Classificate nell'ordine alfabetica: Y
by: Administrator
# Estensione del file Nome completo del file
1 Estensione Y Yacc Source File
2 Estensione Y01 Corel Paradox Secondary Index
3 Estensione Y02 Corel Paradox Secondary Index
4 Estensione Y03 Corel Paradox Secondary Index
5 Estensione Y04 Corel Paradox Secondary Index
6 Estensione Y05 Corel Paradox Secondary Index
7 Estensione Y07 Corel Paradox Secondary Index
8 Estensione Y08 Corel Paradox Secondary Index
9 Estensione Y3A Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 Avatar File
10 Estensione Y3D Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 Deck File
11 Estensione Y3P Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Profile
12 Estensione Y4M YUV4MPEG2 Video File
13 Estensione Y8PD Password Finder Yahoo! Mail / Yahoo! Messenger Exported Password
14 Estensione YAB Yabasic Source Code
15 Estensione YADPCM Raw Yamaha 4-bit ADPCM Format
16 Estensione YAH HeartBeat
17 Estensione YAJL YAJL Script
18 Estensione YAL Arts & Letters Clipart Library
19 Estensione YAM Yahoo! Auctions Data
20 Estensione YAML YAML Document
21 Estensione YAODL PowerFlip 3D Image File
22 Estensione YAR StarBoard Document
23 Estensione YBD YobiDrive Link File
24 Estensione YBK YanCEyWare eBook
25 Estensione YBRAR Ybook Ebook
26 Estensione YBRTF Ybook Ebook
27 Estensione YBTXT Ybook Ebook
28 Estensione YCHAT Yahoo! Messenger Chat Log
29 Estensione YCM Yugioh Card Maker File
30 Estensione YCP SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Display Settings
31 Estensione YCT YahELite Chat Transcript
32 Estensione YDC Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Deck File
33 Estensione YDL PowerFlip YAODL 3D Image File
34 Estensione YDR Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Replay File
35 Estensione YDT Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Data File
36 Estensione YEL Yellow Color Separation
37 Estensione YENC yEnc File
38 Estensione YFS YSFLIGHT Mission File
39 Estensione YG0 Corel Paradox Secondary Index
40 Estensione YG1 Corel Paradox Secondary Index
41 Estensione YG2 Corel Paradox Secondary Index
42 Estensione YG3 Corel Paradox Secondary Index
43 Estensione YGF Y Graph Format File
44 Estensione YIF Mungyodance Game Data
45 Estensione YKA Yenka Model File
46 Estensione YM Atari ST Audio File
47 Estensione YMAP MindGenius Computer Aided Thinking Format
48 Estensione YMBK Xilisoft Mobile Manager Phonebook
49 Estensione YMG Yahoo! Messenger File
50 Estensione YML YAML Document
51 Estensione YML2 YML Script
52 Estensione YMP YaST Metapackage File
53 Estensione YNC yEnc Encoded File
54 Estensione YOG Outerra Captured Video File
55 Estensione YOOKOO Yookoo Player Playlist File
56 Estensione YPC WhyPic Picture
57 Estensione YPF YahELite Configuration
58 Estensione YPR BYOB Project File
59 Estensione YPS Yahoo! Messenger Data File
60 Estensione YRM Red Alert 2: Yuris Revenge Multiplayer Map
61 Estensione YRP YGOPro Replay
62 Estensione YSE Yamaha Studio Manager Session
63 Estensione YSM Yamaha Studio Manager
64 Estensione YSP BYOB Sprite File
65 Estensione YSS YcySoft Screen Saver Producer
66 Estensione YTF Google Picasa Font Cache
67 Estensione YTI Google Picasa Plugin
68 Estensione YTR I.R.I.S. OCR Data
69 Estensione YUV YUV Encoded Image File
70 Estensione YW4 YWriter 4 Project
71 Estensione YW5 YWriter 5 Project
72 Estensione YWP YWriter 2 Project
73 Estensione YZ YAC Compressed File
74 Estensione YZ1 Yamazaki ZIPPER File