810 SSU-filformat Systems Management Server Hierarchy Manager Site Update
811 SSV-filformat ShadowFlare Saved Game file
812 SSW-filformat Sealed flash file
813 SSWF-filformat Sealed SWF Flash
814 SSX-filformat IBM Rational XDE
815 SSY-filformat W32/Sober-AD
816 SSZ-filformat Spider Player Skin
817 ST-filformat Atari ST Disk Image
818 ST0-filformat SPICE Status
819 ST1-filformat SPICE Status
820 ST2-filformat SPICE Status
821 ST3-filformat SPICE Status
822 ST4-filformat Pinnacle Studio 400 Project
823 ST45-filformat SuperCard Trial Project File
824 ST5-filformat SBIG CCD Camera ST-x Image
825 ST6-filformat SBIG CCD Camera ST-x Image
826 ST8-filformat SBIG CCD Camera ST-x Photo
827 STA-filformat ABAQUS Status File
828 STAP-filformat Soundtrack Pro Audio Project File
829 STARTUPINFO-filformat E-Prime 2.0 Startup Info File
830 STAT-filformat Statistics
831 STATE-filformat Windows Photo Gallery User
832 STATES-filformat IconX Preset
833 STATICMESH-filformat Battlefield Static Mesh
834 STATS-filformat FreeSurfer Statistics File
835 STB-filformat AutoCAD Plot Style Table File
836 STBOM-filformat CATIA Stbom
837 STC-filformat Calc spreadsheet template file
838 STD-filformat Apache OpenOffice Drawing Template
839 STDL-filformat Swift To-Do List Database
840 STE-filformat Dreamweaver Site Settings File
841 STEAMSTART-filformat Valve Steam Start File
842 STEP-filformat STEP 3D Model
843 STF-filformat Microsoft ACME setup table file
844 STFX-filformat SampleTank Settings
845 STG-filformat ActiveSync Backup File
846 STH-filformat Lotus Domino Stash File
847 STI-filformat StarOffice Presentation Template
848 STIP-filformat SampleTank Instrument Preset
849 STK-filformat Personal Stock Monitor file
850 STL-filformat Stereolithography File
851 STM-filformat HTML server side include file
852 STMB-filformat Synclavier Timbre File
853 STML-filformat SSI HTML File
854 STMP-filformat Apple Soundtrack Pro Project
855 STN-filformat ArcView Geocoding Standardization
856 STN=-filformat Genuine Fractals STING
857 STO-filformat PRO100 3D Interior Design Project
858 STORY-filformat Storyist Document
859 STORYBOARD-filformat Interface Builder Storyboard Document
860 STORYISTTHEME-filformat Storyist Application Theme File
861 STORYMILL-filformat StoryMill Project File
862 STOT-filformat Mac OS Help Index
863 STP-filformat STEP 3D CAD File
864 STPROJ-filformat Samsung Theme Document
865 STR-filformat dBASE Structure List Object File
866 STRD-filformat Octatrack Project
867 STREAMED-filformat Rage Id Tech 5 Game Language
868 STRINGS-filformat Text Strings File
869 STRM-filformat Plex Media Server Settings
870 STRUCT-filformat Microsoft XPS Document Structure
871 STS-filformat ScreamTracker song format
872 STSG-filformat SuperTux Saved Game
873 STT-filformat Streets & Trips Map Template
874 STTPL-filformat Samsung Theme Showcase File
875 STU-filformat Pinnacle Studio Project File
876 STUB-filformat Mac OS X Stub Library
877 STUFF-filformat Eve Online Game Archive
878 STVPROJ-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio
879 STW-filformat StarOffice Document Template
880 STWM-filformat SuperTux World Map File
881 STX-filformat Pinnacle Studio Project File
882 STY-filformat LaTeX Style
883 STYK-filformat Stykz Stick Figure
884 STYKZ-filformat Stykz Animation
885 STYL-filformat Stylus CSS Script
886 STYLE-filformat SketchUp Style
887 STYLES-filformat Steam Client GUI Resource
888 STZ-filformat Screamtracker 2 Module Format
889 SU-filformat SUwin Project
890 SU3-filformat Su3De
891 SU?-filformat Standard Mail Archive
892 SUB-filformat Subtitle File
893 SUBLIME-BUILD-filformat Sublime Text Build
894 SUBLIME-COMPLETIONS-filformat Sublime Text Completions
895 SUBLIME-KEYMAP-filformat Sublime Text Keymap
896 SUBLIME-MOUSEMAP-filformat Subliem Text Mousemap
897 SUBLIME-PACKAGE-filformat Sublime Text Compressed Extension Package
898 SUBLIME-PROJECT-filformat Sublime Text Project File
899 SUBLIME-SESSION-filformat Sublime Text Session
900 SUBLIME-SETTINGS-filformat Sublime Text Settings
901 SUBLIME-THEME-filformat Sublime Text Theme
902 SUBLIME-WORKSPACE-filformat Sublime Text Workspace File
903 SUC-filformat Softrans Hello Engines! 2.1
904 SUCATALOG-filformat Apple Mac OS X Software Update SUCatalog
905 SUCK-filformat SiteSucker Website File
906 SUD-filformat Super Project Analyzer File
907 SUF-filformat Ccrypt Encrypted File
908 SUGAR-filformat Espresso Plug-in
909 SUI-filformat StarSplatter User Interface File
910 SUIT-filformat Macintosh Font Suitcase
911 SUITE-filformat Stardock WinStyles Suite
912 SUL-filformat Gfa Raytrace Image
913 SUM-filformat Garmin Checksum File
914 SUMO-filformat Sumo Paint Image
915 SUN-filformat Sun Raster Graphic File
916 SUN4-filformat SunOS Solaris 4
917 SUNIFF-filformat Sun TAAC Image
918 SUO-filformat Visual Studio Solution User Options File
919 SUP-filformat Subtitle Bitmap File
920 SUPP-filformat iOS Application Archive File
921 SUPPORTED-filformat MAC OS X
922 SUR-filformat Freelancer Three Dimensional Collision Zone Data
923 SURF-filformat Surf 3D Scanner
924 SURFPLACE-filformat Microsoft Money User Profile
925 SUS-filformat Synergy Accounts Update Script
926 SUT-filformat ELITEpro Data Logger
927 SV$-filformat AutoCAD Automated Backup File
928 SV1-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
929 SV2-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
930 SV2I-filformat Symantec System Index File
931 SV4-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
932 SV4CPIO-filformat System V Release 4 CPIO Archive
933 SV4CRC-filformat GnuWin32 CPIO Checksum Data
934 SV5-filformat BigJig Saved Puzzle
935 SV6-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Saved Game
936 SV8-filformat RollerCoaster Tycoon
937 SVA-filformat Manga Browser Comic File
938 SVB-filformat STATISTICA Macro
939 SVC-filformat WCF Web Service File
940 SVCLOG-filformat Microsoft Visual Studio Diagnostics
941 SVCMAP-filformat Windows Communication Foundation WCF Reference
942 SVD-filformat Microsoft Word document autosave file
943 SVE-filformat Simutrans Saved Game
944 SVF-filformat Serial Vector Format File
945 SVG-filformat Scalable Vector Graphics File
946 SVGZ-filformat Compressed SVG File
947 SVI-filformat Samsung Video File
948 SVL-filformat Scramdisk Volume
949 SVM-filformat StarView Metafile
950 SVN-filformat Personal Paint Slovenian Language User Interface
951 SVN-BASE-filformat Subversion Base File
952 SVN-WORK-filformat Subversion Cache File
953 SVO-filformat STATISTICA Macro
954 SVP-filformat Virtual DJ Visualization Effects
955 SVQ-filformat Roland Keyboard Midi Sequence
956 SVR-filformat Compressed Virtual World
957 SVS-filformat Microsoft Word style sheet autosave file
958 SVT-filformat Torchlight Saved Game File
959 SVW-filformat SpecView File
960 SVX-filformat Survex Cavern Data File
961 SVZ-filformat Savez
962 SW-filformat Signed Word Audio File
963 SW0-filformat SPICE Sweep Operations Output
964 SW1-filformat SPICE Sweep Operations Output
965 SW2-filformat SPICE Sweep Operations output file
966 SW3-filformat SPICE Sweep Operations Output
967 SW4-filformat SPICE Sweep Operations Output
968 SW5-filformat SPICE Sweep Operations Output
969 SW6-filformat SPICE Sweep Operations Output
970 SW7-filformat SPICE Sweep Operations Output
971 SW8-filformat SPICE Sweep Operations Output
972 SW9-filformat SPICE Sweep Operations Output
973 SWA-filformat Shockwave Audio
974 SWAV-filformat Nintendo DS Audio File
975 SWB-filformat Adobe Photoshop
976 SWC-filformat Flex Components Archive
977 SWD-filformat Flash Debug File
978 SWDB-filformat ClarisWorks 3 And 4 Database
979 SWEB-filformat SpiderWEB Document
980 SWF-filformat Shockwave Flash Movie
981 SWF2-filformat Flash
982 SWG-filformat SWAG Pascal Snippets (SWAG Reader)
983 SWGR-filformat ClarisWorks Version 3/4 Drawing
984 SWI-filformat SWiSH Project File
985 SWIDTAG-filformat Software Identification Tag
986 SWIFT-filformat Apple Swift Programming Language Source Code
987 SWITCH-filformat Switch Package
988 SWITCHBOARD-filformat Adobe SwitchBoard Server
989 SWJ-filformat SolidWorks Journal File
990 SWK-filformat StudyWorks Save File
991 SWL-filformat Macromedia Flash Format [Alternate]
992 SWLT-filformat SafeWallet
993 SWM-filformat Split Windows Imaging Format File
994 SWN-filformat Vim Temporary
995 SWO-filformat Vim Temporary
996 SWP-filformat Vi Swap File
997 SWQ-filformat SWAT Stream Water Quality Input
998 SWS-filformat SWiSh Studio
999 SWT-filformat Flash Generator Template
1000 SWV-filformat Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice Settings File
1001 SWW-filformat Anno Saved Game
1002 SWZ-filformat Adobe Flash Player Cache File
1003 SX-filformat SimplexNumerica Data File
1004 SXC-filformat StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet
1005 SXD-filformat StarOffice Drawing
1006 SXE-filformat ProfiCAD Document
1007 SXG-filformat Apache OpenOffice Master Document
1008 SXI-filformat StarOffice Impress Presentation
1009 SXL-filformat Sealed Excel Worksheet
1010 SXLS-filformat Sealed Excel Spreadsheet
1011 SXLSX-filformat Sealed Microsoft Excel 2007 Worksheet
1012 SXM-filformat StarMath Formula
1013 SXML-filformat Sealed XML Document
1014 SXS-filformat SAS Stat Studio Module Source Code
1015 SXT-filformat Propellerhead Reason NN-XT Patch File
1016 SXV-filformat Action Repeater Macro
1017 SXW-filformat StarOffice Writer Document
1018 SXX-filformat SAS Stat Studio Module Executable
1019 SY-filformat Simplexety Data File
1020 SY0-filformat WordExpress
1021 SY1-filformat Synth 1 Patch
1022 SY3-filformat Harvard Graphics Symbol File
1023 SY7-filformat Synchro Studio 7 Output
1024 SYB-filformat Syberia Game Data File
1025 SYC-filformat Sniffer Capture
1026 SYG-filformat SYSTAT Graph
1027 SYH-filformat Synchomatic Instrument
1028 SYK-filformat Microsoft Excel Symbolic Link Format
1029 SYLK-filformat Microsoft Symbolic Link File
1030 SYM-filformat Symbols File
1031 SYN-filformat SimSynth Document
1032 SYNCDB-filformat ITunes Saved Contact Database
1033 SYNDARTICLE-filformat Paralllels Desktop
1034 SYNK5LICENCE-filformat Synk 5 Licence
1035 SYNKLICENCE-filformat Synk Licence
1036 SYNU-filformat Synthetic Universe Image Format
1037 SYS-filformat Windows System File
1038 SYS-OLD-filformat Cygwin Terminfo
1039 SYSK-filformat Cygwin Terminfo
1040 SYSTEM-filformat Vega Strike Virtual System File
1042 SYV-filformat Outline 4D
1043 SYW-filformat Yamaha SY99/SY85 Audio File
1044 SYX-filformat MIDI System Exclusive Message
1045 SY_-filformat Compressed SYS File
1046 SZ-filformat Winamp Classic Skin Download
1047 SZ3-filformat ScreamTracker V3
1048 SZA-filformat HiCAD NeXt Construction
1049 SZF-filformat SilverDAT II Data Exchange Format
1050 SZP-filformat SecureZIP Policy
1051 SZS-filformat Wii Game Data File